Best Dirt Bike Chain & Sprocket Sets

Finding the most appropriate sets of sprockets as well as chains is very important, not only when purchasing a dirt bike for the very first time, but also when need for repair or maintenance arises.

Dirt bikes, just like most mechanical designs, give you performance according to how enhanced the perfunctory accessories are. These bikes traverse all kinds of terrain: the deserts, muddy grounds, snow and rain.

To ensure nothing interferes with workability aspects of the two-wheeler, it’s critical that you purchase spares that are reliable from the start. Most importantly, the chains and sprockets need to be well functional.

With lots of chain and sprocket models now available in markets, it’s quite hard to find a properly functional part. Quality is an aspect that precedes performance, therefore, for a model to work well, it has to be skillfully designed with strong and lasting materials.

Most dirt bike owners use the models for racing purposes. In order to stay top of the game and possibly become a world class racer, speed is critical.

However, it’s out of the ordinary for a poor-quality chain or sprocket to guarantee any sportsman a win in the race. You’ll need power. Both powerful and reliable accessories warrant you a safe and thrilling victory.

The best sets of sprockets and chains will ensure the acrimonious terrain of countryside tracks barely affects the nature of your ride. When determining which models are good for any dirt bike, different criteria are used.

By following these touchstones, you easily know which set is right for the rear and which ones aren’t appropriate for the front sprockets. We’ve provided an extensive guide, which, if you come to terms with, you might know exactly what design matches your predilections in riding.

Tag Metal

This is a design that is constantly receiving accolades and recommendations from top performing riders across the world. Tag sprockets and chains are the perfect designs for anyone who relishes riding fast and hard.

Durable steel is used to construct the jackshaft of this design. Due to the heavy duty construction that’s been implemented in almost every accessory, the lifespan of the pair is greatly improved.

The posterior sprocket is made of Aluminium. Unlike ordinary metal, this one’s more durable owing to the adornment that makes it twice as hard as in normal embellishments. Such construction makes it impervious to elements of corrosion.


  • The transfer of power throughout the mechanics is maximized for impeccable performance.
  • TripleGuard sealing is a technology that’s adopted in the structure of the TG rings, to enhance their performance and protection.
  • The tautness strengths vary from 4955-9000 pounds.
  •  Durable steel and aluminium enhance the lifespan of these sets.


  • Some riders have complained of durability issues with the set.


Talon batches are designed and integrated within the UK, where precision is taken into account during construction to guarantee longevity of the designs. The sets are coated with zinc and consequently treated by passing through heat.

Steel is often known for its strength and toughness. Likewise, it’s a quality metal. In the designing of Talon chains and sprockets, inspection scrutiny is allowed into the process to assure riders of performance.

The posterior sprockets are as durable as the chain designs. Aluminum that’s used in aircraft construction is the same one that’s fabricated into this element. The chain has a higher tensile strength thus impossible to tear apart.

The TG-rings are designed to withstand extreme circumstances. Conditions such as heat won’t get between your riding style and performance of the sets. Additionally, the rings will work better at protection due to the easiness that’s been made achievable in lubrication.


  • Quality aluminum similar to that used in aircraft designs improves durability of the sets.
  • The chains and sprockets are coated with zinc and heat cured.
  • Durable steel and internal evaluation enhance durability.
  • The master links are clipped. Rollers are hard and solid.


  • Talon sets are pretty expensive.

Pro Taper

It’s quite hard to come across a quality set of chain and sprockets that’s lightweight and high quality these days. However, Pro Taper pulled this one off and I can’t applaud their efforts any better.

The designs are durable, thanks to the unique coating that also improves resistance of the models to elements of rusting and corrosion. You don’t have to worry whether these sets will fit your dirt bike for they are compatible with any design.

To prevent any damage from interfering with normal performance of the sets, stronger mud gutters are attachable just below the wheels. They help to keep debris far from mechanical constituents.

Numbering on the sets is easily identifiable because they are printed with laser.


  • The hind cogwheel is carefully aluminized. The aluminium is adonized and heat cured, to keep it durable.
  • The stretching extremes range between 4200-8000 pounds.
  • You can easily identify numbering on the sets for they are engraved with laser technology.
  • The adonized aluminium is also cured with heat to reinforce stability of the mechanical parts.
  • Powerful mud gutters help to keep debris from the chains and pinions.


  • This set should be maintained from time to time because it’s not sealed.

Dirt Tricks


These are some of the most powerful designs on the planet. First, because the components used to make the concatenation and cogs are extremely high grade. Furthermore, designing and manufacturing of these parts is done in the USA.

Because of its exquisite strength, this set works to serve users for a long time. The anterior sprocket is made of durable steel. This metal isn’t like any other design, it’s built to resist impact.

The posterior cog is made of Chrome moly steel. This one’s harder and more durable when compared to ordinary stainless steel. Generally, it’s better than average aluminium. It’s also coated with nickel, an alloy that makes it even tougher.


