Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp for Truck

Do you own a trail bike? If you have one, then you must be aware of the advantages that the loading platform comes with.  It is not all the time you will have to ride your motorcycle from place to place. 

 There is a few times where you will be required to load your dirt bike in your truck, for example, if you are moving to a new location or traveling to a distant place where the bike can’t handle. 

How then do you unload your off-road bike? You need some kind of gear that has been designed for just that purpose. You may think that you can easily offload your bike from the back of your truck, but that is not the case. 

 Keeping in mind that the motocross is substantial, there is a risk of you damaging it during offloading if you don’t use the necessary tools to help you with the process. To make your offloading process much more comfortable, you can use the loading ramp.

In this essay, we have reviewed some of the best performing loading platforms available in the market. Reading this article will surely put you in a better position of buying the best product. 

Top Dirt Bike Loading Ramp for Truck List

Black Widow AFL-9012  -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Titan 10’ HD Wide 4- Beam4.8 out of 5 stars
Pit Posse PP27554.7 out of 5 stars
Yaheetech 7.5 ft. Aluminum ATV4.6 out of 5 stars
Black Widow AFP-90124.5 out of 5 stars

Black Widow AFL-9012 


This is the best product you will ever get on the market when it comes to items that can help you to load and offload your off-road bike from your truck. The manufacturer tried on this one.

The item comes in different sizes and designs for a variety of loading capabilities with different price tags on them. If you are looking for something that can make your loading process smooth and comfortable, this is the product for you.

It is made from a light material, making it easy to handle and move around. Also, it is easy to store since it can easily be folded into two. You will also appreciate that the contact points of this product are coated with rubber to prevent paint scratching from your automobile.


  • This product can easily be stored away, making it convenient for use
  • It comes with straps that help you to secure it to prevent slipping firmly
  • The product is light in weight thus suitable to handle


  • There have been some concerns that the securing strap does not securely the product as expected, you need at least three to do the trick
  • Some customers have raised issues that the commodity is flimsy

Titan 10’ HD Wide 4- Beam


Another commodity worth looking into is the Titan 10’ loading ramp. It is highly durable and is made from the refined lightweight material, which in turn makes the product light in weight.

Light ramp means that it is easy to handle and move with it from place to place. One thing that has made this product stand out amongst the rest is its capabilities to handle the heaviest dirt bikes.

This product can handle the weight of almost any motocross. You won’t need to stress about it breaking apart. Also, the item is long in nature; this reduces the angle of inclination, which in turn makes your loading quite simple.

If you are looking for a product that will make your loading process effortless, I suggest you give this commodity a chance.


  • The item has a reduced angle of inclination due to its length thus offering easy and smooth loading
  • It can handle the weight of the most massive off-road bike
  • It is the most extensive ramp on the market; thus it will give a lot of freedom and room while loading your bike


  • It is heavy making it difficult to handle
  • It is highly-priced compared to lightweight products


 Pit Posse PP2755 


The Posse brand has earned its respect over the years because of the quality accessories of dirt bike they produce. With this design of the ramp, the sky is their limit. The contact points with your vehicle have been rubber coated to prevent paint removal due to friction.

Unlike many other brands that offer a small duration warranty, this item comes with a five-year warranty. Which is a measure of how they trust in the quality of their items? And who are you not to believe in the same product?

Just like many other products on the market, it is also made from aluminum material, which is light in weight. This means that you won’t require help placing it at the back of your truck to load your bike.


  • This item comes with a warranty of five years
  • It is made with lightweight materials
  • It is quite easy to store because it can be folded midway


  • Crossbars are widely spaced apart
  • The ramp does feel flimsy when standing on it

Yaheetech 7.5 ft. Aluminum ATV


The Yaheetech is another product that you should look for; it is made from high-quality aluminum material that makes the product durable and has a long product life. This ramp is every penny in your pocket. 

Not to mention that it comes at a pocket-friendly price, and getting one of these shouldn’t be a problem at all. One thing you will love about this particular item is how easy it is to store. It can be folded into two easily.

The product is also fitted with a rubber coating in the places where it comes in contact with the surface of your truck; this will prevent the ramp from slipping and scratching off the paint in your precious vehicle. 


  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • Its design increases the clearance of the engine
  • The length of the ramp makes it easier to load your dirt bike on the truck


  • Some have raised concerns of loose bolts in the pivot area
  • Crossbars are widely spaced out

Black Widow AFP-9012 


The last item we will review in this post is the Black Widow AFP, which I assure you that you will get the value of your money back. Just many other similar items it is made using aluminum, which is a light material; as a result, the product is easy to move around. 

