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Top Movies About Dirt Biking List

The 2019 movie, Bennet’s War, set a bar for motocross movies, and it would thus be a good idea to check out a few more top picks. If you haven’t tried dirt bike movies before or are new to the list that we’ll look at, then you could start by trying them.

Why watch a motocross movie? You could simply attend a live match and feed your eyes to their fill with reality and the beauty of the moment. However, movies, unlike reality, are planned. They take time of preparation with not only the aim of keeping you entertained but also informed.

With a movie, you have everything but a few inches or meters away from your eyes, and you can control what you see to suit your viewer preference. If a scene needs replaying, you can do it a hundred times and over, and this will also help get a better third-eye on everything that happens out there.

You will love the bikes featured in these films, and the moves or stunts that the actors make. An amazing plot will not stray from reality but will enable you to look at it clearly. You will find motocross movies that give you a view of changes in the sport over the years, while others expose you to what people around the world are doing.

There are many dirt bike movies out there that may grab your attention. Here, however, is a list of some of the best films you’ll come across out there. Why don’t we have a look at them and see if we can agree with what they offer?

Bennett’s War

Directed by Alex Ranarivel and released in 2019, Bennett’s War is a drama movie which tells the story of a young soldier. In combat, Marshall Bennet is injured and incapacitated by an IED explosion. He returns home to find his father, Cal, behind on mortgage payments and on the verge of losing the family farm.

Despite his injuries, Marshall takes up a motocross challenge, training to compete. The film goes through events which look into various issues in and outside motocross. Bennet’s War runs on well-staged scenes, which may get you emotionally hooked.

Michael Roark plays as Marshall Bennet, and Trace Adkins plays Cal, Bennett’s father. Other film stars include Allison Paige, Ali Afshar, and Brando Eaton.


Directed by Steve Boyum and released in 2005, Supercross tells the story of two motocross-racer brothers, K.C. and Trip. Trip gets injured, and is knocked out of the circuit, leaving him with an option to coach his brother, K.C..

Despite their different racetrack personalities, the brothers work together towards victory. You may find K.C. to be a hotshot daredevil and Trip, more methodical and focused. This film offers an enthusiastic and authentic look into motocross.

Steve Howey plays as K.C. and Mike Vogel as Trip. The cast also includes Channing Tatum, Sophia Bush, Cameron Richardson, Daryl Hannah, Robert Patrick, and more.


Directed by Steve Boyum and released in 2001, Motocrossed tells the story of a young racer who, together with his family, believes that he can win a big race. Unfortunately, Andrew Carson breaks his leg before he can compete, and his twin sister, Andrea, takes his place, pretending to be him.

While Motocrossed gives the sport a comedic approach, the message on how girls can have the same or better biking skills as boys is clear. Trevor O’Brien plays as Andrew Carson, and Alana Austin plays as his sister, Andrea.

Members of the cast include Riley Smith, Mary-Margaret Humes, Scott Terra.

Winners Take All

Directed by Fritz Kiersch and released in 1987, Winners Take All, tells the story of a pro motorcycle racer who returns to his hometown and along the way, has to race against his childhood best friend. This is a blend of motocross flick and a “hometown boy makes good.”

When Billy Robinson returns home, not everyone is so happy to have him around. There’s a mixed reaction about his success. Billy, nonetheless, enters a local race, in which he goes up against Rick, his childhood best friend.

Robert Krantz plays as Billy Robinson, and Don Michael Paul plays as Rick. Other cast members include Bird York, Gerardo, Tony Longo, Coirtney Gains, Peter DeLeuise, and more.

The World’s Fastest Indian

Directed by Roger Doladson and released in 2005, The World’s Fastest Indian is a motocross fan-favorite, which is centered around a one-of-a-kind, beautiful and rare, bike. It tells the story of Burt Monro, who dreams to break the world land speed record.

Burt works on and modifies a 1920 Indian motorcycle. He makes for Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, to try it out. Anthony Hopkins plays as Burt Monro. Other cast members include Walton Goggins, Bruce Greenwood, Dianne Ladd, Paul Rodrigez, and more.

While these are not the only motocross movies that you should expect to come across, you should have a good time for hours on the screen with them. There are a few more, nonetheless, that may offer more entertainment, should you need a little extra on top of the five. The honorable mentions are:

On Any Sunday, directed by Bruce Brown and released in 1971.  It stars Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, Bruce Brown, John Normal, Mert Lawwill, and more.

Motocross Kids, directed by Richard Gabai and released in 2004. It stars Josh Hutchersonm, Phyllis Diller, Gary Busey, Lorenzo Lamas, Rick Overton, and more.

Biker Boyz, directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood and released in 2003. It stars Kid Rock, Laurence Fishburne, Meagan Good, Lisa Bonet, Terrence Howard, and more.

If you like watching, then you could give a try to dirt bike movies. They are thrilling and a good way to learn more. We have discussed some of the best films out there, and you may find them all to be good. Bemnet’s War, however, stands out. Enjoy some amazing motorcycle action and among the best screen performances in this drama film directed by Alex Ranarivel.

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Best KTM Toy Dirt Bike

Best KTM Dirt Bike Toy

When taking care of a child, it is always important that you take into consideration all the factors that are necessary for the growth and development of the child. The child has to be nurtured from an all-round perspective.

Every child has his or her own hobby. There is some activity in the early stages of their lives that they may love and wish to carry on with until they are of the right age to manage it or handle it as a profession.

Riding or motorcycle racing can be one of these hobbies. It is impossible for a child to handle a professional motorcycle or Dirt Bike for that matter. There is no need to worry, however, as there are safe and appropriate alternatives for this sport.

The KTM Toy Dirt Bike is one of the items that have been developed by manufacturers to suit the needs and general welfare of a child in the course of riding or one with a particular interest in Dirt Bike racing.

In this article today, we shall be reviewing some of the best KTM Toy Dirt Bikes. In addition, there are some factors and features that influence the choice of these items. We shall be looking into them too.

Top  KTM Toy Dirt Bike

New Ray 57953 Championship Motorcycle -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
NewRay 44093S Scale SX F Model4.8 out of 5 stars
Rally Dakar Motorcycle Bburago 510714.7 out of 5 stars

New Ray 57953 Championship Motorcycle

This KTM Toy Dirt Bike is one of the best ones for your child as it comes at an affordable price. It is one of the cheapest in the market, therefore, you won’t have to spend a fortune acquiring it.

It additionally comes with a variety of features or specifications. Such characteristics play a key role in maintaining the safety and general welfare of the child in the course of indoor or outdoor riding.

The tires of this KTM Toy Dirt Bike are rubber. This makes them high-quality and durable in nature. The rider will definitely enjoy it as the Bike can support wheels roll. It is a complete package.

The steering has also been made so much easier and possible in every aspect. In terms of durability and quality, this item is a gem. There are components that have been reinforced with metal while some parts are made of plastic.


  • The Dirt Bike is lightweight, therefore it’s easier to carry.
  • It is durable because of the Die Cast metal used in construction and reinforcement with plastic. 


  • Smaller or younger kids may find it a bit larger in size.

NewRay 44093S Scale SX F Model

This Dirt Bike is not only cheap but also durable. The components used in making them are strictly high-quality. Your child will definitely enjoy the company of this Dirt Bike model without giving you the need to worry about safety.

It will be supporting the riding experience for as long as possible, without raising the need for maintenance or constant repairs. The materials used are also authentic, meaning that purchasing it will be giving you great value for your money.

The Bike gives the rider a more realistic feel. When riding, the biker is able to enjoy the great advantages of getting to experience the feeling of excitement and the thrill that comes with off-road racing.

The Dirt Bike has a moving rear track. In addition, it has detailed trim pieces. Both features are specifications that improve the comfort and functionality of the Bike so that the user can ride with much ease.


  • The Bike has been designed with additional display features.
  • It is a convenient Dirt Bike when it comes to beefing a collection.


  • It has been recognized as a significantly larger bike for kids.
  • Some users claim some of its parts do not last for long.

 Rally Dakar Motorcycle Bburago 51071

With this piece in your collection, durability is an assurance. The Motorcycle has been designed with a diecast model, which makes it sturdy in physicality and able to last for a long time without wearing out unnecessarily.

It also gives users a realistic experience when it comes to riding. The features have been designed with a certain level of resemblance to professional Bikes to give users a realistic feel.

The wheels roll feature is something that the rider would surely love. It is a Bike that meets your expectations to the fullest. Furthermore, the steer us functional, so the rider would be able to control it with ease.

Some parts are metallic while others have been reinforced with Plastic material for a better grip and for protection. It is also lightweight. The model is a miniature one. This makes it compact, portable and easy to use. In other words, it is versatile.


  • It has shocks that absorb certain levels of impact.
  • The model comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.


  • There have been several complaints about durability because the handlebars adjoining falls off oftentimes.

What you need to consider when choosing the Best KTM Toy Dirt Bike

We have been able to see that choosing the Best KTM Toy Dirt Bike may sometimes require us to not only take into consideration a number of factors but also invest in some way so as to get the best quality in terms of performance.

When choosing the Best KTM Toy Dirt Bike, we definitely have to put in mind the ability of the Dirt Bike to satisfy the needs of the rider. The rider, in this case, is the child specifically. 

One of the most important factors to be considered is the affordability. In other words, this may be referred to as the cost of acquisition of the KTM Toy Dirt Bike. There are a number of evaluations to be made with respect to affordability.

When deciding on the choice of the KTM Toy Dirt Bike, it is important for you to put in mind the cost-effectiveness of these bikes. Cost-effectiveness is essentially the ability of the Dirt Bike to give you value for the money you relinquished for it.

A cost-effective Dirt Bike will definitely be of good quality. In addition, it will have additional features that are an assurance of the long-lasting nature of the Dirt Bike, such that the rider will be able to use it until the time he or she comes of age.

Still, on affordability, you need to consider your financial capabilities with regard to the cost of the KTM Toy Dirt Bike. There is one question that you need to ask yourself: Will the Toy Dirt Bike cost me more than I can afford?

In this matter, you have to determine the type of budget you are working with. Essentially, there are fixed budgets and flexible budgets. In case you are working under a tight budget, you can barely purchase products whose price tags are overboard.

This means that you have to purchase a cheaper product. It necessarily doesn’t have to be cheaper but cost-effective. This wi really save you some money but at the same time will give you the quality and value you need.

Before making any purchase based on cost, it is important for you to conduct some market research. This will aid in giving you a lot of insight and also provide you with a new perspective with regard to market conditions and product availability.

When conducting market research, there are a number of steps that have to be carried out to make the exercise rewarding and successful. We shall review some of these steps in finer detail.

In modern times, the majority of the sellers and manufacturers market or advertise their products for sale on online platforms. This is because the internet has become quite helpful in connecting buyers to sellers these days.

You may decide to do a bit of research by trying to access the features of all or majority of the KTM Toy Dirt Bikes by searching for their specifications and performance aspects as they have been provided on online platforms.

There are trusted online shops such as Amazon, whose legitimacy in product ratings and dissemination of specifications. You will be able to get an overview of how the Dirt Bike fairs in current market situations.

Apart from doing your research on online platforms, you may also visit virtual shops such as local stores that deal with such products. In the stores, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits with regard to awareness on the Toy Dirt Bike ratings.

This is because you will be able to meet sellers, manufacturers and buyers, all who have certain levels of experience with regard to product testing and performance. Previous buyers will be able to give you their perspective and what to look out for.

The sellers and manufacturers will advise you accordingly on the best Toy Dirt Bikes to choose from. You will also get a chance to test or determine the most convenient Toy Dirt Bike for your kid.

All in all, market research is an important aspect when it comes to choosing the best KTM Toy Dirt Bike. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of all the products and in the end, choose the one that fairs the best among them all.

When working under fixed budgets, you do not have to worry about finding the best product for you or your kid. You just have to check the features out and specifically handpick the ones whose prices are reasonable and whose specifications work well.

This also brings us to the point of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the products before choosing the affordable ones in that category. You will have to leave some out but still remain with the ones that can work well without breaking down.

Apart from the consideration of the affordability of the KTM Toy Dirt Bike, it is important that you also consider the durability aspects. Durability is basically the ability of the Dirt Bike to ensure or withstand harsh outdoor conditions and still work for a long time.

