Best Dirt Bike Phone Mount

There are many grounds that can make someone decide to move around with his/her phone while dirt bike riding. It could be because they want to listen to some music, or they are expecting an important call; in many cases, it is usually because of navigational purposes.

The ides of bike riding is going to adventures off the grid to places you have never been before, and enjoy what nature has to offer. As a result, you could get lost once in a while, making it necessary to have equipment mounted on your bike to help you move around.

All in all, it is vital to ensure that as you are moving around with your phone, it is secured in a safe place that it will not fall off easily. Considering the bumpy terrain of the off-road, you want to secure your phone correctly.

You can do that by getting one of the phone mounts in any motorcycle store within your area. With many options available out there, it can be challenging for many riders to select on the best products. 

Also, each maker claiming to have the best items on the market raises more confusion among buyers. It is because of that particular reason that we have prepared this article for you.

Some of the best products concerning the topic have been tested and reviewed in detail, to ease your purchasing process. After going through the post, you should not have any difficulties selecting the most suitable product you can afford. 

Best Dirt Bike Phone Mount List

RAM X-Grip UN10U Handlebar Rail Mount -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Tackform metal 4.8 out of 5 stars
ILM Bike4.7 out of 5 stars
Spritech Bike4.6 out of 5 stars
IPOW4.5 out of 5 stars

RAM X-Grip UN10U Handlebar Rail Mount


This is the best mount for a phone you will get out there on the market today. It comes with quite a variety of mounting options depending on your preference you can choose the most suitable one.

This item is made from high-end materials that will ensure your items’ service life is longer compared to other similar products. This Particular gadget is made using stainless steel, making the item rust-resistant.

The four holders that are attached to the mount are fitted with springs that expand and contracts easily, thereby securing your device in a position you see fit. Also, the rubber secures your phone without scratches whatsoever. 

The incorporated socket techniques will allow you to adjust your phone in angles and positions you want for your convenience of use. This is a product you want to have on your off-road bike.


  • It is highly durable
  • The item comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It is rust-resistant


  • Once in a while, you will need to use adhesives on the rubber edges
  • There have been some concerns that the thumbscrew does not fasten tightly; this could lead to the stealing of the mount since it’s just that easy.


Tackform metal 


This is a great product to have in your motocross. It can be mounted on the bars, and it can easily be operated using one hand. The item is sturdy and has been approved to be sued in any environment. 

By that, I mean it is water-proof, dust, and snow resistant. You will also love that the gadget can be rotated 360 degrees; this will allow you to position your phone in a position you can easily see and operate. 

You will appreciate that the installation is quite easy; also, the clamp is made from top of the notch aluminum grade to give you the maximum grip you want. 

The track can handle devices of thick up to three inches. If you are looking for a new mount, this is the product to buy. 


  • The product can be rotated one full revolution
  • It is made from high-end materials
  • The installation process is quite easy; also the operation is simple


  • It is highly-priced
  • It has a limited angle of adjustment where the arm is attached to the swivel

ILM Bike


This is another excellent product; if you want to buy something that can help you firmly mount your phone or GPS gadget on your bike, you should give this one a try. Like many other mounts, it is made using steel that is rust-resistant.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Isn’t that amazing? Just imagine that as long as you have purchased it if any problem arises with the item, the manufactures will come in and help you address it. They can offer free repair services or give you a new one.

The commodity can also be rotated 360 degrees, this offers you more freedom on the position you want to place your phone for ease of use. The screws that attach this item to the handlebars are upgraded and offer a firm grip. 

You will also like that this mounting brand allows you to have a full-screen view, unlike a few others on the market.


  • The price of this item is justified
  • It is sturdy and rock-solid
  • It can fit any mobile phone of up to 3.7 inches.


  • Some customers have raised complaints of fake highly rated plastic commodities that break easily
  • Some customers do not like the roughcast aluminum finish

Spritech Bike


Talk about flexibility; this brand has given it all when it comes to how user-friendly their items are. Spritech allows you to rotate your phone 360 degrees not only in a horizontal position but also vertically, offering you the best angle of view. 

The clamp that is used to secure the mount on to your bike firmly is fitted with stainless steel, which highly durable and rustproof. All this together ensures that you have a firm grip for more period.

You will also love that this item has grooves that are made from aluminum alloys; also, it is fitted with non-slip rubber to ensure that your phone doesn’t slide away while in rough terrain enjoying your ride. 

Unlike many other similar products out there this particular one, the width can be adjusted, and it can be made to accommodate phones of sizes up to seven inches wide.


