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Best Dirt Bike Battery

Top Batteries for Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are particularly known for the convolutedness of their mechanical structures. There are so many bike models but most of them differ in structure and powering options. Not all bikes are ignited the same way.

The perfunctory industry has realized a significant rise in the development and operation of dirt bikes. Various efforts have been brought into the industry to improve the speeds at which two-wheelers can be ignited.

Essentially, many models have been built to operate without the battery feature. However, the need to ensure electrical components of the bike work in perfect condition has seen the inclusion of batteries in more recent designs.

They not only prove to be handy but also convenient to the general operation of a bike.

Bike lights need a constant supply of power to provide brightness and consistency in illumination. The battery will provide enough power to brighten the lights and ensure ignition is quicker and easier.

Nevertheless, you’ll need quality and powerful batteries to cater for safe ignition, and lasting power for the machine-driven components.

To help you in the search for lasting and quality batteries, we included some of the best battery types and the guides you ought to consider when making selections.

Mighty Max Battery -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Chrome Battery4.8 out of 5 stars
WEIZE4.7 out of 5 stars

Mighty Max Battery


Mighty Max is a 12 V battery. This storage is enough to hold a charge and power the bike for a day or a better part of the night.

Additionally, the model has a charge transmission rate of 3 Amperes per hour. This is not only sustainable enough to facilitate normal functionality of bike parts but also gradual to save power for future use.

The battery is made of nut and bolt terminals that are ready to use. You shouldn’t be concerned about destruction or non functionality of the battery because it has a 12 month warranty as well as a refundable policy.

With this option, you can return the battery to the manufacturer for an exchange, specifically during the stipulated time frame.

There are a number of reinforcements that were done on the overall structure to make the battery more resistant to vibrations. It’s shock resistant and will barely be scratched in the course of a severe impact.


  • There’s a thirty day money back guarantee with the purchase. Furthermore, there’s a one year warranty on the battery.
  • Mighty Max has a higher discharge rate than most batteries.
  • The battery can comfortably operate in a wide variety of temperature conditions.
  • It has a longer lifespan compared to ordinary batteries.
  • It’s rechargeable, shock resistant and impervious to impact.


  • The charge on the battery may not last for long.

Chrome Battery

Lead acid batteries are well known for their consistency and durability. Chrome battery is a lead acid device that’s constructed with tough bridge welding on the exterior. In addition, the parts of this device are heavy duty. The battery displays high performance even with consistent use.

Generally, you can trust that the batteries will work for a long time owing to the AGM technology that’s integrated into the design, to not only improve the lifespan but also make it more user-friendly for a variety of applications.

It’s easy to maintain because the construction is virtually impenetrable. No spills are heard of with the battery. It’s compatibility with multiple dirt bikes makes it the preferred model for your two-wheeler.


  • A series of tests were conducted before the model was made available for the market. The conclusions derived termed it safe for use.
  • There’s a digital display that makes it more user-friendly.
  • Lead acid batteries are known for durability. Besides, the AGM technology adopted in reinforcement makes it easy to maintain.
  • Apart from being a high performing model, Chrome battery is a reliable heavy duty accessory that won’t get damaged by impact.


  • Some riders found the battery to be defective. They claimed it did not hold charge for long.


Power and performance are the underlying factors behind high-end batteries that function with seamlessness. WEIZE is a rechargeable battery that’s sealed completely. Not even a trickle of charge could leak past the impenetrable structure.

One aspect that makes WEIZE a rare gem is it’s compatibility with different dirt bikes. The battery supports installation on Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki as well as Yamahas. Similarly, it’s rather easy to maintain and install.

The heavy duty structure is due to the impermeable AGM technology. The battery is delivered charged and ready to install. The holding capacity of the Chrome battery is 12 Volts.


  • The AGM reinforcement has made the battery easier to maintain.
  • When delivered, Chrome is 12V full. All you need to do is prep it for installation and you’re good to go.
  • It’s perfectly sealed on the exterior. No leaks or spills will occur.
  • Chrome can be recharged when it’s energy is depleted.
  • The battery is compatible with Honda bikes, Kawasaki designs, Suzuki and Yamahas.


  • There are riders who raised compatibility issues with the Honda Grom.

Factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect battery for your dirt bike

Without wasting much time, let’s take a look at various aspects of performance as well as influencing factors related to dirt bike batteries, and how to find the right one in these extensive markets.

Need for batteries

Basically, workability of a dirt bike battery is different from the functionality of major mechanical devices. How then, do these batteries work?

Dirt bikes are different from other elementary scooters because their engines aren’t powered by the batteries. The ignition systems of bikes are brought to life by the mechanical potency that’s generated within the engines.

Mechanical structures will create a scintillation by levering a miniature generator-like technique. The aftermath is an ignition that powers the whole thing. This way, dirt bikes can be roared to life with or without that the aid of a battery.

Necessarily, it isn’t a prerequisite that a battery is fully charged before getting the bike on the road. Nonetheless, batteries help significantly by giving bikes stable starts. For this to happen, the battery ought to be well charged.

The basic function of a battery is to store and discharge the stored energy. Depending on the battery’s capacity and whether it’s rechargeable, different battery types will be suited or preferred for use in different applications.

Dirt bike batteries have larger capacities to conveniently store energy and consequently charge the engine during motion.

The benefit of having a dirt bike battery is that the engine will be powered and started faster compared to scenarios where the bikes are solely engine powered. This is because of the accumulated energy that gets stored, awaiting discharge.

Manually kick-starting the bike’s engine takes more time compared to using a battery for ignition. This proves to be very helpful when racing or taking part in off-road competitions.

The increase in preference by riders toward battery powered dirt bikes has impacted a significant rise in production of the multi-functional designs.

Different battery types

A variety of battery types have been designed for dirt bikes. Essentially, the two most common ones are lithium based and lead acid batteries.

  • Lead acid

These are considerably cheaper alternatives compared to lithium batteries. Lead packs were conventionally preferred by riders because of how effectively they worked in colder weather conditions.

The most unique aspect of lead acid batteries is the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) construction that makes them easier to maintain and safer to use. They are generally reliable and charging them manually is not only easy but fast and convenient.

  • Lithium based

Modernization has witnessed the surge in preference and liking of riders to lithium batteries.

Even though it’s still not as popular as the lead acid types, any modern rider would pick a Lithic design because it’s lightweight, lasts for long and reserves energy in better ways compared to the lead designs.


A battery that is properly maintained lasts longer compared to the one that’s poorly cared for. Additionally, a battery that’s in good shape is more reliable.

On that note, it’s vital for a battery to be stored in the right way. Cold situations such as snowstorms aren’t good for batteries because the cold easily affects how power is stored and ultimately how they work.

It’s advisable that you keep the battery in a warm place such as the home garage or inside the house. This way, the lifespan and functionality of the battery will be improved.


For a battery to exhibit outstanding performance, constantly subject it to frequent use by keeping it charged. If you can’t find better time to use it as often as possible, find other ways to recharge.

In case the batteries aren’t working as they should be, consider purchasing replacements, even though surrogates tend to be expensive at times.

It’s easier to charge the battery. Just keep using it. When recharging the battery, know exactly what type you have and the charging options at hand. You might need special chargers for lithium batteries. Other designs can be powered by normal chargers.

Our selection for the best dirt bike battery is the Might Max. With a 12 V storage, the device powers the bike for as long as a day and fair part of the night. It has a higher discharge rate and can function in different temperature situations.

If you need a battery with a longer lifespan, consistent performance and a shock resistant construction, Mighty Max is the battery to consider.

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Best Dirt Bike Movies

Top Movies About Dirt Biking List

The 2019 movie, Bennet’s War, set a bar for motocross movies, and it would thus be a good idea to check out a few more top picks. If you haven’t tried dirt bike movies before or are new to the list that we’ll look at, then you could start by trying them.

Why watch a motocross movie? You could simply attend a live match and feed your eyes to their fill with reality and the beauty of the moment. However, movies, unlike reality, are planned. They take time of preparation with not only the aim of keeping you entertained but also informed.

With a movie, you have everything but a few inches or meters away from your eyes, and you can control what you see to suit your viewer preference. If a scene needs replaying, you can do it a hundred times and over, and this will also help get a better third-eye on everything that happens out there.

You will love the bikes featured in these films, and the moves or stunts that the actors make. An amazing plot will not stray from reality but will enable you to look at it clearly. You will find motocross movies that give you a view of changes in the sport over the years, while others expose you to what people around the world are doing.

There are many dirt bike movies out there that may grab your attention. Here, however, is a list of some of the best films you’ll come across out there. Why don’t we have a look at them and see if we can agree with what they offer?

Bennett’s War

Directed by Alex Ranarivel and released in 2019, Bennett’s War is a drama movie which tells the story of a young soldier. In combat, Marshall Bennet is injured and incapacitated by an IED explosion. He returns home to find his father, Cal, behind on mortgage payments and on the verge of losing the family farm.

Despite his injuries, Marshall takes up a motocross challenge, training to compete. The film goes through events which look into various issues in and outside motocross. Bennet’s War runs on well-staged scenes, which may get you emotionally hooked.

Michael Roark plays as Marshall Bennet, and Trace Adkins plays Cal, Bennett’s father. Other film stars include Allison Paige, Ali Afshar, and Brando Eaton.


Directed by Steve Boyum and released in 2005, Supercross tells the story of two motocross-racer brothers, K.C. and Trip. Trip gets injured, and is knocked out of the circuit, leaving him with an option to coach his brother, K.C..

Despite their different racetrack personalities, the brothers work together towards victory. You may find K.C. to be a hotshot daredevil and Trip, more methodical and focused. This film offers an enthusiastic and authentic look into motocross.

Steve Howey plays as K.C. and Mike Vogel as Trip. The cast also includes Channing Tatum, Sophia Bush, Cameron Richardson, Daryl Hannah, Robert Patrick, and more.


Directed by Steve Boyum and released in 2001, Motocrossed tells the story of a young racer who, together with his family, believes that he can win a big race. Unfortunately, Andrew Carson breaks his leg before he can compete, and his twin sister, Andrea, takes his place, pretending to be him.

While Motocrossed gives the sport a comedic approach, the message on how girls can have the same or better biking skills as boys is clear. Trevor O’Brien plays as Andrew Carson, and Alana Austin plays as his sister, Andrea.

Members of the cast include Riley Smith, Mary-Margaret Humes, Scott Terra.

Winners Take All

Directed by Fritz Kiersch and released in 1987, Winners Take All, tells the story of a pro motorcycle racer who returns to his hometown and along the way, has to race against his childhood best friend. This is a blend of motocross flick and a “hometown boy makes good.”

When Billy Robinson returns home, not everyone is so happy to have him around. There’s a mixed reaction about his success. Billy, nonetheless, enters a local race, in which he goes up against Rick, his childhood best friend.

Robert Krantz plays as Billy Robinson, and Don Michael Paul plays as Rick. Other cast members include Bird York, Gerardo, Tony Longo, Coirtney Gains, Peter DeLeuise, and more.

The World’s Fastest Indian

Directed by Roger Doladson and released in 2005, The World’s Fastest Indian is a motocross fan-favorite, which is centered around a one-of-a-kind, beautiful and rare, bike. It tells the story of Burt Monro, who dreams to break the world land speed record.

Burt works on and modifies a 1920 Indian motorcycle. He makes for Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, to try it out. Anthony Hopkins plays as Burt Monro. Other cast members include Walton Goggins, Bruce Greenwood, Dianne Ladd, Paul Rodrigez, and more.

While these are not the only motocross movies that you should expect to come across, you should have a good time for hours on the screen with them. There are a few more, nonetheless, that may offer more entertainment, should you need a little extra on top of the five. The honorable mentions are:

On Any Sunday, directed by Bruce Brown and released in 1971.  It stars Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, Bruce Brown, John Normal, Mert Lawwill, and more.

Motocross Kids, directed by Richard Gabai and released in 2004. It stars Josh Hutchersonm, Phyllis Diller, Gary Busey, Lorenzo Lamas, Rick Overton, and more.

Biker Boyz, directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood and released in 2003. It stars Kid Rock, Laurence Fishburne, Meagan Good, Lisa Bonet, Terrence Howard, and more.

If you like watching, then you could give a try to dirt bike movies. They are thrilling and a good way to learn more. We have discussed some of the best films out there, and you may find them all to be good. Bemnet’s War, however, stands out. Enjoy some amazing motorcycle action and among the best screen performances in this drama film directed by Alex Ranarivel.

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Best Dirt Bike Paddle Tires

Top Paddle Tires for Dirt Bikes Sand Riding

In their very essence, dirt bikes are designed to traverse even the murkiest of terrains. The combination of powerful engines, steady handlebars and sustainable tires makes them the best at getting anywhere they want, mindless of the dirt.

However, the desert proves to be far different from other kinds of terrain. Unlike hard and stony grounds that are bumpy all the way, deserts are softer and full of sand.

For any mechanical device to find its way through, it’s always critical that some improvisation is done on the moving parts, especially the tires, considering they are the only parts in contact with the ground, to enable the device move freely without getting stuck or slowed down.

Dirt bikes race wildly like coyotes. However, sandy deserts would require a completely different set of tires for the race to be as normal as in the woods. Paddle tires.

Paddle Tires are slightly larger compared to ordinary ones. Paddle-like protrusions have been elongated in specific places to improve their traction, giving them more control as they facilitate your rides.

Deserts are sticky with sand. You need to find reliable paddle tires that can dabble and glide through the sand like a dolphin in the Pacific. Without much ado, let me introduce you to the wading designs that will change your riding experiences for the better.

Sedona -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Maxxis4.8 out of 5 stars
CST4.7 out of 5 stars
Vee Rubber4.6 out of 5 stars


Sedona is one brand everyone’s looking out for, especially considering it’s hard to find a reliable manufacturer when choosing paddle tires for dirt bikes these days. Their fidelity makes them a brand to be trusted.

