Best Womens Dirt Bike Pants

When it comes to finding the right pants to use in the course of dirt bike racing, we find that it is too hard to come across the perfect model, because there are so many designs that barely meet the required standards.

In addition, it is always important to ensure that the safety gear you acquire not only keeps you safe but also minimizes the effects of impacts when involved in an accident.

Dirt bike racing is a sport that involves high speeds. Getting into an accident is something that occurs repeatedly.

A good model will work perfectly and also suits your needs. You may find that one person prefers a certain model, whereas the same design doesn’t intrigue you in any way.

It is also critical to consider the sizes of pants before acquiring them. This together with so many other factors should always be taken into consideration.

 Due to the availability of many models in markets today, we decided to narrow down to a few which we thought to be of excellent quality and versatile enough to suit your racing needs. We have also included a buying guide at the periphery.

Be rest assured that these models won’t disappoint.

Top Womens Dirt Bike Pants List

O'Neal Women’s Element Classic Black -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Answer Racing Women’s Syncron Pants4.7 out of 5 stars
O'Neal Element Women’s Racewear Hi Viz4.6 out of 5 stars
Fox Racing Women’s Pants Black Pink O4.5 out of 5 stars

O’Neal Women’s Element Classic Black


This is a heavy-duty model. Its construction has been done using tough materials that not only enhance durability but also longevity. You are assured indeed that the pants won’t wear out unnecessarily, or even tear easily.

It is lightweight, thanks to the effort of manufacturers in adopting the use of denier fabric in construction. You will experience comfort when clad in these pants, as they are perfectly fitting and well designed to enhance your riding experience.

You are also kept well protected. Getting into an injury won’t result in a lot of harm or damage, as the pants got you covered. The fabric is durable. The materials used are also breathable, meaning that you won’t feel clammy due to accumulation of sweat or moisture.


  • These pants have an adjustable closure system. They fit perfectly for everybody.
  • Denier fabric is not only durable but also protective.
  • This is a heavy-duty model. It has been designed to last.
  • It is also lightweight and comfortable.
  • It is made of breathable material.
  • Rubber patches have been added for additional protection.


  • It is an expensive model.

Fox Racing Women’s Off-Road Motorcycle


Fox Racing is an established brand that is quite renowned for the manufacture of high-quality safety gear. You should definitely consider checking out this particular product, as it is one of the quality models they have worked on.

The model has been created with great design. You will love it, and also find it to be a perfect accessory for your riding needs. The pants are being sold in four different sizes. You get to choose the one that fits you perfectly.

It is comfortable to put on. The pants have knee guards that have been reinforced with leather in the interior to keep you safe and protected from aspects such as heat and abrasion.


  • The brand that manufactures this product is quite reputable for the production of quality goods.
  • This model is available in four different sizes.
  • It is comfortable and fits perfectly.
  • Knee guards have leather reinforcement in the interior.
  • Polyester is the main material.
  • There are hip pads for the protection of the hips.


  • Some people find the model to be too large.

 Answer Racing Women’s Syncron Pants


This particular model has been created with an elegant design. Nylon and polyester are the major materials used. This is a surety that the model is high-quality and also designed to last.

It can wick off moisture. This keeps you cool and comfortable. It also eliminates the clammy feeling that is associated with sweat. The pants have panels that are stretchable. This ensures that they fit perfectly for everyone.


  • Knee guards have inner leather reinforcements for protection.
  • The panels of these models are stretchable.
  • Nylon and polyester are high-quality materials.
  • The pants have moisture-wicking capabilities.


  • These pants are quite small.

O’Neal Element Women’s Racewear Hi Viz


 O’Neal is a renowned brand when it comes to the manufacture and production of high-quality safety gear. It is a company that has been in existence for a very long time. You can definitely rely on their proficiency for quality products.

The pants have been designed with unique graphics that will make you stand out. Quality materials have been used in the making. The model is built to last. These models come in different colors and sizes. You get to pick the one that suits you perfectly.


  • These pants have removable hip protectors. They are made of EVA foam to last.
  • They are comfortable.
  • The waist part is stretchable and elastic.
  • The materials used are high quality.
  • The models come in different sizes and colors.


  • The model does not come with a bag for keeping items such as keys and small documents.

Fox Racing Women’s Pants Black Pink O


Fox Racing is one brand that has been consistent over time in terms of production of high-quality products. You can definitely trust that you will get the best pants, as they do not disappoint with this either.

This one comes in three different colors. The sizes also fit perfectly. Polyester being the major material is an assurance that you will enjoy quality, durability, comfort, and performance.

Leather reinforcement has been added to the inner knee guards for protection. Pockets have quality zippers for the safekeeping of personal items. The waist part is also adjustable.


