How to Customize Your Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike Customization – Customize Your Own Dirt Bike Guide

Ask whichever child you come across and you will be told that one of their biggest dreams is to have a perfect dirt bike of their own. It is for sure that if your kids ever show an interest in dirt bikes or motocross, they will definitely wish to possess their own bikes. They will not be happy with just any ordinary bike. It will have to be unique as their taste, performance, and preference.

If you love your kids and wish that they can achieve everything that they desire, you can definitely help them fulfil their dreams by letting them have their own dirt bikes that meet their requirements. You can be the genie in their lives and grant them their wish. You may choose a reliable and nearby dirt bike showroom and choose a bike for your kid. You can also customize the bike as per the preferences of the child. This should not bring a frown on your face as these are easily possible.

If you can customize your kid’s bike properly and the way they want it to be, it will naturally instill a sense of pride in them. They will also be ever grateful to you. The first step to a proper customization is by choosing good quality dirt bike graphics from various online shopping websites. These will give the bike a unique look and style that will make it stand out from the crowd. This will automatically make your kids delighted.

Different Ways of Customizing

No matter what you do to your dirt bike, it will never be properly customized until you put on the right type of dirt bike graphics. These graphics will provide the best platform for you to get started with the customization of your dirt bike without much effort. Once the entire customization process is done, it will look just like any other professional dirt bike. This will also help you stay a couple of miles ahead of your competitors. This basically means that your customized dirt bike will appear better and more professional than others.

There is another benefit of having a highly customized dirt bike with you. Apart from attracting the attention of others, your dirt bike may also attract possible sponsors suggesting that you mean business. Here are some ideas to help you customize your bike the right way.

Upgrade the Suspension

When it comes to upgrading a dirt bike, one of the most common parts to upgrade is the suspension. In fact, there is nothing new about upgrading the suspension of a dirt bike. You will be surprised to know that it is also one of the costliest upgrades in dirt bikes. However, this should not discourage you in any way from achieving your goal.

Once you upgrade the suspension of your bike, it will automatically give you an edge over others in a competition. You will never regret this decision ever in life. It will not be a bad idea to reach for some professional guidance when it comes to upgrading the suspension of your dirt bike. This will also give you better results. Professionals by your side will help you a lot, since this type of bike upgrade will need proper guidance from an experienced and knowledgeable person. He will also be able to handle the entire process for you.

Upgrading the suspension will give you an awesome opportunity to improve your bike. Make sure not to let it slip from your hand if you really wish to win every competition. After getting the suspension properly installed, you will simply be amazed at the new ability of your bike to endure landings, traverse the rugged terrain, attack turns, and float through any whoop just like a rock slips across water.

Upgrade the Pipe

There is no need to go so far as to replace an old pipe with a new one when you can simply upgrade it. This will also give you a better performance. You will hear several experts say that upgrading the pipe on your dirt bike is a pretty noble step. It will help to boost the overall performance of the bike. However, before you even think of getting there, there are several factors you need to keep in mind while choosing the best suited pipe for your dirt bike.

If you fail to keep these factors in your mind, you may end up making a mess of the entire upgrade process. If your dirt bike has a two-stroke engine, you will have to choose a pipe based on the nature of your riding. For example, you will need a different pipe for the Supercross as opposed to the MX. This is because these are two separate rides and will require different types of pipes.

However, if you are searching for something more advanced or top-end pipe, then you are better off replacing the entire system of the bike. This is applicable for four-stroke bikes. Replacing the entire system will help to reduce the weight of the bike. A complete overhaul plays a crucial role in boosting the performance. This is because the burden of extra weight will get eliminated and thus, make the bike more efficient than ever before.

Install New Reeds

Reeds are used where four-stroke bikes utilize intake valves, while a two-stroke bike will apply reeds to stop air and fuel from flowing back into the carb, especially when the power stroke is being used. If you ever notice that your dirt bike is running slower than usual, take some time out from your busy schedule and check the reeds for any problems.

It does not matter the basic condition your bike is in. This more or less explains the reason behind considering an upgrade for your new dirt bike with the help of carbon fiber reeds. This will boost the performance of the bike. It is needless to say that new fiber reeds will simply work efficiently at the same time, it will provide more horsepower to your dirt bike along with an improved response each time you crank the throttle.

Upgrade the Gear

When the gear system of your dirt bike is upgraded, you need to expect a big change in the performance of your dirt bike. This is another costly upgrade that will require proper guidance from an experienced person. With such a person with you, upgrading the gear system will seem simple for you. Before you even think of starting the upgrade, you need to set some clear goals in your mind. You need to be quite clear as to what you wish to accomplish when it comes to upgrading the gear of the bike.

Some of the common goals may include boosting the speed of your bike to its optimum level or enhancing the acceleration. It will not hurt you if you make up your mind about what you need to look for before you decide to spend a small fortune on such an upgrade of your bike. It is needless to say that you need professional help to upgrade the gear.

Jet the Carbs

Although it may sound pretty simple to most of you, jetting the carbs is certainly not as simple as it may sound to you. To be clearer and more precise, this is a customization process that takes tons of patience and is not simple enough to get it right the first time. This is simply because jetting the carbs means adjusting the air or fuel mixture to prevent you from running too rich or lean. This is especially when you decide to race at a higher altitude for some time before you decide to ride at the sea level.

If this is what exactly happens, the electronic fuel injection inside the dirt bike will reduce the effectiveness of jetting the carbs. Before even this happens, it is a good idea to get yourself a suitable jet kit. This will help you run the proper mix to achieve the optimum conditions.

Small Things Matter the Most

All the upgrades for your dirt bike discussed above are quite effective and also rather involved. However, some of the upgrades may even compel you to shell out more money to make them possible. Thankfully, there are some simple methods that you can use when it comes to customizing your dirt bike. Although these processes are not that glamorous as most of you may expect them to be, these will surely have a great impact on the overall performance of your bike.

The seat grips, the foot pegs, and various other small things play a vital role in enhancing your comfort level and your ability to remain focused while racing on your dirt bike. It is needless to say that you need to remain as comfortable as possible while riding a dirt bike. This will assist in settling your mind while you concentrate on closing the gap between you and your competitors on the race track or even while taking a sharp turn just a few feet away.

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