It also means that the materials used in the making of the Dirt Bike are high-quality. It adds to the authentic nature of the product, meaning that the value of the Dirt Bike meets the expectations of performance and durability in general.

Some KTM Toy Dirt Bikes have some metal parts as the major components. The Die-cast metal is able to make the Dirt Bike durable as it will make it generally impenetrable and resistant to wearing out easily or breaking.

Other parts of the Dirt Bike may be reinforced with plastic parts. This includes the handlebars and also adjoining parts of the Dirt Bike. The plastic reinforcement serves to enhance the comfortability of the user and also for general insulation purposes.

A child tends to fall off a lot when riding or practicing to Ride a Dirt Bike. It is, therefore, necessary that you choose the Dirt Bike that can withstand impacts that may result in the process.

The lightweight property should also be considered when it comes to durability. This is because a child may at times need to stabilize the item before taking a ride. A heavy Dirt Bike will always discourage him or her form riding as it will prove to be immovable.

A lightweight one, however, makes it so much easier for the child to move from one place to another. Even if he or she falls down, it will be so much easier for him to get up and continue with the riding experience. It is convenient.

You may also consider getting some customer reviews with regard to the nature and performance attributes of the Dirt Bike. This will show you how the product is able to satisfy the needs of the customers and how it will work for you too.

You can easily get legitimate reviews from verified buyers. Such buyers can be found on YouTube, as they may explain various features and performance aspects that may be of imperative significance to your choice of KTM Toy Dirt Bike.

Getting customer reviews will be able to give you a deeper insight into customer satisfaction and you will also have a review of all the features that enhance the safety of the rider.


The design of the KTM Toy Dirt Bike will be able to influence the ability of the rider in exploring the racing world. The best KTM Toy Dirt Bike will be able to improve the enthusiastic tendency of the child to better his or her riding experience.

The best design gives the child comfort when riding. It also prevents the risk of occurrence of particular activities that may be detrimental to the child. In a nutshell, it is the best option in terms of safety and reliability.

Entertainment value

Most of the kids have particular characters they admire in their lives. Such characters may be fictional. The child’s participation in racing activities will be of thrill and excitement, as he or she will do so with the fictional characterization in mind.

The best accessories will be able to give him or her the best experience in terms of riding and excitement. The mental growth will generally improve as the child will be engaging both the physical and mental elements in the riding experience.

Ease of use

This is a broad aspect that cuts across every other factor. The first one is flexibility. This means that the Dirt Bike can be easily used both outdoor and indoor, and still work perfectly fine without causing any problems.

The versatility of the Bike is also a relatable aspect. The Best KTM Toy Dirt Bike will be able to build the character of the rider by improving the self-image of the child. He or she may set certain goals in life so that he may achieve in the process.

 It also helps in building the career of the rider by giving him or her the opportunity to explore and get to feel the thrill of excitement experienced by professional riders in the course of Off-Road racing.


When choosing the best KTM Toy Dirt Bike, it is important that you take into consideration all the factors they affect performance, durability, quality and also the cost-effectiveness of acquisition or purchasing the particular product.

The best KTM Toy Dirt Bike will be equipped with additional features that enhance the safety of the rider. In addition, it is lightweight and will prove to be so much comfortable and convenient.

Another aspect that would require some level of consideration would be the warranty specifications of the KTM Toy Dirt Bike. The product with a longer warranty will give you better chances of claim in terms of defectiveness or unworthiness of the product.

In my recommendation, I would advise you to go for the NewRay 44093S Scale SX F Model. This Toy Dirt Bike has been made with high-quality materials, ones that make it durable in every aspect.

It is affordable and it has been reinforced with safety features for convenience. There are the moving rear track and the detailed trim pieces. It gives the rider a realistic experience and is suitable for augmenting a collection spree.

Dirt Bike Reviews

Best Electric Dirt Bike

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids and Adults

Are you a beginning or experienced electric dirt bike rider? Or maybe you finally want to gift your loved one with one of these thrilling electric dirt bikes. It is no lie that these bikes give its rider a mind-blowing experience which makes them feel as if they were in a therapy session. 

You might not be a good athlete or footballer like other people but riding dirt bikes could be your ideal sport or hobby. After all, we all know that no play for Jack, makes him a dull boy! Gas bikes have always been considered to be better than the electric ones unless you are an environment person. 

However, there are now new models of electric dirt bikes that have been developed.

Well, for any reason that you are here, you are surely in the right place to learn more about the best electric dirt bikes in the market right now. I have included each bike with its features, advantages, and disadvantages to make your search a little less hectic. 

Below are five electric dirt bikes that I would like you to go through as you try to find the most suitable one for you:

Top Electric Dirt Bike

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike4.8 out of 5 stars
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike4.7 out of 5 stars
Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross4.6 out of 5 stars
Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride On 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike4.5 out of 5 stars

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Are you looking for a powerful electric dirt bike? Then this Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike should be your ideal bike. Its 650-watt electric motor should do the trick. Apart from that, its remarkable speed can be maximized to 17mph to give you a thrilling experience and guess what? 

It also comes with a dual suspension and smooth riser handlebars to enhance comfort as you ride your bike. 

Are you worried about your weight? Well, this bike can support up to 220 pounds and still comes with pneumatic knobby tires to give you as much control as possible. It is also perfect if you are looking for a quiet dirt bike.

Are you still unsatisfied? It has a warranty of a total of ninety days and therefore gives you enough time to realize any faults it could be having for you to return it to its manufacturer. Order yours while stocks last! 


  • It comes with a warranty of ninety days
  • It has a powerful electric motor of 650 watts
  • It comes with pneumatic knobby tires to give the rider more power


  • Only recommended for those above 16 years
  • Failure to recharge the battery once a month can lead to the battery not accepting charge.

 MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike

Are you looking for an electric dirt bike fit for your child? You might just have gotten the appropriate dirt bike you need to take home to put that smile on their face. 

This MotoTec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike is recommended for kids above the age of thirteen and is perfect for playgrounds, backyard fun, the driveways around the estate, or even dirt track racing, just name it! If you ask me, this is surely a game changer!

That is not even the interesting part yet. It is powered by a remarkable 36V lithium battery of 1000 watts which is even more convenient due to its light weight that enhances its performance and therefore enables you to go for longer rides at the rate of nine miles per charge within the optimum conditions. 

Guess what? This bike can also support a maximum weight of 150 lbs. Make your online order today at the comfort of your home! 


  • Recommended for kids above 13 years of age
  • Its lithium battery of 36V is negligibly light to ensure high performance.
  • Its powerful motor is of 1000 watts


  • It can only support a total of 150 lbs. for adults.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Is a scaled-down electric motocross bike a priority on your list? Then this Razor MX500 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike should be the perfect one for you. So, what else can it offer? It has a powerful 500-watt electric motor and can go up to a maximum speed of 15 mph. 

It also ensures that you have maximum control of your ride as it has large pneumatic knobby tires and a retractable kickstand. You must be wondering if its comfortable enough considering the fact that it has been scaled down. 

Well, it has a dual suspension and riser handlebars to ensure you have a smooth and hence a comfortable ride every time.

Are you still having second thoughts? To top it all, it has a warranty of a total of ninety days to ensure that your dirt bike meets your expectations and gives you time to return the bike to its manufacturer in case of any faults. Get one for yourself today!


  • It comes with a warranty of ninety days
  • It has a dual suspension and riser handlebars for a smooth ride
  • It has an authentic dirt bike frame geometry


  • Not recommended for those below the age of 14

Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross

Are you looking for an electric motocross bike inspired by the historical motocross rider Jeremy McGrath? Well, this Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross Bike could be what you are looking for. 

It can go up to a maximum speed of 14 mph and can be ridden continuously for thirty minutes non-stop. It is also fitted with authentic McGrath Graphics and a MX-frame geometry. Is it comfortable? 

It sure is with its riser-style handlebars and retractable kickstand to ensure you have smooth rides. With its hand-operated rear brake you are definitely unstoppable! 

It also comes with an adjustable-angle and spoked wheels with pneumatic and knobby tires to give you maximum control of your heavenly ride. Are you worried about your weight? This bike can support a maximum weight of 140 pounds and is suitable for anyone above the age of thirteen. Buy one today!


  • Recommended for anyone above the age of thirteen
  • It is fitted with riser-style handlebars and spoked wheels with pneumatic and knobby tires
  • It was inspired by the historical rider, Jeremy McGrath himself


  • It is not suitable for anyone above 140 pounds
  • It can only last thirty minutes continuously

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride On 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Is a durable and long-lasting feature the top of your considerations? Then this Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride could have been made just for you. It has an all-steel frame with authentic dirt bike geometry to provide a solid ride.

What’s the catch here? This bike is powered by a rechargeable lead-acid battery system of 24V of 350-watt and can last for thirty minutes continuously. It also comes with some extra features such as soft rubber grips to enable easy acceleration, a hand-operated rear brake, shatter-resistant plastic fairings, double crown fork, and a retractable kickstand.

What about its safety and comfort? It is surely comfortable with its spoked 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires to soften any rough surfaces to achieve a smooth ride and folding metal foot pegs. It is also powered with a high torque, variable speed, chain-driven motor that enables a maximum speed of up to 14 mph. What are you waiting for? Buy yours while stocks last!


  • It is durable
  • It comes with a long-range battery
  • It is fitted with spoked 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires for a smooth ride


  • It can only support a maximum weight of 64 kgs

Dirt bikes are one amazing way to spend your time and day outdoors and off road. You will love them for their light weight and their ease in maneuverability. 

You will also love that some are quite easy to maintain while others are pretty easy to set up. There are different types of dirt bikes and you would choose from each type carefully, depending on what you’re more interested in or are really looking for.

If you want to have some added fun, then an electric dirt bike could be one way to do it. Regular dirt bikes will give you just the normal fun while riding them.

An electric dirt bike may go an extra mile, literally, to give you the excitement that you’re really looking for. You will enjoy its power and toughness, and you will love its ease in movement. 

Why don’t we look at the things that distinguish regular dirt bikes from the electric ones in more detail?

If you own a vehicle or have driven one, then you must have felt annoyed at some point by the smoke that some bikes emit while out on the roads.

Because they are run by gas, regular bikes emit smoke which is not only harmful to the environment but also to our bodies. But it’s not only the harm that puts us off with these bikes, is it?

Sometimes, it’s simply that nobody wants to get smoke blown their peaceful way every now and again. Electric dirt bikes, as you must have guessed, do not emit smoke. 

Isn’t this a plus to both the environment and us? Among the many things that are destroying the ozone layer are burning fuels. I personally feel that going electric is one way to care for the environment. 

But as I’ve said, sometimes you also have to think about your comfort and not just the environment and still, that will see regular dirt bikes written off.

Regular bikes are usually available in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine sizes. What is the difference between these two? Well, a 2-stroke dirt bike is more powerful than the 4-stroke.

It’s easier to maintain, but more complicated to ride and handle. It may require some expertise, just like most powerful bikes.

The 4-stroke, which is less powerful, is actually the most common among regular dirt bikes. This is because it’s pretty easy to ride and handle, meaning most people can use it.

Beginners love this bike because of its smooth maneuverability and despite its high cost, it gives you a value for your money.

What about electric dirt bikes? Well, since they are, as the name suggests, “electric”, they are powered by rechargeable batteries. You can, therefore, always top its power up when its down.

Something else that clearly distinguishes regular bikes from the electric is their cost. Clearly, electric bikes are more expensive. But why?

Think about the amount of time taken to upgrade the regular bikes so that they could be run by rechargeable batteries and yet deliver greater power.

It must have taken so much effort too. You would therefore expect them to be more expensive. Other reasons also support this price difference.

Because their parts are a rarity and sometimes due to the fragility of other parts, you will find electric dirt bikes to be quite difficult to repair and even upgrade.

Regular dirt bikes are easier to upgrade and repair and are thus cheaper. They are also common, so finding their parts is never really a problem.

As a beginner, you are going to face many difficulties, just as you would when learning anything else. Remember that practice makes perfect. But also, constant practice is better.

To be good in dirt biking, you will have to try a couple of times depending on how fast you pick up to learning. You may also want to go long distances on tracks and novices.

You will realize that using an electric dirt bike to do this training will cost you lesser on fuel costs as compared to using a regular dirt bike.

