Best Dirt Bike Radiator Guards

What are the Top Radiator Guards for Dirt Bikes?

If your radiator has ever been punctured as a result of a flying rock or tree branch, you will understand that transporting your vehicle back instead of riding to your initial camping point can be hectic. And to worsen matters, a lot of people never see a reason to hold a second radiator while going for a ride. Bikes’ radiators are susceptible to more than rocks and tree branches. They can be affected by stone, mugs, twigs, as well as other debris.

The best way to avoid the mess caused by a damaged radiator is to go for a powerful radiator guard. It can easily help in deflecting any debris and help you in economizing your money. This is because you won’t have to frequently change your radiator. However, you want to get the best bike radiator guard because the wrong one can cause your bike to overheat.

Not only that, with radiator guards, you are not stuck in the middle of nowhere whenever your bike’s radiation has fallen victim to the destruction to flying debris or rocks. When you have no need to change anything, your journey will be without hitch.

Below are some of the best dirt bike radiator guards you will find on the market.

Devol Extreme Radiator Guard

This comes with some pros and cons you might want to consider


  • Simple Design: This 2-piece kit was designed to portray simplicity and strength.
  • Simple Installation: You simply need to mount this radiator guard to the frame. That way, you won’t need to pull out the radiator.
  • Tough: When you get such a product as this, you might have to worry about the installation, but the tough aluminum allow cover of this product gives it tough protection despite its lightweight.
  • Great Front and Side Protection
  • Front of Ventilation: The plenty of ventilation space at the front allows the radiator to have a means of cooling down. 
  • Cheap: It is easy to get with a little amount of money.
  • One Fit All: It can be used for any type of bike. 


You will find none here.

Flatland Racing Radiator Guard

This product from flatland comes with great features that make it unique and reliable. It has the same features as Devol Extreme. Below are the pros and cons of this product:


  • Simple Design: You will also find a simple design made on this 2 piece kit.
  • Firmly Holds the Frame
  • Protection: You will see all sides highly protected. 
  • Tough: It also was created from tough aluminum alloy. 
  • Easy Ventilation: The front was designed to allow a lot of ventilation to ensure that the engine doesn’t overheat during usage.
  • Not Expensive: Although it is about 5 times the price of Devol Extreme, it is still low. 


One problem you might encounter is how you will stick the surrounding parts of this guard to your bike. The only recommended way of handling this is by modifying it to fit the radiator.

Unabiker Radiator Guards

This guard was designed with T4 aluminum and has a simplistic design concept as the 2 pieces fit into the frame with no hard time. In addition to the great features, it comes with, you need not remove the radiation before usage.


  • Simple: Unlike the other two, it comes with a simple yet stylish design. This gives this 2-piece kit a cool design and makes it beat others in whatever work you can easily find around it. 
  •  Protection: The protection system affords for nothing to harm the radiation from both the front and the side. 
  • Fit to Frame: It easily fits to frame and that gives it more than enough work to do.
  • Tough: It is made from the popular tough T4 aluminum. This gives it a lightweight but doesn’t keep it from being tough.
  • Much Ventilation: This way, the engine is does not overheat. It comes with much space and chances that allow ventilation for your radiator. 
  • Cheap: It has the same price as Flatland Radiator Guard, which means it is great competition for the other guard. 
  • Different Shades: It is available in different colors and can be easily used to design your bike as you please. 


For some people, they are hard to install.

BulletProof Designs Radiator Guards

Here is a radiator that functions as a CNC created from a piece of premium grade aluminum and they also hold on to the frame. Despite being a piece, these guards are sure to offer more than a simple style of protection. Below are the pros and Cons


  • Simple Design: Unlike the top three, this is a single piece that can fit the frame of the radiatior. Invariably, it can easily connect to the shrouds.
  • Simple Installation: Some others might have required that you remove the radiator before installing the guard. This, on the other hand, doesn’t need this. 
  • Protection: It is light but has its way of protecting both sides of the radiator. Thus, you shouldn’t be worried about the protection of the radiator. 
  • Tough: The aluminum used to make it is thick and is CNC machined. Nonetheless, they are lightweight. 
  • Ventilation: Like the others, you have no worry about ventilation because the front ventilation provides for more air. 
  • Different Shades of Color: It also comes in different shades of colors, making it easy to design your vehicle.


  • Fitting Problem: One worry here is that you might need to create a dent on the pipe at the lower part of some dirt bikes before installation. This is different from the others in this way. 
  • Expensive: You might have to buy it at three times the price of the last two and 15 times of Devol Extreme.

Polisport Radiator Louvers 

Here is another radiator guard suitable for your bike. Find below the pros and cons:


  • Tough: They have hard-wearing and will help in protecting your radiator without fear. Nonetheless, they are lightweight. They might be mistaken for stock guards, but they come off as heavy-duty and durable.
  • Ventilation: The guard was also created with such space that gives it room for ventilation. 
  • Protection on All Sides: It was created in such a way that your radiator is protected on all sides. This implies that it can easily help in protecting the radiator from damage coming in at any angle.
  • Easy to Install: It is easy to install and can be used without the need to detach the radiator from the bike.
  • Boltable: It can be easily fitted with bolts to hold it down.

Ways to Ensure your Dirt Bike is Always Cool

You can easily make your dirt bike cool if you are one that uses low-speed Endurox. There is a Trail Tech Radiator that can easily fit into your radiator fan.

This fan unit can be placed behind the radiator. Its major function will be to suck out air through the radiator. This will help in lowering the temperature of the dirt bike. You can easily get the trail tech radiator separately or alongside your guard and fan, which will come with any of the kits you buy.


If you own a dirt bike, then you should work towards getting your own guard because that’s the only way you can easily economize your fund. Any of the options we have covered above can surely provide you the result you desire.