Best Dirt Bike Brake Pads

Dirt bike racing is a sport that not only gives you self-fulfillment but also a once-in-a-lifetime thrill that you get to experience nowhere else.To facilitate such an experience, it is advisable that you ensure your bike is fully functional and with the right equipment to facilitate motion and braking. Choosing the best dirt bike brake pads is one step towards achieving consistency and convenience in the course of riding.

These items will enhance your safety, considering the fact that racing often involves high speeds that require constant regulation.

Best Dirt Bike Brake Pads

While making purchases, you should not go for a model just because it is being termed as a brake pad. You have to choose a model that not only works perfectly but also one that is in good shape before and during the riding experience.

It is important that you countercheck the quality aspects of the model before considering to take acquisition of it. There are so many models today. This makes it quite difficult to choose, as you have to work your way through these piles for you to find the perfect one.

Today, we have made an effort in ensuring that the buying process you engage in is easier and convenient. We have enlisted some of the best brake pads today, and also a buying guide that will prove to be helpful in the process.

Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Brake Pads List

Brake Shoes PRO BAT Shoes -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
GOOFIT Scooter Brake Brakes4.8 out of 5 stars
GOOFIT Brake Taotao Roketa Apollo4.7 out of 5 stars
JRL Brake Shoes 110cc 125cc4.6 out of 5 stars
GOOFIT Rear Brake 110cc 125cc4.5 out of 5 stars

Brake Shoes PRO BAT Shoes

Brake Shoes PRO BAT Shoes


The PRO BAT brake pads are one of the best models today. They are affordable. This makes it easy to acquire them, as you will do so without having to spend a lot of money.

These models are also compatible with a lot of bikes today. You will be able to replace the pre-existing brake pad with these, regardless of the nature or type of dirt bike you have.

The only aspect you need to pay keen attention to is size. You have to check the size of the pads, and confirm if they match your bike’s size.


  • The pads are affordable. Acquiring them won’t cost you much.
  • These models can be used in a lot of bikes today.
  • They are high-quality and durable models. This ensures that they last for long without wearing out.
  • They can easily be installed.


  • Some people have raised complaints that the pads don’t fit perfectly.

GOOFIT Scooter Brake Brakes

GOOFIT Scooter Brake Brakes


The GOOFIT brake pads are quite cheap. Despite this, they still offer quality that is only gotten from the purchase of premium models. Your money doesn’t go down the drain.

The models work perfectly for 150cc bikes. They fit perfectly and are easy to install. The pads are of high quality and long-lasting. You can rely on them for consistency, as you will be able to use them for long without the need for replacement.


  • These pads are affordable. They will definitely cost you less.
  • The models work perfectly for 150cc dirt bikes.
  • Installing them takes a few minutes. It is a simple process.
  • The materials used in construction are high quality.


  • They can barely fit in some bikes due to compatibility issues.

 GOOFIT Brake Taotao Roketa Apollo

GOOFIT Brake Taotao Roketa Apollo


You will definitely experience no difficulties during acquisition, as the models are being sold at affordable prices. This definitely saves you a lot of money. Furthermore, you get good value for money, as the products are made of high-grade materials.

These pads are good for replacement in 110cc and 125cc bikes. They fit perfectly, and you barely need to struggle during installation. The process takes a few minutes, and you are ready to go.

You can also trust that you get a quality model, as the brand that manufactures the product has been in existence for some years. It is also quite renowned for the production of high-quality products that not only work perfectly but also for long.


  • This brake pad is being sold at a cheap market price. It is easy to acquire.
  • Installing the pads takes only a few minutes.
  • It fits perfectly and is compatible with 110cc and 125cc bikes.


  • Some people have raised complaints that the pads wear out fast.
  • They barely fit in some dirt bike types.


JRL Brake Shoes 110cc 125cc

JRL Brake Shoes 110cc 125cc


Installation of brake pads has never been easier. With the JRL brake pads, you are assured that the installation process will take less than thirty minutes. They are also cheap. They won’t cost you a lot of money.

They are perfect replacements as they can be used in different bike types. In terms of quality, these pads have been constructed using high-grade components that last for long. Wearing out is a thing of the past.

They are lightweight. The pads won’t interfere with the riding experience.


  • They are cheap.
  • They are perfect replacements as they are easy to install.
  • They fit perfectly.
  • You get good quality and durability, as the models have been made using high-grade components.
  • The pads are lightweight and have been manufactured by a reputable brand.


  • You won’t get the spring clip with this purchase. You definitely need to but it separately.

GOOFIT Rear Brake 110cc 125cc

GOOFIT Rear Brake 110cc 125cc


In case you’ve been looking for a high-quality product, you need to look no more. These GOOFIT Rear Brake pads have been designed with top quality products that work for long without wearing.

You get to enjoy good customer service. In any case that you are dissatisfied with the delivery, the company gives you the opportunity to return the goods. The brand is also renowned for the manufacture of high-quality safety gear, the rear brakes included.

You will appreciate the excellent braking aspects of these pads. Noise-causing vibration has also been reduced. The pads fit perfectly and are lightweight.


  • These pads are of high quality.
  • The goods can be returned in case you are dissatisfied with the product.
  • They are affordable.
  • You get excellent customer service.
  • The pads have great braking aspects.
  • Noise causing vibration has been minimized.
  • They are lightweight and fit perfectly.


  • They may not be compatible with all dirt bike models.

Dirt Bike Brake Pads

Are Ceramic or Metallic Brake Pads Better? 

