Best Dirt Bike Air Filter

Top Air Filters for Dirt Bikes Buying Guide

One of the most important components of an off-road bike is the air filter, which prevents debris and dirt from being sucked into the engine. Debris is very damaging when they enter inside the engine as they result in wearing out of moving parts such as the motor.

Also, the dirt may clog the filter; this will result in less air intake, meaning the engine’s poor performance. When you feel that your dirt bike’s engine is sluggish, it is probably the time to clean the air filter or get a new one.

Are you wondering which air filter is the best for your dirt bike? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. The type of air filters you would use depend on the design and the model of your bike. We have reviewed for you five of the best air filter units on the market which include:

Twin Air

The Pre-oiled air filter by Twin Air is perhaps the greatest air filtration systems for dirt bikes. This product was diligently designed to withstand dusty on-road and off-road rides and to allow enough air into your bike’s engine to enable it to offer you optimum performance.

It is stunning how the manufacturers of this product managed to strike an optimum balance that increases the airflow into your engine while at the same time offering it unmatched protection from dust particles and dirt thanks to its dual foam structure.

The product has two open pores; an outer coarse pore than is designed to block larger particles of dirt and grime while the soft inner pore serves as a second guard against finer materials that might be slipped through the coarse open-pore. With this product, you are guaranteed of your engine’s safety.

For increased airflow into your engine, the product has a tight fastening ring that tightly holds the product to the airbox, ensuring that your engine is fed sufficient clean air, which yields more power and speed.

The ingenuity of the product’s design lies in its elements. Both the inside and outside elements are well bound together to prevent dirt from billing within layers. Its seams are also held by a unique adhesive formula that ensures they do not break apart over time.


  • The product comes pre-oiled and ready for use
  • It is durable
  • Fits well in most bikes


  • The product is quite costly compared to others of the same kind
  • Only fits in specific bike models


Another great air filter for your bike is the High Per-replacement Formance Air Filter by HIFORM. If you have been working with bikes for quite some time, I am sure you have heard about HIFORM. Most of their products have continued to dominate the market because of their superior quality.

The high Pre-replacement Air filter comes in three different inside diameter sizes, offering you a wider range of choices for your bike.

If you do not like the product for its price, then I bet you will fall for its excellent air filtration ability. Even in a dusty environment, this product can efficiently clean dust particles from the air and allow for proper airflow into your engine, giving you good riding experience.

If you are not sure whether this product is the one for you and you would like to check it out first, you can purchase it for a risk-free trial, and if you aren’t satisfied by its performance, you can always return it to the manufacture. 


  • Has a risk free trial duration
  • The manufacturer offers free technical support
  • Excellent air filtration abilities


  • Has to be oiled before use
  • Cannot be reused


The Dual stage foam air filter by Maxima is also a dependable air filtering product for bikes. The product has two foam layers that will ensure maximum air filtration in two phases. The outer layer takes care of large airborne particles while the inner layer filters out fine dust particles.

This product comes pre-oiled; therefore, you don’t have to worry about oiling it yourself before use. Its design allows it to easily fit in most bikes, making its installation process a walk in the park.

When bought in full, the product is shipped with disposable gloves. This is rather a great addition to the product, especially when you have trouble with getting your hands dirty. The gloves can be used to clean the product is it is washable and reusable.


  • Shipped with disposable gloves
  • The product can be reused
  • Easy to install


  • Some buyers have complained that the gloves being too large
  • Can only be reused for a short time 


The Poweka 30mm Air filter by ZY features as the fourth-best air filtering product for dirt bikes. The product has lenses made of stainless steel with an excellent screen and dense filtration material that ensures no dust particles or grime slips into your engine.

This product has a stylish design with a nice blue and silver color perfect for riders who want to add a classy touch to their bikes. The product allows for sufficient airflow into your engine, and with a little bit of carburetor tuning, you can get your bike to top speed.


  • Has a classy look
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Has to be oiled before use
  • Comes in only one color


The sum up our review list is the Angled Foam Air filter by Qiufadong. This product can be used I almost any bike and still deliver beyond your expectation. Due to its bent design, the product easily fits in dirt bikes.

The product is made of thick foam that efficiently traps dust and grime, protecting your engine pistons from wearing out. It also has a silver ring that tightly fastens it to the air box for maximum airflow.

I love the product because of its reasonable warranty. You have 180 risk-free trial periods within which you can return the product to the manufacturer if, for some reason, it does not meet your expectations.


  • Has 180 days warranty
  • Fits well in most dirt bikes
  • Allows for good airflow into the engine


  • Less durable compared to other filters
  • Cannot be reused

Factors to Consider When Buying Bike Air Filter

Finding a product that is suitable for your needs can be an uphill climb. The internet is filled with lots of contradicting information. Therefore, knowing what to look for in a product will save you from a lot of frustrations. Some of the things you should keep in mind when buying a dirt bike air filter are;

Ability to Clean Air

The whole idea of having an air filter in place is to ensure that your engine is protected from dust and dirt from the environment. Therefore, it is important to ensure that whatever product you get for your bike can do an excellent job.

Air filters are mostly made of OEM paper, oiled foam, and cotton gauze. Both of these products will serve you well when used under the right conditions. Most long-distance riders prefer Paper filters as they have a relatively higher service interval. 


Working on bikes has always been my hobby. I just love the mechanics of it all, and I don’t worry about greasy hands. If you do not have experience working with bikes, you should consider buying Pre-oiled ready to use products as they do not require specialized skills to fit.

Some Air filters are manufactured with specific designs that might not fit well on your bike. Take time and figure out what product models work well with your products, as this will save you time and money in terms of modifying your bike for the filter to fit in.

Duration of Service

Air filters have different service duration. Some especially those made of OEM paper have extended service duration and can serve you well on long rides in dusty environments without having to replace them.

Other products can easily be washed and reused whenever they get filled up with dirt. You should select a product for your bike, depending on the conditions you intend to use. Even the best of products might not serve you well under the wrong conditions.


Without a doubt, air filters have improved the performance of engines and increased our machines’ lives in general. Dirt bike air filters can be supplanted by any individual who can peruse a manual or watch a YouTube installation guide. 

You should purchase and install an air filter unit since it is a straightforward undertaking that can spare you hundreds of dollars. Also, most of them will come with a fundamental installation guide. 

Our top pick is the 152213X Dual form Air filter by the Twin Air. They are pre-oiled; this means that they are ready to be used right straight from the box. The filtration mechanism incorporated in the recommended product is top of the line. 

It has dual foam; the inner foam contains the finest pore-openings to trap the smallest dust particle while maintaining maximum air intake. The two layers are also amalgamated together to ensure that no debris is trapped in between.   

When you feel like your ride needs a new set of air filters, we highly suggest that you purchase the 152213X Dual form Air filter. What are you waiting for? Order one right now!