Best Dirt Bike Skid Plate

What are the Top Motocross MX Skid Plates?

Dirt biking is an extreme sport, and nothing says extreme better than unconventional routes. Riders go anywhere from rocky mountains to slippery pathways seeking the thrill. But, in doing so, they open their bikes to the possibility of damage from the sustained impacts.

A skid plate is a cover that goes at the bottom of your bike. It shields the motor, linkage and frame from the flying debris or any other impacts that would otherwise cause the parts to be disfigured or worse.

Riding in areas where rocks, logs, roots and ledges are in plenty is dangerous both for you and for your bike. The costs incurred in replacing and repairing damaged parts of the bike may add to a high figure that is probably not in your budget.

It would be best if you had additional protection for your dirt bike the same way riders make sure they have protective gear on when they ride. Off-road terrain gives the ultimate thrill, but it is also filled with many unprecedented dangers.

Riding is fun when you do not have to worry every minute whether your bike will suffer damage. To keep your mind off the dangers, you should get a skid plate, a glide plate and a bash plate.

Here, we will discuss the eight best skid plates available in the market.


This plate is made to withstand strong impacts. If you are looking to take your bike to the toughest terrains, this plate will ensure your fun does not die down because of irreparable damage to the underbelly of your bike.

The plate is made from a thick aluminum alloy whose thickness varies from 0.3 to 0.2 inches. Its clamps are high-quality steel and will not come loose even when you are at high speeds. When the plate takes a hit, the clamps make sure it remains intact, and there are no damages.

It is made with several cutouts to provide access to the bike parts during maintenance, so there is no hustle of removing and returning the plate now and then. Constant removal of the plate leads to the clamps loosening, which could be catastrophic for the bike.

The plate is covered in a tough anodized finish, which gives it durability and a beautiful sleek look. They are made to be compatible with several bike brands, making them easy to find and versatile.

This plate is for those willing to pioneer into dangerous territory. They are tough and are guaranteed to keep your bike running in the most uncharted places. You have nothing to worry about if the plate suffers some impact. It is made with durable material and will not damage easily.


  • It is made with tough aluminum alloy that makes it long-lasting.
  • It can withstand stronger impacts than most plates.
  • It has cutouts for easy access during bike repair and maintenance.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is finished with an anodized finish that protects the plate from impacts.


  • It is expensive.

Works Connection

Works Connection manufactures a wide range of skid plates to choose from. Their toughest skid plate is the Extended Coverage skid plate. It is made from tough aluminum that makes it strong and long-lasting.

It has a Rubber Isolator Mounting System which gives the plate the ability to fit snuggly on the bike. It is flexible and takes the shape of the underbelly. Some aluminum plates make the bike frames very rigid. However, with RIMS, this problem is eliminated.

The plates are all machine-specific, which means there is a different one for each brand of bike. However, the high quality is consistent in all of them. It has maintenance holes cut into them to give access and minimize constant removal of the plate.


  • They are made from strong aluminum, which gives their frame strength.
  • They have maintenance holes for easier access during repair and maintenance.
  • They have a special rubber mounting system that makes it flexible and gives the plate a perfect fit.
  • They are available for a wide range of bike models and brands.


  • The toughest Works Connector plates are pricey.

AXP Racing

It is a fairly new brand of skid plates. They are set apart from the other skid plate brands because of the plastic material used to make their plates. They are the leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic plates.

One of their plates is the Xtrem HPDE plate. It is the brand’s toughest plate and is made entirely of plastic. The plastic used to make it is a high-density polyethylene of eight millimeters in thickness.

They provide great cover and excellent protection. The plates are CNC machined to give them the perfect finish. Like many other plates, it is machine-specific and is available for many popular brands of dirt bikes.

The high-quality skid plates are considered glide plates because of how logs and rocks slide over them, unlike in the aluminum plates. The Xtrem is a full coverage glide plate and provides protection even to the linkages.


  • It is a full-coverage skid plate.
  • It is available for many popular brands.
  • They are made from high-density plastic that can withstand heavy impacts.
  • They do not face challenges in terrain with a lot of logs.


  • IT does not have cutouts for access during maintenance.
  • It is made of plastic and will not last as long as the aluminum skid plates.


This plate differs from the plastic and aluminum plates in that it is made of carbon fiber. Its material gives it lightweight characteristics while still being tough enough to stand strong impacts. It does not wear easily over time.

Like the plastic skid plates, the SXSlide plate slides over obstacles easier compared to the aluminum plates. It is a full-coverage plate meaning it protects both the frame and the linkages at the bottom with a single unit.

