How to Transport A Dirt Bike

Transportation & Hauling Dirt Bikes Guide

No matter the location of your dirt bike, there are several ways of transporting it. Each of these methods require certain guidelines that help in the maintenance of the bike’s integrity. This post is aimed at examining the different methods you can employ when it’s time to move your motorcycle.

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Transporting A Dirt Bike with Truck

If you want to use a truck, you only need to follow the following steps:

Loading the Bike

To load your bike in a truck, you will need a loading ramp that must be thick enough to handle the weight of your bike. Besides, it should be wide enough to accommodate the wheelbase of your bike, as well as allow the ground clearance of the bike.

Before you place the ramp, ensure the truck is parked on flat ground. Afterward, you should park the car in such a way that the tailgate is inclined, helping in the reduction of the ramp’s angle. Also, to ensure the truck doesn’t tip over, make sure you clear the truck’s back.

When you are ready, unfold the ramp and let it be placed on the tailgate’s edge. Be sure to inspect that the ramp is secure to a metal attachment point under the tailgate. If this is not done, then secure the ramp to this attachment.

You can then go on the bike. Control the bike in such a way that it is neutral and will align with the ramp’s foot. That would have given you a bit of hope as you direct the bike upward while grabbing the bike with the handlebars. At the same time, someone else should be lifting the bike at the end grabbing a stable area.

You both should work coordinately in such a way that the bike is pushed upward and placed up the ramp till it can move no longer. Immediately you get to a standstill, you should apply the brake. This will give the other person at the back a chance to climb up and pull the bike into the truck.

Tying It Down

Now that the bike is on the truck, you need to secure it. The best way to handle that is to ensure you fasten the front end in such a way that bike is angled against a bed wall at a ninety degrees point.

If you need a good attachment option, then you have the crash bars and the frame as a great option. Before you use the handlebars for this function, understand that it can easily bend under the bikes’ full weight. If you think you need another attachment point, then you can opt for the suspension fork.

To tie it down, you only need to keep wrapping soft loops around all sides of the fork. Afterward, try to link them to the available ends of the tie-downs that serves as a connection or anchor point of this truck.

When you are done, try removing the kickstand. This will help you know if it is at a slant. To remove any slack, try pulling the tied straps. You are good to go the moment you find it firm after creating an even tension. Whenever things are tied down, they have a great chance of generating a substantial level of force, especially under a tensed event.

One other thing you can do is to save any basket seal by using the woodblocks that serve as the barricade between the fender and the tire’s top. This way, you can easily cater to rebound or tension that is likely to affect the strap system, especially when there is tension travel happening when the vehicle is in transit. Thus, you have to make everything is placed right before proceeding to handle things at the rear end.

The reason you need to secure the rear end is to ascertain that the tire at the rear is stationed well. The best way to do this is by securing the soft pool. The best way to that is that you find a strong part of the bike and tighten the loop on these strap ends.

When done, pull the strap and ensure that all the straps are firm. You can travel this way.

Transporting Your Dirt Bike With the Use of a Trailer

Here, you have the chance of purchasing a standard trailer and configuring it to transport your dirt bikes. Having one might cost you a lot of money, but it always performs to its expectation.

Carrying your motorcycle with trailer opens you to the chance to get more anchor point. Some even have uprights available for strapping a bike into. In case your trailer doesn’t have enough anchor points, then you can work on constructing yours. The best way to do this is to visit amazon and purchase a heavy-duty tie-down.

Now, in using the trailers, you have to ensure that the front end of the bike is well secured. You must tie the straps around your bike’s handlebars. This action will enable the strap to pull away from the motorcycle and still pull it down, making it go in different directions.

In attaching the rear end, you need to interlock the straps around each side of the anchor points and move them up to pass over the bike’s seat. It doesn’t have to be tight, but you must watch out for ways to keep the bike on the trailer in transit.

If you tighten the strap, you are damaging the seat cover. It is, therefore, wise to use an upright post on the trailer, if there is one.

Before doing all this, ensure you get a trailer that allows for extra space.

Transporting Your Dirt Bike with A Car

Here is another way to transport your dirt bike. You should start by evaluating the weight of the bike, alongside the engine power of the bike. These measurements will help in selecting the right trailer for transporting your bike. Ensure that the vehicle has more space than the bike, which will allow you to easily place the car. You should be looking for something about 5-10cm more.

After you’ve done this, you should check out the floor’s strength as well as the dimension, to be sure that that the bike will stand securely. You might want to configure more nuts and bolts to strengthen security.

When you have considered all these, you might want to know the type of car you have the intention of using. If you want a smooth journey, you might need an engine power of 2000L to cater for an adequate smooth journey.

The vehicle’s weight can be better when you also include a quality toe-hitch, with the most preferred being stainless steel. After connecting the toe-hitch to the vehicle, you must take it for a trial run to observe its reaction as you turn.

As an enhancement, you should include a rack in transporting your bike. Connecting it is easy as all you need to do is to connect the hitch receiver with a pin.

You can easily fit the carrier to any vehicle. Moreover, if you have it at your disposal, you should bring a loading ramp with you. This makes work easier.

One little issue here is that after strapping down the bike, your car’s information, alongside indicators, have a higher chance of being obscured. The summary of everything is that you compare the sizes of both the bike and the transport car before selecting a transporting car.

Equipment You Need to Transport A Dirt Bike

These are the required equipment for transporting your bike through any means:

  1. Motorcycle Ramp: This eases the loading of the bike on the vehicle. Dirt bikes are heavy and might topple over without a ramp. While using a dirt bike loading ramp, be sure to it can carry the bike as the typical ones are usually between 600 to 1500 pounds.
  2. Tie-Downs: Here are other important tools for securing your bike for safe transport. Going without them will leave you searching for means of securing your bike. No improvisation can be as efficient as tie-down straps.
  3. Wheel Chock: You need to hold them to further secure your vehicle from jerking in a different direction when a heavy item is placed on them.  

Should You Transport A Bike on The Side?

When you place a dirt bike in the upright position, it allows the tires to stay firm during transportation. The transportation will not also affect the suspension because of the way you have secured your bike.

Are Dirt Bikes Allowed on Public Roads?

The plain answer is no. Despite not needing a license in some states, it is generally not accepted on a public road. You might even violate laws such as not operating a vehicle without registration and essential safety requirement. This is why you need something bigger to transport it to your private land where it can be used.


Moving your vehicle from one location to another can be easy if you are ready to use the tips given above.