Best Dirt Bike Apps

What are the Top Dirt Biking Phone Apps for Motocross?

Dirt biking is a popular sport across the country and you are probably reading this article because you are a dirt biker, looking for a way you could make things easier for yourself using mobile apps. 

Over the past decade, Smartphones have gradually become a part of our daily life. In this app you will be learning about some smartphone apps available for free download on multiple mobile app stores and could be a game changer for you.

In no particular order, below is a list of our top 5 apps that dirt bikers must have:

Strava: Best App for Tracking Your Ride

This is a must-have dirt bike GPS app that is commonly used in the world of cycling and comes in very handy for dirt bikers. It keeps track of important information such as the distance covered, speed and time. You can also save your route on the app for future purposes. This app is available for free on Android and iOS stores. For more information, visit

AccuWeather: Best Weather Forecast App

While biking, you need to be aware of any impending change in weather to know how what extra gear to go out with and prepare yourself. With AccuWeather, you are covered as their forecast are very accurate. AccuWeather is available for free on the Android and iOS stores. You can learn more about the app via

Red Cross: Best App for Emergency 

Dirt biking is an extreme sport, and thus, riders are exposed to numerous risks. The Red Cross App is a must-have for every biker. It provides instant information and first aid tips to handle an emergency till help arrives. You will find helpful quizzes and videos within the app. As you progress in learning, you will be awarded badges, which you can share with your friends to show off your new knowledge. This app is available for free on Android and iOS devices, and you can learn more about it at

Sleep Cycle:  Best App to Track Your Sleep Pattern

This app tracks your sleep patterns and analyzes them. This app uses your phone mic to determine your phase of sleep and can gently wake you up so that you still feel refreshed. It can detect if you are in the light, deep, or REM phase of sleep and analyze to know the best time to wake you within 30 mins. This app is available to download for free on Android and iOS devices, and you can learn more about it on the site

Runtastic: Best App to Track Your Training Progress

This is a multisport app that is often used by bikers but can also be used when jogging or running. It helps you keep track of your progress during workout sessions. With this app, you can set goals, monitor, and share progress with friends. It also has a GPS feature that enables you to save any route through which you traveled. This app is Available for free download on Android and iOS devices or visits the website to learn more.

Getting the Best from Your Apps

Apart from the above-listed apps, there are tons of other useful apps that can make your dirt biking adventures safer and more comfortable. 

In addition to the above, there are a couple of things you can do to help you get the best out of these mobile apps.

Get a Good Casing for Your Phone

Consider investing in a good phone case. Due to the type of tracks that dirt bikes travel through, the phone Will continually be subjected to vibrations, and since there is no covering on the bike, the phone runs the risk of being beat by the rain. Therefore it is Preferable that you get one which is shockproof and water-resistant.

Position the Phone on the Bike’s handlebars

Apart from safeguarding your phone from dirt and water, you also need a holding device to help you hold your phone in position on the bike’s handle bars. It is not advisable for you to keep the phone in your pocket because due to the rugged nature of the road, it can easily slip off from your pocket. In a crash, the holder will still help keep the phone in the right position. The handle bars also make it easier to view your phone instead of bringing it out of a pouch every time.

Remember the Battery Life

Although using Apps on your dirt bike may make your live easier, your phone battery will pay the price for it. GPS apps, for example, will drain the life out of your battery as they keep aligning with a minimum of 3 satellites in space traveling at incredible speed. Always bear this in mind when you are traveling to an unknown destination to devise a way to manage the battery. Otherwise, you just might find yourself with a flat battery in the middle of nowhere. If you must use the GPS device through, you must ensure that the entire journey doesn’t exceed 3hrs, i.,e. to and fro. 

Disadvantages of Depending on Phone Apps for Dirt Bike Trips

At the beginning of this article, we saw a list of useful Mobile apps for dirt biking. Now we will be discussing a few of the demerits.

They Make Your Phone Overheat

Smart phone gadgets are not designed to be heat resistant. In fact, they produce heat them self when working. Under intense use such as gaming, you must have noticed how quickly your smartphone becomes heated.

Since your phone will be hanged on the handlebars, it means it will be exposed to direct heat coming from the sun during summer. If this heat persists and goes beyond a certain point, your mobile phone will switch itself off to protect the internal components.

The Phone Screens aren’t Clear Enough.

The phone manufacturers design them to produce light that won’t take a toll on the battery. Although smartphones are clear when used under room conditions, you will agree that they can almost seem blank under sunlight. Dirt biking is done under direct daylight; this means you won’t be able to see your phone screen sometimes until you remove it from the mount and move closer to your face.

The Screen won’t Respond When You Use Gloves

The screen of smartphones are designed to be operated by human fingers, and they usually won’t respond if you touch an alien object. For example, except you take off your hand gloves, you won’t be able to operate your phone as the screen won’t respond. This is a little bit of extra work for you to do every time. For many people, this can be a huge drawback.

They are Highly Sensitive to External Forces

Smartphones are usually resistant to Dirt, Water, and Impact. Dirt biking opens your phone to all these as their tracks can be very dusty, and this may get into your phone and could tamper with its functionalities. Also, phones hate extreme vibrations which are common when riding bikes through various terrains.


By making use of a few mobile apps, you can make your dirt biking more adventurous and easier. There are tons of apps on the respective mobile app store that can help up your game. To get the best out of the mobile apps, there are some tweaks you can make, such as getting a reliable hanger to help clamp your phone to the crossbar of your bike.

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