When you check the design of a paddle tire more closely, you’ll realize that it has a number of convexities on the upper surface. These have been included in the Sedona toddling tire, to improve traction on the sand surface.

Besides having excellent grips on them, these designs are lightweight. They are essentially made of nylon which is soft and lighter than rubber. Regardless, they are tough and can withstand the extreme temperatures of the desert for the duration they’ll be working.


  • Sedona tires are affordable.
  • They are made of lightweight nylon.
  • The inclusion of grips on the surface makes the tires better at traction and  gaining faster speed.
  • These are high quality tires that can bear persistent riding and extreme conditions.


  • Some purchasers still raise complaints pertaining the quality of the paddle designs.


In case you are looking for quality tires to rely on when spending your racing experience away in the desert, then look no further than Maxxis tires. You’ve probably have heard about the company and how the manufacturers take quality seriously.

The rim diameter of the Maxxis waddle tire is 19 inches. This is large enough to sustain the rider’s weight and still maneuver the ground surface like a snake slithering through grass. I primarily like this model because of the great design the tires have.

Installation of this tire is to be conducted on the rear part. Besides facilitating thrilling and safe riding through the desert, this tire is perfect for off road racing. Despite of the lightweight build, this model is pretty durable and tough.


  • The tire has a great design.
  • Maxxis tires are high quality models, built with precision to serve and last you a long time without wearing or tearing.
  • It’s alternatively suitable for off-road riding.


  • It’s quite hard to install the tire.
  • Sometimes these designs aren’t compatible with other bikes.


For a dirt bike to withstand constant abuse and torture from the elements of nature, including hailstones, heavy rain, stony ground, muddy places and desert sand, durability is of utmost importance.

If it’s not incorporated into the design of your tires, then the bike is as good as dead. Nothing beats CST tires when it comes to durability. Quality materials have been used to make the tires, so they won’t tear or wear with constant use. On the contrary, they last.

In addition to gliding comfortably in the desert terrain, these tires work perfectly in off-grid topographies. They are highlighted with tread designs on exterior surfaces to improve their hauls on surfaces.


  • The tires have unique tread designs that not only improve traction on the ground but also make the riding process comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Quality materials are used to make the tires. They are durable.
  • You can use the tires on off road races.


  • There are still doubts regarding the quality of tires.

Vee Rubber

Eight paddles have been attached to the outer surfaces of these tires. When riding through sand, the paddles do a great job holding on to the sand and keeping the tires rolling as fast as possible.

Apart from the comfort riders get with these tires, the paddling the models make is so powerful that you’ll stay ahead of the game in case you are out for a race.

The tires are made of unique and strong materials that guarantee users of a longer lifespan. They are lightweight but this does not prevent them from running through any kind of terrain undeterred.


  • Eight paddles are attached on to the tires to improve the traction of the designs in sandy terrain.
  • The large tires give riders comfort.
  • They are lightweight but heavily built to last and overcome varying conditions of nature.
  • The tires are powerful and can ride through sand speedily.


  • Some find the price of the tires to be too high.

Factors you should consider when choosing the best dirt bike paddle tires

We are well aware of the unpredictable challenges that befall riders, particularly in remote locations. 

When finding the right paddle tires for your dirt bike, keep in mind the amount of time you’ll be spending out in the wild and whether the dirt bike tires are in perfect condition to return you home safe and sound.

Sand in the desert may easily get stuck between the tires or mechanical parts of the bike. That’s why paddle tires come in to Wade through sand and keep the bike safe in the process. Here are some tips that you might find useful when preparing for the adventure.

Changing tires; the basic functionality of paddle tires

Before getting ready for the desert, it’s important that you remove the normal tire from it’s axle to install the knobby one that could do the job better.

In most cases, it’s usually the rear tires that are taken off and replaced by paddle ones. How, then, do these tires work?

Paddle tires work by releasing air. After air is let out, the tires are run between eight and twelve psi. The tires become flattened due to the decrease in pressure.

Traction between the ground and the tires increases. Consequently, the designs gain floatation and are able to glide through sand faster.

The use of safety flags

Getting lost in the desert isn’t something you’ll relish. At night, the temperatures get cold and the days aren’t any better. Without water, you may not survive past a few days.

To prevent any of these from happening, it’s better that you keep your distance when heading out. Don’t wander off too far.

Similarly, in case you get lost, you need to be found. I’d encourage you to always carry the red flag. You can attach the safety flag to the front of your bike. In case you get caught in a tight scenario , wave it for help.


This is the aspect that makes it possible for the tires to move on sand just like on normal ground. Better traction is achieved with more paddles protruding on the surface of the tires.

Primarily, you’ll need an average number of paddles to achieve better grip. Too many will render the tires useless. Preferably, find a design that has on average, six to eight paddles.


Just like in any other tire, durability is needed in paddle designs, to give it more strength to resist impact and other elements, such as friction that tend to wear the tire off.

Some designs are built with nylon. Nylon is moderately lightweight and hard. Most, however, are constructed with hard rubber that’s both strong and durable.


On most occasions, strong and powerful tires are the ones that last. They perform better than weaker designs. Likewise, most of the premium models are the ones that last. A good number of cheaper designs wear easily.

Nevertheless, you’ll still find a few affordable tires that can guarantee you a safe, thrilling and comfortable ride.

It’s wiser to invest in a premium model that lasts as this will serve you longer. However, some budgets call for the acquisition of cheaper alternatives. No need to worry, these are also available.

After sampling majority of dirt bike paddle tires, we landed on Vee Rubber as the most superior. The tires are designed with right paddles on the surface to improve traction on sand.

Additionally, Vee tires are extremely powerful and can warrant a safe ride without getting damaged or worn out. They were constructed with tough materials, hence their prolonged lifespan. In case you need a comfortable and safe ride, Vee Rubber is the design to go with.

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Best Womens Dirt Bike Jersey

When racing, you not only need to equipped with the best racing skills but also the right equipment. You are supposed to be fully equipped with the best protective gear so that you barely get injured in the event that an accident takes place.

The best dirt bike jersey will come in handy. It is a safety accessory that seems insignificant to may, but its helpful nature can only be seen within the tracks.

It not only complements your style but also seeks to give you protection from extreme heat and scratches.

The best models will work perfectly without exhibiting signs of wear or tear. There are a lot of jerseys in modern markets. Picking the best let alone coming across the best ones can prove to be an extreme sport.

You are expected to have an edge over other buyers and also sellers to find the right model. This can only be achieved through the conduction of adequate market research.

The process will save you a lot of hassles, as you will be aware of the market situations, and how different products fair in terms of pricing, quality, and design.

We made an effort in compiling some of the best jerseys today, together with a number of factors that may affect their acquisition.

Top Women’s Dirt Bike Jersey List

Fox Racing Women’s Jersey Black Pink -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
O’Neal Element Factor Women’s Jersey4.8 out of 5 stars
Fly Racing Women’s Motocross Jersey4.7 out of 5 stars
Answer 2019 5 Women’s Syncron Jersey4.6 out of 5 stars
Fox Racing Women’s Blackout Jersey L4.5 out of 5 stars

Fox Racing Women’s Jersey Black Pink

Fox Racing, a brand that has proven to be at the top of the game in every model it makes available to buyers. This particular jersey is perfect for off-road racing, as it has been designed to endure the tough conditions that may be involved.

The model has moisture-wicking capabilities. This keeps you comfortable throughout the riding session. You won’t be inconvenienced at any time. It has been designed using breathable material.


  • The jersey can wick off moisture. This keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Excellent graphics have been added to the designs of this model.
  • Polyester is a quality material.
  • It is lightweight and perfect for off-road racing.
  • The jersey is able to wick off moisture.


  • Some people have complained that the quality of the model is poor.
  • On hot days, the jersey may be uncomfortable due to heat retention.

O’Neal Element Factor Women’s Jersey

O’Neal, another brand that proves its proficiency in the manufacture and production of high-quality products over and over. As a buyer, you should definitely consider going for this, as it is unique in its own way.

It has an extended rear-like tail that keeps it well tucked. It won’t inconvenience you or even cause you the slightest inch of discomfort. It is indeed one of the most comfortable models around.

The additional padding on the elbow will minimize the effects of impact, as it will act as a protective feature. Stylish graphics have been included to ensure that the jersey complements your riding style.


  • It has been constructed using breathable material.
  • The padding on the elbow keeps you protected in the event of an accident.
  • It can wick off moisture and keep you cool.
  • Excellent graphical designs have been added to the jersey’s exterior.
  • It is lightweight and easy to clean.


  • Some people have raised claims that the model doesn’t fit perfectly.

Fly Racing Women’s Motocross Jersey

This particular jersey is being sold in five different colors. You get to choose the one you prefer the most. The model has also been reinforced with ventilation properties, thanks to the breathable nature of the materials used.

It is elastic, meaning that it has been designed using stretchable material. It is comfortable to put on and can fit a lot of people. The construction has been made to last, as it is durable in its entirety.


  • It has an extended rear tail which keeps the jersey well tucked. It won’t come off unnecessarily and cause distractions.
  • The model has been designed with stylish graphics.
  • It fits perfectly for a lot of people.
  • It is comfortable.
  • The materials used are durable.


  • Some people find them to be too small.

Answer 2019 5 Women’s Syncron Jersey

This is not only a quality model but also an affordable one. You won’t experience any difficulties during acquisition, as the jersey will cost you less. This will help you in saving up a good amount of cash.

The model has not only been tested but also approved by top racers worldwide. It has moisture-wicking abilities, meaning you won’t experience discomfort or inconvenience in the course of racing.


  • It is an affordable model.
  • It has been tried out by top racers worldwide and found to be in perfect condition for any kind of racing.
  • It wicks off moisture.
  • It has been constructed using breathable material.
  • Quality graphics have been included. The graphics barely fade.
  • It fits perfectly.


  • Some people find the quality of the model to be substandard.

Fox Racing Women’s Blackout Jersey L

This particular jersey has been designed using polyester as the main material. Polyester is well known for being a quality material. It hardly tears. You will enjoy using it for a long time, as it is durable.

Excellent use of graphics has been incorporated here. Manufacturers did a good job in designing the graphics, as they stand out from the rest. This not only complements your riding style but also intimidates other racers, giving you an early edge.

It fits perfectly and is also able to wick off moisture. Breathable material has been used in the making. You will enjoy using the model as it can easily be cleaned. It also dries quickly. Readying it for use won’t be much of a hassle.


  • Polyester is a quality material.
  • Excellent graphics have been designed.
  • The jerseys fit perfectly.
  • These models can wick off moisture.
  • They are breathable.
  • The jersey dries quickly and is comfortable.


  • Some people find them to be too large. They claim that they barely fit.

What you need to consider when choosing the best women’s dirt bike jersey

It is very important that you always equip yourself with the right gear before making your way to the track for racing, be it on road, or off-road. You need to be adequately prepared in both, not only in terms of skills but also with respect to safety and protective gear.

Jerseys are accessories that have been designed to keep the upper part of your body safe and well protected from scratches, extreme temperatures, hard impact and also abrasions.

However, not every model fulfills these purposes. Some are poor quality and aren’t able to handle impact or abrasions. You, therefore, need to consider checking out different Hersey’s before making any decisions with regard to acquisition.

There are so many models today. It is therefore extremely difficult to determine or pick the right one, as you have a lot of options before you. This calls for the aid of market research.

Before deciding to go for research, it is important that you first know your needs, your riding style, and the nature of riding you are accustomed to.

This will help you in determining the right model, as you will pick a jersey depending on functionality, durability, and also how good the model will be able to handle the type of racing you would wish to subject it to.

Market research

This is one of the broadest aspects when it comes to choosing the best models today. Basically, you are required to review the aspects and features of products with regard to functionality and performance.

You are expected to find the best jersey by the end of the research process. You, therefore, have to conduct the research process carefully, reviewing all aspects and factors, without leaving anything out.

There are two major ways of conducting market research, the first one is online research, and the other is window shopping. Window shopping would require you to go straight to shops and stores, in order to view the products in person.

When conducting research online, it is advisable that you first determine the authenticity of the site you are getting your information from, before progressing to get any information.

This is because there are so many websites today, which provide false information to buyers. Online stores have not been exempted either. Some manufacturers falsely advertise products in their stores.

You only realize that they are sub standard the moment you have purchased or acquired them.

The first step in online research is always simple, reviewing the products together with their specifications. This is one of the most important steps to engage in, as you get to familiarize yourself with the products.

You are able to know the materials that were used in the making, and additional aspects that enhance safety and durability. Additionally, you can also check the price ranges for products in this category.

Other aspects that can be considered in online research include checking out the product ratings and also the customer reviews provided. These aspects go hand in hand, as they indicate the level of customer satisfaction in the products.

Product rating is usually done out of five stars. The higher the rating, the better the product.

Customer reviews, on the other hand, are made in form of comments. The comments are the customers’ perspectives considering the performance of the model, functionality, and satisfaction from using the products over time.

A positive review indicates that the manufacturer has indeed worked excellently on the product, and you can rely on it. Negative feedback, however, has to be considered first, to determine whether they are from verified purchasers or not.

A comment from an unverified purchaser may be done in an attempt to taint the good name of the brand. That’s why you should consider the verification status of the review.

When it comes to window shopping, the procedures to follow are quite simple. You just need to make your way to the shops or local stores where the jerseys are being sold and try checking them out in person.

One thing I like about this type of research is the ability to interact in person with buyers, sellers and manufacturers. You can consult them, and even ask them any questions you may be having in mind.

Everyone here is important, as they may help you in one way or the other when it comes to purchases. You can also enjoy sale discounts as a result of acquiring a particular model.

