Best Electric Dirt Bike

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids and Adults

Are you a beginning or experienced electric dirt bike rider? Or maybe you finally want to gift your loved one with one of these thrilling electric dirt bikes. It is no lie that these bikes give its rider a mind-blowing experience which makes them feel as if they were in a therapy session. 

You might not be a good athlete or footballer like other people but riding dirt bikes could be your ideal sport or hobby. After all, we all know that no play for Jack, makes him a dull boy! Gas bikes have always been considered to be better than the electric ones unless you are an environment person. 

However, there are now new models of electric dirt bikes that have been developed.

Well, for any reason that you are here, you are surely in the right place to learn more about the best electric dirt bikes in the market right now. I have included each bike with its features, advantages, and disadvantages to make your search a little less hectic. 

Below are five electric dirt bikes that I would like you to go through as you try to find the most suitable one for you:

Top Electric Dirt Bike

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike4.8 out of 5 stars
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike4.7 out of 5 stars
Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross4.6 out of 5 stars
Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride On 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike4.5 out of 5 stars

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Are you looking for a powerful electric dirt bike? Then this Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike should be your ideal bike. Its 650-watt electric motor should do the trick. Apart from that, its remarkable speed can be maximized to 17mph to give you a thrilling experience and guess what? 

It also comes with a dual suspension and smooth riser handlebars to enhance comfort as you ride your bike. 

Are you worried about your weight? Well, this bike can support up to 220 pounds and still comes with pneumatic knobby tires to give you as much control as possible. It is also perfect if you are looking for a quiet dirt bike.

Are you still unsatisfied? It has a warranty of a total of ninety days and therefore gives you enough time to realize any faults it could be having for you to return it to its manufacturer. Order yours while stocks last! 


  • It comes with a warranty of ninety days
  • It has a powerful electric motor of 650 watts
  • It comes with pneumatic knobby tires to give the rider more power


  • Only recommended for those above 16 years
  • Failure to recharge the battery once a month can lead to the battery not accepting charge.

 MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike

Are you looking for an electric dirt bike fit for your child? You might just have gotten the appropriate dirt bike you need to take home to put that smile on their face. 

This MotoTec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike is recommended for kids above the age of thirteen and is perfect for playgrounds, backyard fun, the driveways around the estate, or even dirt track racing, just name it! If you ask me, this is surely a game changer!

That is not even the interesting part yet. It is powered by a remarkable 36V lithium battery of 1000 watts which is even more convenient due to its light weight that enhances its performance and therefore enables you to go for longer rides at the rate of nine miles per charge within the optimum conditions. 

Guess what? This bike can also support a maximum weight of 150 lbs. Make your online order today at the comfort of your home! 


  • Recommended for kids above 13 years of age
  • Its lithium battery of 36V is negligibly light to ensure high performance.
  • Its powerful motor is of 1000 watts


  • It can only support a total of 150 lbs. for adults.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Is a scaled-down electric motocross bike a priority on your list? Then this Razor MX500 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike should be the perfect one for you. So, what else can it offer? It has a powerful 500-watt electric motor and can go up to a maximum speed of 15 mph. 

It also ensures that you have maximum control of your ride as it has large pneumatic knobby tires and a retractable kickstand. You must be wondering if its comfortable enough considering the fact that it has been scaled down. 

Well, it has a dual suspension and riser handlebars to ensure you have a smooth and hence a comfortable ride every time.

Are you still having second thoughts? To top it all, it has a warranty of a total of ninety days to ensure that your dirt bike meets your expectations and gives you time to return the bike to its manufacturer in case of any faults. Get one for yourself today!


  • It comes with a warranty of ninety days
  • It has a dual suspension and riser handlebars for a smooth ride
  • It has an authentic dirt bike frame geometry


  • Not recommended for those below the age of 14

Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross

Are you looking for an electric motocross bike inspired by the historical motocross rider Jeremy McGrath? Well, this Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross Bike could be what you are looking for. 

It can go up to a maximum speed of 14 mph and can be ridden continuously for thirty minutes non-stop. It is also fitted with authentic McGrath Graphics and a MX-frame geometry. Is it comfortable? 

It sure is with its riser-style handlebars and retractable kickstand to ensure you have smooth rides. With its hand-operated rear brake you are definitely unstoppable! 

It also comes with an adjustable-angle and spoked wheels with pneumatic and knobby tires to give you maximum control of your heavenly ride. Are you worried about your weight? This bike can support a maximum weight of 140 pounds and is suitable for anyone above the age of thirteen. Buy one today!


  • Recommended for anyone above the age of thirteen
  • It is fitted with riser-style handlebars and spoked wheels with pneumatic and knobby tires
  • It was inspired by the historical rider, Jeremy McGrath himself


  • It is not suitable for anyone above 140 pounds
  • It can only last thirty minutes continuously

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride On 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Is a durable and long-lasting feature the top of your considerations? Then this Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride could have been made just for you. It has an all-steel frame with authentic dirt bike geometry to provide a solid ride.

