Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube

Maintenance is a critical part and parcel of a racer’s life. Dirt bikes need lubrication every once in a while.

Leaving a velocipede to the free torture of nature isn’t something any of us would consider, save when our interests in the hobby have diminished, but that’s kind of unheard of.

A two-wheeler that’s already experienced the diverse terrains of the earth would require something better than the average coating, something more resilient and long lasting.

What’s been your alternative so far? A buddy of mine recently disclosed he’s been using motor oil for the past five years and he hasn’t liked the experience from the very beginning.

Five whole years! Not that I was enraged but I nearly punched him in the face, by no means owing to his benightedness but because of the irreparable damage the substance had on his classy bike, and he was honestly in the dark.

Besides barely lasting on the chain, motor unguents will create a soggy mess that would be hard for you to deal with. In the long run, they will cause damage to the bike that will be costly to handle.

To be on the safe side, consider the smartest options, chain lubes. Unlike oil, these are affordable, do a neat job, are clean and easy to apply.

Generally, a good lube extends the life of your bike and saves you some money in the process. Here are some options you should bag and consider applying on your motor, to change the quality of your ride.

Maxima -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Motul4.8 out of 5 stars
Bel-Ray4.7 out of 5 stars
Honda4.6 out of 5 stars
DuPont4.5 out of 5 stars



Maxima is designed for heavy duty bikes. It’s a 3 pack lubricant that includes both a chain wax weighing 13.5 ounces and the basic lube weighing 14.5 ounces.

Anointing your bike with Maxima is one way of thoroughly cleaning the chains without interfering with performance or quality of the trammels.

The lube will not harm the O rings. It’s totally safe to use on metallic parts. It’s considered one of the few first-rate lubricators that is easy to apply and use. It can keep water far from the chains, thereby minimizing incidences of rust and corrosion.

The chain will be more resistant to wear because of the waterproofing abilities of Maxima.

PARAFILM is a special formula that creates a waxy lining when applied. This works better at protecting the chain in water and highly humid conditions.


  • The inclusion of chain wax and the elementary lube in the packaging makes Maxima more impervious.
  • It’s completely safe to use on metal surfaces.
  • The PARAFILM lining protects the chain in humid weather.
  • Maxima makes the chain more resistant to rust, corrosion and wear.


  • Some find the smell of the lube to be inconveniently irritating.



Motul creates a light tack with the chain that will scarcely attract sand or dirt. The lube can be applied on any dirt bike chain. The compatibility makes it appropriate for application on O rings, X rings and Z rings.

This particular lubricant is available in a lime green color. It’s a good consideration basically because it sticks easily and stays on the chain. It’s an anti-fling substance that will guarantee a day-long trip with zero worries in regard to reapplication.

So far, Motul has been a top performing brand in the industry. The waterproofing aptitude of this lube will keep the chain safe, free from elements known to initiate rusting. Additionally, the lubricator doesn’t spatter on the road after application.


  • The lube will not attract sand, dirt and rocks to the chain.
  • Motul is applicable on different types of chain rings, the O shaped designs, the X-rings and Z types.
  • It sticks because of its anti-fling properties.
  • Its waterproof and barely splatters when applied.


  • It’s too sticky and sometimes flings off, but very rarely.



In case you are looking for an anti-wear lube that can multi-purposefully protect your chain and prolong the lifespan of your bike in the long run, look no further because Bel-Ray works more than just to protect the chain. It keeps the bike in shape for the future as well.

Manufacturers included an outer coating to form on application.

It serves as a protector against the destructive nature of dirt, grit or sand. It doesn’t fling so you don’t need to worry about a break down in the middle of nowhere, just because all the lube was blown away by wind on the track.

You can apply Bel-Ray lubes on O, X, or Z shaped rings. Similarly, dirt bikes whose chains have been coated with the lubricant can be let out in the streets for both on road and off-road kinds of racing.


  • The chain stays clean due to the clear nature of the lube. There’s no mess on application.
  • Coating the chains with the lubricator enhances longevity of the chain.
  • The outer coating that forms when the lube is applied will protect the chain from dirt and sand.
  • It is an anti-wear lubricant that keeps the chain clean.


  • Application of this lube leaves a white residue that doesn’t go too well with some chains. However, this serves to provide an external covering against dust and dirt. It’s barely harmful.



Honda lube has anti-fling properties. It can stick on the chain for as long as a day without scattering off. It’s convenient and totally compatible with various designs of dirt bike chains.

Remarkably, any dirt bike would cover as long as 1500 miles with the Honda application on the chains. Honda is a brand that’s been in the spotlight for a long time because of how unique it’s products are, and ergo, durability that comes with the same.

This lube isn’t any different. It lasts a long time. Similarly, processes such as rust that affect the rings are eliminated with this application. Adding this coating to the chains will leave them looking all new and fresh.


  • It’s an anti-wear grease agent that protects the chain.
  • It’s compatible with chains of different dirt bikes.
  • A dirt bike engine can run for 1500 miles and the coating would still be intact.
  • Applying the Honda lube guarantees the user a long lasting application. Rust would neither form nor affect the rings.


