Best Youth Dirt Bike Gear

There is an excellent degree of protection offered thanks to the sturdy exterior of the elbow pad.

Your young one will be getting a high degree of comfort while using the gear thanks to the padding underneath.
The pad guarantees you sufficient air circulation as you use the equipment.

If you wish to engage in a fun and exhilarating activity, then you obviously have to, at one point, try out riding dirt bikes. There are fewer activities that are as exciting and thrilling as riding these beauties. They are a very popular form of motorsport.

The great thing about dirt bike riding is that it is appropriate for kids of people of all ages. That’s right, and even kids can now partake in this activity. Just like with any sport, you will be required to have the right equipment before you start out.

Safety is one of the most important factors for anyone to consider when it comes to dirt bike riding. There are several essential pieces of equipment that have been designed to keep your young ones safe as they ride their dirt bikes. It is imperative that you invest in this equipment.

How then would you be in a position to identify the beat and most appropriate equipment? We have looked through the various items on offer in the market and extensively researched on them with the aim of helping you to select the ideal material for young riders out there.

The best and most recommended gear for youth are:

Top Youth Dirt Bike Protective Gear

Typhoon Helmets -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
O’Neal Element4.8 out of 5 stars
Fox Racing Youth Comp4.7 out of 5 stars
Webetop4.6 out of 5 stars
Takuey4.5 out of 5 stars

Typhoon Helmets


Typhoon Helmets provide an assortment of high quality and sturdy equipment that is sure to shield your young one from physical harm that results from accidents. The material they offer includes doodles, gloves, helmets, and body armor. 

The body armor and helmet have undergone rigorous testing and have been found to be up to standard. They are capable of withstanding massive impact, and therefore, in that respect, you would not have to worry about injuries.

All these items come in an array of sizes; you can replace them as your child grows older.


  • This equipment has been tested and proven to offer maximum protection against impact injuries.
  • They offer a broad spectrum of protective gear that will ensure sufficient protection for your child.
  • There are several sizes of this equipment, and you can replace them as your child grows.


  • The body armor has insufficient vents.
  • You will have to purchase shoulder pads separately.



O’Neal Element


The gear from O’Neal is not really aimed at providing safety, and rather it is a jersey that children can wear underneath their safety equipment as they ride. Your child will certainly appreciate the aesthetics of the jersey, as they have been exquisitely designed.

This jersey provides proper circulation for your young one. There have also been safety features integrated into the jersey. You will be getting sufficient padding on the sleeves to give extra protection to the elbows. This assists in impact absorption.

The jersey is heavy-duty hence, set to be resistant to wear and tear.


  • In spite of being heavy-duty equipment, the jersey is really comfortable.
  • The padding on the sleeves provides that extra bit of protection as your child rides.
  • The high-quality jersey is resistant to wear and tear.


  • This jersey is quite expensive.
  • The padding does not allow for absorption of a significant impact.



Fox Racing Youth Comp


If you are looking to purchase top of the line quality trail boots, then this excellent product by fox racing is undoubtedly the way to go. They are sturdy boots that are sure to provide your young ones with a great deal of support as they ride.

The boots have got an excellent grip, thanks to the intricate thread patterns, and this will provide much-needed support even on the most slippery surfaces. They are durable owing to their exceptional quality. Comfort is also a guarantee with these trail boots for dirt bikes.


  • The boots are of very high quality, and this makes them quite durable.
  • Aside from being sturdy, they offer a great deal of comfort.
  • The support the boots offer is excellent, as they have got a great grip.


  • The straps are known to break off easily.
  • The buckles are not of good quality.






If you are looking to purchase high-quality elbow pads, then you will certainly not be disappointed by these excellent products from Webetop. These shoulder pads will guarantee protection from massive impact, thus keeping your child safe. 

With these elbow pads, your child will be getting sufficient ventilation. The padding underneath makes it very comfortable, and at the same time works as an extra layer for impact absorption. The pads come in various sizes, and this will enable you to replace them as your child gets older.


  • There is an excellent degree of protection offered thanks to the sturdy exterior of the elbow pad.
  • Your young one will be getting a high degree of comfort while using the gear thanks to the padding underneath.
  • The pad guarantees you sufficient air circulation as you use the equipment.


  • The pads are a bit hard to put on.
  • The strapping might come loose as you ride.





Takuey provides quite an array of gear for you. They offer body armor, as well as elbow and knee pads to ensure that you have been sufficiently shielded from impact injuries that arise from crashes.

