How to Clean a Dirt Bike

How to Wash Your Dirt Bike – Cleaning Guide

Keeping your bike clean is one of the most basic processes in maintaining it. When you wash the bike regularly it looks better and lasts longer. When you clean your bike, it is also a technical task. Hence there is always a correct way of doing the right thing. To make sure you don’t spoil your motorcycle, you can follow these steps:

The Most Sensitive Components Needs To Be Removed And Protected:

You need to take care of your dirt bike before exposing it to water. As you might let a direct stream of water to the bike, some of the elements need to be removed before cleaning the dirt bike. These elements include:

  • Seats – The foam which is inside the seat soaks up similarly like a sponge, this gets defective and later on breaks down. Make sure you get the bolts reinstalled which is on the seat. When you take care of the bolts, you can prevent the shrouds from wobbling. For cleaning the seat, try using a brush with the Simple Green Cleaner.
  • Air Filter – the last thing which can enter the air filter of the dirt bike is water, so it is better that you remove this beforehand.
  • Bark Busters, Skid Plate, And Pipe Guard – They generally don’t get damaged or destroyed when washing the motorcycle, bark busters, skid plate and pipe guard hide most of the dirty parts of your bike and thus deny it from getting clean most of the time. So, you need to get the debris, grease off these areas of problems, you are setting yourself up for some subsequent issues.
  • Airbox – The airbox must be covered, while you clean the air filter. Many people fix ducts while making use of an airbox cover while others fix ducts over bike’s holes. Any method that suits you can be used by you to you to keep the airbox covered.
  • Muffler – Wash plugs are also known as mufflers, although they are numerous other elements that are very comfortable and which will protect the engine like duct tape and a sandwich baggie with a strong rubber band.
  • Hose It Off – After taking the measures of prevention, your next step is to start cleaning. Many people tell you to use pressure washers, but it is not a correct move. They get the work done faster, but they do damage the machine.

Pressure washers put water into areas which they are not supposed to enter. If the water enters your bike it will cost you a lot to repair it. The pressure washers can be very strong and may ruin the plastic pieces and graphics on your motorcycle. It is very easy and hence you might get carried away while using the pressure washers.

If you use the pressure washers, you should be very careful when you are near the engine. Make sure you are far enough from your motorcycle so that the engine does not get knocked off by the pressure. The main power washing should be done on the bike’s tires and plastic you need to then go to the dial by using a regular hose when you are cleaning delicate parts of the Dirt bike.

A dirt bike when cleaned with a hose fitted with a spray nozzle is much safer while you are cleaning. As you clean the machine with the hose, avoid spraying water directly to the delicate components like the airbox, muffler or carburetor.

Using a hose can loosen the dirt and mud which sticks to the bike. Don’t use a dirt bike cleaner during this time, as you will be directing it while the bike is dirty. When the bike has been on mud trails you need to start cleaning from the mudguards. Most of the dirt and mud can be found in this area and this is where it aggravates here. After this you can proceed with the exhaust. After you are done with the exhaust you can start washing the bike from one end to another. This is when all the dirt comes off but the bike would still need some more help.

Scrub It Down

After the dirt has loosened completely it is time to get the bike scrubbing. You would need a Bike brush when you want to get stubborn pieces of dirt and mud removed from the machine. Clean the area with the brushes and keep your focus on the spots where you can see the dirt builds up such as chains, sprockets and wheels.

You need to put in a lot of effort in these areas because if the dirt builds up it tends to bring more problems. Always check the underside of the bike as chunks of mud tend to hide there.

Check the dirt before you proceed to the next stage. Spraying water is another way to put down the buildup. The kits have the brushes included, there are many options of brushes available in the market.


Next add the soapy solution – This mix is made by water and dish cleaning soap. This is a very effective method of cleaning; the quality of the soap depends on the nature of the trails which your motorcycle has been to. The soap should be in a condition to remove the dirt which is latched to the bike.

Mix all the ingredients in a big bucket of water and make a huge lather. Use a fine piece of brush or a cloth, so that you can get the area cleaned. Make sure to use it on bikes with larger spots. There might be many small and tight spaces where mittens and sponges might not work well.

When the bike has been lathered leave it for around two minutes. This will help in penetration of the soap in the dirt. You should be cautious when lathering so that lather does not reach the sensitive areas in the bike. Now you can rinse the bike with water.

Make Use of Bike Wash

If you are still not happy with the cleaning you can use the solution that can be used on the sprockets, frame, chain, and engine. If you are after the shine Bike wash is also necessary, it will clean the dirt which is remaining and other residues.

After the bike is sprayed you need to make sure that the target areas are cleaned. leave it for a few minutes. Use a soft brush to scrub the bike clean. Ensure that the different spaces are clear of both the grime and dirt.

Many individuals work with a hose to rinse the bikes. However, make sure that the bike wash has not gone to sensitive areas in the bike such as the brake pads. Among the bike washes the dirt biking community trust in Simple Green.

Dry the Bike Off

At this point the bike is free of any dirt residues. Use a clean and dry towel for cleaning, the listed three things can be used such as microfiber, terry cloth, or cotton. For soaking up most of the water the best cloth is a terry cloth. Microfiber towel picks the leftover dirt and germs.

Check the cables of the bike when you are doing the cleaning. Start and run your bike to check if the engine runs its engine nicely or water has entered the engine. You can use compressed air when it comes to drying parts which are not that easier to use.

Care for the Chain

Always pay attention to the chain when washing the bike. The first step is scrubbing.   When it is moisture free, you can opt for a lubricant.

For best and maximum care, you need to check it and submerge it in a light solvent. You can now use a brush to clean the left-over dirt. Make sure it is dry before they add lubricant. Now you can add the chain to the dirt bike.

Put the Bike Back Together

When the dirt bike is completely clean. The time has come now that you reassemble it. Make sure all the tapes or plugs are fixed properly to protect the engine.

Important Areas to Clean Like a Pro

There are many important areas which need your attention while washing the dirt bike such as fork adjusters. Now when you start to clean the shift lever and foot pegs. The residue of the built-up dirt will destroy the chain so you should ensure you clean it properly. Paying attention to the shock bumper and the area under the tank is also one of the important aspects of cleaning.

Cleaning your dirt bike is a very lengthy process and you have to be very generous while you are giving your time and care to the dirt bike. You should always use quality products before you start washing, and also the cleaning process seems organized.  The dirt bikes are meant for dirty and muddy roads with bumps, but they also need more care while you are cleaning the bike so that you can avoid repairing costs.