What’s the catch here? This bike is powered by a rechargeable lead-acid battery system of 24V of 350-watt and can last for thirty minutes continuously. It also comes with some extra features such as soft rubber grips to enable easy acceleration, a hand-operated rear brake, shatter-resistant plastic fairings, double crown fork, and a retractable kickstand.

What about its safety and comfort? It is surely comfortable with its spoked 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires to soften any rough surfaces to achieve a smooth ride and folding metal foot pegs. It is also powered with a high torque, variable speed, chain-driven motor that enables a maximum speed of up to 14 mph. What are you waiting for? Buy yours while stocks last!


  • It is durable
  • It comes with a long-range battery
  • It is fitted with spoked 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires for a smooth ride


  • It can only support a maximum weight of 64 kgs

Dirt bikes are one amazing way to spend your time and day outdoors and off road. You will love them for their light weight and their ease in maneuverability. 

You will also love that some are quite easy to maintain while others are pretty easy to set up. There are different types of dirt bikes and you would choose from each type carefully, depending on what you’re more interested in or are really looking for.

If you want to have some added fun, then an electric dirt bike could be one way to do it. Regular dirt bikes will give you just the normal fun while riding them.

An electric dirt bike may go an extra mile, literally, to give you the excitement that you’re really looking for. You will enjoy its power and toughness, and you will love its ease in movement. 

Why don’t we look at the things that distinguish regular dirt bikes from the electric ones in more detail?

If you own a vehicle or have driven one, then you must have felt annoyed at some point by the smoke that some bikes emit while out on the roads.

Because they are run by gas, regular bikes emit smoke which is not only harmful to the environment but also to our bodies. But it’s not only the harm that puts us off with these bikes, is it?

Sometimes, it’s simply that nobody wants to get smoke blown their peaceful way every now and again. Electric dirt bikes, as you must have guessed, do not emit smoke. 

Isn’t this a plus to both the environment and us? Among the many things that are destroying the ozone layer are burning fuels. I personally feel that going electric is one way to care for the environment. 

But as I’ve said, sometimes you also have to think about your comfort and not just the environment and still, that will see regular dirt bikes written off.

Regular bikes are usually available in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine sizes. What is the difference between these two? Well, a 2-stroke dirt bike is more powerful than the 4-stroke.

It’s easier to maintain, but more complicated to ride and handle. It may require some expertise, just like most powerful bikes.

The 4-stroke, which is less powerful, is actually the most common among regular dirt bikes. This is because it’s pretty easy to ride and handle, meaning most people can use it.

Beginners love this bike because of its smooth maneuverability and despite its high cost, it gives you a value for your money.

What about electric dirt bikes? Well, since they are, as the name suggests, “electric”, they are powered by rechargeable batteries. You can, therefore, always top its power up when its down.

Something else that clearly distinguishes regular bikes from the electric is their cost. Clearly, electric bikes are more expensive. But why?

Think about the amount of time taken to upgrade the regular bikes so that they could be run by rechargeable batteries and yet deliver greater power.

It must have taken so much effort too. You would therefore expect them to be more expensive. Other reasons also support this price difference.

Because their parts are a rarity and sometimes due to the fragility of other parts, you will find electric dirt bikes to be quite difficult to repair and even upgrade.

Regular dirt bikes are easier to upgrade and repair and are thus cheaper. They are also common, so finding their parts is never really a problem.

As a beginner, you are going to face many difficulties, just as you would when learning anything else. Remember that practice makes perfect. But also, constant practice is better.

To be good in dirt biking, you will have to try a couple of times depending on how fast you pick up to learning. You may also want to go long distances on tracks and novices.

You will realize that using an electric dirt bike to do this training will cost you lesser on fuel costs as compared to using a regular dirt bike.

Yes, regular dirt bikes will require enough fuel, but for an electric dirt bike, all you will have to do is recharge it once the charge gets depleted.

This means that if you would like to practice your skills without incurring extra costs on fuel, you can consider getting yourself an electric dirt bike. 

Here is something important to think about. Noise. Are you living in a residential area? If so, then I would begin by advising you to consider getting an electric dirt bike. Here is why.

Motor bikes are usually noisy. We all know that. From their name, motor, you should expect them to give you some trouble in your neighborhood.

You should expect a dirt bike to be a little noisier than regular bikes though. And I have to be honest with you. If you have neighbors who don’t tolerate noise, then you should join me in finding a solution.

Of course, you don’t need noise-intolerant neighbors to consider getting a quieter bike. It can be in your priority list, as your cool style- doing things quietly.

Electric dirt bikes are the quiet ones. They produce minimal to no noise at all. Their operation is pretty easy and quiet and does not need to bother your neighbors or annoy you.