  • Some users complained that the nozzle couldn’t fit correctly.



DuPont is designed to keep the chains of your dirt bike clean and protected every time it’s applied. This not only leaves the manacles looking fresh and brand new but also safe from the ruinous elements likely to cause rust or corrosion.

All this is made possible with the anti-fling additive that ensures it sticks to the chains and barely gets detached even in the most extreme weather conditions. DuPont doesn’t contain silicones. It’s safe.

Friction is one of the major factors responsible for the damages that are often noted on chains. This lube reduces friction and keeps the dirt away. The introduction of Teflon fluoropolymer enhances the protection of the design from wear.


  • It’s water resistant thus keeps the chain rust-free.
  • The lube reduces friction.
  • It is safe for use as it barely contains silicone elements.
  • Teflon fluoropolymer gives the chain better protection from wear.
  • It is an anti-fling product. It sticks to the strips and hardly comes off, thus suitable for long term use.


  • It’s a bit overpriced.

What you need to consider when picking the best dirt bike chain lube

The purchasing process is another critical part that calls for careful analysis and assessment.

 Besides knowing what you need to do when applying the lube, it’s equally important that you know the right product to pick and how to ensure you don’t end up selecting a product that barely meets your needs.

This serves as a purchasing guide you can use to analyze different products, to see whether they meet the required criteria for your bike and riding demands. In a nutshell, we’ve included a number of features as well as the steps to follow in the process of acquisition.

These will make your riding experience worthwhile every time and again.

Is it easy to apply?

Even though it sounds rather orthodox, my main criterion when it comes to determining how convenient a lube is to apply, is by comparing it to motor oil.

If in any way the lubricant is no different from motor oil, I immediately pass. It’s better that you take your time finding the perfect product rather than land a conventional spray that would only cause damage to the chain.

Secondly, how effective is the lube during application? For a lubricant to work the way it’s supposed to, it should be penetrating deeper into the core of your chain link. This way, it has performed it’s function and kept the mechanical parts in good condition.

A water-resistant lube

One of the most common elements that causes great damage to chain links is water. Extreme humidity and a bit of oxygen would cause rusting to any metal in a matter of days, unless it’s either amalgamated or painted.

Nonetheless, these reinforcements tend to wear out with time. The only viable option left is to apply a lasting lubricant. A good lubricant is not only waterproof but also protective of any other prospective harmful elements.

With a good lube in use, you don’t need to worry about application all the time. It saves you on costs. Besides, the dirt that destroys mechanical parts of the chain are kept at bay.

Resistance to dust

Dirt bikes got their names from the nature of the rides they go through. It’s always unpredictable. Sometimes you may find yourself in the middle of a desert surrounded by nothing but a sea of sand.

Dust tends to stick on the surfaces of chain links causing a lot of friction in the process. This will force you to clean the chain over and over. It’s often hard to eliminate the miniature specks that get caught between the core and surface of the chain.

However, the easier solution would be finding a reliable lube you can apply on the chain and get on with your adventure every time you’re heading out for dry areas.


Quality sticks. A lubricant with anti-fling peculiarity sticks on the chain. It won’t be scattered by wind or get off the chain of your bike in the middle of the ride. It would be a total jeopardy to experience a huge breakdown in a desert with zero humans to lend a hand.

Advantages of using lubes


  • Protection from dirt


Lubricants work better to protect your chain, considering the unpredictable nature of the terrain your bike may be taken through, there’s the desert, or woods, both which come with immeasurable amounts of sticks, water, rocks and dust.

A good lube keeps the chain working even in the worst conditions. This gives you less to worry about as you take part in the racing.


  • Performance


The cleaner the chain, the better the delivery. By choosing a good lube, you’re adding a guarantee to the workmanship of your chain that it will rotate smoothly, move fast on track and with minimalistic lags from friction.


When searching for a reliable product, arming yourself with the knowledge regarding the basic types of dirt bike chain lubes keeps you at the top of the game. Essentially, there are spray lines and paste lubricants.

Conventionally, pastes were a darling for many because they were more concentrated back then. Regardless, the test of time has witnessed their gradual downfall, with sprays taking the mantle.

Sprays work fast. They are effective and penetrate chains more deeply. Additionally, they are easier to apply. With regard to application, it’s notably the easiest process to engage in when readying your bike for use.

As long as you have the bike placed to a raised position, you can carry out the application while spinning the bike’s rear wheel. This way, the penetrant will seep into deeper parts of the core and work effectively.

Our choice for the best lubricator is Maxima. This lube has an additional 13.5 ounce chain wax on top of the basic 14.5 ounce lube that provides outer protection to the chain line. It’s safe to use and completely waterproof.

The PARAFILM formula is unique to the Maxima lube. It’s a waxy lining that keeps humidity and dirt away, thus the chain is more resistant to rusting, wear and corrosion. To top it all, this is an affordable purchase, one that’s accompanied with zero regrets.