Best Dirt Bike Games

Dirtbike Video Games You Can Choose

Are you or have you ever been into gaming? Gamers understand where the thrill comes from. The excitement of staying up all night staring at your screen and breaking your laptop’s keys or mobile screen.

Dirt bike games have always been the it-thing for those who enjoy racing games. Didn’t we all at some point though?

Well, you’ll agree that gaming is everything. But gaming too, just like most other things in our society that have kept our lives afloat and minds at peace, does evolve. 

The “good old days” yet hold memories of biking games that would burst our lungs with joy every time we went out. Dirt bikes and dirt bike games have since found their way into the screens. Is the thrill any different for those who don’t know it, though?

And perhaps nobody has witnessed real-time evolution as anyone old enough to read this and recall the good old times when we would be out in the park with other kids.

Talking of evolution, it has been a common ranting of how the modern society has been, in sorts, “eroded” by technological advances. 

But is it all an erosion? I love to see it as progress, but one that has to be monitored lest we move too fast and forget all the important things.

Video games swooped in, righteously taking the place that ordinary and real-time games did. Nowadays, you will hardly ever miss to spot someone engrossed in their phones. 

Chances are high that the little ones will be calling names as they try their second or third rounds of their interesting games. And younger adults whom you probably thought do not indulge will perhaps be cursing and calling their mates for greater rounds.

Gaming. It’s everything. Wouldn’t you, then, love your kid to enjoy the most epic and breath-taking of experiences with a well-programmed and well, not-too-easy gameplay? Let them pass their least busy times with something for their eyes, minds and enjoyment too!

After examining the best dirt bike games available out there, I was able to get a list together. Why don’t we have a look at each of the following video games that might interest even you, but especially your young one(s)?

Top Dirt Bike Games

Monster Energy Supercross -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
MXGP 20194.8 out of 5 stars
Moto Racer 4 (Nintendo Switch)4.7 out of 5 stars
MX vs ATV All Out4.6 out of 5 stars
Freekstyle4.5 out of 5 stars

Monster Energy Supercross

After playing this game, you will realize that older versions were quite sophisticated. Say hello to this new, simplified and yet quite realistic dirt bike video game that you will find out there. What makes it so special?

You would want an easy gameplay for your video game, wouldn’t you? But what good is fun if it’s too easy? Games are meant to be a little challenging, and this is one of the top ingredients you should always be checking for.

To make this possible, the game’s graphics were designed to be exactly what your eyes would love. I mean, it is as real as you would want it to be. It not only captures an epic experience with its near-real race tracks but also the physical features of bikes and players.

Talking of players, have you or your kid wished to have a go with some of the sport’s icons? Well, this is a chance for you to show what you’ve got out there as you can race with or against some of these players. 

Playing as though you are literally in the race track with or against your favourite and top players can be quite satisfying, don’t you think? This is a worthy try and a game definitely worth every second!


  • Race with and against iconic players
  • Amazing graphics
  • Simple gameplay


  • No real challenge
  • Disappointing load time


MXGP 2019


MXGP 2019, The official motocross video game. As we have noted and probably will, a lot, gaming is everything to a gamer. You would want to enjoy every second that you invest in your game, and trust me when I tell you that a game’s graphics will give you more than you hope for in that one hour or few minutes. 

While the initial video games focused more on delivering an epic experience while simplifying the gameplay, this video game will just blow your mind with its graphics as that was its major focus.

You will love how the riders move and ride their bikes. Their gear is as real as the tracks and every physical part of your bike looks as touchable and ride able like the ones you’ve been watching real-time.

What’s more on the reality experience that this game delivers is that you can literally notice the effects of even weather conditions and the little movements from your players. 

Talk about wet and slippery tracks or dry and loose ones depending on how the sky in the game is. Talk about some riders stopping to whip and even scrub like the pros!

This is reality right in front of your eyes, and I honestly do not know any better way to spend your time than with a masterpiece for a video game.


  • Simple gameplay
  • Excellent graphics
  • Real-life players and bikes


  • Offers only single-player
  • A customer complained about receiving a scratched game


Moto Racer 4 (Nintendo Switch)


Are you a fan of single racing? This is a single-player mode where you will have to fight your way up the ladder on your own. Well, of course with your bike and equipment. 

What I love about this is that it kind of tests the rider you really are. 

