Best Womens Dirt Bike Goggles

When purchasing any safety gear, it is critical that you find the best model. This will ensure that you engage in the racing experience without getting hurt or suffering any kind of injury due to an accident.

When it comes to dirt bike goggles, variations ensue with regard to quality, performance, durability, and cost.

There are a lot of brands, some reliable, others can’t be trusted. You should consider checking the performance history of a particular brand, in relation to customer satisfaction before landing on a decision for purchase.

You should always consider acquiring quality goggles, as these will work well and protect your eyes from any kind of damage. Poor quality models scarcely offer adequate protection. They may break, or even favor the accumulation of fog which may slow you down.

Always check for features or specifications that optimize performance of the models. This means that you need to conduct a lot of market research. The process will shed light on the market situation, and how well you can consider picking a quality product.

We were able to devise a list of the best dirt bike goggles, and a complementary buying guide at the periphery to help you in picking the best performing models. All the items are of high quality. You won’t be disappointed.

Top Women’s Dirt Bike Goggles List

Fox Racing Main Race Goggles -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Polarized Motorcycle Motocross Motorbike Protective4.8 out of 5 stars
Zdatt Motocross Goggles Goggle Glasses4.7 out of 5 stars
Fox Racing 1 Vue Goggle White4.6 out of 5 stars
AULLY PARK Motorcycle Goggles Motocross4.5 out of 5 stars

Fox Racing Main Race Goggles


These goggles come in seven different colors. You get to choose the one that you love the most. This aids in complementing your riding style, that is, depending on the color of your ride.

These are affordable, as you get to acquire them at a cheap market price. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in the process. This helps you so much in terms of savings.

In as much as the model is cheap, you are still assured of getting good value for money, as the goggles are high quality. The work perfectly for long without breaking. The lens are clear, and they provide protection from UV rays.


  • Lens can be interchanged or transferred.
  • The strap of these goggles barely slip. They hold firmly in place.
  • The models are lightweight.
  • You get good value for money as the goggles are high quality and still affordable.
  • There are seven colors to choose from.


  • The lens can easily be stained. They are also hard to clean.

Polarized Motorcycle Motocross Motorbike Protective


When it comes to protection, these are the perfect recommendation. Motocross manufacturers barely disappoint. All the gear they provide proves to be outstanding and only the best when it comes to quality.

The lens are dust proof and protect your eyes from wind and other elements. The goggles are being sold in 16 different colors. You get a wide variety to choose from.

These goggles have been designed with pure bliss. Just by glancing at them, you will realize that they should be part of your gear. They are so unique and high quality. You should definitely consider acquiring them.


  • They are of high quality.
  • They are lightweight.
  • These models protect you from UV rays.
  • They have been padded for additional comfort.
  • Fog won’t accumulate on the lens.
  • The product comes with a warranty for purchase.
  • The model is being sold in 16 different colors.


  • They are quite heavy.

Zdatt Motocross Goggles Goggle Glasses


When it comes to protection from UV rays, these goggles work perfectly to ensure that you are well protected. You can use these models as safety gear for any other sporting event requiring use of the same. They are versatile in terms of functionality.

Many professionals prefer using these models due to their reliability. They have excellent designs and work perfectly in absorbing shock as well as impact. These goggles are designed with the aid of breathable material to keep you cool and comfortable.


  • These items keep you safe and well protected from sunlight, fog, and sand.
  • The length of the straps can be adjusted.
  • It doesn’t slip.
  • The band is made of elastic material.
  • It is breathable.


  • These goggles do not come with replacement lens.

Fox Racing 1 Vue Goggle White


The Fox Racing 1 Vue Goggle White model is being sold in five different colors. You can always pick from these, as you have a variety to choose from. Fox Racing is also an established brand. You can trust that you will get a high-quality product with the purchase.

The goggles fit perfectly and barely fall off. They have been designed to protect you from impact. The lens are very clear. You won’t be obstructed. You will focus on the racing event.

They are comfortable to put on and are also durable. Polycarbonate has been used to make the lens. The lens can also be interchanged.


  • Polycarbonate, a quality material, has been used to make the lens.
  • They fit perfectly and barely slip when worn.
  • The goggles are durable. They protect you from impact and it’s effects.
  • The lens are clear.


  • Some people complain that the goggles are too tight.

AULLY PARK Motorcycle Goggles Motocross


These goggles have a good grip on the face. They don’t slip out of place. This keeps you comfortable throughout the racing experience. It also helps in keeping you focused.

There are 3 lens that need to be fixed. The installation process is quite easy to master and follow. Additionally, the goggles are being sold in four different colors. Choosing your favorite color won’t be a hassle at all.

