Best Dirt Bike Oil

In this article, we discuss some of the best dirt bike oil. A dirt bike needs to be maintained to make sure that it is in tip-top shape at all times and offers you the best services possible and guarantees longevity above everything else. Since we don’t want your dirt bike wearing out quickly.

Which could happen if you slip up and get the wrong oil for your dirt bike engine. So you have to carefully look and target the right type of oil for your engine. But before we proceed you need to differentiate between the two main gasoline-powered combustion engines in a dirt bike.

Best Dirt Bike Oil

Once again you need to internalize all this information as the slightest mistake could spell catastrophe for your dirt bike which would be a bummer. The two types of engines are; four-stroke and two strokes engines.

Both of these two engines are very popular with dirt bikes and I will make sure to get deeper into their details later, but for now, here are the best dirt bike oils that will keep your dirt bike up to the task and engrave a long-lasting smile across your face.

Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Oil

Genuine Honda -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Maxima Castro4.8 out of 5 stars
Bel-Ray4.7 out of 5 stars
Yamalube All4.6 out of 5 stars
Motul E-Tech4.5 out of 5 stars


Genuine Honda

Genuine Honda


You need to understand that you want an oil that will be able to endure the extreme strenuous conditions of your engine without giving up, in laymen’s terms your need a beast! The Honda HP2 oil is definitely up to the task and will deliver beyond your wildest imaginable thoughts.

It has premium synthetic base stock with high film strength to ensure protection from wear and tear at an impressive rate if I must say so. It also allows a 32:1 mixture ratio of gas to oil in your two stroke engine to guarantee evasion from any sorts of problems.

It is a clean-burning formula so you don’t have to fret about a lot of carbons deposits being emitted by your dirt bike. It also extends the spark plug life at the combustion chamber to give ensure a consistent controlled burning in the chamber.


  • This oil ensures clean burning
  • It offers a gas to oil mix ratio of 32:1
  • It leads to extended sparkplug life


  • Comes in a small bottle size
  • It is partially and fully biodegradable


Maxima Castro 

Maxima Castro 


Do you want to achieve maximum performance in your dirt bike? Perhaps cruise to the finish line and ride off to the sunset in a well-maintained engine system? Then the Castro 972 sounds like the type of engine oil you’ve been looking for all your life!

It is considered the top-ranking 2-stroke oil that you’ll find, spoiling its customers with well thought out and goal-oriented features. It is able to boost your bike’s engine longevity with its uncommon mixtures of refined ingredients to efficiently reduce carbon deposits.

It acts as a valve additive to clean the valves in your dirt bike engine and secure their functionality. It also reduces gum formation and is an excellent weapon to provide protection from rust and corrosion and is able to endure high temperatures than other lubricants.


  • Contains an additive to clean the valves and ensure they are working properly
  • It offers protection against rust and corrosion
  • This lubricant is biodegradable 


  • Does not contain any mixing instructions
  • It is rather expensive






The Bel-Ray is a reputable brand that has scaled the heights to become one of the most revered power sport oil providers out there, and the SL2 deserves nothing but praise. These features in this oil have everything you need to make you a top racer out in the off-road circuit!

It is designed to function in pre-mix and also auto lube applications which present a flexible scope for your 2-stroke dirt bike engine. It is able to give you peace while you do your thing, knowing very well that your engine is not prone to overheat.

Did I mention that it is a clean burn lubricant! This means that the number of carbon deposits and smoke emissions are both reduced. Another incredible aspect of this oil is that it provides a gas to oil mix ratio of 50: 1 meaning you get to use less oil.


  • Reduces the amount of oil used with a gas to oil mix ratio of 50:1
  • It reduces carbon deposits and exhaust emissions
  • It can be used for pre-mix and also auto lube applications


  • It is very pricey
  • It emits smoke upon startup


Yamalube All

Yamalube All


This is one versatile lubricant! Its use isn’t restricted to your dirt bike only but can also be used in other vehicles as well. In case you looking for an oil specifically designed for your dirt bike and one that can suddenly pop up like a rabbit in a magic hat in case of other emergencies. 

It is a mineral blended oil to provide maximum functionality to your dirt bike engine. It keeps your clutch stable and the engine safe too despite a frequent shift of gears. So is this a lubricant you can accommodate in your life? I think so!