Yes, regular dirt bikes will require enough fuel, but for an electric dirt bike, all you will have to do is recharge it once the charge gets depleted.

This means that if you would like to practice your skills without incurring extra costs on fuel, you can consider getting yourself an electric dirt bike. 

Here is something important to think about. Noise. Are you living in a residential area? If so, then I would begin by advising you to consider getting an electric dirt bike. Here is why.

Motor bikes are usually noisy. We all know that. From their name, motor, you should expect them to give you some trouble in your neighborhood.

You should expect a dirt bike to be a little noisier than regular bikes though. And I have to be honest with you. If you have neighbors who don’t tolerate noise, then you should join me in finding a solution.

Of course, you don’t need noise-intolerant neighbors to consider getting a quieter bike. It can be in your priority list, as your cool style- doing things quietly.

Electric dirt bikes are the quiet ones. They produce minimal to no noise at all. Their operation is pretty easy and quiet and does not need to bother your neighbors or annoy you.

Should anyone get an electric dirt bike? Definitely. But if you are living in a residential area, then you really need one in place of a regular dirt bike and on top of our top five, you could have a look at the following too as they could give you more insight on these bikes:

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Well, talk about brands and this Razor Dirt Rocket Bike is the top of our list. Are you worried about its battery? You can sigh with relief as this bike comes with a 6V sealed lead battery system that will give you a fully satisfying experience.

 Not only is it the latest model in the market at the moment but its also fitted with an authentic faring design and McGrath Graphics designed by the historical motocross rider himself, Jeremy McGrath. That is surely remarkable or should i say mind-blowing as it is literally fitted with features that have been considered by an experienced rider.

Is your kid’s birthday approaching and you are still looking for the perfect gift? This electric dirt bike could come in handy. With its quality knobby pneumatic tires and the dual disc brakes, you are assured of your child’s safety and guess what? As if all that is not enough, this bike’s speed is no different from a gas bike with high torque. 

Razor 15128560 RSF650

Are you looking for a bike that will not only give you a smooth ride but also assured safety from its stability? Then this bike is what you should consider taking home. You must be wondering how that is possible. 

Well, it has large-sized tires of 12 inches. It is also powered by the 650-watt motor, which is with no doubt a high torque and has a 36V sealed acid lead rechargeable battery that has quick change compartments just for you.

What else does it offer? It has an adjustable angle-riser handlebar, retractable kickstand, soft rubber grips, foldable metal foot-pegs, double crown fork, shatter-resistant super easy plastic fairings, and a variable grip smooth twist throttle. Isn’t that literally breathtaking?

What more could you ask for? Not forgetting that it enables you to ride for 50 minutes without stopping at a rate of 27 km per hour. We all know how a hidden storage compartment always comes in handy and this bike’s designer fortunately got you covered on that end. 

Roketa Dirt Bike AGB-21

Scooping the third position on our list of dirt bikes is the Roketa Dirt Bike. With this bike, you don’t have to spend a fortune if you are looking for pocket-friendly prizes as it is the case with the Razor ones I have mentioned above.

Its not always about the prizes, so what does this bike bring to the table? It has a 70cc, air-cooled engine with a 4-stroke kick start and if you have experience with bikes then you know that this means that it gives you more control of your ride.

That’s not all, it also comes with a hand-operated front brake and a foot-operated rear brake with both drum and disc brakes. Some of you could be concerned that this is a new bike in the market, but you don’t have to worry. In case of any fault on this bike, you have a total of 30 days to return it to its manufacturer.

Electric Dirt Bike by MotoTec

Are you looking for an electric dirt bike that is suitable for your little one? Well, this new model from MotoTec should make it to the top of your considerations in your list. Not only does it consider your pocket as it is very cheap, but its make is also stylish and appropriate for the playground, backyard fun, and even the driveway around your estate.

It also comes with a powerful 24V battery and has a selectable speed of up to 10mph that’s suitable for your child on a dirt road. As if all that is not enough, it comes with a variable twist-grip throttle and a padded seat to enhance more comfort on his or her adventurous rides.

Also keep in mind that it is also fitted with standard designed rear and front brakes and suspension and large pneumatic knobby tires to ensure a smooth ride while still ensuring stability. 

Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike

Are you looking for a powerful bike with maximum speed? Then this Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike should be your ideal bike! Not only does it have a rechargeable 8000-watt battery which is obviously one of the most powerful bikes to ever been created but it can also go up to a maximum of 34mph with a high torque and guess what? 

If you fully charge your battery, you can go for a continuous one-hour ride! Isn’t that amazing?

Are you worried about its quality? Well, there is no need for that as this one got you covered as it is built with the unparalleled quality materials that will ensure your safety at all times as you use this dirt bike.

Apart from its unique design, this bike is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes and the long-travel suspension and as if all that isn’t much, it has a high-quality rugged 79-lbs and a power-coated strong steel tube frame to manage up to 220-lbs.

Bottom Line

Thank you for being with me throughout the article. I have taken you through the best five dirt bikes that I feel are the best out there, including their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. 

I have also taken you through some of the things that you should know about electric dirt bikes, and a few more options out there. You could be feeling more confused than before on the type of bike you should settle for. I understand.

To have an easier time choosing the best of these bikes, have your priorities right as there are many things to consider and each bike was built to suit the rider’s needs. My top pick for you is the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike.

It has dual suspension and riser handlebars to enable you have that smooth ride you have been fantasizing about while still keeping your comfort in check. 

This bike also comes with a warranty of ninety days and come on, who would say no to that? Its pneumatic knobby tires give you maximum control of your ride. It can also speed up to 17 mph and has an authentic dirt bike geometry. 

This bike provides the necessary features you could need for your dirt  bike and you should therefore consider purchasing it and furthermore, this can be done online at the comfort of your home!

Dirt Bike Reviews

Best Apollo Dirt Bike

Apollo Dirt Bike For Beginners

Do you enjoy biking? If it’s your pastime activity, then you probably enjoy doing it in areas with less traffic and people or activity. 

If you are more into it, then you are probably a professional biker and participate in biking competitions. Biking is a generally interesting and fun activity. 

How much do you know about biking? You would agree that just because you like doing something doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll know lots of stuff about it, right?

Well, the same can be said about biking. You perhaps don’t know much about bikes. But guess what, nobody expects you to.

If you are, however, reading this article, then you are here for a reason. Do you know of any Apollo bikes?

Dirt bikes are amazing bikes to ride because they are perfectly suited for the off roads. 

If you have been thinking of going for a freestyle ride, then you are probably considering going on one with a dirt bike. You will sure enjoy.

But there are so many dirt bikes out there and they are all confusing. Apollo dirt bikes are, however, far from confusing. They are the ideal dirt bikes to go for.

Why? If you don’t intend to spend too much on a dirt bike but would still love to have an amazing time, then these are the bikes to go for.

Apollo dirt bikes will optimally serve you in performance as they are powerful and durable. They will also impress you with their fair price. 

While you may not get everything from a single Apollo dirt bike, you will be happy to ride one.

Out there are so many options of these bikes. You may face a challenge settling on a particular Apollo dirt bike as your ideal bike.

In this article, I’m going to take you through some of the best of these bikes available out there. Why don’t we start by looking at the best five?

Top Apollo Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18


Are you looking for an Apollo dirt bike that will not disappoint? Then you should perhaps be aware of the Apollo DB-X18 in the line of Apollo bikes, which is a worthy check. What does this bike have that is unique to the others?

Well, first, it’s built with a 4-stroke, single cylinder engine and despite the fact that this bike may be small in size, it complements this substantially in performance and hence, its power. 

Of course, you have heard severally the praises going around about how the Apollo dirt bikes are a one of a kind, thanks to their great power. 

This is the bike to go for if you’re looking to have an amazing time in the off roads. Their maximum speed which is at 55mph makes it easy to manoeuvre and handle the Apollo bike.

While this speed may change depending on the road condition and weight of the rider, you will love its front and rear suspensions, both of which are non-adjustable at 750mm and 320mm each.


  • Good frame design
  • Good seat height
  • Excellent manoeuvrability 


  • You may not like the carburettor quality
  • Be sure to check the small fork bolts

Apollo DB-007


You have probably heard of th3 Apollo DB-007. Yes. It has been praised for among many things, its great power and amazing suspension. You will love riding this bike. Why don’t we have a look at its features then?

While it may not strike you as that different from the Apollo DB-X18, you will realize that a few things about this bike quite set it out from the former.

But first, it comes with a similar 4-stroke and single cylinder engine. It’s displacement is 125cc as the general name would hold, and it is air-cooled.

This bike’s maximum speed is recorded at 55 mph and this not only makes it excellent for freestyle and off-road rides, but also makes it ideal for terrains that regular bikes wouldn’t handle. 

The manoeuvrability with this Apollo as you will come to see, is just what you’re looking for.

Weather condition and a rider’s weight may, nonetheless, affect the speed at which you can ride this bike.

It is beastly at 10KW and has a 4-speed manual clutch transmission. Its suspensions, rear at 760mm and front at 320mm are non-adjustable.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Good quality
  • Good handling


  • You may want to check the carburettor quality

RFZ- Open Apollo


Have you been having punctures on a regular or simply wish to avoid such problems in the future? This 125cc Apollo dirt bike could be the solution to your problem. 

With its wheel gripster at the rear it ensures that the valve does not wear and tear easily and covers the inner tube keeping your long rides as smooth as possible.

Is comfort among your considerations? Well, you can keep calm as this bike got you covered on that as it is thinner, and its saddle is also longer than other bikes currently in the market just for your comfort. 

To top it all, its tank capacity of 4.7 L makes it perfect for that dirt race competition as well as those long habitual the rapitic rides.

Let’s not forget about its powerful engine of 125cc which not only gives you more assurance of getting back home safe but also without experiencing any malfunctions.

Therefore, if you have hit the age of 16, you definitely should get one of these amazing rides!


  • It has a large tank of 4.7 L
  • Its engine of 125cc is very powerful
  • It is fitted with a wheel gripster


  • Not recommended for those below the age of 16

RXF – Freeride


If you are looking for extra features as you purchase your bike, then this RFX – Freeride could just be perfect for you. 

Let’s start with the fact that it comes with a wider, longer, and sturdier new chain slider and wheel. The slider ensures better arm protection and gives you a better guide compared to other dirt bikes.

Its front and rear mudguards keeps your stability in check by imposing minimum weight due to its creative design and if you hate getting your bike dirty from the mud, then there is no need to worry since the new rigid bib will protect your damper from collecting dirt.

What more could it offer? The designer of this bike didn’t forget that comfort is key as it has fatbar handlebar that has a new curve to serve that purpose and furthermore thanks to this bike, you do not have to possess two keys for dismounting your axes anymore. 

Order yours while stocks last!


  • It advocates for stability and comfort
  • It comes with self-locking axles
  • It is fitted with new front and rear brake discs, each with its own protection


  • This bike is prohibited on roads that have public traffic

RFZ – Enduro


Talk about a powerful bike and this RFZ -Enduro motor dirt bike is definitely making it to the list with its 150cc YTX engine. 

Isn’t that incredible? This makes it more reliable than most of the other bikes currently selling. It couldn’t get any better with its 4.7L capacity tank that will obviously keep you going for longer.

Its large wheels will ensure stability and hence your smooth and thrilling ride is unstoppable. It is very well suspended and has a long saddle that enhances comfort and guess what? You do not have to worry about a puncture coming between you and your rides anymore. 

This is due to the presence of a wheel gripster at the rear which covers the inner tube and ensures that the valve does not wear and tear due to friction. Just like most dirt bikes, anyone above the age of 16 is allowed to get one of these amazing bikes.


  • It has a very powerful engine of 150cc
  • It has large wheels for comfort
  • It is fitted with a wheel gripster at the rear to prevent punctures


  • Its use is not allowed on roads vulnerable to public traffic

These are some of the five best Apollo dirt bikes that you will find out there. Walk with me as we discuss the dirt bikes and the Apollo model further.

Riding can be more fun than driving, don’t you think? But it’s not everyone that will consider this every time they think of a fun activity. 

If you are a rider, then you know how important it is to get a good bike for not only yourself but also your biker kids. Does any of your kids own or ride a bike?

For kids growing up, it’s a good idea to break from the modern system which has eroded some of the most fun activities that we used to indulge in back in the days. Talk about all the fun games and amazing stuff.