The same continues when you become a loyal customer. The same also happens for online purchasers.

Additional information

Comfort is an aspect that everyone loves to experience, especially when engaging in the sport you love the most. The jersey you acquire should be comfortable and designed to suit all your needs without any hint of inconvenience.

Ventilation aspects should also be considered. A breathable material will minimize incidences of overheating and accumulation of sweat. You will be cool and comfortable throughout.

An elastic model is easily stretchable. It doesn’t give in to pressure. In the same way, a model that fits perfectly gives you a conducive racing environment.

An extended rear tail feature will keep the jersey well tucked in. The materials used to make the jersey also affect the racing process. Polyester has been a preferred component for a very long time, due to its unique durability aspects.


Before going for a particular product, it is always important to ask yourself, will I be able to acquire this model without straining in terms of finance? Will it affect my economical situation?

Well then, with respect to such questions, it is advisable that you begin your investment early enough, so that when the time for acquisition comes, you are well prepared to take acquisition, as you have already saved up enough for the model of your choice.

Similarly, you should not forget conducting thorough market research.

When it comes to picking the best product, I would advise you to go for the O’Neal Element Factor Women’s Jersey. This model has not only been designed to last but also built to keep you comfortable throughout the riding experience.

It is easy to clean, and it’s materials are high quality. There is a padding on the elbow, to protect you from injury which is common on that part of the arm. It wicks off moisture and has an extended rear to keep the model well tucked in.

Accessories Reviews

Best Womens Dirt Bike Helmet

Best Dirt Bike Helmets for Adult Women

When choosing the best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets, it is always important that you take into consideration a number of factors. Off-Road and on-road racing are usually met with unexpected or uncalled for crashes, meaning, the best protective gear is needed.

You have to choose the best helmet in terms of performance. The specifications of the helmet have to be outstanding. The protection of the rider has to be assured. In the event of a crash, the user has to be safe in all aspects.

When it comes to durability, the helmet has to be able to withstand all kinds of impact and give you maximum comfort in all weather conditions. It should last for a long time and fit perfectly on your head.

A stylish look is something most riders prefer. When it comes to dirt bike helmets for the ladies, the design of the helmet has to be stylish and sleek. 

In today’s article, we shall be reviewing some of the best dirt bike helmets for women. In addition, we shall look into the various factors and features influencing the choice of purchasers with regard to Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets.

Top Womens Dirt Bike Helmet

2018 Fox Racing Race Helmet Pink S -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Vega Helmets Lightweight Dirt Helmet4.8 out of 5 stars
Motocross Mountain Off-Road Goggles4.7 out of 5 stars
Storm Motocross Downhill Mountain HKY SCO9S4.6 out of 5 stars
Vega Helmets Advanced Motocross Graphic4.5 out of 5 stars

2018 Fox Racing Race Helmet Pink S

This womens dirt bike helmet is available in a variety of colors. You will choose the one that pleases you the most. In addition, it provides maximum comfort and is available in a wide range of sizes. You just have to pick the one that fits you perfectly.

There are ventilation systems that have been installed on this helmet. These ventilation systems are helpful in maximizing airflow and making it breathable for you as a rider. This ensures that your riding experience is comfortable, cool and easy.

It is also affordable. Furthermore, it serves as the perfect helmet for beginners. The injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS shell construction make the helmet durable and able to last for a long time.

Precision in terms of fitness has been improved by the three shells and four EPS sizes. The nine intake and four exhaust vents are improvisations in terms of the provision of optimum airflow.


  • The helmet is lightweight.
  • It gives the user maximum comfort.
  • The nine intake and 4 exhaust vents maximize airflow.
  • They are available in a variety of colors.


  • There are some complaints that the helmet is a bit tight.

Vega Helmets Lightweight Dirt Helmet

This helmet is lightweight in nature. This is because of the composite construction. It additionally has a great design. The design makes it stylish and gives the user a great feel and thrill in the course of the race.

They are available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. It is also easy for you to acquire them as they are sold at a cheaper price as compared to other Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets.

It has a multi-channel airflow system which aids in the breathability of the rider. The removable liner is washable. Its main purpose is enhancing protection and comfort when riding.

The D-Ring strap systems are padded and have a snap that makes it comfortable for users. It is also adjustable, an aspect that allows you to suit your needs. The detachable visor is an additional aspect.


  • It has been reinforced with thick high-density EPS.
  • The helmet is DOT certified, which means that it is safe for use.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty.
  • It is very much reliable and comfortable to use.


  • There are some complaints about the durability of this helmet.

Motocross Mountain Off-Road Goggles

You would definitely love this helmet because of the accessories it comes with. The helmet comes with a pair of gloves and goggles. Both gears offer additional protection and safety in the course of riding.

The helmet is also available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. You can also get the perfect fit by selecting or choosing the size that suits you perfectly.

This helmet is a preferred asset for most Dirt Bike racers because of the affordability aspect. It is cheap to acquire. You will be able to save so much by spending less on the acquisition and still getting the value for your money.

The Helmet supports both on-road and Off-Road racing. The materials used to make this helmet are high-quality. This makes the Helmet more durable and long-lasting.


  • The helmet comes son a wide range of colors for you to choose from.
  • It has a comfortable interior.
  • There are additional accessories, such as a pair of gloves and goggles.
  • It is able to support both on-road and Off-Road racing.
  • It is durable and is made of high-quality material.


  • Some users find it quite heavy.
  • The goggles are of poor quality.

Storm Motocross Downhill Mountain HKY SCO9S

The helmet can be found in a variety of colors. The material used to make it is high-quality. Durability is, therefore, an assured factor when purchasing this type of Women’s helmet.

The aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell is another property that improves the durability of the helmet. It gives the user protection and safety from all kinds of elements that may attempt to penetrate the surface.

It is also DOT certified. The interior of the helmet has been heavily cushioned to provide maximum comfort. The exterior had been painted with a glossy finish to enable it to reflect away sunlight and harmful UV rays.

The liner is removable and washable. You will be able to reuse it and easily clean it before embarking on the racing experience. 


  • The glossy finish on the exterior is able to protect the users from the harmful UV rays that emanate from sunlight.
  • It has a double aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell that makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • It is DOT certified.
  • The interior of this helmet is comfortable in every aspect.


  • Some users find the size of the helmet to be larger than expected. 

Vega Helmets Advanced Motocross Graphic

The Vega Helmets Advanced Motocross Graphic helmets are one of a kind. They come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. The color variation ranges up to approximately sixteen colors.

The materials used in making this helmet are high-quality. This means that the helmet is able to last for long as it is durable in nature. In addition, safety features have been reinforced to make the helmet a protective gear in every aspect.

The helmet has a warranty period. You can claim for defectiveness in the quality or nature of the product with regard to functionality or performance. The design of the helmet is stylish.

The removable liner is washable. It has been reinforced with thick high-density EPS, to maximize the protective capabilities. It is also a comfortable fit on the head. It can protect your head effectively as it is impenetrable.


  • The materials used in making the helmet are Lightweight.
  • It is a comfortable fit.
  • It has clear spaces for a clear eye view.
  • The materials used are high-quality.
  • It is a durable and long-lasting helmet.
  • It has a multi-channel airflow system to improve the breathing ability of the user.
  • The removable liner is able to enhance the safety and protection of the rider.


  • It is quite expensive to acquire.

What you need to consider when choosing the Best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet

Choosing the Best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet can prove to be a hard task, especially because preferences may differ. It is not easy to find the perfect fit for a lady, and at the same time, make her feel that the helmet is actually protective and with a stylish touch.

There are a number of factors that have to be considered. In addition, we also have to review particular characteristics or features of the best helmets that you may need to consider before making your choice on purchase.

The most common factors that have to be considered include durability, performance, safety or protection and the affordability aspect. In addition, you may also need to conduct market research and check on the warranty specifications of the helmet.


Protection can also be termed as safety. Off-road or even on-road racing may come with a number of disadvantages. There is always the possibility that as a rider, you may fall off or encounter a crash.

In the event of a crash, impacts may result. Such impacts may be fatal and likely to cause damage to your head, result in concussions or even internal bleeding. Furthermore, the brain internal organs of the head may be affected.

That is why it is always important that as a rider, you equip yourself with the best protective gear in the course of riding. The best helmet will come in handy and offer sufficient protection.

It is safe to purchase the best helmet. The best Women’s helmet comes with a number of specifications or additional features that tend to enhance safety and improve performance aspects of the helmet.

The best Women’s helmet in terms of protection may have several layers of cushioning. The best ones have three protective layers on the interior. These layers are able to absorb impacts and shock. The helmet will definitely keep you safe.

When it comes to safety, accidents come into play. Any accidents are likely to cause impacts that may result in severe harm. Crashes may affect a number of body parts. Protection of the head is an assurance when you have the best protective helmet.

Comfort is also an aspect that has to be considered, especially with regard to protection. The best Women’s Helmet will be able to keep you safe and comfortable. Your head will not feel tired or heavy because of insufficient cushioning.

In the event of a crash, a number of effects are likely to result from the same. The most common effects of impacts or crashes are concussions, head injuries, scratches or even internal bleeding. The best protective helmet is able to keep you safe from these.

There are also chances that flying debris may hurt or cause you harm in the process. It is important that you choose the best protective helmet that will keep you safe in such circumstances.

The best Women’s helmet has an impenetrable surface. This ensures that no material or element gets through and causes harm to you. Your riding experience is safe.

There are cheek pads that have been reinforced in the interior to make the helmet more protective of your head and cheek parts. In addition, the cheek pads are removable, meaning that you will be able to easily clean them and reuse them for safety.

In the event that you experience excessive sweating, the cheek pads are able to absorb the sweat and keep you totally dry and cool. You will be able to enjoy the riding experience with minimal discomfort.

The removable liners also enhance the protective nature of the Women’s helmet. They are easily washable, so you will clean them with ease and reuse them in the next ride.

The fact that the pads are easily removable makes it easier for them to be removed in emergency situations. They will also be cleaned easily in the process and returned to the interior of the helmet for protection in the forthcoming ride.

The helmet itself can also be easily removed in the vent of an accident. The chain strap is easy to attach and detach, so you won’t experience any difficulty in the process. This makes the emergency response situation a convenient process.

In a nutshell, the ability of the interior pads to be washable makes them easier to be used over and over. They are also replaceable, meaning that if they wear out, you will still be able to use another padding for reinforcement or protection.


Performance refers to the general functionality of the Helmet. It means that the rider will be able to use it without having to worry about any kind of problem with regard to malfunctioning or defectiveness for that matter.

The first aspect of performance is the lightweight nature of the helmet. Most of the riders love comfort, therefore, a lightweight helmet would be suitable for riding, especially where the races take long hours for completion.

A heavy helmet will result in a lot of discomfort, as the user will feel overwhelmed with such accessories. This may affect the concentration levels and prove to be a great disadvantage in the entire riding process.

Most of the helmets weigh around three to four pounds. This makes them comfortable on the head. It also ensures that as a rider you barely feel fatigued. It gives you a chance to focus on the race all the while.

The carbon-shell construction has been created to not only make the helmet durable but also improve aspects of performance. It also contributes to the lightweight property, as it provides the most comfortable weight for women.

The best Women’s Dirt Bike helmet is able to maximize comfortability by providing minimal disturbance in the course of the race. You won’t have to twist and turn or adjust each time to make it fit perfectly.

The pressure on the head is also minimized or reduced. A tight helmet will be uncomfortable. It will also provide more pressure on the head and affect your riding experience.

The Ventilation system is also another aspect in relation to performance. The best Women’s Dirt Bike helmet has been built with a double ventilation system, one at the back and another at the front.

Both ventilation systems are vital in facilitating maximum airflow. The ventilation systems also help in improving the breathability of the rider in the course of racing or riding.

The paddings on Women’s Helmets are removable. They are also replaceable, which means that you can change and place new functional pads in the event that the previous one has worn put or become torn due to accidents or constant crashes.

The long-lasting nature of the helmet is definitely an aspect that you should consider. The best Women’s Dirt Bike helmet is able to work for a long time and still maintain the relevance as the first time it was readied for use.

When choosing the best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet, it is important that you consider the size of your head and the helmet that fits perfectly. This will really aid in giving you convenience at its best.

There are all sizes available. You can always choose from the variety, there is the extra-large, the large, medium, and the small sizes. Every size had been catered for.

In any case that the size you ordered for does not fit you perfectly, by which I mean that the helmet may either be too small or too large, you may always contact the seller and opt for an exchange for the best fit.

In addition, it is not hard at all to find the best fit. This is because the majority of the helmet types come in a variety of sizes that you can choose from. Just by observation and testing, you will be able to find the best fit in no time.


The appeal is basically the nature of the helmet in terms of color, glossiness, characterization and stylish contexts. The most appealing Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet stands out from the rest and gives you the thrill in the race.

There are always a variety of colors to choose from. It is close to impossible that you will fail to find your favorite color. Most of the helmets come in variations of up to sixteen colors.

The glossy nature of the helmet is an aspect most of the riders would prefer. This kind of surface ensures that the head is protected from the harmful UV rays, as it is able to reflect away sunlight.

Words may be written or imprinted on the surface of the helmet. There are also chances for you to request for specific customization of words. You may additionally prefer the logo imprint on some helmets.

The visor has been modified in certain helmets to give it a cool and stylish design. Most of the visors in Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets have been designed to have a spiky look. This gives it great design and makes it a perfect fit for Off-Road racing.


When purchasing the Best Women’s Dirt Bike helmet, it is also important that you check on the price tag of the helmet and consider the financial capabilities and the pricing of the helmet with regard to the performance aspects.

Most of the helmets are sold at an average price, meaning that you won’t have to spend a lot of money acquiring them. However, in recent times, manufacturers have modified helmets such that they come with a ton of features.

