Best Womens Dirt Bike Gloves

A lot of people do not realize the importance of dirt bikes and Motocross gloves. The fact is dirt Bikes are generally hard and heavy. Therefore, when in motion a lot of friction happens between the dirt bike and your body parts that are in contact with the bike. 

When you are riding a dirt bike you will realize that your hands actually do a lot of work and one must maintain a tight grip on the bike always and the dirt bike gloves help you achieve that since they are designed to be hard as well. 

Therefore, to be able to get the best dirt bike and Motocross gloves effective for the now of rides you must have mere knowledge of them and how to choose the best dirt bikes and motocross gloves and the ones you should go for in the market now.

Top Womens Dirt Bike Gloves List

2020 Fox Racing  -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
O'Neal Element4.8 out of 5 stars
Outmall4.7 out of 5 stars
Skeleton Racing4.6 out of 5 stars
Cool Change4.5 out of 5 stars

2020 Fox Racing 


The fox racing gloves are just the gloves you would love to purchase. They come in two good quality colors of Black and pink which give it a unique look.

They also have different sizes from small all the way to extra large depending on your hand size and comfort. Thereby they have an excellent feel and wear as well. 

They are also designed for one to be able to use your smartphone without you having to remove them hence so efficient in ways you cannot imagine.

It is made from polyamide nylon and polyurethane hence you do not have to worry about the tear and wear as well.


  • They are touchscreen sociable.
  • Have a one-year warranty.
  • The fingertips contain grip enhancer silicones.


  • Warranty does not contain labor.

O’Neal Element

The O’Neal gloves have a very nice look and feel with an enhanced and innovative design that helps cool your hands with its effective aeration as most gloves get all sweaty on a sunny day.

The O’Neal gloves are also built with TPR strips to enhance more protection for your hands as well thereby giving you a good handgrip on your palms.

The O’Neal gloves also have a wrist that one can adjust to their comfort and fitting of their hands. They also have different sizes from that you can choose from. It mainly has a pink color.


  • Designed and manufactured to give more protection for hands.
  • Have a vented mesh that Provides your hands with good aeration and cooling.


  • They do not come with a warranty.
  • It Is not touchscreen compatible.


The Outmall gloves are very efficient gloves and are able to be worn by both genders. They come in all sizes for you to choose from by just sending your hand size or length accurately and you can be able to adjust them as you wear.

The Outmall gloves are made with very high-quality material that makes them even more efficient for your hands since it fits perfectly and stretches effectively with all the comfort you need.

The Outmall gloves are very unique in that they are multipurpose gloves and apart from using them for your bike they can be used for fitness time, jogging,  shooting and many more. You can even use them for other purposes you would have in mind such as work.


  • The  Outmall gloves are used by both women and men.
  • The Outmall gloves are designed to be able to use on touchscreens effectively without removing them.
  • The Outmall gloves are multipurpose gloves hence you can buy them for many purposes.


  • They do not come with a warranty

Skeleton Racing

The skeleton racing gloves are very efficient gloves as they come in all sizes hence finding your size will not be a big deal as much. They provide the perfect aeration for your hands as well to avoid your hands getting sweaty during a sunny day.

These cycling gloves are designed to enhance your grip, especially on your palm as you ride which is also efficiently flexible. They also have a grip on your wrist which you can adjust to your comfort.

The skeleton gloves are also multipurpose gloves since you can use it for cycling as well as your dirt bike riding. They are made from very good quality hence very effective for your hands and durable as well.


  • They have good aeration for your hands not to sweat.
  • The gloves can be used on other sports you might like making it multipurpose.


  • They are not compatible to use on smart or touch screens hence you have to remove them to use your phone.

Cool Change

The Cool Change gloves are an efficient glove and by its name, it provides a cool and comfortable feel on your hand during a hot day which is made easier by the breather holes on the palms of the gloves.

The Cool change gloves also protect your hands during any impact the hand may get which is very efficient for a rider plus it provides a firm grip too due to the microfiber material that makes the gloves.

The Cool change gloves come in all sizes as well hence getting your size will not be hard. They are also efficient to be able to use your smart or touchscreens while wearing them as well.

The Cool change gloves can be used in other sports as well thereby being a multipurpose glove such as hunting, shooting, etc. Hence saves you the cost of getting many gloves.


  • They are touchscreen and smart screen usable hence one can use their phone or any touch machines.
  • They have breather holes for aeration.


  • Do not come with a  warranty.

Buying Guide.

Your hands often play a critical role whenever you are engaging in a dirt bike ride. This is owing to the fact that dirt bikes are specially adapted in such a way that they are meant for off-road driving. 