With technology and advances made in and by society, things have changed pretty much and today you will find more kids indoors and engrossed in mobile phones or tablets. Why?

Well, it is not entirely their fault that they are consumed in the lives we’ve created for them and the things available for them during the current times. But should you just let them play video games all day long?

While it is a good idea to let them have their fun, it’s also good that they learn a few outdoor activities. If they’re not interested in biking, then could find out what it is they like and indulge them every once in a while in the activity.

What about those kids who love biking? What would work best for them? The best idea for children who are beginners in biking is to start off small. After all, they are little and have all the time to learn and have fun.

The skills that they acquire at an early age may well help your kids as they grow up. Watch what you introduce to them and how you do it, so that it’s not only fun but in a way, will help them learn.

There are various bikes that you can get for your kids, but the one that I would recommend is a dirt bike. Dirt bikes can be pretty easy to ride, depending on the model you go for and engine power.

They are also fun and the fact that you don’t have to use them on tarmac roads even makes them better. Why? It means that they are a lot safer for your kids. You’ll not have to worry much about accidents or major injuries.

Dirt bikes are best for off roads. While these tracks could be fun and adventurous to ride on or through, they also call for caution and some skill. You wouldn’t want to get yourself thrown off every time you swerve.

There are various kinds of dirt bikes out there. The major types that I would like to briefly highlight on, however, are the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke bikes.

These two have something unique to offer and you may want to have a look at them both to give you a better understanding of these bikes. A 2-stroke dirt bike is more powerful and tough while a 44-stroke is smoother to ride. 

While a 2-stroke may be more complicated and require some extra set of skills, a 4-stroke is easier. However, the latter too may give you a hard time maintaining. 

So which one of the two should you get your kid or yourself? I would always go for a 44-stroke because of the ease and smoothness. If you want to have fun, this is how.

But you better be ready for maintenance challenges. If you are skilled, however, and have the right places to get 2-stroke bikes, then you shouldn’t hesitate. Always work with your preference as that will make you more comfortable.

We’ve talked about kids a lot and you’re probably thinking that these dirt bikes, especially the Apollo, are meant for only them. Well, that’s not the case. 

More powerful bikes meant for younger and older adults have better controls to suit most riders within that age.

Why do adults ride bikes? Isn’t it to have fun too? We sometimes want to release some tension too and just let go; be free. This is an amazing way to do it. 

Just like what we’ve discussed for your kid(s), the ideal dirt bike for you too would be a 4-stroke.

Having narrowed ourselves down to the ideal dirt bike type that you should be going for, how much do you know about the Apollo model?

Have you ever wanted to own one of those well-spoken of brands of bikes? You must have heard of several 125cc dirt bikes that claim to be the it-thing.

Have you ever wished you could have one of those? Some of the most amazing bikes can be quite expensive. This makes sense because the manufacturers have to get compensated for such great works.

Again, the rarity in some materials and equipment which make these bikes prominent and their technicality, too, may cause their prices to go up.

But we may not all have the money to spend on bikes. Just like cars, it may take some time to buy one. And once you do, you may want to get a lasting one.

While you may be disappointed that your dream bike could be way over your budget, have you thought of an Apollo dirt bike?

Apollo dirt bikes are among the cheapest options that you will come across. Cheap is usually expensive, as the saying goes. But this is because most cheap stuff is of questionable quality.

It means you will often have to get replacement or make repairs which could overally cost you more than you spent in the initial purchase.

This, however, is not the case with the Apollo dirt bike. This model is well praised and common among bikers because it’s not only affordable but also meets up quality standards.

What type of Apollo dirt bikes should you be looking at? Think about why you want to get the bike and for whom. This is important as most of these Apollo bikes come in varied displacements.

A 75cc dirt bike will serve your son excellently. He will be sure to love it, and guess what, he will be totally safe on it!

If your child is over 6 years old but below 12, then getting them a 75cc Apollo dirt bike may not be a bad idea. They have a safe and manageable maximum speed.

At such speed, your young ones will be able to take full control of their bikes and not fail to have fun in the process. 

Do you want to get the Apollo bike for an adult? Well, then you should consider either the 125cc or 250cc dirt bikes. Where do they differ and which of the two should you go for?

The 125cc dirt bike is for general users. It is excellent for beginners because it is easy to ride but works well for experts too because it means that they’ll have an even easier time and thus more fun.

It has smooth manoeuvrability and you will love how easy you can make swerves. While it is best suited for young adults of over 12 years of age, older adults can as well have lots of fun with it.

A 250cc dirt bike is powerful and therefore ideal for skilled bikers. While this is best for adults, you don’t really need all that power if you’re still at your learning stages.

You will realize upon beginning your shopping that it is not always easy choosing the best product to go for. Settling on the best of these bikes may not be easy.

You should enjoy your biking, so I do hope that what you walk away with is exactly what will work for you. Your satisfaction is everything.

If you will have any challenge at any point, you could refer back here for some information. 

Bottom Line

Are you looking for an Apollo dirt bike that will not disappoint? Then you have, among our five best options, several more at your disposal. So, where do you begin?

Finding the best Apollo dirt bike may not be easy. You will, along the way, definitely come across some amazing models that will look better than the Apollo.

These other models may actually even offer what the Apollo does not. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

We have discussed some of the things that I feel are important in helping you land on the best Apollo dirt bike. Among these things are the products that we have looked at.

Each product has something unique about it. Understanding these things will help you get a better understanding of what may and/or not work for you.

With me is also a recommendation that I believe you may like. After a thorough examination of what is available out there, I’m satisfied that the Apollo DB-X18 will work excellently for you.

What does this bike have that is unique to the others?

It’s built with a 4-stroke, single cylinder engine and despite the fact that this bike may be small in size, it complements this substantially in performance and hence, its power. 

Of course, you have heard severally the praises going around about how the Apollo dirt bikes are a one of a kind, thanks to their great power. 

This is the bike to go for if you’re looking to have an amazing time in the off roads. Their maximum speed which is at 55mph makes it easy to manoeuvre and handle the Apollo bike.

While this speed may change depending on the road condition and weight of the rider, you will love its front and rear suspensions, both of which are non-adjustable at 750mm and 320mm each.

We could spend more time looking at similar products and eliminating them, but the best of these bikes will hardly ever change.

There is, therefore, absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t go for the Apollo DB-X18. Get it today and while stocks last!

Dirt Bike Dirt Bike For Kids

Best Mini Dirt Bike

Best Mini Dirt Bikes For Kids

Mini Dirt Bikes are the perfect start-up experience for beginning riders. Apart from its compactness, it is very powerful, and the riding experience is something that you will love.

Sometimes your kids may catch a glimpse of racers on the television or on professional racing grounds. Because of the thrill and excitement, they may be intrigued and may become generally intrigued by the Dirt Bikes.

Purchasing a Mini Dirt Bike is not just an option for kids or the youth. In case you are an adult who loves compactness and the swiftness of racing, this may be the best choice for you.

When choosing a Mini Dirt Bike, there are a number of factors you have to consider. This will ensure that you get the best product in the market. In addition, you would need to consider the best options available.

The Mini Dirt Bike is small but quite powerful. You will be assured of completing your race or riding experience with much ease. It also comes in a ready-, state, meaning that you will have an easy time setting up the bike for use.

Before making the purchase or acquisition, it will be of significant reward to you that you choose the Mini Dirt Bike whose usage will pose little risk to you or your loved ones. In this article, we shall be reviewing some of the best Mini Dirt Bikes.

Top Mini Dirt Bike

Razor MX350 Rocket Electric Motocross -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike Gas Power 2-Stroke 50cc Motorcycle4.8 out of 5 stars
Coleman Powersports CT200U-AB Powered Scooter4.7 out of 5 stars
Xtreme power US 2 Stroke Motorized Pocket Motorcycle4.6 out of 5 stars
XPro Bikes Youth Pitbike Bike4.5 out of 5 stars

Razor MX350 Rocket Electric Motocross

This Mini Dirt Bike comes with a lot of features. These features are able to improve the general performance of the Dirt Bike. You will be sure of getting the best riding experience.

The Dirt Bike had a cutting edge technology that makes it proficient and ultra-modern in performance. The materials used to make the Bike are high-quality. The manufacturers adopted the best innovative ideas in the creation of this Bike.

The system is electric-powered. There are two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries. The batteries are rechargeable and occur in duality to facilitate better performance and longer hours of riding.

The retractable kickstand will act as a support feature. In addition, the folding footpegs aid in support. The Mini Dirt Bike comes with a charger for easier recharging of the battery system.


  • It has a chain-driven motor for increased power.
  • The adjustable riser handlebars give you easier control.


  • It runs on a rechargeable battery system which requires a lot of maintenance.

SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike Gas Power 2-Stroke 50cc Motorcycle Holeshot Off Road Motorcycle Holeshot Pit Bike, Fully Automatic Transmission, Red

This Mini Dirt Bike has been built in a design that is perfect for kids. It suits the needs of beginners especially the young riders. The 49cc engine is able to facilitate easier riding as it is able to sustain easier forms of riding.

It is easy to ride as it has been specifically designed to suit the needs of beginner-riders. The rear suspension is able to increase the comfortability of the rider. The front and back disc brakes will allow you to brake at any instance without struggling at all.

This Mini Bike is powerful in every aspect. The materials used in making it are high-quality, such that you will be assured of the long-lasting nature of the Dirt Bike. It will serve its purpose for a long time.


  • The Dirt Bike has rear suspension for increased comfort.
  • It comes with a three-month warranty assurance.
  • The Mini Dirt Bike comes with a rear shock absorber.


  • The Bike has been designed specifically to suit kids or beginner-riders.

Coleman Powersports CT200U-AB Powered Scooter

This Mini Dirt Bike has been designed to suit the riding needs of both adults and kids. It is reliable, which means that no matter the dependency, it will be able to perform efficiently.

It is cheaper to acquire as its selling price is a bit lower as compared to other Dirt Bikes. The materials used in making them are high-quality. This makes the Mini Dirt Bike durable and able to last for a long time.

It is easy to use. You can ride with ease. Even before beginning your riding experience, you will be able to install the components of this Dirt Bike with so much convenience.

The low-pressure tires ensure that the riding experience is comfortable. They also improve the stability of the Dirt Bike. The rugged and proven clutch gives you maximum control in the course of riding.

Other components that have been reinforced to improve performance are the jackshaft and the chain drive, which comes together with the rear drum-handle operated braking system.


  • The fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters. It makes the Dirt Bike powerful and efficient.


  • The Storage Racks are sold separately.

Xtreme power US 2 Stroke Motorized Pocket Motorcycle

This Mini Dirt Bike is able to traverse different types of terrain with so much ease. When it comes to the riders, anyone with 13 years of age and above can ride this Mini Dirt Bike.

It has high torque, meaning that it has an increased ability to skid on a variety of land surfaces. The Mini Dirt Bikes are available in a wide variety of colors. You will be able to choose the one that you like the most.

The motor engine is powerful. It gives the entire Bike enough power to ride for long hours. Depending on the terrain, the Dirt Bike can reach speeds averaging between 15 to 20 mph.

The front and back brake discs are hand-operated. The manual operation gives you full control over the system. You will ride with ease and will be able to handle any kind of difficulty with so much flexibility.

The 2 Stroke engine helps in saving fuel as it uses up fewer amounts of fuel with regard to performance and the distances covered. In addition, the Bike is environmentally friendly as it does not emit fumes that pollute the atmosphere.


  • It has a long engine life.


  • The Bike is sold at a high price.

XPro Bikes Youth Pitbike Bike

The exhaust pipe of this Dirt Bike had been upgraded. The system has been improved to ensure that there is better acceleration. The Dirt Bike is able to run at top speeds because of this factor.

Heat insulation features have been reinforced to maximize the safety of the rider. In addition, the chain cover ensures that children cannot stick their fingers and get hurt or injured.

The aggressive deep tone sounding is an exciting feature. You would want to accelerate just to feel the thrill of the deep tone sounding. The front and rear cross-drilled rotors have been upgraded to increase the braking power and also to improve performance.


  • The pull start has been upgraded. This makes it easier to ride or control the Bike.
  • When it comes to controlling and handling, the Bike has been reinforced with features that maximize performance.
  • The waterproof bearings are able to prevent rusting or corrosion. 
  • The speed governor maximizes safety.
  • The high-quality paint makes it durable.