  • Ceramic and metallic brake pads are both excellent options for the best dirt bike brake pads. However, they each come with different advantages, so you must weigh your needs before deciding which one would be best for you.
  • Ceramic Brake Pads: These brakes create less noise than their metallic counterparts and tend to last longer because they absorb more heat from braking surfaces. However, these pads have a harder time getting up to temperature quickly, even when hot or wet, something some riders find frustrating in low traction conditions.
  • Metallic Brake Pads: If you want an option with great stopping power but don’t mind wake from squealing brakes, then this type is probably the right choice for you! The downside, of course, is that some riders will find the noise to be too much.
  • Kevlar Brake Pads: The best option for those who want an all-around brake pad with great performance in different types of conditions without a lot of fuss and bother, these pads are hard to beat!
  • EBC HH Sintered Metalic Compound Brake Pads: This type has excellent stopping power. Still, it’s not nearly as noisy as other metallic options, so they’re a better choice for those looking for something quieter overall. Some people also like them because they last longer than ceramic or Kevlar brakes, which can sometimes wear out after less time on the bike than expected.

Different Types of Brake

Well, you can find three main categories: organic discs, semi-metallic, and finally, sintered metal. Organic (or natural) brake pads use a rubber-like compound that is flexible enough to wear down with time and absorb water or heat from other nearby parts like calipers, for example.

Semi-metallic brakes will have various metals mixed in with this rubber compound. Hence, it becomes more durable than an organic pad but still has some flexibility while also dissipating heat quickly.

Lastly, sintered metal brake pads are completely made up of a hard material which makes them ideal for racing purposes because they perform better under higher temperatures when compared to semi meta-alloys or organic pads.

How Are Important Brake Pads for Your Dirt Bike?

To perform well in the off-road dirt bike competition, a rider must have reliable and effective brakes. The purpose of brake pads on your motorcycle is not only to stop you from crashing but also to keep you safe by reducing speed, often faster than human reflexes can react.

These components must be replaced as needed because they will wear out over time which could cause dangerous situations if ignored. The most common problem with dirt bike riders who compete on more extreme terrain is having worn out or damaged brake pads due to lack of maintenance, such as replacing them before they’re completely gone.

Sometimes people think their breaks aren’t working when they really need new brake pads since the old ones have become so worn down and thin that they’re not making contact with the surface.

How To Choose Best Dirt Bike Brake Pads?

There are various things about which different types of best brake pads differ from one another. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some important factors when choosing new brake pads for your dirt bike!

Choose best Dirt Bike Brake Pads


Here is an overview of some of the more important factors to consider when choosing new brake pads for your dirt bike.

Braking Performance:

How quickly and consistently will these brakes make you stop? This is a good factor to have in mind, as it can help determine how well they’ll work with your riding style!

Noise Level:

Will the noise from these brakes be too much for you? Factors such as this one may help decide which set of the best brake pads would suit you better than another!


At the end of all things, cost matters. And while we don’t encourage going ahead and buying anything that isn’t worth its price tag, if there seems to be a significant difference between brands regarding prices, consider that.


Another factor to consider when deciding on the best brake pads for your dirt bike is how long they’ll last! There are plenty of brands that offer a much longer lifespan than others, and this can be important if you don’t want to have to replace them frequently or at all.

When Should the Brake Pads Be Replaced?

Dirt bike brake pads should be replaced when the pad material is less than a millimeter thick. The same can be said for how much of the wear indicator, otherwise known as break dust (found on top and bottom), has built up over time. In addition, it’s best to replace your dirt bike brakes if you notice any changes in their performance, such as reduced stopping power or an increase in the time it takes to stop your dirt bike.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Brake Pads

There are different models of brake pads today. All these models work differently. You have to know how exactly the pads work, so as to determine if they are compatible with the dirt bike you intend to use for racing.

Purchasing a brake pad definitely calls for the application of market research. You will be able to get more information in the process, as research gives you the opportunity of reviewing and evaluating all the products.

You also have to check the size of the pads. This is one way of getting to know if it fits perfectly. You can purchase a quality model which doesn’t fit.

In as much as you need to pay attention to other aspects such as durability and performance, it is also important that you know the size of the pads and whether they fit if installed.

The installation process should take you no more than thirty minutes. Spending a lot of time tending to the process may prove to be tiring. You may end up being fatigued even before engaging in the riding experience.

When it comes to performance, you have to consider the quality of the materials that were used in construction. There are four major components, namely Kevlar, semi-metallic, sintered and organic.

All these materials come with advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you as a buyer to determine the right one which perfectly suits your style and nature of riding. Doing this will save you a lot of time and money.

Semi-metallic models are cheap and have aspects of versatility. Older models would wear out fast. However, modern manufacturers have made an effort in filling this void, as they last longer.

Kevlar is a premium component. It is of relatively good quality. It barely wears out. It also takes good care of the rotors and responds instantaneously to the application.

Sintered pads have made a good attempt at preventing the overheating of the braking components. They also work well with rotors and respond appropriately to applications.

Organic pads are made of carbon, together with fibers of aramid. Installing them takes less time, and they are of high quality. They are excellent in dry weather. Furthermore, they are durable.


A lot of factors have to be considered when choosing the best dirt bike brake pads. The first step should always be market research, as this gives you a better insight into the market scenes and how different products fair.

It is advisable that you go for a quality product. This will work consistently. You will record minimal incidences of wearing out, as a quality product has been made of tough and sturdy materials that are frictionless.

In terms of recommendation, I would advise you to go for the GOOFIT Rear Brake 110cc 125cc pads. These models are high-quality products and are returnable even after purchase.

You get to enjoy good customer service. The pads brake excellently. Noise-causing vibration has been reduced. They fit perfectly and are lightweight. You should consider acquiring them at the earliest convenience.