It would cost you more to acquire such helmets. You may choose to invest wisely or also, to weigh the cons and pros against the features of the helmet and decide on the most suitable one with regard to your financial abilities.


We are able to see that acquiring the Best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets can prove to be a simple task, especially when you are prepared and well aware of the market situation and what to expect.

Conduction market research greatly helps in giving you the ability to know the best product for yourself. You can visit online stores, check product specifications and determine the features that suit the best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet.

In my recommendation, I would advise you to pick the Vega Helmets Lightweight Dirt Helmet. This helmet is not only lightweight but also affordable, meaning that acquiring it won’t cost you a lot of money.

The helmet is also DOT certified, meaning that it so authentic and it has been tested to prove so. It is a reliable protective gear as it is comfortable and provides safety at its best.

It has a five-year warranty and has been reinforced with a D- Ring strap system for comfort. The interior has been reinforced with thick high-density EPS. It is a high-quality product and has a detachable visor.

Dirt Bike Reviews

Best Electric Dirt Bike

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids and Adults

Are you a beginning or experienced electric dirt bike rider? Or maybe you finally want to gift your loved one with one of these thrilling electric dirt bikes. It is no lie that these bikes give its rider a mind-blowing experience which makes them feel as if they were in a therapy session. 

You might not be a good athlete or footballer like other people but riding dirt bikes could be your ideal sport or hobby. After all, we all know that no play for Jack, makes him a dull boy! Gas bikes have always been considered to be better than the electric ones unless you are an environment person. 

However, there are now new models of electric dirt bikes that have been developed.

Well, for any reason that you are here, you are surely in the right place to learn more about the best electric dirt bikes in the market right now. I have included each bike with its features, advantages, and disadvantages to make your search a little less hectic. 

Below are five electric dirt bikes that I would like you to go through as you try to find the most suitable one for you:

Top Electric Dirt Bike

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike4.8 out of 5 stars
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike4.7 out of 5 stars
Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross4.6 out of 5 stars
Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride On 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike4.5 out of 5 stars

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Are you looking for a powerful electric dirt bike? Then this Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike should be your ideal bike. Its 650-watt electric motor should do the trick. Apart from that, its remarkable speed can be maximized to 17mph to give you a thrilling experience and guess what? 

It also comes with a dual suspension and smooth riser handlebars to enhance comfort as you ride your bike. 

Are you worried about your weight? Well, this bike can support up to 220 pounds and still comes with pneumatic knobby tires to give you as much control as possible. It is also perfect if you are looking for a quiet dirt bike.

Are you still unsatisfied? It has a warranty of a total of ninety days and therefore gives you enough time to realize any faults it could be having for you to return it to its manufacturer. Order yours while stocks last! 


  • It comes with a warranty of ninety days
  • It has a powerful electric motor of 650 watts
  • It comes with pneumatic knobby tires to give the rider more power


  • Only recommended for those above 16 years
  • Failure to recharge the battery once a month can lead to the battery not accepting charge.

 MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike

Are you looking for an electric dirt bike fit for your child? You might just have gotten the appropriate dirt bike you need to take home to put that smile on their face. 

This MotoTec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike is recommended for kids above the age of thirteen and is perfect for playgrounds, backyard fun, the driveways around the estate, or even dirt track racing, just name it! If you ask me, this is surely a game changer!

That is not even the interesting part yet. It is powered by a remarkable 36V lithium battery of 1000 watts which is even more convenient due to its light weight that enhances its performance and therefore enables you to go for longer rides at the rate of nine miles per charge within the optimum conditions. 

Guess what? This bike can also support a maximum weight of 150 lbs. Make your online order today at the comfort of your home! 


  • Recommended for kids above 13 years of age
  • Its lithium battery of 36V is negligibly light to ensure high performance.
  • Its powerful motor is of 1000 watts


  • It can only support a total of 150 lbs. for adults.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Is a scaled-down electric motocross bike a priority on your list? Then this Razor MX500 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike should be the perfect one for you. So, what else can it offer? It has a powerful 500-watt electric motor and can go up to a maximum speed of 15 mph. 

It also ensures that you have maximum control of your ride as it has large pneumatic knobby tires and a retractable kickstand. You must be wondering if its comfortable enough considering the fact that it has been scaled down. 

Well, it has a dual suspension and riser handlebars to ensure you have a smooth and hence a comfortable ride every time.

Are you still having second thoughts? To top it all, it has a warranty of a total of ninety days to ensure that your dirt bike meets your expectations and gives you time to return the bike to its manufacturer in case of any faults. Get one for yourself today!


  • It comes with a warranty of ninety days
  • It has a dual suspension and riser handlebars for a smooth ride
  • It has an authentic dirt bike frame geometry


  • Not recommended for those below the age of 14

Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross

Are you looking for an electric motocross bike inspired by the historical motocross rider Jeremy McGrath? Well, this Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross Bike could be what you are looking for. 

It can go up to a maximum speed of 14 mph and can be ridden continuously for thirty minutes non-stop. It is also fitted with authentic McGrath Graphics and a MX-frame geometry. Is it comfortable? 

It sure is with its riser-style handlebars and retractable kickstand to ensure you have smooth rides. With its hand-operated rear brake you are definitely unstoppable! 

It also comes with an adjustable-angle and spoked wheels with pneumatic and knobby tires to give you maximum control of your heavenly ride. Are you worried about your weight? This bike can support a maximum weight of 140 pounds and is suitable for anyone above the age of thirteen. Buy one today!


  • Recommended for anyone above the age of thirteen
  • It is fitted with riser-style handlebars and spoked wheels with pneumatic and knobby tires
  • It was inspired by the historical rider, Jeremy McGrath himself


  • It is not suitable for anyone above 140 pounds
  • It can only last thirty minutes continuously

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride On 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Is a durable and long-lasting feature the top of your considerations? Then this Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride could have been made just for you. It has an all-steel frame with authentic dirt bike geometry to provide a solid ride.

What’s the catch here? This bike is powered by a rechargeable lead-acid battery system of 24V of 350-watt and can last for thirty minutes continuously. It also comes with some extra features such as soft rubber grips to enable easy acceleration, a hand-operated rear brake, shatter-resistant plastic fairings, double crown fork, and a retractable kickstand.

What about its safety and comfort? It is surely comfortable with its spoked 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires to soften any rough surfaces to achieve a smooth ride and folding metal foot pegs. It is also powered with a high torque, variable speed, chain-driven motor that enables a maximum speed of up to 14 mph. What are you waiting for? Buy yours while stocks last!


  • It is durable
  • It comes with a long-range battery
  • It is fitted with spoked 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires for a smooth ride


  • It can only support a maximum weight of 64 kgs

Dirt bikes are one amazing way to spend your time and day outdoors and off road. You will love them for their light weight and their ease in maneuverability. 

You will also love that some are quite easy to maintain while others are pretty easy to set up. There are different types of dirt bikes and you would choose from each type carefully, depending on what you’re more interested in or are really looking for.

If you want to have some added fun, then an electric dirt bike could be one way to do it. Regular dirt bikes will give you just the normal fun while riding them.

An electric dirt bike may go an extra mile, literally, to give you the excitement that you’re really looking for. You will enjoy its power and toughness, and you will love its ease in movement. 

Why don’t we look at the things that distinguish regular dirt bikes from the electric ones in more detail?

If you own a vehicle or have driven one, then you must have felt annoyed at some point by the smoke that some bikes emit while out on the roads.

Because they are run by gas, regular bikes emit smoke which is not only harmful to the environment but also to our bodies. But it’s not only the harm that puts us off with these bikes, is it?

Sometimes, it’s simply that nobody wants to get smoke blown their peaceful way every now and again. Electric dirt bikes, as you must have guessed, do not emit smoke. 

Isn’t this a plus to both the environment and us? Among the many things that are destroying the ozone layer are burning fuels. I personally feel that going electric is one way to care for the environment. 

But as I’ve said, sometimes you also have to think about your comfort and not just the environment and still, that will see regular dirt bikes written off.

Regular bikes are usually available in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine sizes. What is the difference between these two? Well, a 2-stroke dirt bike is more powerful than the 4-stroke.

It’s easier to maintain, but more complicated to ride and handle. It may require some expertise, just like most powerful bikes.

The 4-stroke, which is less powerful, is actually the most common among regular dirt bikes. This is because it’s pretty easy to ride and handle, meaning most people can use it.

Beginners love this bike because of its smooth maneuverability and despite its high cost, it gives you a value for your money.

What about electric dirt bikes? Well, since they are, as the name suggests, “electric”, they are powered by rechargeable batteries. You can, therefore, always top its power up when its down.

Something else that clearly distinguishes regular bikes from the electric is their cost. Clearly, electric bikes are more expensive. But why?

Think about the amount of time taken to upgrade the regular bikes so that they could be run by rechargeable batteries and yet deliver greater power.

It must have taken so much effort too. You would therefore expect them to be more expensive. Other reasons also support this price difference.

Because their parts are a rarity and sometimes due to the fragility of other parts, you will find electric dirt bikes to be quite difficult to repair and even upgrade.

Regular dirt bikes are easier to upgrade and repair and are thus cheaper. They are also common, so finding their parts is never really a problem.

As a beginner, you are going to face many difficulties, just as you would when learning anything else. Remember that practice makes perfect. But also, constant practice is better.

To be good in dirt biking, you will have to try a couple of times depending on how fast you pick up to learning. You may also want to go long distances on tracks and novices.

You will realize that using an electric dirt bike to do this training will cost you lesser on fuel costs as compared to using a regular dirt bike.

Yes, regular dirt bikes will require enough fuel, but for an electric dirt bike, all you will have to do is recharge it once the charge gets depleted.

This means that if you would like to practice your skills without incurring extra costs on fuel, you can consider getting yourself an electric dirt bike. 

Here is something important to think about. Noise. Are you living in a residential area? If so, then I would begin by advising you to consider getting an electric dirt bike. Here is why.

Motor bikes are usually noisy. We all know that. From their name, motor, you should expect them to give you some trouble in your neighborhood.

You should expect a dirt bike to be a little noisier than regular bikes though. And I have to be honest with you. If you have neighbors who don’t tolerate noise, then you should join me in finding a solution.

Of course, you don’t need noise-intolerant neighbors to consider getting a quieter bike. It can be in your priority list, as your cool style- doing things quietly.

Electric dirt bikes are the quiet ones. They produce minimal to no noise at all. Their operation is pretty easy and quiet and does not need to bother your neighbors or annoy you.

Should anyone get an electric dirt bike? Definitely. But if you are living in a residential area, then you really need one in place of a regular dirt bike and on top of our top five, you could have a look at the following too as they could give you more insight on these bikes:

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Well, talk about brands and this Razor Dirt Rocket Bike is the top of our list. Are you worried about its battery? You can sigh with relief as this bike comes with a 6V sealed lead battery system that will give you a fully satisfying experience.

 Not only is it the latest model in the market at the moment but its also fitted with an authentic faring design and McGrath Graphics designed by the historical motocross rider himself, Jeremy McGrath. That is surely remarkable or should i say mind-blowing as it is literally fitted with features that have been considered by an experienced rider.

Is your kid’s birthday approaching and you are still looking for the perfect gift? This electric dirt bike could come in handy. With its quality knobby pneumatic tires and the dual disc brakes, you are assured of your child’s safety and guess what? As if all that is not enough, this bike’s speed is no different from a gas bike with high torque. 

Razor 15128560 RSF650

Are you looking for a bike that will not only give you a smooth ride but also assured safety from its stability? Then this bike is what you should consider taking home. You must be wondering how that is possible. 

Well, it has large-sized tires of 12 inches. It is also powered by the 650-watt motor, which is with no doubt a high torque and has a 36V sealed acid lead rechargeable battery that has quick change compartments just for you.

What else does it offer? It has an adjustable angle-riser handlebar, retractable kickstand, soft rubber grips, foldable metal foot-pegs, double crown fork, shatter-resistant super easy plastic fairings, and a variable grip smooth twist throttle. Isn’t that literally breathtaking?

What more could you ask for? Not forgetting that it enables you to ride for 50 minutes without stopping at a rate of 27 km per hour. We all know how a hidden storage compartment always comes in handy and this bike’s designer fortunately got you covered on that end. 

Roketa Dirt Bike AGB-21

Scooping the third position on our list of dirt bikes is the Roketa Dirt Bike. With this bike, you don’t have to spend a fortune if you are looking for pocket-friendly prizes as it is the case with the Razor ones I have mentioned above.

Its not always about the prizes, so what does this bike bring to the table? It has a 70cc, air-cooled engine with a 4-stroke kick start and if you have experience with bikes then you know that this means that it gives you more control of your ride.

That’s not all, it also comes with a hand-operated front brake and a foot-operated rear brake with both drum and disc brakes. Some of you could be concerned that this is a new bike in the market, but you don’t have to worry. In case of any fault on this bike, you have a total of 30 days to return it to its manufacturer.

Electric Dirt Bike by MotoTec

Are you looking for an electric dirt bike that is suitable for your little one? Well, this new model from MotoTec should make it to the top of your considerations in your list. Not only does it consider your pocket as it is very cheap, but its make is also stylish and appropriate for the playground, backyard fun, and even the driveway around your estate.

It also comes with a powerful 24V battery and has a selectable speed of up to 10mph that’s suitable for your child on a dirt road. As if all that is not enough, it comes with a variable twist-grip throttle and a padded seat to enhance more comfort on his or her adventurous rides.

Also keep in mind that it is also fitted with standard designed rear and front brakes and suspension and large pneumatic knobby tires to ensure a smooth ride while still ensuring stability. 

Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike

Are you looking for a powerful bike with maximum speed? Then this Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike should be your ideal bike! Not only does it have a rechargeable 8000-watt battery which is obviously one of the most powerful bikes to ever been created but it can also go up to a maximum of 34mph with a high torque and guess what? 

If you fully charge your battery, you can go for a continuous one-hour ride! Isn’t that amazing?

Are you worried about its quality? Well, there is no need for that as this one got you covered as it is built with the unparalleled quality materials that will ensure your safety at all times as you use this dirt bike.

Apart from its unique design, this bike is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes and the long-travel suspension and as if all that isn’t much, it has a high-quality rugged 79-lbs and a power-coated strong steel tube frame to manage up to 220-lbs.

Bottom Line

Thank you for being with me throughout the article. I have taken you through the best five dirt bikes that I feel are the best out there, including their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. 

I have also taken you through some of the things that you should know about electric dirt bikes, and a few more options out there. You could be feeling more confused than before on the type of bike you should settle for. I understand.

To have an easier time choosing the best of these bikes, have your priorities right as there are many things to consider and each bike was built to suit the rider’s needs. My top pick for you is the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike.

It has dual suspension and riser handlebars to enable you have that smooth ride you have been fantasizing about while still keeping your comfort in check. 

This bike also comes with a warranty of ninety days and come on, who would say no to that? Its pneumatic knobby tires give you maximum control of your ride. It can also speed up to 17 mph and has an authentic dirt bike geometry. 

This bike provides the necessary features you could need for your dirt  bike and you should therefore consider purchasing it and furthermore, this can be done online at the comfort of your home!

Accessories Reviews

Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids

Best Dirt Bike Protective Gear for Kids

Don’t we all just like biking! Be it the holiday season or off the holiday season, biking comes in as a part of our day to day activities. Biking is an everyday activity, especially among children. And with biking, come safety precautions.

Safety precautions when it comes to biking may seem trivial, but they are essential, especially to your kid when he or she goes out for a ride. They range from head safety where we have the helmet to chest protection, knee and elbow protection, and lastly, feet protection.

Today, we will focus on the feet protection, otherwise known as the biking boots. These are special boots used to protect your ankle when you are riding at speed, and your foot gets caught between the foot peg and the ground.

In addition to that, they act as a protective gear to prevent your calf from touching hot engine parts and getting burned. They also help to protect your shins from impact in case of a crash. These items have proven to be very helpful to our kids’ safety. 

Choosing the best boots can be quite cumbersome. However, I am here today to walk you through the best boots available in the market and help you make the best choice. 

Top Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids

2020 Fox Racing Kids Comp Boots -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Alpinestars Youth Tech 3S Kids Boots4.8 out of 5 stars
O’Neal Boys New Logo Rider Boot4.7 out of 5 stars
A.R.C Corona Youth Motocross Boots4.6 out of 5 stars
Alpinestars Tech 7S Youth Off-road Motocross Boot4.5 out of 5 stars

 2020 Fox Racing Kids Comp Boots

If you are looking for a Dirt Bike Boots for Kids that gives the best quality for its price, this is the best product for you. The boots come with unique features that I will discuss with you shortly. First, is the updated design with the new rubber outsole. 

The latest design ensures it lasts for long as it can sustain extreme weather condition. Second is the material. The product features the medial leather, and this facilitates a better grip for the boots onto the bike. 

The product features a short height that ensures a better fit for the customer. In addition to offering a better grip, it ensures more comfort and flexibility of the product. These features ensure that the product is satisfactory for use.

The product also features buckles. They ensure that the boots fit comfortably as they are adjustable. For your convenience, the product is reinforced with a TPR shin plate.  

Lastly, the item has a removable insole. This feature will ensure that the cleaning of the product is more comfortable and quite thorough. The customer review was quite massive on this product. Some said that the product is not heavy, thus suitable for kids while others said that the product keeps you warm.  


  • It is quite lightweight.  
  • It is easy to clean. 
  • The product is quite durable. 


  • Ensure you check the price before purchase. 

 Alpinestars Youth Tech 3S Kids Boots

This fantastic product comes from the best brand there can be for biker boots. No wonder it has incredible features such as the flexible and abrasion-resistant material used to make the product, which only means that the product is quite lightweight and comfortable for your kid to use.

The product also features a light microfiber not only at the front but also on the rear bellows of the product, and this ensures added comfort in the flex areas for you. In addition, the product is water-resistant. The extended PU synthetic gaiter ensures this.

It seals water and dirt out and ensures it does not reach your feet. The product also has a contoured TPU calf guard that helps shield your foot from impact. It is a safety measure. The product features a hook-and-loop upper boot closure. 

This will ensure that the boot has sufficient support to stay in place when cycling. In addition to the support, the product is designed with a technical texture that will ensure a firm grip.

The product also has soft foam that surrounds the ankle and boot collar. This will ensure comfort and shock-absorbing performance. In addition to that is a textile lining that provides adequate support for you.


  • It is of excellent quality.
  • It is quite lightweight. 
  • It is water-resistant. 


  • Complaints surfaced about discomfort. 
  • Ensure you check the price before purchase. 

O’Neal Boys New Logo Rider Boot

This fantastic product comes from a well-known brand that is praised for quality, utmost comfort, and protection. It comes with amazing features such as molded plastic plates that protect your feet against impact and thus ensuring their safety when riding.

The product also features a metal shank insert reinforcement. This will ensure the shape of the boots add support to you. The product also has an adjustable four buckle closure system. This provides several things. First, it makes it easy to operate.  

You can quickly put on the shoe and adjust it to your comfort. It also has a mesh interior, heel support, and a cushioned insole. All these are featured to ensure maximum support and comfort to you. The product’s construction includes synthetic leather. This feature prevents any form of heat damage.

Customer feedback was quite massive on this product. Some mentioned that it is the perfect riding accessory; others said that the fit was quite excellent, while others said that the value was worth the cost. However, some complaints surfaced about the buckles being very rigid.  


  • It has a four adjustable buckle system.
  • It is quite comfortable. 
  • It is easy to operate. 


  • Complaints surfaced about the buckles being too rigid. 
  • You might want to check the price before purchase.

A.R.C Corona Youth Motocross Boots

This is yet another product that you should take into consideration when trying to choose the best dirt bike boots. It has several amazing features that I will discuss with you shortly. First, the product features exotic materials used to make it that ensure durability.

Durability is enhanced by the microfiber construction. This feature also provides protection to the foot from any harm that could be caused by exterior factors. It is also constructed with a sturdy molded sole. This will ensure an excellent grip on the bike.

The product also has a steel shank. This will provide adequate support to the feet. Still, on support, the product has fully adjustable positive-lock buckles. They ensure maximum comfort and support, and they are quite easy to use. In addition to that, they are replaceable.

The product is also fitted with an elastic gaiter. This feature helps to keep dirt and debris out. This feature also ensures that the product is quite easy to clean. The reinforced inner padded ankle ensures maximum comfort and durability.

Customers were quite satisfied with the product as most said the product is quite fantastic and efficient.


  • The product has an adjustable buckle.
  • It is quite durable.
  • It provides maximum support. 


  • It has no warranty.
  • Ensure you check the price before purchase.

Alpinestars Tech 7S Youth Off-road Motocross Boot

This fantastic product comes with many amazing features that I will discuss with you shortly. First off is the unique design it comes in. This design makes it suitable for use by junior riders. Second, the materials used to make the product are of high quality.  

They ensure that the product is flexible, water-resistant, and stays light. These features also ensure that the product is durable and efficiently in use over a long time. It has an excellent flexion that is provided by a low profile medial and lateral pivot system.

This ensures that the product is comfortable when in use and provides maximum support to you as you use it. The product features a 1-piece injected dual compound foot shell with a co-injected hard toe protector. This ensures maximum protection against any obstacles from outside.

Customers had a lot to say about this product, and that ranged from good to skeptical comments. Some said that the product is incredible; it is quite comfortable and durable. Others said that the product is the best value for its cost. It was also said to be quite compact. However, some complained about the product being quite costly. 


  • The product is quite comfortable. 
  • It is made with the latest design.
  • It provides adequate protection.


  • Ensure you check the price before purchase.

Choosing the normal Boots for professional adult Dirt Bike Racing may sometimes require you to keenly evaluate the various factors affecting the performance in the course of racing.

The same applies to Kids’ Boots. You have to choose the ones whose performance is assured. This means that no matter the terrain or outdoor situation, the Bike will be able to work perfectly.

The most essential factor that comes into consideration with regard to this matter is the cost. Acquiring the Boots has to be a less costly venture for you. The Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids will be sold at a pocket-friendly price.

Protection is also important. The Boots have to keep the legs of the child in good condition. In case of a crash or an accident, the Boots will be able to protect the child against harmful elements such as debris, twigs, and stones.

The lightweight nature of the Boots is something that you should definitely consider. Heavy Boots tend to make the riding experience of the child difficult. The lightweight will allow him or her to ride with ease.

Comfortability is another aspect. The child has to feel comfortable in the Boots, such that shifting gears and riding becomes an easy process to learn and to handle for the rest of the riding experience.

Additional protection comes when the Boots are reinforced with additional features. Such accessories come in handy in the event that a crash or an accident occurs. They are able to act as shock absorbers by absorbing the resulting impact.

Safety gear is definitely something that you should consider for your child before he or she embarks on Dirt Bike racing. You have to complement the Boots with relevant safety gear.

This type of safety gear may include gloves, goggles, helmets, knee caps, and even suits. All these riding gear will be able to enhance the safety of the rider when used in appropriateness with the Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids.

Modern technology has been able to create significant changes in the safety and protection of riders. When it comes to Dirt Bike racing, it is important that you look for the Boots whose make has been technologically advanced to make it safe for use and protection.

The Boots have to last the child for a long time. They have to support the riding activities for as long as the Kid will be riding. This will be for approximately one to one and a half years before the child matures and starts handling larger Dirt Bikes.

The performance of the Dirt Bike Boots is another property. This is basically the functionality aspect. The Boots have to fulfill the sole purpose for which they were bought, safety, protection, and exemplary outdoor riding.


When choosing the Best Dirt Bike Boots for kids, it is important that you pick the best fit. This means that you will have to know the right size of the child’s foot before choosing the right pair of Boots.

You have to check and ensure that you do not pick the extra-large category. In addition, you have to avoid picking tight or smaller sizes. You have to choose the ones that are slightly larger, meaning that the child will easily wear them and have breathing space.

Carrying out measurements, as we have seen, will be able to give you the correct size of the child’s shoe size. Just like the selection of normal shoes, choosing of Dirt Bike Boots requires you to know the correct sizes before making a pick.

The perfect Boot size will give the rider ultimate comfort in the course of the Dirt Bike racing. This will give him or her confidence and the ability to handle all kinds of unpredictable Off-Road racing activities.


This aspect is also known as affordability. It is a very broad aspect and may be categorized into two: the cost-effectiveness part and the durability, quality and performance part.

Cost-effectiveness refers to the ability of the product to fulfill all the expectations of the buyer. The best Dirt Bike Boots will be cost-effective in such a way that you will get value for your money.

This means that the price you pay for acquiring the Dirt Bike Boots will match the performance attributes and quality of the Boots you purchased. You will not waste a single penny as you will get the best products in the market.

When working under tight budgets, it is possible that you may be forced to purchase cheaper Boots. This should necessarily not be the case. You can still be working under fixed budgets but still manage to evaluate and handpick the best Boots in the market.

The tight budgets may be managed by weighing the pros and cons of acquiring the Boots. First, you may have to check the general prices that the Boots range in. Secondly, you may consider the performance aspects, quality, and durability.

Thereafter, you may choose to retain a number of Boots whose prices are not only affordable but also the qualities are assured and they are durable in nature. This means that they will last for a long time and still perform the same as on the first date.

When it comes to Boots for Kids, it is a general advisory opinion that you actually about the cheapest ones in the market. Most of the cheap products have a gat defectiveness in quality and durability.

You may, therefore, choose to invest wisely by purchasing the Best ones in terms of quality, durability, and performance. You will not only be making the riding experience of your child comfortable but also safe in every aspect.

The best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids are comfortable. This helps the kids especially when they have already mastered the skill of shifting gears. They will be able to shift gears with much ease when they have comfortable Boots for protection.

Still, on cost, you may choose to invest wisely by purchasing the Dirt Bike Boots with a number of premium features. Additional features that have been reinforced on the Boots will ensure that the rider is safe at all times.

This will definitely cost you a lot more as compared to Boots that have fewer features for durability and protection. There have been a number of records showing that Dirt Bike Boots that are sold at a cheaper price has poor quality material.

It has been discovered the most of the material used in their making is stiff leather. Stiff leather had a number of disadvantages, ranging from poor quality material, as the leather wears out and makes the Boots less protective.

When it comes to choosing the Boots with the best material, it is important that you look for tough leather that has a great design. Such design may include the integration of a completely new or ultra-modern look that will definitely keep eyes moving.


Durability is an aspect that determines the nature of the quality of the Boots. The best Boots are definitely high-quality in the making. They will be able to work and last for a long time.

The best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids are able to withstand different kinds of impact in the course of racing. Off-Road racing may sometimes be met with uncalled for accidents or crashes.

These crashes may cause major impacts. The Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids in terms of durability will be able to protect the legs of the kid and keep him or her safe in the entire process.

The ability of the Dirt Bike Boots to last for long is another aspect of durability. The best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids will be able to perform their functions with ease and ensure that the Diet Bike racing continues for as long as the child is intrigued by the sport.

The average durability time-lengths are usually approximately between one and one and a half years. The best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids will definitely protect the child for this long before wearing out.

There have been a number of reinforcements that have been done on Dirt Bike Boots for Kids. The most significant one is the addition of plastic as a protective feature on the exterior of the Dirt Bike. This keeps the rider safe by minimizing the effects of impacts.