Want to know how good you are in gaming dirt bikes? Then why don’t you try this game out? I can guarantee that you will love it. Crush your opponents all over the world and showcase your skills and riding style.

Choose the best bikes to get you ahead and make the right adjustments to put your literal best foot forward. You can also get to master new styles which will give you a plus on drifts, wheelies and even swerves.

Motor Racer 4 is the ideal game that you should be going for if you’d like to make those personal customizations to meet your taste. Upgrade your look and performance in the racecourse!

Try out all the amazing and adventurous circuits around the United States. Challenge your opponents through all these areas for a more detailed experience with the availability to choose the ideal circuit backgrounds.


  • Features single racing
  • Personal customization
  • Amazing circuits


  • Disappointing gameplay
  • Doesn’t support local multiplayer

MX vs ATV All Out


Are you looking for a motocross game that you are assured to enjoy? You should perhaps have a look at the MX vs. ATV which, I bet, you will find to have the most comprehensive collection of dirt bike racing games. 

This game franchise has been known to produce games with the most amazing experience, thanks to the level of accuracy seen with their aspects of riders, bikes and racecourses.

MX vs. ATV recently released All Out, and this version is definitely something that you will love to invest your time in. But who said only adults enjoy an epic gaming experience?

The level of accuracy displayed in the graphics and presented through this game’s experience is exactly what your child would love to have in their gaming console too.

Why don’t you check out their previous games, though? Be sure to love them just as much or at least, almost as you will enjoy All Out.


  • Good graphics
  • High racecourse and bike/rider accuracy


  • Screen lagging



From the name, this game is generally one for the “freaks” and fearless. If you would like to try out something beyond the conventional video games where you compete against each other, then you should have a look at this one.

Freekstyle was made for you. Ideally you. Yes, this is why. It is but human nature to be tired of the common stuff. The common races. We watch them everywhere and come across them everywhere.

That’s why some people may be interested in something a little out of the ordinary box. Something to instil thrill in not only wins, but also in risks and some little danger.

Expect to be making some high and steep jumps and climbs that may leave you out of breath in minutes as you manoeuvre terrains and ride through cliffs. 

What’s most interesting about such games is the level of realism that they’re able to depict. Enjoy a real-time experience as you play this game which I’m confident will not disappoint you. Have fun!


  • You can do multiple tricks at top speed
  • The game mechanics and its environment are amazing
  • Real-time motocross champions


  • You may not like their music or graphic design
  • The game has a rather steep learning curve

I have talked about “evolution” in this article and still will quite a lot, but I don’t mean to make this feel like a history class. A lot has changed over the years, and all these changes have seen amazing stuff introduced.

When we’re talking about gaming, we have witnessed so many changes over the years. The most notable one is that years back, most games were played in real life rather then on phones. 

Technology saw a lot shift from the playgrounds to digital playgrounds. Talk about roads that look as real as they are in real life and race tracks or racecourses that mimic the colour, texture and design of the same in real-life.

When I said gaming is everything, I meant it. This is one of the areas where you get to interact with virtual reality, and what is it if not mind-blowing! Remember how watching the Avengers in 3D felt like?

Imagine participating in it. Playing the Avengers. Experiencing every moment in virtual reality. The involvement that games present you is just what you would want for your ultimate entertainment.

Dirt bike games are more than just games. Forget your regular racing games. This is one racing game that will literally blow your mind. Why? 

Let’s talk about the actual dirt bike riding for a moment. You probably have ridden a dirt bike before or watched it in the screens with your top and iconic players.

You will often use it on off roads and for freestyle rides, resting with a variety of terrains. Swerving like a pro, riding across cliffs. Making safe and breath-taking jumps and getting lost in the moment.

Dirt bikes are just amazing and fun to ride. Now imagine having this on your screen and looking as real as ever. Doesn’t it just sound amazing? Well, it looks even better!

The gaming evolution has seen the introduction of games with amazing graphics. As we age on, we are seeing new games come in. Games that mimic reality to the highest degree and I have to admit that it can be an amazing way to pass your time or spend your day.

Do not ever regret spending a dollar to purchase a video game. No- a dirt bike video game!

Keep this in mind

There are a few things that you should keep in mind as you go around shopping for a dirt bike video game. 

They may help you make a better decision on the game you’ll take home and the information that I’ll share alongside them may shed some light on something you didn’t know much about regarding dirt bikes.

Why don’t we jump right in?

Did you know the extent to which visual graphics can affect your gaming experience? 