The body armor has been well fitted with enough vents that allow for excellent air circulation, keeping you cool and protected as you ride. Both the elbow and knee pads will provide you with sufficient protection from impact. They are also both padded, and this makes them really comfortable.


  • There is excellent value with this purchase as you will be getting armor, elbow, and knee pads, all with one purchase.
  • The armor is very light, and this makes it very comfortable to use.
  • Both the elbow and knee pads have been sufficiently padded to ensure that you will not only be getting protection but comfort as well.


  • The gear might be a bit large for youth classification.
  • The cost is quite high.

Why Should You Use All Kinds of Gear When Riding?

The dirt bike gear you use will determine how well your body can withstand the pressure and impact of a crash. For safety reasons, it’s important always to wear more than just a helmet when riding. Leaning back on hard surfaces without any padding or protection from clothing may cause some serious injuries such as:

One of the most common types of injury sustained in biking crashes occurs at the base of the spine, where there is no cushioning whatsoever.

The lack of padding here causes compressive forces, which lead to spinal cord damage or even death if severe enough! To avoid this type of injury, invest in some protective padding around your waist area because collisions are inevitable by nature.

You should also be wearing gloves and long pants to avoid abrasions and scrapes. The key is to make sure you are wearing the right gear for your body size because if the equipment doesn’t fit correctly, it can lead to problems as well–such as skin irritation or itchiness from tight clothing.

But, of course, it’s always better to be a bit too loose than too tight when picking out clothes! The same goes for fitting bike helmets: they should sit level on your head with about an inch of space between them and your chin to provide optimal protection during a fall.

Special Features of Typhoon Helmets:

  • The helmet is made from a polycarbonate shell which makes it lightweight.
  • They also have an inbuilt visor to protect the rider’s eyes from dust and debris.
  • A built-in anti-fogging system that uses pin-lock lens inserts protects foggy goggles or glasses. This feature prevents visual distortion during harsh conditions such as rain, snow, and heavy winds.
  • It comes with a comfortable molded interior liner that can be washed for hygiene purposes. Typhoon helmets are designed to fit children of all ages, so they don’t offer a one-size-fits-all model as other brands do! There is a chin strap clip with a quick-release buckle for easy on and off your child’s helmet while wearing it.
  • The goggles have a lens made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate material with an anti-fogging system for clear vision in extreme conditions. They can be swapped out easily if they become scratched or damaged!
  • They also come with tinted lenses, which block UV light and cut glare, so your child’s eyes don’t hurt when riding on the hot days of summer. – And finally, there’s the chest protector to protect your little one’s heart from any possible impacts while he/she rides his dirt bike. This product comes in two sizes: small (for kids aged around five) and medium.

Special Features of O’Neal Element Boots:

  • Protective booties for added protection.
  • Waterproof upper and quick-drying lining keep feet warm, dry, clean, and smelling fresh.
  • Special features like the strategically placed ribbed outsoles that protect against stone bruising or a dropped bike chain to prevent foot injury mean these boots are perfect for an offroad adventure with your dirtbike kids.

Special Features of Fox Racing Youth Comp: Shorts

Molded, foam padded seat panel. Elasticized waist with drawstring and velcro adjustments for a more personalized fit Adjustable leg openings to accommodate different bike styles.

The Fox Racing Youth Comp Shorts are designed specifically to be worn by youth riders. They come in sizes from size small through large, so they’re sure to have the right size for any rider.

This kit is perfect for younger kids who want or need some added protection when riding their own dirt bikes. These shorts provide great coverage without being bulky or uncomfortable while also giving them plenty of mobility on the bike. And because these do not have an inner liner, you can wear your favorite underwear with it as well.

Special Features of Webetop Portable Generator:

Webetop Portable Generators offer a wide range of benefits, some of which are:

Emergency Power Supply

In the case of emergencies or natural disasters, it’s possible to be without power for days. A portable generator can provide an emergency source of electricity that will keep you comfortable and safe while service is restored.

Quiet Operation

This type of generator runs more quietly than other types because they do not need to start spinning their engine to produce energy. The result is less noise pollution (significant if your home has near neighbors) and lower emissions levels from fumes released by combustion engines when these units are running at full capacity.

Fuel Efficiency Excellence

These generators all come with a fuel tank for easy refueling. The tanks themselves are also designed to be lightweight, making them easier to transport and carry around with you while on the go.

