Razor MX350 vs MX400

What is the Difference Between the Razor MX400 Dirt Bike and MX350?

The Razor MX400 and MX350 are compact e-bikes that are specially designed for young bikers.  Both have speeds of up to 14 mph. This speed is safe enough for your little ones to carry out their off-road biking fantasies. These models are already notable for being the first bikes that most kids start their biking experience with. It is usually challenging to choose between the two, as both are equally good.  There are a few differences, however, between the two models of the Razor Dirt Bike line. 

Differences between MX350 and MX400

Apart from the apparent difference in their name, the MX350 and MX400 differ in various ways. Some of the major difference between these two electric dirt bikes are stated below:

The Color

The most apparent difference between these two models of Kid’s dirt bikes is in their color. The MX350 models are only available in the colors blue and black, while the MX400 can only be purchased in the colors green and red. Since both have a lot in common, you can simply go for anyone based on the favorite color of the child you are getting it for.


As for the date they were launched, the MX400 is the latest among both models. As a newer version, the MX400 offers some upgrades and enhancements to the MX350. Of course, we can quickly agree that a more recent version of any product is better than a previous one. However, you must find out if the difference between them is worth it before going for the latest.

Customer Feedback

Customer’s rating and feedback should be considered before purchasing any machine. However, it can’t be considered the only consideration since individual preference can vary; what a customer dislike may just be the same product that you will fall in love with. Also, since the MX400 is a recent bike, it has fewer customers than the older MX350. Both mini dirt bike models have higher positive feedback than negatives, but the rating of the MX400 is currently higher.  Most customers noted that the bike is small enough for nine years old to ride even though the manufacturers stated that the minimum age for a rider should be 13years.


The price may sometimes play a role in influencing which of the bikes to go for. Although the price difference between the two bikes is very small, however since the MX400 is a latter version, it costs a little bit more than the MX350 bike. Therefore, you need to consider if you’d love to spend extra on the new and upgraded features.

Similarities between MX350 and MX400

  • Both bike models were built for use by children.  With a weight of just around 65lb, you can be convinced that a child can easily carry it if there is any issue while riding on the road. 
  • A manual brake replacement system, twist grip throttle and adjustable handlebar are available on both bikes.
  • Both models state 13years is the minimum recommended age of bikers. Most customers complain that the bike is suitable for children of lesser age and small for 13year olds. Most online reviews concluded that the most suitable age group should be under five years of age.  The brochures recommend allowing children to use the bike only if you see fit, i.e., confident that they have enough skill to ride the bike.  
  • Both bike models are made of plastic bodies and stainless-steel frames. Although plastic may not appear to be a  durable material, both models are ideal for frequent use.  
  • The two models are Equipped with 12 degree knitted dirt road tires. The choice of a safe place for your kids to ride their l bike is completely up to you, but they are not suitable for public roads and streets. It would be great to get a level area with  ​​loose debris such as rocks and gravel. 
  • Both models have the same powerful chain motor and similar torque.  
  • They are both Single-speed bikes, which means their maximum acceleration and speed are the same, around 14mph.  
  • They both feature a 24V battery, and with a 12hours full charge, the bike can run for about 30minutes. You can be sure that your kids won’t be disturbing the neighborhood while having a good time with their bikes since both bikes operate silently.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Dirk Bike for Your Kid

Building champions for dirt bike competition can start early, during the childhood of the champ. If you are going to introduce kids to this thrilling and adventurous sport, starting with toys that look like the real bikes can prepare them before they become big enough to handle the real dirt bikes. E-bikes are now a very popular alternative to gas-powered bikes for kids.  

The first types of dirt bikes were made up of bulky SLA batteries and less reliable engines, which increased the bike’s weight and made it less efficient. Due to progress in technology, however, e-bikes are now a force to be reckoned with in the world of biking.  More manufacturers like Yamaha and a host of others have picked interest in the electric bike market; some bikes even deliver better performance than their gasoline bikes counterparts. Razor is currently one of the leading electric bike manufacturers, and the MX series has become very popular. Their bikes are pocket-friendly, durable, and safe.  When deciding on the electric dirt bike to get for your kids, keep the following in mind:

Age Range

Different dirt e-bikes are designed for various age groups.  You have to take care that your child falls within the recommended age prescribed by the manufacturer before picking a particular model. Although many manufacturers usually overestimate the age group, like in the case of MX350, they recommended it for children aged 13 and above. Meanwhile, the bike is most suitable for 5-10 years olds. You need to assess your child’s maturity and skill level to see if they can handle the model you are about to buy.  Allow the child to ride in it before paying. 


The capacity of the battery and its durability should also inform your purchase decision. If the battery of the bike model can’t hold on to charge for a long time, it means your child will have to stop on the road and carry the bike often after the battery goes flat. Battery life tells you how efficient your trip is and how much money you end up spending to charge it. Buy a bike battery that is produced by the same bike maker if possible.  

Technical Specs

Manufacturers usually give a maximum passenger weight like in the case of MX350 and MX400, and the maximum capacity is 140 lb.  Nothing the size and weight of your kid are essential in determining whether or not the bike will be suitable. Also, the material from which the bike is made to determine if it will be durable. Most dirt bikes make use of steel. Also, ensure that the designs on the bike are colorful and appealing because kids love colorful stuff.

For performance, check how fast the bike can run.  A Moderate speed is what we recommend for children as they get an adrenaline rush even when they are still safe. The pace at which the bike runs should perfectly complement your child’s motor skills.  Finally, assembling the model you buy should be easy to put together.  Most bikes are packaged semi-assembled by their manufacturer. Assembling the bike yourself will help you know it better if you need to troubleshoot a fault later.


E-bikes may have a parking switch or brake.  You should make sure that the system is responsive and easy to access by your kid.  Find out if the bike has variable speed settings or custom speeds, as is the case with the MX400 or MX350.

Value for Your money

This is an essential point to take note of since your children will soon outgrow the toy bike. You shouldn’t spend too much on gadgets that they will no longer use after a few years. The features of the MX350 and MX400 are practically the same. Explore the features of different models and manufacturers to choose the most economical option.  The MX350 is a bit cheaper that the MX400, so you’ll save a few bucks by going for it.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to continual improvement in technology, dirt bikes are now safer than before. Getting a dirt bike for your kid is a right way of positioning them for an adventurous life of dirt bike sporting and positioning the child as a future champion. A toy electric dirt bike running at a maximum speed of 14mph and a safety helmet is a good way to build the love of the sport into your kid. Razor e-bikes are great, and there is very little difference between the MX350 and MX400 based on personal assessment. Although the designs and fittings look a little different, they are the same on the technical side, using the same engine, battery, and a lot more other important features. The bikes are of good quality, and the price variation is very small.

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