Given that some of these off-road places may be hilly or steep, you need your hands to ensure you remain in contact with your bike and that you do not fall off. Furthermore, your hands will be critical in braking the dirt bike or in accelerating the speed.

Several consequences may therefore be associated with this, the obvious one being development of blisters. Further, various factors such as weather may affect the grip between your hands and the bike.

Dirt bike gloves thus come in handy to mitigate some of these challenges. It however remains a daunting task to identify and set aside the best dirt bike gloves, as there are countless manufacturers yet they all represent their products as the best.

The following provides a buying guide that is aimed to help you obtain the best dirt bike gloves in the market. Though the list may not be exhaustive, it points out some of the critical aspects that you should take heed when buying dirt bike gloves.


You should look out for heavy duty dirt bike gloves, which have as little fabric as possible. The advantage of settling for heavy duty gloves is that they can withstand the rigours of a tough ride, and will not wear off easily.

It will not be economical to purchase a pair of gloves that is not likely to serve you for long, as it means you have to replace them time and again. Therefore, you should not just settle for dirt bike gloves just because they are easily accessible and cheap.

The material used in its production should be of good quality and worth the value of your money. A case in point would be gloves made from Cordura material which is essentially durable and often resistant to punctures.

Further, a double-layer palm in a pair of dirt bike gloves is a plus as it increases durability.

The grip they provide 

As we have already seen, dirt bikes are mostly used in off-road areas that may turn out to be very rough. Therefore, it is something that should be common knowledge that a firm grip is significant when riding through such terrain.

It is therefore of utmost importance that you settle for dirt bike gloves that are going to supply your hands the extra grip that you need. For instance, finding a set of gloves which have rubberized sections would be ideal.

The rubber sections will be instrumental in increasing the grip, and therefore reducing any probability of veering off the road or even falling down. 

Additionally, gloves with silicone sections will also increase the lever grip. 


It is essential that you remain comfortable throughout your riding adventure, as comfort determines whether you enjoy or dislike your ride. For instance, it should be easy to freely move your hand or fingers.

Good dirt bike gloves will have spandex between the face of the gloves and the back of your hand. This will be effective in ensuring that movement is easy. Further, you may want to settle for gloves that have a seamless design.

This is owing to the fact that they will often increase the airflow when you are wearing them. Further, they enhance moisture-wicking and ensure you remain comfortable throughout your hard ride. 

Weather resistance 

The gloves you settle for should be in a position to withstand extreme temperatures. Why is this essential? Imagine yourself riding a dirt bike when the weather is extremely cold. Will this have any adverse effect on your ability to control the bike?

My guess should be as good as yours. Your fingers may get extremely cold and numb. Consequently, you may lose control of the dirt bike. 

The dirt bike gloves should be made from materials that are not only waterproof, but also windproof. The material should be able to contribute to your warmth. 

Touch screen compatibility 

More often, riders adopt various extensive off-road styles. One would be listening to music as you go about your evening ride. Further, you may be on an adventure ride that makes checking your map necessary.

This therefore means that you may have to use you phone or other devices with a touch screen.

The problem is usually that depending on how your glove is designed, you may be forced to first remove it at times as the screen will not sense your finger.

However as technology advances, this aspect has been effectively dealt with. Now, you will find gloves with a conductive thread which essentially allow you to use your smartphone, iPad and other devices with touch screens. 

The same applies with gloves that have itrack, among other features that enable compatibility.

This is a plus, as your money will equal the quality of the product that you purchase.


The dirt bike gloves should be able to insulate your hands from the side effects that are likely to result from a tough and hard ride. This includes exposure to the development of blisters.

Therefore, you may have to consider gloves that do have a thicker section of thumb overlay. This reduces chances of having blisters in the main contact areas.

Gloves with such a design stand a better chance at increasing your protection.

The weight of the gloves 

It is essential that you look out for dirt bike gloves which have a lightweight construction, as weight is an essential prerequisite if you want to have a smooth light.

The material of the gloves will largely contribute towards this aspect. 


Choosing the best gloves for you can be a great challenge especially if you lack prior knowledge of any of them. 

The product you would most likely go for is the 2020 Fox Gloves. Since despite it being smart or touchscreen compatible and usable it also comes with a one year warranty.

Thereby making it worth your money and it’s durable and efficient for you since it contains silicones that protect your fingers and enhance your grip likewise.

The gloves also contain the best quality materials such as the polyimide nylon and polyurethane hence it’s durability against tear and wears. The materials also have good quality colors on them that do not fade off easily which is black and pink.

Therefore analyze the gloves carefully and pick one that is effective for your sport or use and is definitely worth your budget and you will not regret at all.