In a nutshell, the Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids will be able to protect the Kid from a number of outdoor aspects, such as dirt, muddy water, debris, stones, and even hail. In the event of a crash, the legs will be safe and in good condition throughout.

Conduction of market research

It is possible for you to conduct market research by visiting online stores. There are a number of trusted brands in online shops that sell products at an affordable price as compared to most virtual convenient stores.

When conducting market research,  there are a number of things you may have to consider. The first one is the determination of the features or specifications of the Dirt Bike Boots for Kids.

You will be able to check on these features and know what to look out for or what to expect when choosing the best products. In addition, you may also carry out online window shopping to know the product specifications and general price tags.

The other alternative of conducting market research is by visiting convenient stores that sell Dirt Bike Boots for Kids. In such stores, you will be able to come across sellers who may advise you accordingly on the best boots for your Kids.

Getting customer Reviews is important too. Consulting verified buyers will give you more insight.


Dirt bike boots are essential items when it comes to safety when riding. Choosing the best dirt bike boots can prove to be quite a challenge. However, I have simplified that for you. We have walked through the top five best products available in the market, and we have a better perspective.

All the products are quite useful. I would, however, like to recommend the 2020 Fox Racing Kids Comp Boots. First, is the updated design with the new rubber outsole.

The latest design ensures it lasts for long as it can sustain extreme weather condition. Second is the material. The product features the medial leather, and this facilitates a better grip for the boots on to the bike. 

The product features a short height that ensures a better fit for the customer. In addition to the grip, it ensures more comfort and flexibility of the product. These features ensure that the product is satisfactory for use.

The product also features buckles. They ensure that the boots fit comfortably as they are adjustable. For the facilitation of your convenience still, the product is reinforced with a TPR shin plate.  

Lastly, the item has a removable insole. This feature will ensure that the cleaning of the product is more comfortable and quite thorough. I would, therefore, highly recommend this product. Get it today while stocks last. Happy shopping!

Dirt Bike Reviews

Best Apollo Dirt Bike

Apollo Dirt Bike For Beginners

Do you enjoy biking? If it’s your pastime activity, then you probably enjoy doing it in areas with less traffic and people or activity. 

If you are more into it, then you are probably a professional biker and participate in biking competitions. Biking is a generally interesting and fun activity. 

How much do you know about biking? You would agree that just because you like doing something doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll know lots of stuff about it, right?

Well, the same can be said about biking. You perhaps don’t know much about bikes. But guess what, nobody expects you to.

If you are, however, reading this article, then you are here for a reason. Do you know of any Apollo bikes?

Dirt bikes are amazing bikes to ride because they are perfectly suited for the off roads. 

If you have been thinking of going for a freestyle ride, then you are probably considering going on one with a dirt bike. You will sure enjoy.

But there are so many dirt bikes out there and they are all confusing. Apollo dirt bikes are, however, far from confusing. They are the ideal dirt bikes to go for.

Why? If you don’t intend to spend too much on a dirt bike but would still love to have an amazing time, then these are the bikes to go for.

Apollo dirt bikes will optimally serve you in performance as they are powerful and durable. They will also impress you with their fair price. 

While you may not get everything from a single Apollo dirt bike, you will be happy to ride one.

Out there are so many options of these bikes. You may face a challenge settling on a particular Apollo dirt bike as your ideal bike.

In this article, I’m going to take you through some of the best of these bikes available out there. Why don’t we start by looking at the best five?

Top Apollo Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18


Are you looking for an Apollo dirt bike that will not disappoint? Then you should perhaps be aware of the Apollo DB-X18 in the line of Apollo bikes, which is a worthy check. What does this bike have that is unique to the others?

Well, first, it’s built with a 4-stroke, single cylinder engine and despite the fact that this bike may be small in size, it complements this substantially in performance and hence, its power. 

Of course, you have heard severally the praises going around about how the Apollo dirt bikes are a one of a kind, thanks to their great power. 

This is the bike to go for if you’re looking to have an amazing time in the off roads. Their maximum speed which is at 55mph makes it easy to manoeuvre and handle the Apollo bike.

While this speed may change depending on the road condition and weight of the rider, you will love its front and rear suspensions, both of which are non-adjustable at 750mm and 320mm each.


  • Good frame design
  • Good seat height
  • Excellent manoeuvrability 


  • You may not like the carburettor quality
  • Be sure to check the small fork bolts

Apollo DB-007


You have probably heard of th3 Apollo DB-007. Yes. It has been praised for among many things, its great power and amazing suspension. You will love riding this bike. Why don’t we have a look at its features then?

While it may not strike you as that different from the Apollo DB-X18, you will realize that a few things about this bike quite set it out from the former.

But first, it comes with a similar 4-stroke and single cylinder engine. It’s displacement is 125cc as the general name would hold, and it is air-cooled.

This bike’s maximum speed is recorded at 55 mph and this not only makes it excellent for freestyle and off-road rides, but also makes it ideal for terrains that regular bikes wouldn’t handle. 

The manoeuvrability with this Apollo as you will come to see, is just what you’re looking for.

Weather condition and a rider’s weight may, nonetheless, affect the speed at which you can ride this bike.

It is beastly at 10KW and has a 4-speed manual clutch transmission. Its suspensions, rear at 760mm and front at 320mm are non-adjustable.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Good quality
  • Good handling


  • You may want to check the carburettor quality

RFZ- Open Apollo


Have you been having punctures on a regular or simply wish to avoid such problems in the future? This 125cc Apollo dirt bike could be the solution to your problem. 

With its wheel gripster at the rear it ensures that the valve does not wear and tear easily and covers the inner tube keeping your long rides as smooth as possible.

Is comfort among your considerations? Well, you can keep calm as this bike got you covered on that as it is thinner, and its saddle is also longer than other bikes currently in the market just for your comfort. 

To top it all, its tank capacity of 4.7 L makes it perfect for that dirt race competition as well as those long habitual the rapitic rides.

Let’s not forget about its powerful engine of 125cc which not only gives you more assurance of getting back home safe but also without experiencing any malfunctions.

Therefore, if you have hit the age of 16, you definitely should get one of these amazing rides!


  • It has a large tank of 4.7 L
  • Its engine of 125cc is very powerful
  • It is fitted with a wheel gripster


  • Not recommended for those below the age of 16

RXF – Freeride


If you are looking for extra features as you purchase your bike, then this RFX – Freeride could just be perfect for you. 

Let’s start with the fact that it comes with a wider, longer, and sturdier new chain slider and wheel. The slider ensures better arm protection and gives you a better guide compared to other dirt bikes.

Its front and rear mudguards keeps your stability in check by imposing minimum weight due to its creative design and if you hate getting your bike dirty from the mud, then there is no need to worry since the new rigid bib will protect your damper from collecting dirt.

What more could it offer? The designer of this bike didn’t forget that comfort is key as it has fatbar handlebar that has a new curve to serve that purpose and furthermore thanks to this bike, you do not have to possess two keys for dismounting your axes anymore. 

Order yours while stocks last!


  • It advocates for stability and comfort
  • It comes with self-locking axles
  • It is fitted with new front and rear brake discs, each with its own protection


  • This bike is prohibited on roads that have public traffic

RFZ – Enduro


Talk about a powerful bike and this RFZ -Enduro motor dirt bike is definitely making it to the list with its 150cc YTX engine. 

Isn’t that incredible? This makes it more reliable than most of the other bikes currently selling. It couldn’t get any better with its 4.7L capacity tank that will obviously keep you going for longer.

Its large wheels will ensure stability and hence your smooth and thrilling ride is unstoppable. It is very well suspended and has a long saddle that enhances comfort and guess what? You do not have to worry about a puncture coming between you and your rides anymore. 

This is due to the presence of a wheel gripster at the rear which covers the inner tube and ensures that the valve does not wear and tear due to friction. Just like most dirt bikes, anyone above the age of 16 is allowed to get one of these amazing bikes.


  • It has a very powerful engine of 150cc
  • It has large wheels for comfort
  • It is fitted with a wheel gripster at the rear to prevent punctures


  • Its use is not allowed on roads vulnerable to public traffic

These are some of the five best Apollo dirt bikes that you will find out there. Walk with me as we discuss the dirt bikes and the Apollo model further.

Riding can be more fun than driving, don’t you think? But it’s not everyone that will consider this every time they think of a fun activity. 

If you are a rider, then you know how important it is to get a good bike for not only yourself but also your biker kids. Does any of your kids own or ride a bike?

For kids growing up, it’s a good idea to break from the modern system which has eroded some of the most fun activities that we used to indulge in back in the days. Talk about all the fun games and amazing stuff.

With technology and advances made in and by society, things have changed pretty much and today you will find more kids indoors and engrossed in mobile phones or tablets. Why?

Well, it is not entirely their fault that they are consumed in the lives we’ve created for them and the things available for them during the current times. But should you just let them play video games all day long?

While it is a good idea to let them have their fun, it’s also good that they learn a few outdoor activities. If they’re not interested in biking, then could find out what it is they like and indulge them every once in a while in the activity.

What about those kids who love biking? What would work best for them? The best idea for children who are beginners in biking is to start off small. After all, they are little and have all the time to learn and have fun.

The skills that they acquire at an early age may well help your kids as they grow up. Watch what you introduce to them and how you do it, so that it’s not only fun but in a way, will help them learn.

There are various bikes that you can get for your kids, but the one that I would recommend is a dirt bike. Dirt bikes can be pretty easy to ride, depending on the model you go for and engine power.

They are also fun and the fact that you don’t have to use them on tarmac roads even makes them better. Why? It means that they are a lot safer for your kids. You’ll not have to worry much about accidents or major injuries.

Dirt bikes are best for off roads. While these tracks could be fun and adventurous to ride on or through, they also call for caution and some skill. You wouldn’t want to get yourself thrown off every time you swerve.

There are various kinds of dirt bikes out there. The major types that I would like to briefly highlight on, however, are the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke bikes.

These two have something unique to offer and you may want to have a look at them both to give you a better understanding of these bikes. A 2-stroke dirt bike is more powerful and tough while a 44-stroke is smoother to ride. 

While a 2-stroke may be more complicated and require some extra set of skills, a 4-stroke is easier. However, the latter too may give you a hard time maintaining. 

So which one of the two should you get your kid or yourself? I would always go for a 44-stroke because of the ease and smoothness. If you want to have fun, this is how.

But you better be ready for maintenance challenges. If you are skilled, however, and have the right places to get 2-stroke bikes, then you shouldn’t hesitate. Always work with your preference as that will make you more comfortable.

We’ve talked about kids a lot and you’re probably thinking that these dirt bikes, especially the Apollo, are meant for only them. Well, that’s not the case. 

More powerful bikes meant for younger and older adults have better controls to suit most riders within that age.

Why do adults ride bikes? Isn’t it to have fun too? We sometimes want to release some tension too and just let go; be free. This is an amazing way to do it. 

Just like what we’ve discussed for your kid(s), the ideal dirt bike for you too would be a 4-stroke.

Having narrowed ourselves down to the ideal dirt bike type that you should be going for, how much do you know about the Apollo model?

Have you ever wanted to own one of those well-spoken of brands of bikes? You must have heard of several 125cc dirt bikes that claim to be the it-thing.

Have you ever wished you could have one of those? Some of the most amazing bikes can be quite expensive. This makes sense because the manufacturers have to get compensated for such great works.

Again, the rarity in some materials and equipment which make these bikes prominent and their technicality, too, may cause their prices to go up.

But we may not all have the money to spend on bikes. Just like cars, it may take some time to buy one. And once you do, you may want to get a lasting one.

While you may be disappointed that your dream bike could be way over your budget, have you thought of an Apollo dirt bike?

Apollo dirt bikes are among the cheapest options that you will come across. Cheap is usually expensive, as the saying goes. But this is because most cheap stuff is of questionable quality.

It means you will often have to get replacement or make repairs which could overally cost you more than you spent in the initial purchase.

This, however, is not the case with the Apollo dirt bike. This model is well praised and common among bikers because it’s not only affordable but also meets up quality standards.

What type of Apollo dirt bikes should you be looking at? Think about why you want to get the bike and for whom. This is important as most of these Apollo bikes come in varied displacements.

A 75cc dirt bike will serve your son excellently. He will be sure to love it, and guess what, he will be totally safe on it!

If your child is over 6 years old but below 12, then getting them a 75cc Apollo dirt bike may not be a bad idea. They have a safe and manageable maximum speed.

At such speed, your young ones will be able to take full control of their bikes and not fail to have fun in the process. 

Do you want to get the Apollo bike for an adult? Well, then you should consider either the 125cc or 250cc dirt bikes. Where do they differ and which of the two should you go for?

The 125cc dirt bike is for general users. It is excellent for beginners because it is easy to ride but works well for experts too because it means that they’ll have an even easier time and thus more fun.

It has smooth manoeuvrability and you will love how easy you can make swerves. While it is best suited for young adults of over 12 years of age, older adults can as well have lots of fun with it.

A 250cc dirt bike is powerful and therefore ideal for skilled bikers. While this is best for adults, you don’t really need all that power if you’re still at your learning stages.

You will realize upon beginning your shopping that it is not always easy choosing the best product to go for. Settling on the best of these bikes may not be easy.

You should enjoy your biking, so I do hope that what you walk away with is exactly what will work for you. Your satisfaction is everything.

If you will have any challenge at any point, you could refer back here for some information. 

Bottom Line

Are you looking for an Apollo dirt bike that will not disappoint? Then you have, among our five best options, several more at your disposal. So, where do you begin?

Finding the best Apollo dirt bike may not be easy. You will, along the way, definitely come across some amazing models that will look better than the Apollo.