If you have any doubts, I’ll have you know that it exceeds the JASO MA requirements which is the highest certified bike engine oil rating, yes it exists! It ensures longevity to your dirt bike engine and endures all sorts of rough and wet terrains


  • It can be used in all types of 4 stroke vehicles 
  • It keeps your clutch stable and protects the engine
  • It exceeds JASO MA requirements


  • Does not contains much oil in the sold unit
  • It is very expensive 


Motul E-Tech

Motul E-Tech


Nobody truly has a knack for knowing the exact type of oil to use not even professional riders. But that doesn’t mean doom is upon us all, no! Once you fully comprehend the structure of your dirt bike and its limits then you can easily acquire the best engine oil for it.

The high quality of this oil is attributed mostly to its blend of esters and polyalpaolifine into a synthetic base stock to ensure the maximum protection of your dirt bike engine. In entirety it is able to protect your bike on slippery wet grounds.

It executes a sufficient bond between the oil base and the moving parts through electrochemical bonding. This ensures that all the moving parts are well lubricated and a large reduction of friction is undertaken to give you smooth rides all through.


  • Provides electrochemical bonding between the moving parts
  • It is designed to hand wet clutches
  • It is great for off-road use


  • It doesn’t last long compared to the other oils
  • It is relatively costly

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Best 4 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

How Do I Know When My Dirt Bike Needs Oil? 

When your dirt bike starts to show signs of engine wear, one sign is the oil level. When you’ve reached a point that it’s below the minimum mark on your dipstick, which most manufacturers recommend for operation, then it will be time for an oil change.

If you notice other symptoms such as smoke coming from your exhaust or excessive heat production without any acceleration in speed or load, these are indicators that there is some form of internal combustion, and immediate action should be taken by seeking professional help. In addition, you may need to change your dirt bike oil if it has been over five thousand miles since its last service.

What Factors Determine How Much Oil Your Dirt Bike Needs?

How Often You Ride The Bike:

A dirt bike ridden frequently will require more oil than a bike that sits for long periods of time.

The Type Of Rider:

Riders who frequent bumpy or off-road terrain may need to add more oil because the engine could vibrate excessively and burn up the supply faster. Those who ride primarily on paved surfaces might not have this issue.

Weather Conditions:

Hot days can cause riders to sweat, which leads to more water in their system, while cold temperatures can cause them to use less fuel so they won’t burn through as much. Either way, you slice it, those are two major factors when considering how often to change the oil.


The age of your bike is an important consideration when determining how often you need to service it as well. A newer motorcycle might require more frequent servicing than a 15 year old one, but only because it has less mileage on it and should still be serviced at least once every six months anyway.

How Do I Dispose of Used Dirt Bike Oil?

There are several ways to dispose of used oil properly. One way is by taking the used dirt bike oil and pouring it down a drain with water. A second way, which should only be attempted if you have access to a car’s engine or tank, is to use an old rag or paper towel as an absorbent.

This will need to be disposed of in your household trash can because it has been exposed to motor oils and may contain hazardous chemicals like lead compounds that could pollute the environment when they make their way into landfills.

You can also take the dirty rags/paper towels back up through each stage of fuel products, including crude extraction, refining processes, and distribution, before using them again at the end as a final absorbent to clean the used dirt bike oil. A third option is for you to take a step back in and consider your end goals when it comes time to dispose of the oil.

Oil can be recycled or turned into biofuel, but if this isn’t an available opportunity, then consider how much money you’ve spent on gas over the past year, which could have potentially been saved by recycling that dirty rag towels.

Instead, as an absorber to properly dispose of used dirt bike oils responsibly to pollute our environment with lead compounds from landfills after they are discarded down drains or poured onto paper towels before being disposed of again at fuel production facilities. It’s important because we do not know the long-term effects until it is too late.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Use Car Oil in a Dirt Bike?

In general, it is not recommended to mix oils. However, if you need to change the engine oil on your dirt bike and don’t have any motorcycle-specific oil available, you can try using some automotive engine oil as long as it has an API classification for motorcycles.

Can I Use Car Oil in a Dirt Bike

If there are any synthetic fluids such as motorbike gearbox or CVT fluid that need changing, these should be regarded separately from the standard engine lubricant because they may react with other types of synthetic substances present in the machine’s systems.

Can I Use Any 2 Stroke Oil in Dirtbike?

The answer is no. You need to make sure you are using a high-quality, clean, and synthetic lubricant for your dirt bike, as it will help ensure that the engine lasts longer. In addition, it ensures better performance of the machine at higher speeds with less maintenance between rides or races.

Should I Use Synthetic Oil in My Dirt Bike?