Should anyone get an electric dirt bike? Definitely. But if you are living in a residential area, then you really need one in place of a regular dirt bike and on top of our top five, you could have a look at the following too as they could give you more insight on these bikes:

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Well, talk about brands and this Razor Dirt Rocket Bike is the top of our list. Are you worried about its battery? You can sigh with relief as this bike comes with a 6V sealed lead battery system that will give you a fully satisfying experience.

 Not only is it the latest model in the market at the moment but its also fitted with an authentic faring design and McGrath Graphics designed by the historical motocross rider himself, Jeremy McGrath. That is surely remarkable or should i say mind-blowing as it is literally fitted with features that have been considered by an experienced rider.

Is your kid’s birthday approaching and you are still looking for the perfect gift? This electric dirt bike could come in handy. With its quality knobby pneumatic tires and the dual disc brakes, you are assured of your child’s safety and guess what? As if all that is not enough, this bike’s speed is no different from a gas bike with high torque. 

Razor 15128560 RSF650

Are you looking for a bike that will not only give you a smooth ride but also assured safety from its stability? Then this bike is what you should consider taking home. You must be wondering how that is possible. 

Well, it has large-sized tires of 12 inches. It is also powered by the 650-watt motor, which is with no doubt a high torque and has a 36V sealed acid lead rechargeable battery that has quick change compartments just for you.

What else does it offer? It has an adjustable angle-riser handlebar, retractable kickstand, soft rubber grips, foldable metal foot-pegs, double crown fork, shatter-resistant super easy plastic fairings, and a variable grip smooth twist throttle. Isn’t that literally breathtaking?

What more could you ask for? Not forgetting that it enables you to ride for 50 minutes without stopping at a rate of 27 km per hour. We all know how a hidden storage compartment always comes in handy and this bike’s designer fortunately got you covered on that end. 

Roketa Dirt Bike AGB-21

Scooping the third position on our list of dirt bikes is the Roketa Dirt Bike. With this bike, you don’t have to spend a fortune if you are looking for pocket-friendly prizes as it is the case with the Razor ones I have mentioned above.

Its not always about the prizes, so what does this bike bring to the table? It has a 70cc, air-cooled engine with a 4-stroke kick start and if you have experience with bikes then you know that this means that it gives you more control of your ride.

That’s not all, it also comes with a hand-operated front brake and a foot-operated rear brake with both drum and disc brakes. Some of you could be concerned that this is a new bike in the market, but you don’t have to worry. In case of any fault on this bike, you have a total of 30 days to return it to its manufacturer.

Electric Dirt Bike by MotoTec

Are you looking for an electric dirt bike that is suitable for your little one? Well, this new model from MotoTec should make it to the top of your considerations in your list. Not only does it consider your pocket as it is very cheap, but its make is also stylish and appropriate for the playground, backyard fun, and even the driveway around your estate.

It also comes with a powerful 24V battery and has a selectable speed of up to 10mph that’s suitable for your child on a dirt road. As if all that is not enough, it comes with a variable twist-grip throttle and a padded seat to enhance more comfort on his or her adventurous rides.

Also keep in mind that it is also fitted with standard designed rear and front brakes and suspension and large pneumatic knobby tires to ensure a smooth ride while still ensuring stability. 

Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike

Are you looking for a powerful bike with maximum speed? Then this Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike should be your ideal bike! Not only does it have a rechargeable 8000-watt battery which is obviously one of the most powerful bikes to ever been created but it can also go up to a maximum of 34mph with a high torque and guess what? 

If you fully charge your battery, you can go for a continuous one-hour ride! Isn’t that amazing?

Are you worried about its quality? Well, there is no need for that as this one got you covered as it is built with the unparalleled quality materials that will ensure your safety at all times as you use this dirt bike.

Apart from its unique design, this bike is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes and the long-travel suspension and as if all that isn’t much, it has a high-quality rugged 79-lbs and a power-coated strong steel tube frame to manage up to 220-lbs.

Bottom Line

Thank you for being with me throughout the article. I have taken you through the best five dirt bikes that I feel are the best out there, including their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. 

I have also taken you through some of the things that you should know about electric dirt bikes, and a few more options out there. You could be feeling more confused than before on the type of bike you should settle for. I understand.

To have an easier time choosing the best of these bikes, have your priorities right as there are many things to consider and each bike was built to suit the rider’s needs. My top pick for you is the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike.

It has dual suspension and riser handlebars to enable you have that smooth ride you have been fantasizing about while still keeping your comfort in check. 

This bike also comes with a warranty of ninety days and come on, who would say no to that? Its pneumatic knobby tires give you maximum control of your ride. It can also speed up to 17 mph and has an authentic dirt bike geometry. 

This bike provides the necessary features you could need for your dirt  bike and you should therefore consider purchasing it and furthermore, this can be done online at the comfort of your home!