Best Dirt Bike Paddle Tires

Top Paddle Tires for Dirt Bikes Sand Riding

In their very essence, dirt bikes are designed to traverse even the murkiest of terrains. The combination of powerful engines, steady handlebars and sustainable tires makes them the best at getting anywhere they want, mindless of the dirt.

However, the desert proves to be far different from other kinds of terrain. Unlike hard and stony grounds that are bumpy all the way, deserts are softer and full of sand.

For any mechanical device to find its way through, it’s always critical that some improvisation is done on the moving parts, especially the tires, considering they are the only parts in contact with the ground, to enable the device move freely without getting stuck or slowed down.

Dirt bikes race wildly like coyotes. However, sandy deserts would require a completely different set of tires for the race to be as normal as in the woods. Paddle tires.

Paddle Tires are slightly larger compared to ordinary ones. Paddle-like protrusions have been elongated in specific places to improve their traction, giving them more control as they facilitate your rides.

Deserts are sticky with sand. You need to find reliable paddle tires that can dabble and glide through the sand like a dolphin in the Pacific. Without much ado, let me introduce you to the wading designs that will change your riding experiences for the better.

Sedona -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Maxxis4.8 out of 5 stars
CST4.7 out of 5 stars
Vee Rubber4.6 out of 5 stars


Sedona is one brand everyone’s looking out for, especially considering it’s hard to find a reliable manufacturer when choosing paddle tires for dirt bikes these days. Their fidelity makes them a brand to be trusted.

When you check the design of a paddle tire more closely, you’ll realize that it has a number of convexities on the upper surface. These have been included in the Sedona toddling tire, to improve traction on the sand surface.

Besides having excellent grips on them, these designs are lightweight. They are essentially made of nylon which is soft and lighter than rubber. Regardless, they are tough and can withstand the extreme temperatures of the desert for the duration they’ll be working.


  • Sedona tires are affordable.
  • They are made of lightweight nylon.
  • The inclusion of grips on the surface makes the tires better at traction and  gaining faster speed.
  • These are high quality tires that can bear persistent riding and extreme conditions.


  • Some purchasers still raise complaints pertaining the quality of the paddle designs.


In case you are looking for quality tires to rely on when spending your racing experience away in the desert, then look no further than Maxxis tires. You’ve probably have heard about the company and how the manufacturers take quality seriously.

The rim diameter of the Maxxis waddle tire is 19 inches. This is large enough to sustain the rider’s weight and still maneuver the ground surface like a snake slithering through grass. I primarily like this model because of the great design the tires have.

Installation of this tire is to be conducted on the rear part. Besides facilitating thrilling and safe riding through the desert, this tire is perfect for off road racing. Despite of the lightweight build, this model is pretty durable and tough.


  • The tire has a great design.
  • Maxxis tires are high quality models, built with precision to serve and last you a long time without wearing or tearing.
  • It’s alternatively suitable for off-road riding.


  • It’s quite hard to install the tire.
  • Sometimes these designs aren’t compatible with other bikes.


For a dirt bike to withstand constant abuse and torture from the elements of nature, including hailstones, heavy rain, stony ground, muddy places and desert sand, durability is of utmost importance.

If it’s not incorporated into the design of your tires, then the bike is as good as dead. Nothing beats CST tires when it comes to durability. Quality materials have been used to make the tires, so they won’t tear or wear with constant use. On the contrary, they last.

In addition to gliding comfortably in the desert terrain, these tires work perfectly in off-grid topographies. They are highlighted with tread designs on exterior surfaces to improve their hauls on surfaces.


  • The tires have unique tread designs that not only improve traction on the ground but also make the riding process comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Quality materials are used to make the tires. They are durable.
  • You can use the tires on off road races.


  • There are still doubts regarding the quality of tires.

Vee Rubber

Eight paddles have been attached to the outer surfaces of these tires. When riding through sand, the paddles do a great job holding on to the sand and keeping the tires rolling as fast as possible.

Apart from the comfort riders get with these tires, the paddling the models make is so powerful that you’ll stay ahead of the game in case you are out for a race.

The tires are made of unique and strong materials that guarantee users of a longer lifespan. They are lightweight but this does not prevent them from running through any kind of terrain undeterred.


  • Eight paddles are attached on to the tires to improve the traction of the designs in sandy terrain.
  • The large tires give riders comfort.
  • They are lightweight but heavily built to last and overcome varying conditions of nature.
  • The tires are powerful and can ride through sand speedily.


  • Some find the price of the tires to be too high.

Factors you should consider when choosing the best dirt bike paddle tires

We are well aware of the unpredictable challenges that befall riders, particularly in remote locations. 

When finding the right paddle tires for your dirt bike, keep in mind the amount of time you’ll be spending out in the wild and whether the dirt bike tires are in perfect condition to return you home safe and sound.

Sand in the desert may easily get stuck between the tires or mechanical parts of the bike. That’s why paddle tires come in to Wade through sand and keep the bike safe in the process. Here are some tips that you might find useful when preparing for the adventure.

Changing tires; the basic functionality of paddle tires

Before getting ready for the desert, it’s important that you remove the normal tire from it’s axle to install the knobby one that could do the job better.

In most cases, it’s usually the rear tires that are taken off and replaced by paddle ones. How, then, do these tires work?

Paddle tires work by releasing air. After air is let out, the tires are run between eight and twelve psi. The tires become flattened due to the decrease in pressure.

Traction between the ground and the tires increases. Consequently, the designs gain floatation and are able to glide through sand faster.

The use of safety flags

Getting lost in the desert isn’t something you’ll relish. At night, the temperatures get cold and the days aren’t any better. Without water, you may not survive past a few days.

To prevent any of these from happening, it’s better that you keep your distance when heading out. Don’t wander off too far.

Similarly, in case you get lost, you need to be found. I’d encourage you to always carry the red flag. You can attach the safety flag to the front of your bike. In case you get caught in a tight scenario , wave it for help.


This is the aspect that makes it possible for the tires to move on sand just like on normal ground. Better traction is achieved with more paddles protruding on the surface of the tires.

Primarily, you’ll need an average number of paddles to achieve better grip. Too many will render the tires useless. Preferably, find a design that has on average, six to eight paddles.


Just like in any other tire, durability is needed in paddle designs, to give it more strength to resist impact and other elements, such as friction that tend to wear the tire off.

Some designs are built with nylon. Nylon is moderately lightweight and hard. Most, however, are constructed with hard rubber that’s both strong and durable.


On most occasions, strong and powerful tires are the ones that last. They perform better than weaker designs. Likewise, most of the premium models are the ones that last. A good number of cheaper designs wear easily.

Nevertheless, you’ll still find a few affordable tires that can guarantee you a safe, thrilling and comfortable ride.

It’s wiser to invest in a premium model that lasts as this will serve you longer. However, some budgets call for the acquisition of cheaper alternatives. No need to worry, these are also available.

After sampling majority of dirt bike paddle tires, we landed on Vee Rubber as the most superior. The tires are designed with right paddles on the surface to improve traction on sand.

Additionally, Vee tires are extremely powerful and can warrant a safe ride without getting damaged or worn out. They were constructed with tough materials, hence their prolonged lifespan. In case you need a comfortable and safe ride, Vee Rubber is the design to go with.