Synthetic dirt bike oils allow you to extend the oil change interval. So you can go longer between charges, but remember that your engine will be hotter and put more stress on the synthetic material than a regular blender.

Regular blends are cheaper and easier with fewer consequences if it doesn’t work out for you in terms of durability or performance compared to synthetics.


  • Extended oil change intervals save money by not having to buy as much oil – Allows newer engines with tighter tolerances to run better because they don’t need as high octane fuel.


  • Higher cost; usually about double what standard blends would cost
  • Results may vary depending upon the type of engine used.

Difference Between 2-stroke Oil and 4-stroke Oil

As they say, if you are going to do it, then you better do it right! So for you to ensure that your dirt bike engine is lubricated by the best oil possible, we have to first get you through the basics. Generally, there are two types of combustible engines; 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines.

Difference Between 2-stroke Oil and 4-stroke Oil

A stroke occurs during the combustion cycle when the piston moves to and from the valves. A combustion cycle is when gas and air are ignited then expelled out. For 4-stroke engines, the power is produced with every 4 strokes of the piston.

While power is produced every 2 strokes of the piston for a 2-stroke engine. The other major difference is that with a 4-stroke engine there is no mixing of fuel and oil as the oil is injected from a separate compartment, while in a 2-stroke engine the oil must be pre-mixed with the fuel.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dirt Bike Oil

By now I am sure you understand the level of sensitivity and keenness required to make this purchase is high, it’s not like grocery shopping where you’ll just go to the snacks aisle pushing your favorite snack flavors into the trolley without even twitching.

You have to ask yourself a number of questions. What will you be using the dirt bike for? How do you ride the dirt bike? Will you be riding in wet grounds? Will you be riding off-road? Only when you have clear answers will you be in a position to pick the right dirt bike oil.

The best place to start is your dirt bike manual. It can help you align your compass to the direction you can follow to hit the jackpot. Below is a detailed description of some features you can look for, think of them as some tricks up your sleeve!


Viscosity is the ability to resist flowing or rather the thickness of the lubricant. Lubricants with a high viscosity are thick and resist flowing, rendering them a bad choice since they increase friction and force the engine to use more power in order to move the parts.

But here is where it gets real tricky you are required to get a lubricant with a medium viscosity such that it is capable of preventing the moving parts from grinding on each other. A low viscous lubricant is a definite no no! It’s almost the same as saying water would have been suitable.


You also read the descriptions of the oil you are buying to know if its conventional oil or synthetic oil with added chemicals. If you rarely put your engine through rough conditions then the simple conventional oil will suffice.

But you are accustomed to riding your dirt bike often in conditions that require the full exertion of the engine’s power then synthetic oil is probably best due to a number of reasons. It provides better lubrication to keep your engine around for long and at a high performance for that matter. 

The addition of chemicals also makes synthetic oil well equipped to maintain its viscosity even at high temperatures which is a quality you need for better performance of your dirt bike. Since this thickness is able to prevent frequent and rapid wear at all costs!

Cleaning Agents

To avoid any engine damage you have to go for oils that are cleaning agents as well. For starters, they are able to clean the valves in your engines and leave it working exceptionally well. The top-notch condition of your engine is bound to bring happiness at the footsteps of your door!

It is also able to suspend the carbon particles, preventing the formation of sludge on the internal parts of the engine, which eventually translates to damage to your precious dirt bike engine.


Is It Okay to Separate the Engine and Transmission Oil?

There really is no need to separate them, for one the majority of dirt bikes have a common oil pan making the engine and transmission oil the same. But these oils have additives that ensure both functions are adequately handled.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

This depends on the model of your dirt bike and its requirements. So it is wise to fall back to the manufacturer’s manual and get a clear answer since everyone has their own ‘routine’ when it comes to the frequency of changing the oil.

It is my hope that you found this article helpful. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, then I have a good recommendation for you.


On the face of it buying oil for a dirt bike sounds pretty easy, but once you get to the specifics you realize it’s only easy if you carefully check off all the necessary features required to get oil specifically designed for your dirt bike.

My only advice is that don’t overthink or overdo it just follow the necessary instructions to navigate through the various brands and find the right one. The Maxima Catro 927 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil snatches first place on that list.

It contains a unique blend of highly refined ingredients to increase the longevity of your dirt bike engine efficiently reduce the carbon deposits. It contains cleaning additives to clean the valves and ensure the engine is working well. I assure you it will not disappoint!

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