  • A lot of assembling is required when getting the Bike ready for use.

What you need to consider when choosing the Best Mini Dirt Bike

Choosing the best Mini Dirt Bike can prove to be a challenge at times. This happens more so for beginners who haven’t had any experience with Dirt Bikes and ate acquiring them for the very first time.

In this section, we shall be taking a keen look at the factors that influence the decision of a buyer with regard to Mini Dirt Bike purchases. In addition, there are a number of characteristics or specifications that give the Bike proficiency in performance.

The most important thing to consider is the conduction of market research. In modern times, some manufacturers and sellers have been able to tamper with the original quality of Products.

Therefore, in the event that you visit the local store or order your Mini Dirt Bike online, the crafty sellers will sell to you items that do not correspond with respect to specifications and performance. In other words, they do false advertising.

You, therefore, have to be keen so as not to fall prey to such people. This will help you save a lot of money and also enable you to get value for your money by purchasing the right product.

When doing research, you may visit online stores. This helps you in knowing the product specifications. You may also consider browsing a number of websites that are reputable for their advertisement for authentic products.

In these websites and online stores, you may get to familiarize yourself with the features of each and every Mini Dirt Bike available for sale. You will definitely know what to expect and what to avoid.

Apart from visiting online stores, you may visit local stores or shops that deal in Mini Dirt Bikes. In these stores, you may be able to feel the products, test their authenticity, interact with sellers and previous buyers and get an all-round idea of the best purchase.

When it comes to warranty, you may choose to purchase the Mini Dirt Bike whose warranty specifications have been made available to you. In addition, the Buyer’s Guide may come in handy when reviewing the warranty specifications.

A warranty is basically a document that gives you assurance of claim in the event that the product you purchased proved to be defective or of insubordinate quality as compared to the expectations in terms of performance.

In order to claim for such, you have to fulfill all the tests made available by the Buyer’s Guide. In a nutshell, it means that the defectiveness has to solely arise from the nature of the product without the interference from factors such as repair attempts.

Some Mini Dirt Bikes come with warranties that guarantee restitution or replacement within 90 days of the purchase. This is an additional assurance of durability and quality, as the brand believes that the Bike has been designed with little or no errors.

The other important factor to keep in mind is the clarification aspect; seeking reviews from previous buyers. This is a vital aspect as it gives you first-hand information with regard to performance aspects of the Mini Dirt Bike.

It is important that you always get reviews from verified buyers. Some people post comments with the I’ll motive of tainting the name of a specific brand they do not prefer or dislike.

There are reviewers who are verified by reputable brands. These buyers will be able to give you an insight into the product specifications and performance aspects. Most of these buyers make their reviews on online platforms such as YouTube.

Your safety in the course of riding is so important. You have to know if the place or location you intend to ride in is safe or secure enough for you to ride. In addition, you have to determine whether the state authorization works in your favor or not.

By this, I mean that the riding activity you take part in should be compliant with the set laws. Most at times, you may find that the law requires you to maintain functional headlamps at all times. You have to fulfill such requirements to be on the safe side.

In terms of personal safety, you have to ensure that the Bike you consider for purchase is able to keep you entirely safe in the course of riding. There are additional aspects that enhance your safety.

The lightweight nature of the Mini Dirt Bike will be able to make your riding experience smooth and easy. Some Mini Dirt Bikes come with a pull start that gives you easier control and handling.

When considering the weights aspect, you have to know that the best Mini Dirt Bike will be easier to ride, control and use. The lightweight nature will ensure that you move at top-speed and your riding experience is flexible in every aspect.

The affordability aspect is definitely something you should consider. The first element of affordability is the cost-effectiveness factor. With cost-effectiveness, we have to ask ourselves the question: Is the Bike worth the price? Will it work as expected?

If the Mini Dirt Bike satisfies both qualities, then it is cost-effective. It basically means that the performance of the Bike will always be at optimum, and acquiring it won’t be a waste of funds but an exchange of authenticity and reasonableness.

The other element of affordability is pricing. In terms of pricing, you have to deliberate between spending and getting yourself the premium features you desire, or saving on costs and getting moderately featured products with similar specifications.

The budget you may be working with may also affect the decision you have to make when making the purchase. When working under tight budgets, it is highly likely that you will have to choose a cheaper product.

It is always a matter of evaluation. It is possible that you may purchase a cheaper Dirt Bike but with the specifications of a premium Bike. In addition, you may still get yourself the cheaper product but with poor quality.

There is always no need for you to save yourself a lot of funds at the expense of your own safety. You may decide to invest and get yourself the Dirt Bike that will last for a long time and remain durable and up to the task.

When making a decision based on price, you may also have to weigh the pros and cons attached to purchasing the Mini Dirt Bike. The one with more benefits or advantages can be considered for acquisition.

Durability is the ability of the Mini Dirt Bike to work for a long time, maintain performance, be strong and be able to withstand a variety of outdoor weather conditions, including impacts during crashes.

The best Mini Dirt Bike will have features that make it durable. These features include the heat insulation property that keeps the Bike in good condition and the user is assured of safety.

The braking power may be enhanced by the placement of the front and rear disc brakes. The rear suspension will give you comfort and heavy-duty steel will give it resistance against moisture and reduce the chances of rusting or corrosion.

The materials used should always be high-quality.


There are basically two types of powering systems for Mini Dirt Bikes, gas and electricity. Both types of fuel have their advantages and disadvantages. It is a matter of preference for convenience and performance.

Gas provides more power for the entire Bike system as compared to electricity. In addition, gas can be easily refilled as it takes a short amount of time to do so. It will definitely save you a lot of time and energy.

However, gas bikes are more expensive as compared to electric-powered bikes. They also require consistent maintenance and are a preference for most of the regular users who have adapted to all styles of riding.

Electric-powered bikes, on the other hand, are less expensive. It is easier to acquire them and they can save you some good amount of money. On the downside, however, they lose power in a short amount of time.

Electric Powered Bikes require less maintenance. They will save you time and energy when it comes to taking care of the Bike fueling system. When it comes to convenience, they are the best option.

Another drawback of acquiring an electric-powered bike is that the battery system will generally take a long amount of time to recharge. It is important that you fully recharge the battery and recharging should be done at least once a month to keep it working.

Performance and personal preference

Perforniis an aspect that depicts the efforts taken to enhance the durability of the Mini Dirt Bike. The best Mini Dirt Bike has features that make it long-lasting and able to withstand all kinds of outdoor weather conditions and impacts in the course of crashes.

The best Dirt Bike will be able to traverse difficult terrain with ease. It is easily mobile. The motor engine is also powerful and will be able to run the system for as long as it is required of it without breaking down at any instance.

The adjustable riser handlebars will give you ultimate control when riding. The chain cover enhances safety by preventing poking of fingers into the chain system, an action whose outcome may be fatal.

The heat insulation property is also something that enhances the safety of the rider. The large pneumatically knobby tires will give you an easy time when riding, as they facilitate maximum power output.

The rear and front brake discs will ensure that you halt at the right time and reduce the chances of accidents in situations that are hard to control. The best Mini Dirt Bike in terms of performance is generally easy to ride.


When choosing the best Mini Dirt Bike, it comes s always important that you know if the Bike will be able to suit the user. With regard to Mini Dirt Bikes, there are two types of users, the kids, and adults.

The best Mini Dirt Bike is not only powerful but also efficient. It is easy to ride and may have specific features designed for comfort, such as the rear suspension. In addition, efforts to maximize performance have been made on the design of the Bike.

In my recommendation, I would advise you to go for the Razor MX350 Rocket Electric Motocross. This Mini Dirt Bike not only boasts of power bit also efficiency. The battery system is composed of two 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries.

There are a number of specifications that have been reinforced to make it the best when it comes to riding. There is the chain-driven motor, the twist-grip acceleration, the hand-operated rear brake, and the double crown fork.

The best Mini Dirt Bike will definitely serve you for a long time without getting any maintenance issues or quality problems. Remember to check on quality and performance.

Dirt Bike

Best 125cc Dirt Bike

Best 125cc Dirt Bike For Beginners

Are you a fan of motorcycles? Do you enjoy riding them, or are you a rider from behind the keyboard and watcher from the other side of the fence? If you love bikes or biking, then you will sure love the 125cc dirt bike.

A 125cc dirt bike has a smaller engine as compared to most common models that you may have come across on your day today or while following a race, playing a game or even looking to purchase.

150cc dirt bikes have been praised for their ease in manoeuvrability, making them an excellent choice for beginners who want to try out the off roads. 

I wouldn’t look down on a bike’s power judging by its engine size. Remember that small can be big, depending on what you’re looking for or are interested in.

We all bike for various reasons and a 125cc dirt bike will serve you optimally when you want to have an amazing time. It has been said to be big in fun, complementing for its engine size.

Good bikers know how to pick the best bikes for every occasion. Going off-road will definitely call for a 125cc bike and you’ll be guaranteed to have an amazing time.

Having this information may, however, not be of much benefit to you before you know what options you have of this amazing bike. Are you, therefore, looking for the best 125cc dirt bike? You’re in the right place.

I managed to come up with a list of some of what I believe to be the best 125cc dirt bikes out there. While it can be confusing going through them, especially for beginners, you will not spend too much time as we present to you the best in the market.

Why then don’t you join me as we have a look at these bikes? Each has something unique that you will be sure to admire.

Top 125cc Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18 -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
X-PRO4.8 out of 5 stars
TAO TAO4.7 out of 5 stars
Coolster4.6 out of 5 stars
Apollo DB-0074.5 out of 5 stars

Apollo DB-X18


The Apollo DB-X18 is definitely one of its kind in the line of APOLLO 125cc dirt bikes. It is built with a 4-stroke engine and a single cylinder which despite coming in a small size, will complement its inadequacy in power.

If you are looking for a bike with which you can have ultimate fun on an off-road race or freestyle ride, then this is definitely the dirt bike to consider getting as it comes with a maximum speed of 55mph.

You can therefore manoeuvre through the terrains without much stress of having to be first rather than have more fun. After all, it has a 6.5 kw/7500 rpm.

It is important, however, to note that this speed may vary depending on weather conditions. 

To aid this is a 4 speed manual clutch transmission with front and rear hydraulic brakes. Its front and back suspensions are both non-adjustable, at 750mm and 320mm each. 

Swerve through off roads with 17″ front tires and 14″ rear tires.

Doesn’t this basically bag everything you would need from a dirt bike? Get this 125cc bike today!


  • Good seat height
  • Good frame design
  • Good manoeuvrability


  • You may not like the carburettor quality
  • Be sure to check the smaller fork bolts




What are you looking for in a 125cc dirt bike? There are a few things about this bike that you may like. Why don’t we check them out?

It’s engine is definitely a 4-stroke 125cc. It has a semi-automatic transmission, supported by a semi-auto clutch which makes this bike an excellent choice for riders who are starting off with this kind of bikes.

Its front and rear wheels are perfectly sized at 14″ and 12″ respectively and these will enable you to manoeuvre your way through tracks and terrains of a varied nature.

Are you a beginner? Then perhaps you may want to seek professional help before going offroad with this bike. Not to worry though as the reason is a mere assembly which may simply require expertise in handling the bikes.

However, it is not as complicated. assembling that you should expect includes the handle bar brackets, wheels and brakes, notti forget the number plate and fender.

It comes at a maximum speed of 60 MPH, but this may change depending on your weight.


  • Easy to set up
  • Perfectly sized
  • Comfortable


  • You may want to check the carburettor condition




For an off-road race or freestyle ride, you will need a bike that cannot disappoint. Talk about the perfect transmission and an excellently-sized engine. A 125cc dirt bike is what you need, and a good one for that matter.

The TAO TAO has is overally well-sized at 70 x 30 x 43 inches. Its seat stands out to a height of 34 inches and its ground clearance is at 13 inches.

It is built with a 1-cylinder and 4-stroke engine which is air cooled. Its engine gear has 4 speed controls, which run through gears 1-N-2-3-4. 

This dirt bike is also controlled by a hydraulic brake system with its front hydraulic disc hand braker. The rear is controlled by a foot braker.

Do you have any expertise or experience in handling dirt bikes, especially the 125cc dirt bike? Well, if you do not, then it would be advisable to seek help from a professional for this part where you will have to assemble parts of the bike.