Fuel Flexibility

This type of generator is perfect if your power needs vary broadly over time or day-to-day because it does not need a steady supply of electricity to keep operating (unlike solar panels). Instead, they can run at varying levels depending on what’s needed, which saves energy when it isn’t necessary yet provides an excess that may be required later.

Factors to Consider When Buying Youth Dirt Bike Gear

It is essential for young riders to have the correct equipment for riding. This will ensure that they are safe from harm in the event of accidents. You can never be too careful when it comes to riding dirt bikes. Accidents will occur, and when they do, your level of preparedness will influence whether or not you will be okay.

You would obviously want your child to get an authentic and safe riding experience. Having the right gear serves to cultivate your child’s interest in the sport, while at the same time ensuring that he is sufficiently protected from bodily harm.

There are quite a number of gear that have been custom made for children who ride dirt bikes. These items are meant to optimize your child’s safety. Let us take a look at the considerations for purchasing some of the conventional equipment.

Body armor

Body armor is meant to provide you with upper body protection. They have been custom built to absorb high impact, especially on your torso, thus keeping you safe should you inadvertently crash. Before purchasing armor, consider:

Body Armor


It is crucial that you are buying body armor that is as tough as possible. This is because the sturdiness will influence the level of impact absorption. In this case, the sturdier the armor, the higher the degree of impact absorption you will be getting.


It is crucial that you select the body armor that is of the right size. This is because purchasing incorrectly sized body armor will affect the riding performance of your young one, more so in the case of competitive riding. Always buy the armor that fits correctly.


It is imperative that you purchase body armor that has sufficient padding underneath. Padding not only ensures that the armor is comfortable, but it also provides an extra layer of impact absorption in the event of an accident.


Most people overlook this, but it is vital that the armor you purchase for your child allows for adequate air circulation. This will ensure that the armor is comfortable to use. It also reduces sweat as the torso will be sufficiently cooled.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Elbow pads and knee pads have been designed to reduce and prevent injuries you are likely to incur on your shoulders and knees as you ride. Here  the factors that you should consider before making a purchase:


For both elbow pads and knee gear, you should ensure that there is sufficient padding underneath. This will go a long way in providing you with comfort. It also ensures that there is an extra layer of protection underneath.

Impact absorption

You obviously want to purchase equipment that will afford you as much protection from impact as possible. For this, you will need gear with a plastic or leather exterior. Avoid going for foam pads as they offer minimal absorption.


Most buyers tend to overlook this, but the type of straps on the gear is essential. This is because there are elbow and knee pads whose straps don’t hold the gear in place. This means that you have to adjust the equipment as you ride regularly, and this can be very annoying.


You should look to purchase elbow and knee pads that allow sufficient air circulation. This is because your joints will get sweaty as you ride. Without proper ventilation, you will be very uncomfortable, and your riding experience will be ruined.


Trail boots

Trail boots have been designed to offer support for riders. They are sturdy footwear that prevents riders from slipping and falling as they ride or when they are standing on slippery surfaces. Here the factors you should look out for:

Trail Boots


For trail boots, you should always look to go as light as possible. This is because heavy trail boots make for awkward movement. They also significantly reduce riding performance, as they severely affect the maneuverability of the rider.


When purchasing trail boots, always go for the most flexible options. Increased flexibility goes a long way in easing movement. They also increase the level of comfort that you will get when wearing them; this is not the case with stiff boots.


It is one of the crucial things to consider when purchasing trail boots. This will significantly influence the usability of the boots. The higher the amount of grip the boot has to offer, the better the boots. This will enable you to have stability, even on the most slippery surfaces.


When purchasing trail boots, always select the ones that are sturdy. This is because the tough boots will always provide you with the best quality. It will mean that you will not have to replace the item regularly.

Having sturdy boots will also provide a high degree of impact absorption, keeping your child’s feet safe from injuries as he or she rides.


Riding dirt bikes is undoubtedly one of the most fun-filled activities that you can engage yourself in. It is becoming a very popular form of motorsport. It is also a great pass time, even if you are not really into riding.

It is of utmost importance for you to have the right gear as you go dirt bike riding. You should take steps to ensure that your child is safe as he or she rides. Thankfully, there is a wide range of safety equipment that has been custom made for young riders.

There are several pieces of equipment in the market for young riders, and this certainly does not make it easy for anyone to select the right equipment. We have elaborated on a list of factors that you need to consider in order for you to make the right purchase.

It could be that you are still undecided about what to purchase. If this is the case, look no further than the products from Typhoon Helmets. They offer variety as well as good quality equipment. I’d advise that you purchase from this manufacturer.

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