Best Womens Dirt Bike Riding Gear

When engaging in any racing event, it is always important that you try as much as possible to equip yourself with the right protective gear. Riding gear ranges from the helmets to gloves, goggles and even the jerseys.

All these items need to be in perfect working condition for them to satisfy all your needs and also keep you safe throughout the racing event. Equipping yourself with the right gear aids in optimizing the riding experience, to give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Most of the manufacturers today barely consider all the needs of riders, as they barely keep in mind that women also love to engage in the experience.

When looking for gear, you realize that it is quite hard to find the perfect model, as there is a limited number, especially in consideration of the quality aspect.

We decided to conduct a series of research programs and were able to come up with a list of some of the most reliable gear in modern times. 

I would like to assure you that these items are of high quality and have been built to last. You will not only enjoy the riding experience, but also the comfort and safety that comes with this gear.

Top Women’s Dirt Bike Riding Gear List

Women’s Element Factor Motocross Jersey -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Fox Racing Youth Off-Road Motorcycle4.8 out of 5 stars
Motocross Helmet Combo gloves goggles4.7 out of 5 stars
Women’s Helmet Motocross Goggles Gloves4.6 out of 5 stars
Motocross Motorcycle Helmet Goggles4.5 out of 5 stars

Women’s Element Factor Motocross Jersey


Motocross is one of the brands that has put in a lot of dedication in terms of the production of high-quality goods. This particular jersey has been designed by experts. Quality has been adhered to, as the model works to protect you in the case that an accident occurs.

The model is being sold in different sizes. You will choose the one that fits you perfectly. The jersey has been designed with vents. This gives the material breathability aspects that keep you cool even in hot weather.

The jersey is able to wick off moisture. This keeps you cool and dry and prevents clamminess or sweat buildup. It is lightweight and comfortable to put on. Excellent graphics have been designed to give it a stylish appearance.


  • The rear part of this model has been extended to ensure that it is well tucked in.
  • Some padding has been reinforced on the elbow part, specifically in the inner section.
  • It is durable.
  • The elastic waist gives it adjustability properties.
  • Its graphics have been sublimated.
  • It is available in different sizes.


  • Some people find the larger size to be barely fitting.

Fox Racing Youth Off-Road Motorcycle


Fox Racing is another brand that has been at the frontline of manufacturing high-quality safety gear. Its existence speaks volumes of its reputation. You will indeed be enthralled by the quality, performance, and durability of these boots they provide.

The boots come in three colors. They have been designed to work and last for long. Securing or fastening the boots is an easy task, as there are buckles that aid in initiating the same.

Hard rubber is used to makes the sole. This gives you a good grip, especially when engaging in off-road racing. The boots also barely wear out, as the rubber material is durable.


  • The boots are being sold in three different colors.
  • They have been designed to last.
  • The boots can easily be fastened or secured, as there are buckles.
  • Rubber gives you a good grip.


  • The boots are quite expensive.

Motocross Helmet Combo gloves goggles


This is one of the most convenient choices, as you get gloves, goggles and a helmet from the package. The helmet has a great design. This complements your riding style and makes you intimidating to other racers. As you well know, this works as an upper hand in the sport.

The helmet in this packaging has inner padding that keeps you comfortable throughout the riding experience. The liner is removable, and can also be washed by a machine. It has been DOT certified. It is therefore approved as being safe for use.


  • It has a DOT certification.
  • The inner padding gives you additional comfort.
  • The liner is easy to wash after it’s been removed.
  • The helmet is lightweight.


  • The larger sizes are uncomfortable, as they do not fit as expected.

Women’s Helmet Motocross Goggles Gloves


You can choose your preferred model from the four colorful designs that have been created by the manufacturers. The helmet is well ventilated, thanks to the effort of the manufacturers in giving the materials breathability aspects.

The liners can be removed and washed. The padding that has been added on the interior gives you additional comfort. You also get a bag for keeping your items.


  • The goggles have been coated to prevent scratches.
  • Gloves are made of breathable material.
  • The inner parts of the helmet have been padded.
  • It has a DOT certification.
  • The liners of the helmet can be removed and washed.
  • The helmet has been properly ventilated.


  • The helmet is quite large.

Motocross Motorcycle Helmet Goggles


This safety package comes with DOT certification, to assure you that it is safe for use, and will protect you as per your expectations. The design of the helmet is just out of this world. You will really love it.

You get gloves and goggles as additional accessories with this purchase. For the helmet, additional padding had been done on the interior, to give you maximum comfort. It is also lightweight and is made of durable material.