A full skid plate helps to move over obstacles easily without getting caught or carrying debris. Additionally, it protects the water pump from damage. Many riders prefer this skid plate because they are light and durable.


  • It is light.
  • It does not get caught in obstacles because they slide over them easily.
  • It is made of carbon fiber, which is strong and durable.
  • It is a full skid plate.


  • It lasts for a shorter period than the aluminum plates.

Enduro Engineering

Enduro Engineering makes skid plates for several bikes and other vehicles. The most popular skid plate for dirt bikes is the Xtreme skid plate. It is made strong enough to withstand strong impacts.

 It makes it the best plate for riders interested in riding in the canyons because of its toughness. The terrain there is filled with large rocks and logs that may cause damage to the dirt bikes. However, with this skid plate, there is no need to worry.

The skid plate is unique from the other plates because of its build. It has extra-large wings that give additional coverage, thus more protection. It also has footpeg protection on the plate. They are specifically made for dirt bikes only.

They are also CNC machined to fit bike frames perfectly and to give them a good finish. The plate is made from a high-grade aluminum that makes it resistant to strong impacts.


  • It is made from aluminum of high quality for durability.
  • It has larger wings to cover more area and to give it protection.
  • It is suitable for canyoneering.
  • It is made specifically to fit dirt bikes.


  • It does not glide over obstacles as easily as plastic plates do.

Flatland Racing

Flatland Racing was conceived by dirt bikers who wanted to make plates of the highest quality. This plate is made using 5025 aluminum with a thickness of about 0.2 inches. It is tig welded and fastened using steel clamps onto the bike.

It has uniquely shaped slits that make it easy to clean and allow access to the motor for maintenance and repair. It is lighter than some of the other aluminum plates but provides better protection.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It has access cutouts for easier maintenance of the bike.
  • It is made from strong aluminum to make it durable.
  • It is fastened to the frame using steel clamps that do not come loose.
  • It is tig welded to make it smooth and slide easily over obstacles.


  • It is lighter than the other aluminum plates, and therefore, they may not be suitable for tougher terrain.

DeVol Racing

DeVol Racing’s skid plate covers the motor and frame of the dirt bike. It is also referred to as a glide plate because of how easily it goes over obstacles. Logs and rocks do not get caught up on the belly of the bike.

It is built fully out of US grade aluminum. It is tough to withstand impacts and shocks. It is also CNC machined for the perfect fit on the bikes. It has some holes cut into it to allow a sufficient flow of air to cool the engine.

The holes also give access to the motor for maintenance. For most dirt bike models, the oil holes are already drilled. DeVol’s skid plates do not have the failings of the other aluminum plates when they encounter obstacles.


  • They glide easily over obstacles.
  • They are made of durable aluminum.
  • They have a perfect fit for many dirt bike brands.


  • They do not give sufficient access, so they have to be removed during repair.

P3 Carbon

It is the lightest skid plate on our list. It is made from carbon fiber to blend weight with durability. It has the perfect fit and finishes, and to do so, it is made by hand. This distinguishes it from the other CNC machined plates.

It is machine-specific, and so it is available for different brands of bikes. It would be best if you got the skid plate that fits your dirt bike perfectly. It is made primarily of carbon fiber, but it also includes Kevlar and biaxial glass for extra tenacity.

It is made to withstand high impact and can therefore be used on tough trails. It is made with a quick-release mechanism to allow you to quickly and easily remove the plate or install it. The plate also holds firmly to the frame to ensure it does not fall off.


  • It can withstand high impacts.
  • It is light.
  • It is made by hand for the perfect fit.


  • It is expensive.

More Information

Skid plates protect the frame and motor linkages of dirt bikes, and as such, it is important to have them installed. They will save you on the cost of repair and help make your dirt bike long-lasting.

 There are skid plates made from various materials, but the most common ones are aluminum, carbon fiber and plastic. These materials enable the plate to withstand stronger impacts and hence better protection for the bikes’ parts.

Aluminum can withstand stronger impacts, but they fail in memory. Dents in plastic and carbon fiber can spring back into shape, unlike in aluminum. It also does not slide like the other two, so it may challenge smooth navigation.


Skid plates have to fit perfectly on the frame. Otherwise, they will not be able to protect all its parts. The best skid plates are the ones that cover most parts of the motor and linkages while being durable and strong to withstand impacts.

I would recommend you get the Richochet off-road skid plate. It is the toughest plate on this list and one of the best aluminum plates available. It connects to the frame by using steel clamps that do not get loose easily.

It has an anodized finish that makes it shockproof and gives it a great look. It is also available for any brand of bike that you have. It is tough and can last a very long time, and can be used in the toughest terrains you can find. So get yourself the Richochet skid plate today.