These other models may actually even offer what the Apollo does not. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

We have discussed some of the things that I feel are important in helping you land on the best Apollo dirt bike. Among these things are the products that we have looked at.

Each product has something unique about it. Understanding these things will help you get a better understanding of what may and/or not work for you.

With me is also a recommendation that I believe you may like. After a thorough examination of what is available out there, I’m satisfied that the Apollo DB-X18 will work excellently for you.

What does this bike have that is unique to the others?

It’s built with a 4-stroke, single cylinder engine and despite the fact that this bike may be small in size, it complements this substantially in performance and hence, its power. 

Of course, you have heard severally the praises going around about how the Apollo dirt bikes are a one of a kind, thanks to their great power. 

This is the bike to go for if you’re looking to have an amazing time in the off roads. Their maximum speed which is at 55mph makes it easy to manoeuvre and handle the Apollo bike.

While this speed may change depending on the road condition and weight of the rider, you will love its front and rear suspensions, both of which are non-adjustable at 750mm and 320mm each.

We could spend more time looking at similar products and eliminating them, but the best of these bikes will hardly ever change.

There is, therefore, absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t go for the Apollo DB-X18. Get it today and while stocks last!

Dirt Bike For Kids Reviews

Best Dirt Bike Games

Dirtbike Video Games You Can Choose

Are you or have you ever been into gaming? Gamers understand where the thrill comes from. The excitement of staying up all night staring at your screen and breaking your laptop’s keys or mobile screen.

Dirt bike games have always been the it-thing for those who enjoy racing games. Didn’t we all at some point though?

Well, you’ll agree that gaming is everything. But gaming too, just like most other things in our society that have kept our lives afloat and minds at peace, does evolve. 

The “good old days” yet hold memories of biking games that would burst our lungs with joy every time we went out. Dirt bikes and dirt bike games have since found their way into the screens. Is the thrill any different for those who don’t know it, though?

And perhaps nobody has witnessed real-time evolution as anyone old enough to read this and recall the good old times when we would be out in the park with other kids.

Talking of evolution, it has been a common ranting of how the modern society has been, in sorts, “eroded” by technological advances. 

But is it all an erosion? I love to see it as progress, but one that has to be monitored lest we move too fast and forget all the important things.

Video games swooped in, righteously taking the place that ordinary and real-time games did. Nowadays, you will hardly ever miss to spot someone engrossed in their phones. 

Chances are high that the little ones will be calling names as they try their second or third rounds of their interesting games. And younger adults whom you probably thought do not indulge will perhaps be cursing and calling their mates for greater rounds.

Gaming. It’s everything. Wouldn’t you, then, love your kid to enjoy the most epic and breath-taking of experiences with a well-programmed and well, not-too-easy gameplay? Let them pass their least busy times with something for their eyes, minds and enjoyment too!

After examining the best dirt bike games available out there, I was able to get a list together. Why don’t we have a look at each of the following video games that might interest even you, but especially your young one(s)?

Top Dirt Bike Games

Monster Energy Supercross -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
MXGP 20194.8 out of 5 stars
Moto Racer 4 (Nintendo Switch)4.7 out of 5 stars
MX vs ATV All Out4.6 out of 5 stars
Freekstyle4.5 out of 5 stars

Monster Energy Supercross

After playing this game, you will realize that older versions were quite sophisticated. Say hello to this new, simplified and yet quite realistic dirt bike video game that you will find out there. What makes it so special?

You would want an easy gameplay for your video game, wouldn’t you? But what good is fun if it’s too easy? Games are meant to be a little challenging, and this is one of the top ingredients you should always be checking for.

To make this possible, the game’s graphics were designed to be exactly what your eyes would love. I mean, it is as real as you would want it to be. It not only captures an epic experience with its near-real race tracks but also the physical features of bikes and players.

Talking of players, have you or your kid wished to have a go with some of the sport’s icons? Well, this is a chance for you to show what you’ve got out there as you can race with or against some of these players. 

Playing as though you are literally in the race track with or against your favourite and top players can be quite satisfying, don’t you think? This is a worthy try and a game definitely worth every second!


  • Race with and against iconic players
  • Amazing graphics
  • Simple gameplay


  • No real challenge
  • Disappointing load time


MXGP 2019


MXGP 2019, The official motocross video game. As we have noted and probably will, a lot, gaming is everything to a gamer. You would want to enjoy every second that you invest in your game, and trust me when I tell you that a game’s graphics will give you more than you hope for in that one hour or few minutes. 

While the initial video games focused more on delivering an epic experience while simplifying the gameplay, this video game will just blow your mind with its graphics as that was its major focus.

You will love how the riders move and ride their bikes. Their gear is as real as the tracks and every physical part of your bike looks as touchable and ride able like the ones you’ve been watching real-time.

What’s more on the reality experience that this game delivers is that you can literally notice the effects of even weather conditions and the little movements from your players. 

Talk about wet and slippery tracks or dry and loose ones depending on how the sky in the game is. Talk about some riders stopping to whip and even scrub like the pros!

This is reality right in front of your eyes, and I honestly do not know any better way to spend your time than with a masterpiece for a video game.


  • Simple gameplay
  • Excellent graphics
  • Real-life players and bikes


  • Offers only single-player
  • A customer complained about receiving a scratched game


Moto Racer 4 (Nintendo Switch)


Are you a fan of single racing? This is a single-player mode where you will have to fight your way up the ladder on your own. Well, of course with your bike and equipment. 

What I love about this is that it kind of tests the rider you really are. 

Want to know how good you are in gaming dirt bikes? Then why don’t you try this game out? I can guarantee that you will love it. Crush your opponents all over the world and showcase your skills and riding style.

Choose the best bikes to get you ahead and make the right adjustments to put your literal best foot forward. You can also get to master new styles which will give you a plus on drifts, wheelies and even swerves.

Motor Racer 4 is the ideal game that you should be going for if you’d like to make those personal customizations to meet your taste. Upgrade your look and performance in the racecourse!

Try out all the amazing and adventurous circuits around the United States. Challenge your opponents through all these areas for a more detailed experience with the availability to choose the ideal circuit backgrounds.


  • Features single racing
  • Personal customization
  • Amazing circuits


  • Disappointing gameplay
  • Doesn’t support local multiplayer

MX vs ATV All Out


Are you looking for a motocross game that you are assured to enjoy? You should perhaps have a look at the MX vs. ATV which, I bet, you will find to have the most comprehensive collection of dirt bike racing games. 

This game franchise has been known to produce games with the most amazing experience, thanks to the level of accuracy seen with their aspects of riders, bikes and racecourses.

MX vs. ATV recently released All Out, and this version is definitely something that you will love to invest your time in. But who said only adults enjoy an epic gaming experience?

The level of accuracy displayed in the graphics and presented through this game’s experience is exactly what your child would love to have in their gaming console too.

Why don’t you check out their previous games, though? Be sure to love them just as much or at least, almost as you will enjoy All Out.


  • Good graphics
  • High racecourse and bike/rider accuracy


  • Screen lagging



From the name, this game is generally one for the “freaks” and fearless. If you would like to try out something beyond the conventional video games where you compete against each other, then you should have a look at this one.

Freekstyle was made for you. Ideally you. Yes, this is why. It is but human nature to be tired of the common stuff. The common races. We watch them everywhere and come across them everywhere.

That’s why some people may be interested in something a little out of the ordinary box. Something to instil thrill in not only wins, but also in risks and some little danger.

Expect to be making some high and steep jumps and climbs that may leave you out of breath in minutes as you manoeuvre terrains and ride through cliffs. 

What’s most interesting about such games is the level of realism that they’re able to depict. Enjoy a real-time experience as you play this game which I’m confident will not disappoint you. Have fun!


  • You can do multiple tricks at top speed
  • The game mechanics and its environment are amazing
  • Real-time motocross champions


  • You may not like their music or graphic design
  • The game has a rather steep learning curve

I have talked about “evolution” in this article and still will quite a lot, but I don’t mean to make this feel like a history class. A lot has changed over the years, and all these changes have seen amazing stuff introduced.

When we’re talking about gaming, we have witnessed so many changes over the years. The most notable one is that years back, most games were played in real life rather then on phones. 

Technology saw a lot shift from the playgrounds to digital playgrounds. Talk about roads that look as real as they are in real life and race tracks or racecourses that mimic the colour, texture and design of the same in real-life.

When I said gaming is everything, I meant it. This is one of the areas where you get to interact with virtual reality, and what is it if not mind-blowing! Remember how watching the Avengers in 3D felt like?

Imagine participating in it. Playing the Avengers. Experiencing every moment in virtual reality. The involvement that games present you is just what you would want for your ultimate entertainment.

Dirt bike games are more than just games. Forget your regular racing games. This is one racing game that will literally blow your mind. Why? 

Let’s talk about the actual dirt bike riding for a moment. You probably have ridden a dirt bike before or watched it in the screens with your top and iconic players.

You will often use it on off roads and for freestyle rides, resting with a variety of terrains. Swerving like a pro, riding across cliffs. Making safe and breath-taking jumps and getting lost in the moment.

Dirt bikes are just amazing and fun to ride. Now imagine having this on your screen and looking as real as ever. Doesn’t it just sound amazing? Well, it looks even better!

The gaming evolution has seen the introduction of games with amazing graphics. As we age on, we are seeing new games come in. Games that mimic reality to the highest degree and I have to admit that it can be an amazing way to pass your time or spend your day.

Do not ever regret spending a dollar to purchase a video game. No- a dirt bike video game!

Keep this in mind

There are a few things that you should keep in mind as you go around shopping for a dirt bike video game. 

They may help you make a better decision on the game you’ll take home and the information that I’ll share alongside them may shed some light on something you didn’t know much about regarding dirt bikes.

Why don’t we jump right in?

Did you know the extent to which visual graphics can affect your gaming experience? 

Think of it first as watching a movie. There is always something about going down to the cinemas and grabbing some pop corn and juice.

Don’t you always feel a difference when you try doing the same at home, alone? It could be more interesting, or it could bore you more. It all really depends on who you are and what you love most.

But, undeniably, there is something about the cinemas and the quality of their movies. The kind of experience you get there will always be different from the one at home or elsewhere. But why so?

Because to meet the quality standards of hundreds of physical viewers, they have to project excellent graphics.

In gaming and specially dirt bike racing, the major concern is on capturing the gamer-experience. The idea is in making you have a near-real experience when you’re playing. 

So that it almost feels like you’re literally on top of that bike. Swerving, and riding through those terrains. Some graphics have the featured ability to even dust-off, which could be an amazing experience for any player!

But while graphics carries so much weight in these games, something else equally does. Let’s have a look.


Have you ever tried playing certain games and had quite some difficulty? Sometimes you will be losing a lot and in other games, you could be having a challenge moving from even one spot to another.

Is it that you’re mot really good at these games, or what do you think could be the problem? If it will be any consolation, I do not think you’re bad at these games. I believe that some games are just not easy to play.

It’s not that their levels are difficult or the other players are pretty good or selected even. No. I mean things like controls, how smooth the game processes memory and graphics and even its user interaction. 

Now, when you look at all these, you will sure be surprised by just how much fun we could be missing because of things that are beyond our control. 

And are there those hindrances that are within our control? Yes, there definitely are, and these can be overcome by acquiring some skill sets from and for the game(s). 

Why don’t we look at the first set of challenges with gameplay? What makes the gameplay poor? Well, one reason that is clear could be with how the game was programmed.

You deserve a game that is so smooth to play, and by smooth, I mean that you should face as less challenges with a game as possible. 

You would not want to be playing and in the middle of it, get rude interruptions and or setbacks from things like poor controls.

You would want to enjoy your game more than you’re complaining and stressing over it because it is meant to relieve you of the pressure and not cause more of it. Remember that you may have also spent some dollars to purchase it, and who would want to watch their money go to waste?

Game modes

Game modes are the flesh of every game. I mean, this is where you will invest literally all your gaming time. Shifting from a mode to another or sticking to one for hours.

Dirt bike video games, like most racing games, are pretty simple. There are lesser sophistications as you would encounter with most other games.

What you’ll mostly come across under game modes are single mode and career mode. What would you like to try and what is the difference between the two?

In most single modes with a majority of the games including the ones cited, you will have the single mode representing single races which do not progress to the next.

These are races that start and end after a few minutes, and you’re usually racing against some opponents. What is interesting about this mode is that you can try out racing in various different locations and you can challenge players too.

You will also be able to showcase your gaming skills as you will be on your own and will have to win races within a few minutes. 

You have the best bikes and bikers at your disposal, but what will set you apart from the other players is how good you are in the actual game and how much about biking you understand.

A career mode is like a story where you establish yourself as a “biker”, of course in the game. You will get to choose a bike to start off with and a rider with whom you’ll grow your career.

Go places and make progress that you can always come back to, however long you stop playing the game. All you have to do is save the progress.

What most people and perhaps you too will like about this mode is that you’re able to see yourself grow in the game. This means that you’ll also be able to tell if the game is working for you or not.

With these and more considerations that you may make on your own, you should be able to go home with a bike that you will love and have an amazing time with it.

Bottom Line

Did you manage to walk with us this short journey of looking at the best dirt bike video games available out there? If you are reading this, then you of course got to the end successfully. But there are a few words I would like to leave you with.

What was your first experience with a dirt bike game like? Whatever the game was. I hope it was fun and you spent enough time racing or riding through steel terrains and across new and amazing circuits.

A good dirt bike game will deliver most on its graphics and thus deliver an epic experience. You would want to play a game that pops in your mind whenever you need to relax and stretch your smile muscles a little.

For a better experience, the next time you’re thinking of getting a dirt bike video game, I would recommend that you go for the MXGP 2019.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for in a dirt bike video game, I can guarantee that this game will not disappoint. It has excellent graphics, so be sure to enjoy every minute of playing the game. It also has a good gameplay and features real-life players and bikes.