This may be simple or a little complex, depending on your exposure with the bikes.

Does this bike have of or everything that you were looking for in a 125cc dirt bike? I sure hope so!


  • Perfectly sized
  • Good quality


  • Assembly may take time




Get yourself a bike that will give you a good time while you’re off-road riding. 

In looking at this bike in particular, you should consider, among other things, the terrain of the tracks you have in mind and your set of biking skills.

Every bike has something good to offer, and definitely something worth checking out. This particular dirt bike has something that you may like. Why don’t we check it out?

It is built with a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine which as a displacement of 125cc. You will love its power which is recorded at 4.72/7500(Kw/r/min). It has a maximum speed of 67km/h and a CDI starting system.

Already like something? Well, that’s not the whole of it. You will also love its manual clutch and chain drive. The bike is driven by the rear wheel force and is controlled by front and rear disk brakes.

While anyone would like to go off-road with this dirt bike, it has one little limitation of weight, where its maximum load holds at 220 Lbs.


  • Easy to set up
  • Good handling
  • Good seat height


  • You may find the rear brake pads to be too tight
  • Thin plastic plate cracks easily


Apollo DB-007


If you are on this fifth and final product for our review, you must have realized by now that most features that these bikes posses are the common ones that you will expect to find with any regular 125cc dirt bike.

However, you may also come to realize that a few things that set the differences between these bikes are what will determine your ease of use, manoeuvrability and even how much time out you could have with the bike.

This Apollo bike is built with, like most of its predecessors, a 4-stroke single cylinder engine with a displacement of 125 cc.

You will love that it is air-cooled and will ride at a maximum speed of 55 mph. However, as we have seen, this may change depending on the condition of the road you are using. The rider’s weight may also be an important determinant.

This Apollo dirt bike comes with a maximum power of 10 KW and its transmissions supported by a 4-speed manual clutch.

It also comes with non-adjustable suspensions for the front and rear, at 760mm and 320mm respectively. Its seat is raised to a height of 36.5 inches and its front and rear wheels are 17 and 14 inches respectively.

This is an ideal bike for the off roads and you should definitely try it out.


  • Powerful 
  • Great manoeuvrability 
  • Good seat height


  • A customer reported that the bike fell off during a race
  • Pricey

Have you thought of getting yourself a bike before? Bikes are fun to ride, they can be pretty fast and their manoeuvrability-cum-handling can be as smooth as possible, giving you nothing less of an amazing time out there.

Bikes can also be convenient to ride because they can go through terrains that other vehicles can’t. Their races are also mind-blowing and the gear is just top-level.

But like other vehicles, there are types of bikes, and they all differ in purpose. Each will serve you differently in different roads and for different purposes and while others may be fun to ride, others will need more care.

Among the bike types that have crossed your mind, have you thought of getting a dirt bike? You probably have, or are thinking, why would you?

We all have our reasons for doing the things we do. So answering “why” you would do something may be figuring out the reason for you. That may not be easy. 

There is, however, a common reason why most people would even think of getting a dirt bike. As the name suggests, it is a bike meant for the “dirt roads.” The off roads.

Unlike other road bikes, these bikes are tougher because of the conditions of the roads that they’re expected to be ridden on. Dirt bikes have been specially designed to suit these conditions.

You can therefore expect to ride your favourite bike for some time across terrains. Talking of terrains, are you an experienced biker?

You wouldn’t want to get yourself hurt while on top of one of these babies. Well, you should feel relieved that among the perks of riding dirt bikes is that they can be pretty light. Why is this a good thing?

A light bike is easier to handle. You can actually stand your ground at times for stability and making swerves is a lot easier than it would have been on heavier bikes.

Its thus also safer to ride because of the lesser weight which reduces impact injuries. However, you should be watchful of these bikes as if not well-assembled, you could walk away with a few scratches at high speed.

With that said, what do you think about the available models and types of dirt 125cc dirt bikes. Wait, do you know the available types and models?

We have discussed some of the best five of these bikes in the market, but even these among others fall under two major types. These are the 4-stroke and the 2-stroke.

What is the difference between the two? Well, you could look at it this way. 2-stroke dirt bikes are older models which were mostly available years back and may even be losing their place in the markets.

They are cheaper but more difficult to handle. They require more skill and come with more sophistication as compared to the 4-stroke.

4-stroke dirt bikes, on the other hand, are pretty easy to handle. They are light and have an easier manoeuvrability. However, they may need more skill maintaining. They are also more expensive.

Because they are easier to handle, many beginners usually go for the 4-stroke dirt bike. If you just started off dirt biking, then you should probably consider this.

But is that the only thing to consider when choosing between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bike? Well, there are a couple more things that you could look at or keep in mind.

Are you skilled or not? Would you like to go really tough on the off-road or are you interested in just a simple ride, perhaps for fun? Your preference will guide you here, but keep this in mind:

You will want to go for a 2-stroke dirt bike if you want something tough and powerful, irrespective of the difficulty in handling. This means that you should have the requisite skill before spending your money on one.

You would want to go for a 4-stroke if you wouldn’t mind spending a little more for a smoother and much easier ride. You should, however, be ready with some maintenance skills as these bikes may give you a hard time.

Generally, most people go for a 4-stroke dirt bike. Are you wondering why? Well, the 2-stroke bikes mix fuel with oil, and may not be as preferable to the former, which burns clear.

There is also a looming worry that you may face greater challenges finding and even owning a 2-stroke dirt bike as they are being replaced by newer and better models.

Get yourself a 4-stroke dirt bike and you won’t regret it.

Is engine power at all important? Well, if you are a biker, then everything about your bike should be important, especially the things that drive it or operate it.

Would you be able to walk, talk or do the things you do on a regular basis if you were ailing in any of your organs? I would not say so. 

This is because every part plays a particular role in delivering you in your normal state for your daily activities.

In the same way, a bike will not work well without an engine and it will not operate optimally without a well operating one. 

Your bike’s engine power will determine among many things, its displacement. It will also tell you if your bike is tough enough for certain conditions.

A stronger bike may require expertise in handling it because of its obvious nature of sophistication. However, once you can handle it, you shouldn’t ever have a problem handling a less powerful bike.

Dirt bikes are generally simple and light bikes, but powerful enough for the dirt roads. Their design suits them perfectly for off road conditions, and enables them to go for long distances under the same.

You will love them because of their ease in manoeuvrability, and who wouldn’t want to ride a smooth dirt bike across adventurous terrains?

You will come across 75cc dirt bikes. These have the least engine power and displacement. They will also register the least maximum speed as compared to stronger bikes.

75cc dirt bikes, therefore, are ideal for kids. Is it obvious already? I would personally put my kid’s safety first when I’m thinking of getting them a bike.

But kids are naturally playful, forgetful and oh, so rebellious at times. You can therefore expect them to go against your instructions and guidance some times.

At times, they simply forget. They are kids. They probably never heard you in the first place! To keep them safe, therefore, it would be best to go for a dirt bike with the least maximum speed.

These bikes should be well-sized too and just perfect for their age.

An adult may want to consider and even go for a 125cc dirt bike. You may wonder why. Well, these bikes have medium power, obviously  greater than 75cc but less than 250cc.

Their displacement, therefore, is a little greater. They are pretty easy and smooth to ride unlike more powerful models which can be sophisticated.

They have an average maximum speed. This means that you’ll be able to have some fun while you’re out on your freestyle rides or off road  races.

While the 250cc dirt bike may seem pretty enticing because of its power and displacement, most people prefer the former over it because of its sophistication.

It may require more expertise. Beginners will therefore have a pretty hard time with it. But even if you’re skilled, you would still prefer something with which you can be 100% comfortable.

When you’re out getting a 125cc dirt bike, a few things may cross your mind and if they do not, then they should. Remind yourself what your preferences are and always put them first.

If you do not know much about bikes, then you can always refer to this article as it will help shed some light every other time.

It’s always great to help!

Bottom Line

In your search for a good 125cc dirt bike, how do you feel after reading this article? My intention was to give you insight on the things you should expect when it comes to these bikes.

I would like you to make a more informed decision so that the next time you’re out there buying a bike, you do not waste your money on something that will not last.

There are considerations to make and among them, are important features that you should look at. Do any of these products interest you? Take your time to examine them more.

There is completely no hurry in determining what to spend your money on. You should pick a bike that will serve you optimally and for the while you hope.

We have looked at some of the top 5 best 125cc dirt bikes out there. I would, however, recommend that you go for the Apollo DB-X18.

Let me remind you why.

The Apollo DB-X18 is built with a 4-stroke engine and a single cylinder which despite coming in a small size, will complement its inadequacy in power.

If you are looking for a bike with which you can have ultimate fun on an off-road race or freestyle ride, then this is definitely the dirt bike to consider getting as it comes with a maximum speed of 55mph.

You can therefore manoeuvre through the terrains without much stress of having to be first rather than have more fun. After all, it has a 6.5 kw/7500 rpm.

It is important, however, to note that this speed may vary depending on weather conditions. 

To aid this is a 4 speed manual clutch transmission with front and rear hydraulic brakes. Its front and back suspensions are both non-adjustable, at 750mm and 320mm each. 

What more are you looking for? Get this 125cc bike today!

Dirt Bike Dirt Bike For Kids Reviews

Best 50cc Dirt Bike

Best 50cc Dirt Bike For Beginners

Does your kid find riding dirt bikes fascinating? Well, am sure you will be happy to hear that out there, many kids also find riding dirt bikes to be quite an interesting activity to undertake with their families and friends during their free time.

Therefore, as a parent it is important to have the basic knowledge about 50cc dirt bikes , this will help you save some money and buy the best dirt bike that will meet your kids’ expectations.

Did you promise your kid a dirt bike and he won’t give you a break? Worry no more! This article was just meant for you. The article discusses the best 50cc dirt bikes in the market. Points to you what you should look out for when buying one for your kid.

With many manufactures producing different designs, knowing which is the best on the market may be overwhelming and tedious. You therefore need guidance on how to choose the best 50cc dirt bike on the market.

There are many factors to consider before buying a product, for example the cost of the product, durability, warranty just to mention a few. This article sheds light on all the factors you need to keep in mind when buying a dirt bike.

Top 50cc Dirt Bike

Syx Moto -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
X-Pro4.8 out of 5 stars
XtremepowerUS 4.7 out of 5 stars
AR- DONDFANG4.6 out of 5 stars
Superrio4.5 out of 5 stars

Syx Moto

This 50cc mini dirt bike is gas powered and has a fully automatic transmission system. It is very useful especially if your kid is a beginner and has no experience of riding dirt bikes.

The Syx mini dirt bike has a top speed of 24.9mph which is convenient to young kids. In addition it has a two level speed governor, this helps in regulating the speed of the motorcycle during the ride.

In case of an emergency and there is need for immediate stop, the Syx Moto bike has an emergency kill switch. The disks brake on the front and rear tires are also used to break the acceleration power of the bike.

If you have a kid who is around 5 feet tall, then Syx Moto is the bike for your kid. From the ground to the seat it’s 21’ according to design engineers it best suits 5 feet children.


  • It has a safety kill switch.
  • It is equipped with speed governor to regulate the speed.
  • It comes in three colors, blue, green and black.


  • Many customers may find it a bit expensive but I can assure you it will be worth your money.
  • At maximum speed chances of an accident is high for a kid with no experience.


The X-Pro is a gas powered bike whose engine is 50.53cc and a 2- stroke. It has a single cylinder arrangement and is air cooled. The transmission is automatic, it’s very convenient to toddlers with less experience .The motorcycle also has a pull start system.

Its frame is just amazing! It has both the rear and the front suspension systems which help in shock absorption. It also has front and rear discs brake to bring the dirt bike to a soft stop when needed.

The insulation techniques applied to this dirt bike are just impressive. Heat is directed away from the rider. The gear box is of high quality and there is low resistance to rotation on the wheels. The connection plates are strong and cannot be easily damaged.

The x-pro has a large fuel tank and weighs about 128lbs.It has a length of 50.4’’, width is 22’’ and height of 33.4’’.Seat height is 24’’ making it suitable for youngsters.


  • It comes with X-Pro gloves, Goggles and a hand grip.
  • Has an automatic transmission which is suitable for minors.
  • Have excellent heat dissipation, good air tightness and strong and high quality engine power.