These models keep you safe and protected. They are made of durable material. UV protection is provided by the three lens. There is a spongy part that works to absorb sweat and keep cool while racing.


  • The model has a DOT certification.
  • These goggles are made of breathable material.
  • The lens can easily be inserted.
  • These lens are clear.
  • They barely slip as they fit perfectly.
  • They are comfortable when put on.


  • Fog might be a problem, as it accumulates on the lens sometimes.
  • The goggles barely fit for some people.

What you need to consider when choosing the best women’s dirt bike goggles

Nowadays, picking the perfect model for use from a store or online shop is a big task to manage. So many manufacturers and sellers are displaying their products, both online and in physical shops.

The availability of a large number of products has also made the task harder. You have to engage in a lot of market research, one that is thorough, so as to find the right model to serve you with regard to your needs and demands.

For a certain product to be considered high quality, it is required that it fully satisfies the needs of all customers. A good number of customers have always raised complaints about different products, and how they don’t work as they expected.

This should not be the case with the purchase you attempt to make. The model you purchase should meet all your demands and needs.

This can be achieved through market research, as it will help you in determining the best specifications to look out for, and the factors to consider in the process.

Maintenance of the goggles

It is not only critical that you acquire the best goggles, but also important that you take care and precision in keeping the purchased product in perfect working condition.

A good model will be easier to maintain. It will barely cost you when it comes to repairs and maintenance, as it will be functioning perfectly each and every day.

Poor quality models, on the other hand, cost you a lot of funds to maintain. You will be required to constantly repair or replace parts, as the original ones will be breaking easily.

All in all, there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind when readying the goggles for use, or when maintaining them. This is because the goggles undergo a lot during the racing process.

In some, fog constantly builds up. This is quite dangerous, as the layers may cause obstruction, which results in accidents. Additionally, dust can be accumulated on the surface of the lens, making it less visible for the rider.

You can always use a spray to clean the goggles. The lens, being the visible part, can be sprayed thoroughly, and left to dry. You can then wipe them clean, or even do so while spraying, to remove all dirt and accumulated particles.

There is another option, which involves the use of liquid. Specific types of liquid are being sold in shops and other online stores. With these, you clean the lens, together with a clean piece of cloth, until the lens is dry.

They should be clear when the process is completed. This is one of the most convenient procedures, as there are no technicalities involved.

When the lens has been used for long, has scratched a lot and barely gets clean when dealt with, it may be wise for you to look for other lens for the goggles.

Some goggles are sold together with additional replaceable lens. This makes your job easier, as you will be required to remove the old ones and insert the new ones in place.

Some models are sold without replacements. You will be required to proceed to shops where you can look for alternative models for the particular goggles you intend to replace. It should not be difficult finding them, as most of these are sold together with goggles.

You can get all the accessories in one place. Always remember to check the authenticity of the brand, and whether it is compatible with the frame or not.


For any protective gear to be in perfect working condition, it is mandatory that it is proven that it’s able to enhance the safety and protection of the user. There are many features that have been integrated into the models of these items.

These features improve their workability aspects to keep you safe throughout the racing experience. The first aspect that you have to consider here is the quality of materials used in the making.

The lens should be made of durable material that is impact resistant. This will keep you safe, even in the event that stones or pebbles fall on the surface of the lens.

It is recommended that you consider picking lens that has been made using polycarbonate, as it is a quality material that barely gives in to impact.

DOT certification is another verification approval that needs to be checked or confirmed before regarding the product as being able to offer you protection.

This is simply a third-party testing and confirmation process that reveals the quality of the model, and if it complies with the set safety and protection standards.

Additional information

The quality of the model affects its durability. The stronger or sturdier a material is, the better it is at quality, impact resistance and also functionality. Goggles need to fit perfectly. They neither have to be too large nor too tight.

They need to be comfortable. The presence of an elastic strap that is adjustable and nonslip will ensure that the goggles barely fall off as you race. A lightweight model will be comfortable too, and won’t cause many inconveniences due to excessive weight.


I would advise you as a buyer to always consider market research as a norm whenever you intend to acquire a particular product.

Sellers and manufacturers have done so little in describing their products, and also making available information about their products to the general public.

It, therefore, becomes more of your task to know more about the product, together with the specifications that favor performance. 

When making the final decision, I would advise you to go for the Polarized Motorcycle Motocross Motorbike Protective model. It is dust proof and will protect you from the freezing effect of wind.

The model is being sold in 16 different colors. The goggles are affordable and are high-quality products. They offer protection from UV rays and are padded. Being lightweight, they are comfortable to put on.

Visibility is maintained as the lens barely favor the accumulation of fog.