This may not be the best game that you have or will ever play, but it does make every second worth it. Don’t regret a single cent you spend getting the best of these dirt bike games. Get the MXGP 2019 today!

Accessories Reviews

Best Dirt Bike Handlebars

A Guide to Choosing Dirt Bike Handlebars

Does your current handlebar need a replacement, or you simply want to upgrade it? You could also be interested in knowing about handlebars before getting a dirt bike for yourself. For those reasons or any other you are still in the right place to learn more about them.

Even though some may think the contrary is true, handlebars go a long way in determining your speed and how long you can ride your dirt bike. Its like saying comfort doesn’t matter during your ride.

Furthermore, your handlebar could be causing fatigue by straining your arm pump. It is therefore obvious that you will need a handlebar that is suitable for you as what works for someone else may not work for you. 

Before 1991, all bike riders used the 7/8th inch and it was okay until the 1/1/8th inch was introduced. The truth is that the 7/8th inch has never lost its popularity among bike riders but this new invention generally reduced fatigue and arm pump allowing riders to go for longer rides without getting easily exhausted. 

To make your search less hectic, here are five types of handlebars that I have compiled and would highly recommend that you go through as you search for your perfect handlebar:

Top Dirt Bike Handlebars

Renthal 922-01-BK-07-185 Twinwall Black 1-1/8″ Aluminium Handlebar -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Pro Taper SE Series 7/8″ Standard Handlebars4.8 out of 5 stars
1-1/8″ Flex Handlebar – APE RACING4.7 out of 5 stars
STONEMEN Motorcycle 28mm Fat Bars4.6 out of 5 stars
Dirt Bike Handlebar Set 1 1/8″ Dirt Bike Handlebars Universal4.5 out of 5 stars

Renthal 922-01-BK-07-185 Twinwall Black 1-1/8″ Aluminium Handlebar

Are you looking for a handlebar whose inspiration is that of an aircraft design? Then the Renthal Twinwall Black Aluminum Handlebar might just have been made for you. Some of you could be wondering how this even matters. 

The design captures three principles and that is safety which is one of the most important factors to consider, keeping in mind that we are talking about a dirt bike. Secondly, is the lightness of the bar and we all know that a heavy handlebar could drag you behind and lastly is the strength of the handlebar. 

With a weak one, you will have to make replacements every once in a while and your money has better use! Furthermore, this still allows you to flex and its specially developed injection molded crossbar pad is still part of the menu.

The most interesting part is that the inner and outer tubes are both made from strong aluminum to prevent mechanical damage. The inner one is anodized to resist corrosion while the outer one is hard anodized to minimize wear from twist grip.


  • It is durable
  • Its rubber seals cover the joint from any fluids
  • It is inspired by the aircraft design


  • The oversized diameter may not work for everyone


Pro Taper SE Series 7/8″  Standard Handlebars

Are you interested in a handlebar that is fitted with a knurled clutch side and a shot peened finish? Well, this Pro Taper SE Series 7/8″ Standard Handlebars could just be your ideal handlebar.

If you are a beginner, you might be wondering how all that could help and there is no need to worry. The knurled clutch side will enhance your hold on the grip and hence give you more control of your ride for that thrilling experience you are looking forward to.

So what about the shot peened finish? This will come in handy by increasing your fatigue life and thus enabling you ride for longer. This handlebar is also made from strong aerospace aluminum and will therefore last longer in its lifespan. 

Guess what? The manufacturer of this bar had you in mind as it comes with printed position guides. You might not be a beginner but you may learn something from this.


  • It is made from stainless hardware
  • Its 5mm wall thickness enhances its strength
  • It comes with 1/4″ cut guides to suit your preference


  • You may need some guidance from a professional before making this purchase

1-1/8″ Flex Handlebar – APE RACING

If an anti-vibration and shock absorbing handlebar is the top consideration in your list, then we just found the perfect one for you. This 1-1/8″ Flex Handlebar is fitted with elastomer bumpers to eat up shock on any type of terrain.

Guess what? Purchasing this package comes with four pieces of elastomers in the event where you may need to replace the initial one. We all know how uncomfortable it can be to ride a dirt bike that transfers all that vibration to your hands, arms, elbows, or even shoulders thus reducing your ride span.

You may not even enjoy your ride at all. The good news however, is that this handlebar will take care of that for you with its bumpers. These handlebars of 1-1/8″ are oversized to drain away the arm pump and thus reduce fatigue. Its surface is also hard anodized to resist wear.


  • It is fitted with bumpers to absorb shock and vibration
  • Its oversized handlebars enhance comfort as you ride
  • It is durable as it is made from strong aluminum


  • Concerns have been brought forward on the actual size of the clamp hence you will need to check it before dipping into your pocket.

STONEMEN Motorcycle 28mm Fat Bars

If an attractive handlebar is appealing to your eye and a consideration for you, then this red Stonemen Motorcycle handlebar could just be your ideal choice. Its mounts is also CNC machined and made from aluminum which is hard anodized to minimize wear from its grip.

Lets not forget that it still comes with a bar pad and riser on it and its high quality MX grips will surely come in handy. For those who prefer their handlebars oversized, you can relax as this bar is of 1-1/8″ and definitely good to go.

As for its durability, it is made from high quality materials and is therefore a good value for your money and it couldn’t get any better with its fair price compared to other handlebars on sell and furthermore, you can order it on Amazon from the comfort of your home.


  • It is long-lasting
  • It is attractive with its red color
  • It comes with grips, bar riser, and pad


  • Preferred for those motorcycles with a standard 22MM bar clamp
  • Concerns have been raised on the shipping time

Dirt Bike Handlebar Set 1 1/8″ Dirt Bike Handlebars Universal

If the red colour on the handlebar above was not your preferred choice, then maybe this blue one will do the trick after all, most people would go for blue. So what comes with purchasing this handlebar?

For starters, this set constitutes one handlebar, a pad, a clamp adapter and a pair of grips. Its anodized surface is also very gorgeous while still meeting its purpose of minimizing wear due to grip. It is also significantly light in weight to ensure you do not get exhausted easily.

Considering the fact that this handlebar is made from high quality materials, you can be sure about its lifespan and furthermore, who wouldn’t want to save their money in the long- term? The good news is that you can purchase it online from Amazon and get it delivered at your ideal place.


  • It is attractive with its universal blue colour
  • It is durable
  • It is oversized and measures 1-1/8 inches
  • It is affordable


  • Preferred for motorcycles with standard 28MM rod clamps 
  • Reports have been brought forward on the rubber being a little stiff and the risers not fitting correctly

Factors to consider while buying a handlebar:

Everyone will always focus on different things to choose a product, and the handlebar is obviously no exception. Here are a few factors that you may be interested in:


Even though this is a very important factor to consider, it should not be the first thing you go for. There are good products that come with affordable prices and there are more expensive ones that do not even meet their value. 

It is therefore advisable to look at your selected products, their features, advantages, and disadvantages and if they meet their value before draining your money away. 

Any extra features? 

Most handlebars have similar features. However, some are fitted with unique characteristics that may be worthwhile for you to deep into your pockets. For example, the Renthal Twinwall Aluminum Handlebar was the only one created out of an aircraft design that considers lightness, safety, and strength as the core principles.

The Stonemen Motorcycle Oversized Handlebars on the other hand was very appealing with its red color. The Pro Taper Handlebar was also the only one with printed position guides and a knurled clutch side to secure a grip hold. 

The Flex Handlebar – APE RACING also stood out with its elastomer bumpers that absorb both shock and vibration. With such unique features, you could consider purchasing them.

Is it durable? 

This is a very important consideration, you wouldn’t want to buy something that you will have to replace soon. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the handlebar you settle for is made from high quality materials that increase resistance to wear.

How comfortable is it?

We all know that handlebars could be oversized and be 1-1/8th inches, on the other hand, they could be 7/8th inches. Preference will always vary making it important for you to choose a handlebar whose thickness you can easily manage and hence control your ride.

The anti-vibration feature could also fit into this category as it enhances more comfort as you ride making you go for longer. 

Therefore, it is clever to outweigh the features, advantages, and disadvantages before settling for any handlebar.

The parts of a Handlebar

If you are an experienced bike rider, then this might not be of interest to you as much. However, it is never too late to learn one or two new things about bikes despite how minor they may seem. As for the beginners, this might be a good place to start.

They include:


This is simply the end of the handle part of the bar or the section from the clamp area to the top of the control length. Interestingly, the height can be adjusted either forward or backward to suit the rider’s needs. 

How is this possible? This can be done by loosening the bar at the clamp area.


From its name, you might already have an idea about this part. However, it sounds something like the description of the height. Well, don’t get confused. This is the length from the clamp area to the handlebar’s first steep bend. 

And just like the height, the rise can also be adjusted to suit a rider’s specifications. This will depend on your height since the taller you are the more you will want to raise the height of your handlebars. To lengthen it, you can use the riser clamps which maximizes the handlebar’s overall height. 


This is the end of the left control length to the end of the right control length or simply the part from one end to the other and it is usually about 800mm. However, handlebars may vary in terms of a few millimeters from each other.

New designs of mini handlebars have also been introduced and they are approximately 60mm less than the normal ones.


Does the “pullback” sound familiar to you? Maybe it doesnt, some know the sweep by that name. So where is it on your handlebar? It is the section from the center of the clamp area to the end of the bars, also known as the control length.

It is best viewed by taking a look at the side of your bike and forms the letter “L” shape.

Control Length

This is the area for your grips that gives you control as you ride your bike.

Clamp Area

It is usually 7/8th or 1-1/8th inch thick and therefore varies from one bike to another. It is the most bottom area of your handlebar where it clamps onto the bike or simply, where you can add risers and other equipment to adjust the measurements and feel of your handlebars.

How to properly adjust and tighten dirt bike handlebars

Having learnt about the different parts of a handlebar, this may sound easy but truth be told, you may never know. So how does one adjust and tighten their handlebars? This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Pushing them forward or backward

Using the Allen wrench, which is the most appropriate tool for this, loosen the four bolts that make up the bar clamps. Once they are loose, you can then roll the handlebars forward towards the front or backwards towards the seat based on your preference or simply what makes you most comfortable.

  • Increasing the height

This one may be of more interest to tall riders. Well, to increase the height, use taller bar mounts or a taller handlebar bend.

  • Adjusting the spacing to make room in the cockpit

For a more simpler language for beginners, this is just about adjusting the handlebar spacing. Why is this significant? It enables you to move the clamp area closer or further away from the rider.

You must be wondering about its difference from just pushing forward or backwards. The thing is that pushing doesn’t change the bar clamp position. Furthermore, you will need the type of bar clamps that will allow you to move the bars.

Therefore, you loosen the bar clamps, adjust accordingly and finally tighten those bolts! Some manufacturers recommend that you tighten the bolts in a specific order to achieve efficient results.

If you always have to tighten the bolts, it is advisable to check the owner’s manual for suggested fastening sequence.

How to deal with an arm pump

Did you know that the arm pump is a condition known as the Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome? Am sure that some of you think that’s a little too much for just an arm pump. Sincerely, I couldn’t agree more. If you knew about it, you must be among the few. 

This is where blood is made to pool or accumulate in the forearms. Its effects include swelling and loss of strength in the arms thus disabling your grip on the handlebars which can be very dangerous sometimes. 

If you are a beginner, the chance of experiencing this condition is very high but with practice you can put all that behind you. Furthermore, there are ways of preventing, stopping, and relieving it which we will look at in a bit. 

When this condition is chronic, you may have to go for surgery for relief. That is surely scary! According to Weeck, a holistic life coach, here are a few ways of preventing an arm pump:

  • Use less of your upper body and more of your lower body

This is about keeping the upper body relaxed by not applying pressuring to it while still squeezing the bike at the lower point with your legs and feet. He encourages riders to think of how much bigger the leg muscles are to help in grasping the bike and hence reduce the grip stress on the arms.

According to him, that’s the best and most efficient way to prevent an arm pump.

  • Ensure a proper posture as you ride

So what is the most appropriate posture for bike riders? First, ensure that you are on your toes, then bend your knees slightly, your hips should be out, and the chest should come forward. With all these, you already look ready to take off with your bike and that’s a step away from the arm pump condition.

  • Try to breathe correctly

Not loosening up on the bike means that your breathing is not as it should be and this sums up in a death grip on the handlebars which leads to the condition. Therefore, ensure that you breathe in through your nose and out through the mouth as a proper breathing technique goes a long way in preventing that arm pump.

How to stop arm pump

The truth is that you might not always observe all those things I have mentioned above and maybe, just maybe, the arm pump can hit you minutes into your ride. You should be aware that once it starts, it isnt something you can easily get rid of. 

If you were somehow still wondering how proper breathing comes about in all this, here is how. When you stop breathing, lactic acid builds up making your arms tighter and grab even harder. Once this pattern begins, there is nothing much you can do but wait for it to subside on its own.

Normally, the best thing to do in such a situation is to stop riding, but what if you are racing? You might have to squeeze your legs to try and transfer the pressure from your arms while breathing correctly as much as possible. 

How to relieve an arm pump

A massage and stretching exercises before a ride might come handy with this one as it will help prevent an injury.


For taking your time to go through my article, I sincerely appreciate and hope that the information I provided will surely be of help as you try to settle for your ideal handlebar. I went through five types of handlebars that I found fit for your liking and would highly recommend their purchase.

However, like I had said at the beginning of this article, handlebars work differently for everyone and with that it might not be clever to go with another person’s liking. You can still go through the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the various handlebars I compiled for you.

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So why would you settle for this handlebar? It is unique as it is inspired by the aircraft design which focuses on strength, lightness and safety and these features are very essential for any bike. It is also oversized to reduce fatigue and arm pump.

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