  • Your package does not arrive fully assembled. Proper finishing assembly is needed this may increase your cost of purchase.
  • It is only suitable for young kids.


This off road motorcycle has a 2-stroke engine and comes in a variety of colors. These bikes are made of steel frame for durability and stability. It has a hand operated front and rear brake discs to quickly stop the bike when needed.

This bike has a high torque motor allowing young riders to travel speeds up to 20mph.It is equipped with superior front hydraulic and rear spring suspensions that offers smooth riding experience over the bumps.

XtremepowerUS has a retractable kickstand, this is very important as it can be overwhelming and tedious to you use a stand that does not retract. The large fuel tank increases the cruising distance allowing you to have fun for much longer periods.

The bike has large pneumatic knobby tires and twist-grip throttle to allow your kids to maneuver easily and regulate the acceleration. The anti-vibration systems onboard the bike allows nothing but comfortable ride.


  • Variety in color selection.
  • The bikes are durable because they are made from steel alloy.
  • Anti-vibration system makes riding one of these bikes comfortable.


  • It is only recommended for kids above 13 years.
  • The fact that it doesn’t come full assembled, increases the cost of purchase.


This is one of the best bikes for beginners. If you are looking for something really good to buy your kid then this dirt bike should be your choice.

This motorcycle has a pull start mechanism that is easy to start and ignite the engine without worrying the troubles that come with electric components. It also has a wide and ridged footrest that provides stability when at rest

The AR-DONGFANG has an automatic transmission system that is convenient to use. You won’t have to worry about shifting gears, it is easy to ride.

It is also equipped with strong rear shock absorbing suspension that ensures the rider rides the bike comfortably.


  • Has a kill switch that allows turning the engine off easily.
  • Has an automatic transmission making it convenient for many.
  • The bike has a full chain guard.


  • Shipping is not done in some areas.
  • This bike is a little expensive than other 50cc dirt bikes.


It’s a 2-stroke engine, with one liter gas tank that will make the rider feel like he/she is riding a full size motorcycle. The chain drive transmission and tires offer maximum grip. The front and rear discs brake provides smooth brake power.

The oil mixing ration is 25:1.It also has a pull start mechanism; this is very convenient for kids with little experience with dirt bikes. The bike can comfortably support a weight of 128lbs

The rear strong shock absorption mechanism allows one to enjoy bumpy off road ride as the shocks from the bumps are absorbed by the dumping mechanism allowing an easy ride throughout the journey.


  • Pull start mechanism is easy to use and requires little maintenance compared to electric start
  • The strong rear shock absorbing system ensures a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Maintenance of the Superrio is cheaper.


  • It is not fully assembled, after purchasing you will be required to do some handy work to make the bike ready for a ride.
  • This dirt bike has a chain drive transmission, once in a while expect the chain to break apart.



Factor to consider before buying 50cc dirt bike for your kids

Here, you will find some guidelines that will help you choose the best 50cc dirt bike for your kids.

With many types of 50cc dirt bikes on the market you may find it challenging to choose the appropriate dirt bike for your son. The last thing any parent wants is to buy a gift for their kids that they don’t like.

Keeping in mind that most of 50cc dirt bikes are almost similar but have few differences, this articles takes a deep look into those differences to help you make an informed decision when buying your kids 50cc dirt bikes.

Get a well-informed guidance on how to choose dirt bikes that will meet your kids’ expectations. The following are some factors to keep into consideration when buying dirt bikes for your kids.

Age of your kids

It is important to keep in mind the age of your kids when buying them dirt bikes. It is advisable that you buy your younger kids smaller 50cc bikes; this helps them to gain confidence quickly on smaller bikes while learning how to ride.

I would recommend that between 3-7 years old get them a 50cc dirt bike, if your kid is 8 years old, a larger bike would be perfect for him/her.


Weight is also another vital factor that needs to be considered when purchasing 50cc dirt bikes. A kid weighing say 60 pounds will require a suspension mechanism that is a bit different from that kid weighing 200 pounds

The overall weight plays an important role in deciding the appropriate 50cc dirt bike for your kids; do not buy dirt bikes that may be too small for your kids since their overall weight may damage the suspension mechanism.

It is advisable to ask and check whether the suspension mechanism will accommodate the weight of your kids before buying the dirt bike.


Is your kid strong? And how tall is he/she? These are very important questions to keep in mind before going for that 50cc dirt bike. Ensure that the seat of the bike is adjustable and can accommodate your kid comfortably.

An ideal 50cc dirt bike that relatively fits your kids’ height and strength will enable your kids to grow a positive attitude towards biking sport effectively. The best way of knowing if the dirt bike fits is by practically sitting on it and checking whether your legs reach the ground or not.

The dirt bike will be too large for your kid if he/she uses the toes to establish balance while on the bike. On the other hand, if your kid is flat-foot on the ground while sitting on the 50 cc bike, the bike is too small for him/her.

Keeping the above information in mind, therefore, you have to carefully select a 50cc dirt bike that will be just right for your kids even though it’s a challenging activity to undertake.


Take your time and establish how much you are willing to spend on the 50cc dirt bike. You can go further and look into any hidden fees, tax, registration fees and the mode of payment that will be convenient for you.

It won’t be wise to purchase a bike that will strain you financially, always make sure to stick on your small budget because you’ve got to pay other bills.

Maintenance cost should also be considered before buying a 50cc dirt bike for your kids. Different 50cc bikes use different oil grades whose costs vary. I recommend that you go for a dirt bike that has a lower maintenance cost and purchase price fits your budget.

Customer review

With many options of 50cc dirt bikes on the market with each dealer claiming to sell the best bikes, it may be tricky to know which bike is best to settle on. Always make sure that you look for customer review. You can do this by looking on the website of the dealer you are interested in.

Here you will find unbiased first-hand information of how the bikes work, their advantages and disadvantages that many dealers find hard to say about their products. This unbiased information will help you purchase a good bike with a clear mind.

However you need to be keen, ensure that the reviews you are reading are from verified buyers. There is no better way of knowing how a products works, its pros and cons than from a user who first handedly has used the product.

Do you want a 4-stroke or 2-stroke bike?

While 2-stroke 50cc dirt bikes are cheap to maintain and light in weight, the 4-stroke 50cc dirt bikes are much heavier and expensive to keep on the road. I would therefore highly recommend that you go for a 2-stroke 50cc dirt bike.

However if your kid loves noises and would like to be louder, you can always go for the 4-stroke 50cc dirt bikes, they are more suitable.

Type of start

It is important to know your kids’ preference on the type of starter he/she wants. Is it an electric starter or a kick starter? In both cases you will find that different kids will have different preferences.

In my opinion a 50cc dirt bike with an electric start is the best for kids who are below 8 years old as they may find kick starters to be quite difficult to operate. In times of emergency, 50cc dirt bikes always come in handy for kids as switching on the bike is by an easy press of a button.

Having a dual 50cc dirt bike with both an electric start and a kick start would be great, although when you have to choose only one, i would highly recommend that you purchase a 50cc with an electric start.

Experience and skill level

One of the most critical factors to consider when you are thinking of buying a 50cc dirt bike is the skill level of your kid. Always keep in mind that 50cc dirt bikes are suitable for young kids who are beginners and maybe have never ridden a dirt bike before.

A 50cc dirt bike does not require much expertise hence is suitable for all children who are beginners. They are much easier to use and are light, which makes them an excellent choice for all beginners.

Luckily there are plenty of options available on the market for example automatic transmission mechanism that could really help a beginner learn how to ride a 50cc dirt bike comfortably.

Maintenance of a 50cc dirt bike

Maintaining a 50cc dirt bike is not as expensive as many think it is. Provided you bought your bike from a good brand and it’s of an excellent quality you will find it simple to maintain and may serve you up to 15 years. 

Some of the things you need to check out while maintaining your 50cc dirt bike to ensure its durability holds up are;

Gas refilling

It is advisable not to leave your bike’s fuel tank empty for long. It is good to refill your bike now and then when the tank is empty. It is also crucial never to mix the gas to ensure maximum durability of the engine.

Stick to the gas your 50cc dirt bike engine uses irrespective of the cost. Some users may be thinking of switching fuel because it’s cheaper. This will result to an engine knock and may end up destroying the engine of the bike.

Change the oil once a year

50cc dirt bikes are made of many moving parts like bearings which incur friction all the time. To minimize friction, oil is applied to the moving parts and this increases the efficiency and life span of the dirt bike.

Cleaning of air filler

Periodic cleaning of the air-filler is recommended for all 50cc dirt bikes. This ensures that the intake air taken into the engine to react with fuel is free from dust particles and efficient combustion takes place, this helps in noise reduction and prevents engine damage.

Flat tire repair

Once in a while you may have a flat tire and although 50cc bikes use much thinner tires than the other dirt bikes, the cost of repair is cheaper. 

Equipment needed to repair a 50cc bike are standard and any repair store should solve your problem if you don’t have the tools at your garage.

You can also hire repair tools in a renting shop near you; this should not be a concern to you as flat tire repair does not take much of your time.

Safety of a 50cc dirt bike

It is every parents’ dream to have a strong bond with kids as they grow up, going out on adventures sounds like an interesting idea, and yes it is! Parents should although, be keen not to put their kids in harm’s way during their nature walks.

You can make sure that your kid is safe when riding a 50cc dirt by keeping him/her on a low speed gear for them to feel comfortable, this also reduces risks in case of an accident.

You can also install a throttle stop which regulates the top speed your kid could reach. Throttle stops come in handy when you forget to set or tell your kid to maintain gear at a low speed or the transmission is an automatic system.

It is also important to make sure that your children wear quality full protective gears before riding their favorite 50cc dirt bikes. 

With such precautions, I can assure you that riding a 50cc dirt bike is a safe activity for any parent to undertake with their kids. 


Biking is an interesting outdoor activity that helps many parents bond with their kids, I therefor hope that this article has equipped you with the necessary information you need to make an informed decision while buying your son a dirt bike.

From the five 50cc dirt bikes that this article talks about, I recommend that you go for the SYX MOTO. It is equipped with all the safety measures that assure your kids’ safety.

It has an emergency kill switch which is important when an immediate stop to the bike is necessary. It also comes in a variety of colors. Its top speed of 24.9mph is relatively low therefore convenient for kids.

If your kid doesn’t have a SYX MOTO, I suggest you go to the nearest dirt bike dealer and get one for him/her right now! And be part of their happy childhood memories.

Why buy a regular dirt bike while you can afford a Syx Moto? Get a Syx Moto for your toddlers today! And watch them have fun, as a parent that is what you want for your kids.

Dirt Bike Dirt Bike For Kids Reviews

Best Kids Dirt Bike

Best Kids Dirt Bike Buyer’s Guide

It can be challenging to decide on the right gift for your growing child, especially now that we are all on holiday spirits. Well, we are not saying there are right and wrong gifts, but we all know there are some better than the others! 

Don’t we all yearn to give our loved ones a gift that will leave them loving you even more? What screams happy holidays louder than a perfect Kids Dirt Bike? I can’t think of anything else!

A kid’s dirt bike is one of those gifts which are better than others. If you think about it, it is not just a gift. It doubles up as a gift and as a hobby. 

A kid dirt bike will give your child a chance to find a new hobby for the new year. Biking would be a great way to bond with them, especially as they grow into their teenage, which as many parents will testify is one of the hardest years of parenting. 

So, all these bids the question, which is the best kid dirt bike? We have had that question times without number, and we finally decided to seek answers. Over a significant period of time, we have undertaken in-depth research to seek those answers. 

Lucky for you, we understand how difficult it can be to find the best bike in a market which has become a pool of similar items. Therefore, we have brought you a list of the best five kid dirt bikes we found to be worth your time!

Top Kids Dirt Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
SYX MOTO Kids dirt Bike4.8 out of 5 stars
X-Pro Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike4.7 out of 5 stars
Se7en 2wo 40CC 4-Stroke Gas Powered Scooter Mini Dirt Bike4.6 out of 5 stars
Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike4.5 out of 5 stars

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

For our final review, we will take a look at the dirt bike manufactured by Razor. Guess who just made our list a second time? It only goes to reaffirm the reliability of this renowned manufacturer. 

What does the Razor MX350 dirt bike bring to the table? The Razor dirt bike will blow your mind with all the fantastic features it presents. 