  • These pants are being sold in three different colors.
  • Polyester is a quality material.
  • Leather addition in the inner part of the knee guards keeps you protected from heat and abrasion.
  • Pockets have quality zippers that work perfectly.
  • The waist can be adjusted depending on your size.


  • Some people have raised complaints that the pants are too large.

What you need to consider when choosing the best women’s dirt bike pants

Choosing pants for your racing experience is sometimes the hardest task to engage in. Unlike other safety gear, pants are quite hard to differentiate. A lot of prior familiarization is needed before engaging in the process.

Due to changes in racing events, and the development of more racing tours worldwide, the production scenes have experienced a sudden wave in the rise of manufacturers who make their products available for sale.

When looking for the perfect model, you will find that there are so many of them, and most of these products look alike. Differentiating their quality becomes a hard task.

You are therefore required to engage in thorough market research programs before embarking on the purchasing process.

You will enjoy the purchasing process when you are more equipped with knowledge. There are so many factors to consider. You need to familiarize yourself with such factors, and also how they affect products today.

The specifications of a particular product will indicate to you how good it is, be it in terms of performance, or durability. Always strive to check each and every aspect of a product before making a decision to acquire it.

Market research

This is one of the most significant factors that need to be considered when engaging in the purchasing process. Care and precision are to be taken into account during evaluation. No aspect is to be left to chance.

Usually, prior to acquisition, there are two major ways in which you get to conduct market research. There is online research, and also window shopping. The latter involves physical visitation of shops and local stores.

When it comes to online research, there are a few aspects you ought to keep in mind. Due to the nature of these products, it is advisable that you source tour information form reliable websites.

A reliable site is that which is globally recognized as being a provider of authentic information. Additionally, you can visit online stores that deal in the sale of these products. The stores too, need to be verified and approved.

During the sourcing of information, there are a number of aspects you need to consider. The first one being the specifications of the products. A good model will have all the specifications you need, and also the ones that take care of you, that is the protective and safety aspects.

Evaluating the specifications of these products will shed light on the proficiency of the models, as you will know how good they will be able to work and function. Safety aspects they can be looked at include hip protectors, leather reinforcements, knee guards and also rubber patches.

Other aspects you can consider when conducting this type of research are the product ratings and also customer reviews.

These aspects indicate to you the feedback from customers, and also their perspective concerning satisfaction. The only difference is that product ratings are displayed in form of stars whereas reviews are done in words or comments.

In window shopping, you get to visit the shop personally. You make your way to the shops, supermarkets or convenience stores, where you come across different products.

In this type of research, you are able to physically test the products and also evaluate their performance aspects. You can consult experts, who are usually manufacturers and sellers who have been in the business long enough to understand quality in relation to customer needs.

In both types of research, it is good to know that you get to enjoy sale discounts, especially when you grow to become a loyal customer. Before going to purchase any product, always endeavor to conduct adequate market research.

Comfort, functionality, and durability

These are general factors that affect the performance of the product, and also determine if the model will be able to work for a long time without showing any signs of wearing out or tearing.

In terms of comfort, a lightweight model is a favorable purchase. This is because it is easier to move around with, and doesn’t inconvenience you as a result of excessive weight on the body.

This aids in keeping you comfortable throughout the riding experience. In as much as the pants need to be lightweight, you should also consider picking ones that are heavy-duty. Such models are made of quality materials that last for long without giving in to wear or tear.

Always pick a model whose materials are top quality. Such include denier fabric, nylon and also polyester. You can also consider checking the sizes of the pants, as this will help you in picking the perfect fit.

Pants that have an adjustable waist are elastic. They are comfortable to put on and won’t fall off. Hip protectors are additional features that work to keep your hips well protected in the event that an accident occurs.

Pockets are very important, especially when you need to keep small items such as keys or documents within easy reach. A breathable material will keep you cool and minimize the incidences of overheating.

Similarly, a model that wicks off moisture eliminates the possibility of accumulation of sweat. The clammy feeling is also done away with in the process. Rubber patches are additional features that keep you safe and protected in case an accident occurs.


The quality of a particular model will determine how it will work. A poor quality model will only last for a few weeks or months, and then give in thereafter. One that has been designed with heavy-duty structure and materials will last for years and suit all your needs throughout.

There are so many good models out there. However, the one that stood out was the Fox Racing Women’s Off-Road Motorcycle. The model has a great design. You will love it indeed. It is comfortable to put on and has been designed to fit perfectly.

It’s knee guards have been reinforced with leather in the interior, to protect you from abrasions and also extreme heat. There are four different sizes to choose from. Hip pads aid in the protection of hips in the event of an accident.