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The 2019 movie, Bennet’s War, set a bar for motocross movies, and it would thus be a good idea to check out a few more top picks. If you haven’t tried dirt bike movies before or are new to the list that we’ll look at, then you could start by trying them.

Why watch a motocross movie? You could simply attend a live match and feed your eyes to their fill with reality and the beauty of the moment. However, movies, unlike reality, are planned. They take time of preparation with not only the aim of keeping you entertained but also informed.

With a movie, you have everything but a few inches or meters away from your eyes, and you can control what you see to suit your viewer preference. If a scene needs replaying, you can do it a hundred times and over, and this will also help get a better third-eye on everything that happens out there.

You will love the bikes featured in these films, and the moves or stunts that the actors make. An amazing plot will not stray from reality but will enable you to look at it clearly. You will find motocross movies that give you a view of changes in the sport over the years, while others expose you to what people around the world are doing.

There are many dirt bike movies out there that may grab your attention. Here, however, is a list of some of the best films you’ll come across out there. Why don’t we have a look at them and see if we can agree with what they offer?

Bennett’s War

Directed by Alex Ranarivel and released in 2019, Bennett’s War is a drama movie which tells the story of a young soldier. In combat, Marshall Bennet is injured and incapacitated by an IED explosion. He returns home to find his father, Cal, behind on mortgage payments and on the verge of losing the family farm.

Despite his injuries, Marshall takes up a motocross challenge, training to compete. The film goes through events which look into various issues in and outside motocross. Bennet’s War runs on well-staged scenes, which may get you emotionally hooked.

Michael Roark plays as Marshall Bennet, and Trace Adkins plays Cal, Bennett’s father. Other film stars include Allison Paige, Ali Afshar, and Brando Eaton.


Directed by Steve Boyum and released in 2005, Supercross tells the story of two motocross-racer brothers, K.C. and Trip. Trip gets injured, and is knocked out of the circuit, leaving him with an option to coach his brother, K.C..

Despite their different racetrack personalities, the brothers work together towards victory. You may find K.C. to be a hotshot daredevil and Trip, more methodical and focused. This film offers an enthusiastic and authentic look into motocross.

Steve Howey plays as K.C. and Mike Vogel as Trip. The cast also includes Channing Tatum, Sophia Bush, Cameron Richardson, Daryl Hannah, Robert Patrick, and more.


Directed by Steve Boyum and released in 2001, Motocrossed tells the story of a young racer who, together with his family, believes that he can win a big race. Unfortunately, Andrew Carson breaks his leg before he can compete, and his twin sister, Andrea, takes his place, pretending to be him.

While Motocrossed gives the sport a comedic approach, the message on how girls can have the same or better biking skills as boys is clear. Trevor O’Brien plays as Andrew Carson, and Alana Austin plays as his sister, Andrea.

Members of the cast include Riley Smith, Mary-Margaret Humes, Scott Terra.

Winners Take All

Directed by Fritz Kiersch and released in 1987, Winners Take All, tells the story of a pro motorcycle racer who returns to his hometown and along the way, has to race against his childhood best friend. This is a blend of motocross flick and a “hometown boy makes good.”

When Billy Robinson returns home, not everyone is so happy to have him around. There’s a mixed reaction about his success. Billy, nonetheless, enters a local race, in which he goes up against Rick, his childhood best friend.

Robert Krantz plays as Billy Robinson, and Don Michael Paul plays as Rick. Other cast members include Bird York, Gerardo, Tony Longo, Coirtney Gains, Peter DeLeuise, and more.

The World’s Fastest Indian

Directed by Roger Doladson and released in 2005, The World’s Fastest Indian is a motocross fan-favorite, which is centered around a one-of-a-kind, beautiful and rare, bike. It tells the story of Burt Monro, who dreams to break the world land speed record.

Burt works on and modifies a 1920 Indian motorcycle. He makes for Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, to try it out. Anthony Hopkins plays as Burt Monro. Other cast members include Walton Goggins, Bruce Greenwood, Dianne Ladd, Paul Rodrigez, and more.

While these are not the only motocross movies that you should expect to come across, you should have a good time for hours on the screen with them. There are a few more, nonetheless, that may offer more entertainment, should you need a little extra on top of the five. The honorable mentions are:

On Any Sunday, directed by Bruce Brown and released in 1971.  It stars Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, Bruce Brown, John Normal, Mert Lawwill, and more.

Motocross Kids, directed by Richard Gabai and released in 2004. It stars Josh Hutchersonm, Phyllis Diller, Gary Busey, Lorenzo Lamas, Rick Overton, and more.

Biker Boyz, directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood and released in 2003. It stars Kid Rock, Laurence Fishburne, Meagan Good, Lisa Bonet, Terrence Howard, and more.

If you like watching, then you could give a try to dirt bike movies. They are thrilling and a good way to learn more. We have discussed some of the best films out there, and you may find them all to be good. Bemnet’s War, however, stands out. Enjoy some amazing motorcycle action and among the best screen performances in this drama film directed by Alex Ranarivel.

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