Ventilation had been enhanced, with the addition of vents. The liner is removable and can be cleaned easily when washed. The gloves are light, and comfortable, as they have been made of hard rubber that minimizes incidences of scratching.


  • Gloves are light and comfortable. They are made of hard rubber to last.
  • Each accessory here is of high quality.
  • The helmet is durable.
  • Ventilation has been done through the placement of vents.
  • DOT certification has been done to assure you that safety standards have been met by the manufacturer.


  • Some people find the gloves to be too large.
  • The quality of the gloves and the goggles is a bit poor.
  • Sizing is a problem, as the helmet is a bit larger as well.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Choosing the best safety gear has never been an easy process. There are a lot of issues involved nowadays, making it even harder for you to find the perfect product, the one that you know will work perfectly and suit your needs for a long time.

The number of manufacturers and sellers has surged in the past decade, causing a sudden rise in the availability of gear in markets. Safety gear is now being sold not only in shops, local stores, and supermarkets but also in online stores as well.

With this kind of influx, it becomes frustrating whenever you attempt to purchase a product, as you barely see the difference in the goods, in terms of quality, performance, durability and also affordability.

Another issue that arises is with regard to the buying processes we indulge in. We are sometimes in a lot of haste, such that cunning sellers and manufacturers take advantage and use this advantage to sell to you poor quality products.

Most of the time, products that are sold to you cheaply and in a hurry barely come with warranty specifications. After realizing that the item suffers from defectiveness, it is too late and even harder to act, as there is no reliable way in which you can lay claim for the same.

I would, therefore, advise you to always engage in adequate market research programs prior to visiting online stores or local shops for the products you intend to acquire. This will save you a lot in terms of time and cost.

Additionally, you should also engage in the purchasing process with keenness and precision. Being in a lot of haste may cost you more than what you initially intended to spend on safety gear.

We came up with a buying guide for you after receiving a lot for complaints from buyers regarding the rigidity of the buying process.

I was also once a victim of misinformation and ignorance.

However, after a getting a few lessons on the factor I should consider before engaging in the purchasing process, I was able to overcome the same, and I can proudly attest that I would currently stand a better chance at acquiring a quality product, as compared to back then when I couldn’t tell a thing.


Size is a very critical factor when it comes to safety gear. Safety gear is all about comfort and protection. Models of the right size fit you perfectly and give you the comfort you need to work optimally for victory.

Acquiring a larger sized model will prove to be uncomfortable, as the gear will constantly slip and cause a lot of discomfort. This is also frustrating, as you barely focus on the racing event beforehand. The thrill you anticipated for instantly vanishes.

For any safety gear you purchase, it is advisable that you find the one that is adjustable. This is a good choice, as it will give you a lot of space to work with. The presence of buckles and straps will work in the same way, and offer you comfort.

Other models are made of elastic material. This ensures that the models stretch easily. Such items can be worn by persons of any size, as they won’t give in to pressure and tear in the process. Instead, they will give you comfort and also fit perfectly.

Am anti-slip band will minimize the incidences of inconvenience or discomfort that may be associated with larger-sized models. 

Safety and Protection

This is an aspect that safety gear is expected to adhere to from the very first day it’s being used to the last one. A number of features have been reinforced in some models, to ensure that they keep you protected at all times.

The inner padding in helmets is not only done to keep you comfortable but also to protect you from impact in case you fall or crash. DOT certification is another verification procedure that is conducted by third parties so as to establish whether the product meets the required safety standards or not.

Boots that have been designed with whole covers, starting from the lower knee all the way to the toe will keep you protected.

The elbow padding in jerseys minimizes the effects of impact in case you get involved in an accident.

Quality and Durability

These aspects will determine the life of your safety gear, and also how it will work during performance. You are kept safe by a model that is durable and of higher quality, as it is more resistant to impact.

The materials used to construct a particular model will tell you how good it will be able to keep you safe and also last. Hard rubber is one such component. It is used mainly when making gloves and also soles of racing boots.

Some goggles are designed with materials that are resistant to scratches. This is done through the placement of additional coating on the surface of the goggles.

Why Should You Use All Kinds of Gear When Riding?

To get the most out of your dirt bike riding experience, you want to use all kinds of gear for women. There are many different styles and brands to choose from, which will ensure that you have a comfortable ride every time.

You can also find a variety of shoes designed specifically for dirt bikes in both short and long lengths so that they fit snugly on your feet without slipping off while other riders hit their gas pedal.