The Dirt Rocket MX350 is a scaled-down and silent dirt bike that will guarantee your child a noiseless ride. The bike is a sturdy battery-powered bike that will let any kid explore their riding fantasies. 

The electric motocross bike is suitable for off-road biking. Therefore, you will not be worried about rocks and tree roots on the track as the bike tires can withstand hard terrain. The tires are designed to have large knobs to grip the ground firmly and avoid accidents. 


  • Super quiet
  • No peddling needed
  • 3-month warranty


  • Very expensive
  • Battery-powered

SYX MOTO Kids dirt Bike


SYX MOTO is a genuine and reliable seller who is well respected and renown for producing quality motors. The seller does not allow any other sellers to have their bikes so as to ensure quality and warranty covered products only. Therefore. SYX MOTO is the only authorized seller. 

What does the SYX MOTO kid dirt bike bring to the table? Unlike other noisy lawnmower motors, SYX offers a 2-stroke, quiet engine. The engine is gas-powered. Therefore, you do not need to stress as you can pull up at any gas station and have your engine refilled. 

The kid bike is equipped with an improved speed limit of 30mph. The parent can set the speed for their child as per their comfort. However, the bike is faster than others of the same price. The design of the dirt bike is to die for as its unique and elegant. 


  • Warranty covered
  • Great customer service
  • Speed limiter


  • Requires frequency maintenance
  • Quality is not so good

X-Pro Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike

X-pro is a dirt bike that ticks all the right boxes when we talk of quality and functionality. It is not named Bolt for no good reason. The X-Pro bike does not bring shame to the name Bolt! So, what does X-Pro have to offer? 

The bike is one of a kind in terms of features. The dirt bike is powered by a 50cc engine, making it safe and fast. You do not need to worry about overheating as the 2-stroke engine is cooled by air. 

The kid dirt bike is available in blue, which is a colour most kids love. Therefore, your child can enjoy between 30-60 minutes of exploring their fantasies. The gas can last you longer than any batteries making it suitable for long riding hours. 


  • Anti-drop packaging
  • Speed limit and governor
  • Easy to use


  • Smaller than described
  • Front tire moves when breaks are applied

Se7en 2wo 40CC 4-Stroke Gas Powered Scooter Mini Dirt Bike

For our fourth review, we found ourselves knocking at the door Se7en 2wo manufacturers. Their company is popular, especially with manufacturing children’s bikes. After taking a look at the features, we perfectly understood why their kid bikes stood out. So, take a look! 

The Se7en 2wo kid dirt bike is powered by a 40CC engine, which is very powerful for a kid. The bike is powered by gas, meaning each time the gas runs out, you can pull up at any gas station and refill the 1.8 litres capacity tank.  

The bike is designed for off-road biking. Therefore, the dirt bike can withstand conditions such as hard terrain, tree roots, rocks and such without breaking down. The tires are closely knobbed together to create grip with the ground. You can never go wrong with a Se7en 2wo dirt bike!


  • Electric powered bike
  • Suitable for off-road riding 
  • Blue in colour


  • Difficult to put together
  • Expensive

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor has been focused on providing the best riding experience, laden with the latest tech from the time that the company was founded. Also, their dirt bikes are backed with the latest innovation and high-quality materials to suit the needs of the user. So, what does Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike bring to the table? 

The dirt bike comes with pneumatic tires for maximum power transfer. A powerful 650-watt electric motor also powers the bike. You are guaranteed a quiet, variable-speed electric dirt bike.

The batteries last for a long time and are rechargeable, therefore, making it suitable for long hours of riding and practice. The rear brakes are hand-operated allowing the kid to stop or break when they need to. 

The dirt bike is recommended for the ages of 16 and above, and it can carry weights to a limit of 220 pounds. The battery requires to be charged at least once a month and can sustain up to 8 hours of continuous use. 


  • Electric bike
  • Quiet
  • Powerful electric motor


  • Expensive
  • Smaller than described

As we had promised, we will make sure you leave with all the questions answered. Whether it’s about the engine, starter, type or transmission, we will make sure you are completely sorted. Trust us. We got you!

Whether you are a newbie looking to purchase the first bike or you are buying for the second, third or tenth time, then you should expect to be hit by a bunch of questions. There are several factors to consider before purchasing a kid dirt bike. Find some of these factors below. 

Age guide

With dirt bikes, there is something for everyone! Even as young as three-year kids are being introduced to dirt biking. However, if you intend on succeeding with your bike riding attempt, finding the right bike for your child’s age is crucial. 


A toddler is any child below three years. While it may come out as a safety hazard to let a kid such an age to ride a motorized bike, if the right safety features are enforced, it will be an excellent opportunity to implore the explorer in your child. 

A toddler dirt bike should come with a top speed of 2mph. Such a dirt bike will be a perfect starting point. The kid will have a chance to lay a good foundation with their motoring skills which will set them up for better and more powerful machines in future. 

You can find a variety of toddler-friendly bikes in the market. 

3 to 6 years old

At such an age, the child is beginning to take control of their feet. Therefore, a dirt bike with an electric start will be suitable. For the speed, a 3mph would be the topmost speed that is advisable. When the child is still at three, they may need some supporting wheels to ride around in, but they can be removed once they are strong enough to control the bike. 

At around six years, the child will have outgrown the bike. Therefore, you can get them one with a max speed of 10mph. The dirt bike should prep them for more powerful bikes at an older age. 

7 to 9-year-old

At such an age, the kid should have developed excellent biking skills. If it’s anything to go with, they can participate in long hours of riding since their muscles are also fully fletched. Therefore, at such an age, your child can own a 50cc bike. 

The dirt bike can be gas or electric powered. Either way, a mid-powerful dirt bike will suffice. Also, you can opt for a dirt bike with a kickstart. 


A kid who is more than ten years old is approaching teenage, meaning they are a fully fletched person with full control over their reflexes. Hereford, if they have been riding for years, they must be outstanding on the wheel. Such a kid can take up a bike with speed between a 50-70cc range. 

12 and above

From the age of 12, a dirt bike with speed between 70-125cc is ideal. The dirt bike can be gas or electric powered. Also, it should be a bike with a kickstart since they can handle it. 

At this age bracket, it is not uncommon to find kid dirt bikes with a speed of 200mph. Therefore, if your child can handle it, you should not shy away from such speed.


If you have looked through most kids’ dirt bikes, they are usually fitted with an automatic clutch. The transmission is to save your child the trauma of having to struggle to change gears. 

On the contrary, all they have to do is learn to balance and manoeuvre their new dirt bike. The child will have all the time to build their riding confidence. 

However, when thy grow a bit older, you can consider getting them a bike with manual transmission. By this time, they should have mastered proper riding skills so that they can have time to learn how to shift gears.

Engine type

Most kids’ dirt bikes are either two-stroke or four-stroke. Therefore, its essential you know everything about either type before making a purchase. 

4-stroke engine

A four-stroke engine transmits power for every two rotations of the crankshaft. Therefore, for a first-time rider, the 4-stroke engine is the way to go. Why is this suitable?

For your kid, the 4-stroke is an excellent option as they will not have to deal with the horrors of stop-starts when they are ridding. On the other hand, each time they up the throttle. They will be greeted with smooth acceleration. 

2-stroke engine

A 2-stroke engine generates power with each rotation of the bike’s crankshaft. Therefore, it delivers higher power depending on the weight ratio. 

These engines are suitable for kids that have already mastered their dirt bike skills. These engines have fewer moving parts, therefore resulting in a lighter bike. However, the bad news is they are tricky to control at lower speeds compared to 4-stroke engines. 

Therefore, you can start your child’s biking journey with a 4-stroke engine. Once they are ready, you can give them a 2-stroke bike.

Electric or kickstart

Electric starters are easy to operate, making them a popular choice for children. However, kickstarts kick in once you move to more powerful engines. Also, older versions of dirt bikes feature kickstarts instead of electric starters.

Everyone who has ever owned a bike, whether a kid dirt bike or one meant for adults knows that one of the most important features to look for in a motorcycle is a good dirt bike tire. For a bike tire to serve you well, you need to ensure you give it the right tires. So, what about staring there? 

Finding a suitable bike tire is not a walk in the park. It is almost an art. Therefore, if you have found a dirt tire that works great for you, best stick to it, so, for those who are still searching, stay with us, and you will leave here a happy person!

If you are a newbie or someone looking to replace a failed tire trial, you are at the right place. Also, if you are looking to try a different set of tires for your bike simply, then be glad that this guide is your first stop.

Let’s jump right in with the various bike riding styles that will enable you to determine the type of dirt bike tire you need. 


Great tires elicit some type of reaction from fans that builds the rider’s confidence. Therefore, why not get the best? Motocross events are those that take place on a closed closure dirt race track. The track will in most cases feature several jumps and other man-designed dexterity obstacles meant to test the skills of a rider. 

Motocross tracks are free of large rocks and tree roots which could cause accidents, as well as water crossing and off-road obstacles. 

Hybrid tires

The hybrid variety is quite a unique design of tires. These tires have a rounded crown and plenty of treads on the tires. The hybrid tires are great for a range of different trails despite the fact that the terrain one is riding on. 

Paddle tires

Are you planning on going on a ride in the sand dunes? Then paddle tires are great for sand and desert riding. What are the characteristics of these tires?

The paddle tires are designed in an aggressive manner so as to propel the rider forward past the heavy sand. They are designed with particularly large rubber scoops that are meant to give a great deal of traction when riding on the sands.

It is important to remember that these tires are not suited for other terrains other than sandy soils. Also, you should be ready to scoop some right amount of money to get paddle tires. 

Dual sport

Dual sport tracks are a mixture of a couple of different conditions including open roads, dirt and gravel roads. They are both off-road and street-legal riding bike tires. These bike tires have several features that make them suitable for street-legal equipment such as lights, speedometers, mirrors, horns and mufflers. 

Dual sport tires are however not the go-to tires for dirt racing. The best dual sport tires are durable and will, therefore, resist tearing and chunking. Some dual-sport tires are dot approved while others have reinforced knobs that resist tearing and abrasion from long hours of riding.

Off-road/trail riding

Off-road trails are the best for off-road riding, even though there are others that can be used for off-road trailing. Of-road riding includes anything from riding on the open desert to mountain paths and high-speed wide-open desert riding. Off-road trails include a whole host of natural obstacles such as tree trunks and roots as well as boulders. 

Since there are so many terrain possibilities to deal with, you need to ensure you pick tires that meet your specific needs.

Off-road tires are designed to provide a heavy-duty framework for durability. They are compatible with motocross tires for knobby layout. These tires are the most diverse riding displaying many terrain types and naturally occurring obstacles. 

Where can one buy your dirt bike? 

Kids dirt bikes can be bought from literally anywhere you can think about! You can find dirt bikes from review sites where they have already done all the research for you. You can also find them on many e-motors stores which offer the same products. These stores are rather popular as they allow you to order and purchase the dirt bike from the comfort of your home. 

Online e-motors also allow you to choose whether to have the dirt bike delivered to your home or to pick it up from their stores. These stores usually offer a wide variety of brands to choose from. They also offer incentives such as free shipments and free return policy to buyers. 

Finally, you can buy these bikes from local dirt bike dealers. The good thing with such places is that you get to try the dirt bike before purchasing it. Therefore, there is no chance of taking home the wrong item. 

Another thing is you will save the money you will otherwise use as shipment fee. Shipment fee can at times cost as much as the product itself. 

So, any last words?

Always ensure that your child is safe before putting them on a dirt bike. You should ensure the bike is comfortable and that your child is comfortable riding it.


As we had promised earlier, we have tried to ensure that you will leave here with comprehensive knowledge on the best kid dirt bike. We have faith that all your questions have been answered. So, do you feel ready to go out and explore? 

Before we let you go, we would like to thank you for staying with us on this journey which would not have been a success if you had not stayed. So, what better way to do so than to recommend the best dirt bike for kids? 

As we carried out our research, we came across many brands. However, none stood out like Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike! Why did we decide on the Razor MX650 Rocket bike? 

The features are amazing! For instance, the dirt bike is powered by a 650-watt engine. Also, it is an off-road dirt bike which can withstand tough terrain. What’s more, the bike can work for 12 hours continuously. 

So, what more are you looking for? Have you seen what you like? I bet! Get your kid the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike today!