Think of it first as watching a movie. There is always something about going down to the cinemas and grabbing some pop corn and juice.

Don’t you always feel a difference when you try doing the same at home, alone? It could be more interesting, or it could bore you more. It all really depends on who you are and what you love most.

But, undeniably, there is something about the cinemas and the quality of their movies. The kind of experience you get there will always be different from the one at home or elsewhere. But why so?

Because to meet the quality standards of hundreds of physical viewers, they have to project excellent graphics.

In gaming and specially dirt bike racing, the major concern is on capturing the gamer-experience. The idea is in making you have a near-real experience when you’re playing. 

So that it almost feels like you’re literally on top of that bike. Swerving, and riding through those terrains. Some graphics have the featured ability to even dust-off, which could be an amazing experience for any player!

But while graphics carries so much weight in these games, something else equally does. Let’s have a look.


Have you ever tried playing certain games and had quite some difficulty? Sometimes you will be losing a lot and in other games, you could be having a challenge moving from even one spot to another.

Is it that you’re mot really good at these games, or what do you think could be the problem? If it will be any consolation, I do not think you’re bad at these games. I believe that some games are just not easy to play.

It’s not that their levels are difficult or the other players are pretty good or selected even. No. I mean things like controls, how smooth the game processes memory and graphics and even its user interaction. 

Now, when you look at all these, you will sure be surprised by just how much fun we could be missing because of things that are beyond our control. 

And are there those hindrances that are within our control? Yes, there definitely are, and these can be overcome by acquiring some skill sets from and for the game(s). 

Why don’t we look at the first set of challenges with gameplay? What makes the gameplay poor? Well, one reason that is clear could be with how the game was programmed.

You deserve a game that is so smooth to play, and by smooth, I mean that you should face as less challenges with a game as possible. 

You would not want to be playing and in the middle of it, get rude interruptions and or setbacks from things like poor controls.

You would want to enjoy your game more than you’re complaining and stressing over it because it is meant to relieve you of the pressure and not cause more of it. Remember that you may have also spent some dollars to purchase it, and who would want to watch their money go to waste?

Game modes

Game modes are the flesh of every game. I mean, this is where you will invest literally all your gaming time. Shifting from a mode to another or sticking to one for hours.

Dirt bike video games, like most racing games, are pretty simple. There are lesser sophistications as you would encounter with most other games.

What you’ll mostly come across under game modes are single mode and career mode. What would you like to try and what is the difference between the two?

In most single modes with a majority of the games including the ones cited, you will have the single mode representing single races which do not progress to the next.

These are races that start and end after a few minutes, and you’re usually racing against some opponents. What is interesting about this mode is that you can try out racing in various different locations and you can challenge players too.

You will also be able to showcase your gaming skills as you will be on your own and will have to win races within a few minutes. 

You have the best bikes and bikers at your disposal, but what will set you apart from the other players is how good you are in the actual game and how much about biking you understand.

A career mode is like a story where you establish yourself as a “biker”, of course in the game. You will get to choose a bike to start off with and a rider with whom you’ll grow your career.

Go places and make progress that you can always come back to, however long you stop playing the game. All you have to do is save the progress.

What most people and perhaps you too will like about this mode is that you’re able to see yourself grow in the game. This means that you’ll also be able to tell if the game is working for you or not.

With these and more considerations that you may make on your own, you should be able to go home with a bike that you will love and have an amazing time with it.

Bottom Line

Did you manage to walk with us this short journey of looking at the best dirt bike video games available out there? If you are reading this, then you of course got to the end successfully. But there are a few words I would like to leave you with.

What was your first experience with a dirt bike game like? Whatever the game was. I hope it was fun and you spent enough time racing or riding through steel terrains and across new and amazing circuits.

A good dirt bike game will deliver most on its graphics and thus deliver an epic experience. You would want to play a game that pops in your mind whenever you need to relax and stretch your smile muscles a little.

For a better experience, the next time you’re thinking of getting a dirt bike video game, I would recommend that you go for the MXGP 2019.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for in a dirt bike video game, I can guarantee that this game will not disappoint. It has excellent graphics, so be sure to enjoy every minute of playing the game. It also has a good gameplay and features real-life players and bikes.

This may not be the best game that you have or will ever play, but it does make every second worth it. Don’t regret a single cent you spend getting the best of these dirt bike games. Get the MXGP 2019 today!