  • The chain and pinion are tough and lightweight. The chains can run and endure for long distances.
  • Nickel coating makes the parts more resistant to corrosion.
  • Both the posterior and anterior cogwheels are built with durable steel; impact resistant steel for the frontage sprocket and chrome moly steel for the hind one.
  • It’s a quality set that’s designed in the USA.


  • Dirt Tricks is an expensive set. Besides, their chains wear out too fast.


Very few brands manage to stand up to the task like Sunstar does. It’s actually one of the biggest suppliers of spares and automated designs all over the world. It’s more than a supplier, it’s a renowned brand.

This, however, does not come easy. Sunstar manufacturers are able to deliver quality designs to customers because they do their research in ways no one else can.

The evaluative steps used in implementation of designs results in the creation of works of art, quality-based and worth the value.

The use of chromoly in building designs makes the final assets resistant to corrosion and rust. The hind sprockets are made of aluminium that’s been used for decades in the designing of aircrafts.


  • Sets from Sunstar are not only lightweight but also durable.
  • The tensile ability of these chains is between 4200-9000 pounds.
  • Manufacturers from Sunstar carry out extensive research to come up with excellent designs.
  • This is a renowned brand that’s well known for quality.


  • Their designs tend to be expensive.

Factors to consider when finding the best dirt bike chain & sprocket sets

The most common problem when it comes to purchasing dirt bike spares is compatibility. Ensure the model you pick is compatible with your dirt bike preferences so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing another or returning to the manufacturer.

Types of chains

There are two primary models of dirt bike chains to consider during purchase. We have the unsealed designs and the O ring shaped chains.

  • O-Ring chains

These are usually separate rings that are shaped in O designs. Furthermore, most of them are always ballwarked to prevent and protect the chain joints from coming into contact.

  • Unsealed designs

These do not come in ring shaped designs. The application of lubricants on the chain will ensure movement runs smoothly without interferences from friction. All unsealed designs are compatible with most types of bikes, so you don’t need to look too far.

However, one thing you should check before acquisition is the size of the design. Ensure the size you pick fits your type of bike as well as needs in riding.

O ring chains experience more friction compared to unsealed models. More friction results in the interference of the transfer of power across the mechanical parts, and this may result in a drag or slower speed. Nonetheless, these protect the chains for long and are easy to maintain.


How will I know that a particular set of sprockets and entanglement of chains is perfect for my dirt bike? Is there a resolute criterion?

Technically, yes. On these sets, there’s usually a three-figure number you can refer to. These numbers will start with six, five or four.

The first one is very critical as it’s an indicator of the total distance or pitch that one part is from another. 4, 5 and 6 are respectively 4/8, 5/8 and 6/8 of the inch unit of measurement.

You’ll find most chain types are labeled this way. However, there might be a distinction in some manufacturers who use will use decimals instead of fractional tallies. No need to worry, it’s still the same.

Besides the numbers used to represent distances/pitch, the remaining digits are used to indicate different variants in relation to chain sizes. These include the diameters of the rollers, width measurements and the unique number of that specific model.


It isn’t too complex to remove and replace the chain. As long as you have all the assets you need at your disposal, the repair process will be a one time thing.

The first tool you’ll need is a couple of strong pliers. These will be used in removing the clips holding the master links intact. Additionally, a screwdriver with a chiseled end will help you pull off the casing easily.

When handling the master links, you’ll be required to exercise some degree of safety and care. This is because different master links have different fastening mechanisms. Some are held by clipping, others riveting and the rest fitting.

As you make the replacement, ensure the master links are checked for compatibility with your dirt bike chain. Knowing the nature of the new design will make it easier for you to determine the appropriate tools to use.


The chains and sprockets should be spick and span, by this, I mean dirt free. A clean set lasts longer. Besides, the performance of the dirt bike is greatly affected by the nature of the chain, a cleaner set boosts performance and makes it easier to control the bike.

When cleaning the bike, you shouldn’t use a pressure washer that uses air or water. These will only do more harm than good by pushing dirt and rocks further into contact spots. Presence of dirt in the contact spots will easily wear and damage the chains.

The first step is to use agents for degreasing in cleaning the dirt. These are water and soap. First use a clean cloth to dry the chain then apply a lube on the surface.


Finding an upgrade that’s worth the money you pay for is no mean feat. When looking for the best sets to complete a repair or replacement, ensure you’ve done so from a reliable manufacturer who can guarantee you of a safe, quality and thrilling ride.

If there’s something you need to pay close attention to as you repair your bike, it has to be the tension of the chain. Ensure you’ve carefully adjusted the stiffness of the chain and everything is in alignment, from the rear-axle to the swing-arm.

The best sets to pick would be the Tag Metal Motocross designs. They are not only recommended for diehard fans of thrilling races but also any other rider who’s interested in finding the perfect spares for emergencies.

I can’t speak any highly of the durable construction; how the countershaft is reinforced with hard steel, the TripleGuard sealing, and the tautness strength that ranges between 4955 and 9000 pounds. It’s everything a top rider needs to enjoy an outdoor adventure.