  • This commodity will firmly fit any phone up to 3.9’ wide
  • It is quite easy to use and install
  • This product is made from high-quality aluminum alloys


  • The item is not shipped to some parts of the globe
  • If you have a thicker phone casing, this may not be your best option



The last product we are going to review in this article is the IPOW; the fact that we are examining it last does not mean that it is any less. You will be surprised by the services it will offer. It is simple and easy to use. 

The installation process is effortless; besides, it comes with a one year warranty. Although it is not a great deal compared to the offer given to other similar items, it is worth it, and when it comes to performance, you will not be disappointed.

You can easily choose between landscape or portrait view since this mount can be rotated fully one complete cycle. The materials used in manufacturing this product are of high-quality and durable.

IPOW can comfortably fit handlebars are thick up to 0.6′ and hold phones that are 3.5 inches wide.


  • It can rotate 360 degrees
  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • It is made from sturdy materials


  • The product comes with a limited warranty
  • The clamp is made from plastic, which is not the best material for the job


Factors to consider while purchasing Phone Mount

Selecting the best item on the market may not be as easy as some of you may think it is. With numerous brands from different manufacturers, it can be quite challenging for many riders to select the item they need.

We have therefore prepared for you some of the essentials that you need to consider before purchasing your commodity just to be sure that you have made the right choice in your purchase. Some of the factors to keep in mind include;


Mounts are manufactured either using plastic or metals. In my own opinion, I would prefer to use metal mounts because of the obvious reasons that they are strong compared to the plastic ones.

You need to buy a product made from high-end materials that will assure the safety of your mobile phone or GPS device at all times. Go for the items made using rust and corrosion-resistant materials. 

Note that items made using quality material will tend to be more expensive! It’s worth it, keeping in mind that you are putting trust in that amount you are choosing.

Damping mechanism

Whether you are riding off-road in rough terrain or you are in the streets, your tires are likely to vibrate, and these vibrations and shock waves are transmitted to the entire body of the bike.

It is, therefore, vital to ensure that the amount you are buying has a proper damping mechanism to minimize the effects of such vibrations. Increased vibrations could lead to slipping or cracking of your phone.

Therefore when you are buying a mobile mount, make sure that the holder that secures your phone is fitted with a rubber. Also, confirm that the clamp that attaches the mount to the barrel is also provided with shock-absorbing rubber.

Without these features to minimize the effects of shocks and vibrations, you are likely to lose your expensive phone when you hit a good bump.

Attachment options

This is another crucial factor to consider while purchasing an off-road bike mobile mounts. Remember that there are various ways in which the device can be mounted onto your bicycle.

It can either be mounted using clamps, which can, in turn, be fastened using screws or by hand. While selecting your product, make sure that the clamp fits appropriately with the diameter of your barrel.

This is very important as the last thing you want is buying amount and later on realizing that it is either too small or big for the barrel of your bike. 

You also need to make sure that in the clamp, the area that comes in contact with the barrel is fitted with rubber so as to minimize the effects of vibrations that will be transferred to your device.


There are many types of mounts available out there, and the good thing about it is that they vary in prices. You will find out that they are those that are quite expensive and some are also pocket friendly.

Many people tend to confuse expensive and performance. It is always the case that the product cost more performs well.  You will be surprised to find cheap items that will satisfy and exceed your expectations. At the same time, it is not advised to be purchasing cheap items. 

Buy a product that you know will meet your expectations, and you can easily manage the price. That way, you are left with a few bucks to settle other bills.

Access allowed to your phone

Various products use various securing methods to hold your phone in place. Some of these methods may hinder you from fully accessing all the operating options on your mobile phones.

Take the case of grooved securing pads; the extension may end up blocking a portion of your screen depending on the size of your phone display. Also, you may get that your headphone jack is blocked from access.

Such a product may not be your best choice. I, therefore, advise that you should test the compatibility before buying it to avoid such inconvenience of not having full access to your device while enjoying your ride.


There are many occasions where you would find a motocross phone mount to be useful. It is therefore wise to have one on your bike so that you can position your phone or GPS devices in a proper way to avoid unnecessary distractions while you are riding.

I would recommend that you select the best product among the one available to sell so that you can get the value of your money back. Of the five mounts reviewed in this write-up, I would highly recommend that you buy the RAM X-Grip UN10U.

It is one of the best items available; in addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is made from highly durable materials to ensure that it has a long service life. You will also love that the commodity is rustproof. 

The four holders are attached with a soft rubber that will firmly secure your device without any scratch. If you are looking for a mount that is worth every penny in your pocket go and get RAM X-Grip