The rubber fitted at the contact point not only prevents the ramp from slipping but also scratching of the paint from your vehicle. The jagged surface increases the traction between the surface and the tires, making it easy to mover your bike without slipping. 

This is a motocross accessory you need to have in your collection. The advantages of its smooth surface are endless, allow you to load your off-road bike into your truck effortlessly.


  • This product  is light and easy to move around
  • This ramp has been arched and has a flat plate for a smooth loading process
  • The welded section is clean, and there is unnoticeable bowing when loading heavy bikes


  • It does not come with safety straps for securing it
  • There have been some concerns that the scalloped cutouts in the product provided very little grip

Things to Consider While Purchasing off-road Loading Ramp

With numerous options available in the market, one can find it very daunting to settle on the best product that money can buy. With each maker claiming to have the best item than the rest, this even makes it worse. 

Therefore to be sure that you made the right choice when buying a ramp, you need to be guided by some rules which you will need to abide by so that you can be sure you made the right decision.

We have therefore prepared for you some of the essentials that you need to keep in mind in your process of selecting the commodity that will help you load your bike easily in your truck.

I would suggest that you take the time you need and go through the entire article. I can guarantee you that after reading the write-up, you will not have any problems selecting the best item that will meet your desires and expectations.

The length

Before buying a ramp, it is advised to always consider the range of the product for many reasons that you are going to see. Long products have a small angle of inclination; this means that the slope is quite gentle.

On the other hand, the items that are short in length have a large angle of inclination, which will result in a steep slope. You are going to use a lot of energy loading your bike in your truck using a short ramp.

It is therefore advised that you should buy the products that are long so that your loading process could be more effortless. Do not forget to consider the availability of free space. Some products may be too long for your garage space for comfortable loading.

Loading capabilities

Loading docks are manufacture using different materials, although the majority of them are made using aluminum because if its lightweight. You need to be sure that the product you are purchasing will be able to handle the weight of your dirt bike.

Luckily each product has its weight limit indicated. You only need to know how much your ride weighs; then, you can compare it with the limit weigh capabilities of the commodity you want to purchase.

It is also vital to note that loading capabilities are determined by the materials used in making the ramps.

My advice will be to buy a product that has the highest loading capabilities because you don’t know when you are going to buy a new bike, which could be heavier than your previous one. 


There is always a danger of the ramp tilting on one side while you are loading your motocross. To avoid such incidences, I would advise that you select a wide product, which will increase the stability of the product.

The last incident you want is seeing your bike all over because you are using a narrow ramp.

You should, therefore, go for wide items. Besides, wide loading docks will give you freedom of movement as you can load your bike while walking on the sides of the same ramp.

Crossbar spacing

This is another vital factor that you need to keep in mind while selecting dock levelers. A product that has crossbars that are closely fitted is the best choice that you can go for since you will be using little effort to load your bike.

On the other hand, a lot of energy is needed when you are loading your ride in the truck using a ramp with widely spaced crossbars.

Depending on the size of the tires in your dirt bike, I would suggest that you go for a product with crossbars that will not be considered as widely spaced apart.

Rubber coating in contact points

Most of the products that help you load and offload have several measures that ensure when you are using them, they do not end up scrapping the paint off your vehicle. When it comes to loading decks, there are no exceptions.

I would highly recommend that you go for products that have rubber coating in places where there is contact with your automobile. The rubber prevents slipping of the ramp, also prevents the removal of paint from your truck through friction.

Safety measures

Slipping of the product is a common occurrence, and the results could be damaging. You could end up destroying your bike and hurting yourself. It is wise to go for items that are fitted with straps to secure it in place.


The convenience of having a loading ramp cannot be ignored. The ramps have indeed helped many bikers to load their bikes on their vehicles effortlessly a great deal. Without this product, such activities would be tiresome. 

It is normal that even after reading reviews of the best products on the market, some people may still find it challenging to selecting one product. It is because of that reason that I will be recommending for you the best ramp we think will help you best.

Of the five ramps we have discussed in this write-up, I would highly recommend that you go for the Black Widow AFL-9012 Single Runner. It is the best item money can buy. It is manufactured using light material that will allow you to move it around easily.

You will also like that it is jagged to increase traction; in addition, the contact points are fitted with rubber to prevent the item from scrapping the paint off your truck. Storing this product is also quite easy since it can easily be folded.

If you are looking for a ramp that will best help you with loading your off-road bike, the Black Widow AFL is the product to buy.