The days when it was common for people with larger shoe sizes to have trouble fitting into stock motorcycle boots is over, thanks to companies like these who provide what bikers need even if they don’t think about it until it’s too late. After that, life becomes uncomfortable with physical pain thrown into the mix.

Special Features of Women’s Element Factor Motocross Jersey:


  • Full sleeve length to cover elbow and forearm, not just the wrist
  • Spandex side panels with elastic back for a flattering fit in all riding positions
  • Elastic waistband provides additional comfort when sitting on your bike.
  • Mesh inserts under arms allow greater ventilation than traditional jerseys or vests.
  • Reflective piping at the front chest and back yoke increases visibility in low light conditions

Special Features of Women’s Element Factor Motocross Pants:

  • Inner thigh zippers make it easy to take off pants without removing boots after long rides
  • External leg zipper pockets provide easier access while seated on a motorcycle saddle
  • Interior mesh lining offers maximum airflow through pant legs when sitting atop a motorbike seat. All seams are sealed to prevent wear and tear.
  • Four-way stretch fabric offers superior comfort in all riding positions – Gusseted crotch for easy movement on the motorcycle seat.
  • Wide waistband with belt loops and elastic at the back provides firm support, even when seated on a bike saddle. All seams are sealed to prevent wear and tear.


Special Features of Fox Racing Youth Off-Road Motorcycle Gear:

Youth dirt bike gear is made for kids between the ages of four and ten. Sizes range from extra small to large.

Fox helmets are available in various colors that will appeal to boys or girls, such as pink camo, green jungle camouflage, blue/gray iridescent helmet with fox emblem on the front, and various pastel color schemes like purple opal shimmering pearl.

All youth’s motorcycle clothing by FOX Racing features high-quality fabrics that dry quickly after getting wet and help regulate temperature during any season. In addition, they have been tested for durability under extreme conditions, so they can withstand anything you throw at them!

Special Features of Motocross Helmet Combo Gloves Goggles

  • There may be a variety of different features that the motocross helmet has, which is more than just protecting your head
  • Features such as vents and airflow will help keep you cool and comfortable during long rides
  • Some helmets come with built-in visors to keep dust out
  • A full-face dirt bike helmet can offer protection from debris coming at any angle. This ensures greater safety when riding because there are no blind spots for things to hit you on the side or back of the head, unlike an open-faced design. Helmets also provide neck and chin support, so if anything does happen, it’s less likely that injuries will occur to either area while wearing one of these protective pieces.

Special Features of Women’s Helmet Motocross Goggles Gloves

We like these gloves because they are designed specifically for women, and they have a size small fit. In addition, these fitted gloves will protect your hands as you ride in the dirt or mud!

The full glove is also lightweight; it has venting holes to keep your hands cool and provide excellent protection from dust. They also come with an adjustable wrist strap to give you peace of mind while riding that your gloves won’t fall off at any point during your adventure.

We love this product because it offers all-around coverage on both the top part of our hand (palm) and the fingers, which makes them perfect when we need something durable but aren’t looking for full finger armor.

Special Features of Motocross Motorcycle Helmet Goggles

The motocross motorcycle helmet goggles should be a first-class item in your gear. Unfortunately, when you are looking through the internet for these products, there is no way to tell which one would suit you best. All of them have their pros and cons, so it will depend on what they offer that matters most to you.

One thing we can say about all of them is that they protect your eyes from flying debris and insects, especially if riding at night time or during an overcast day where visibility isn’t as good.

Other features like fog resistance technology also eliminate any chance of condensation forming within the lens area because air flows freely between the two lenses providing continuous airflow even when wearing glasses underneath. There are vents too so that your lenses don’t fog up, which is caused by the warm air from your breath being condensed on cooler lens surfaces.


Before storming the market scenes for your favorite gear, it is imperative that you consider the quality of the model, together with the affordability aspects. In terms of cost, you should consider how convenient it will be for you to purchase the product, that is, without straining economically.

That’s where you are expected to invest wisely. You can do this by saving up early enough, so that when the right time comes, you are comfortable purchasing the product, as you barely feel the need to overspend.

There are different safety gear and from a number of brands today. In as much as choosing the best is difficult, we felt that the Motocross Motorcycle Helmet Goggles would be the perfect recommendation.

You get an additional pair of gloves and goggles. The inner padding of the helmet keeps you comfortable and well protected. It has been ventilated properly, and each accessory here is high quality. The gloves are comfortable, and the helmet is lightweight. This is the right package.