Best Dirt Bike Goggles

Dirt Bike Goggles Buying Guide

In case you are a Dirt Bike owner, you definitely know the variations that are deemed to occur in the course of a ride, be it long or short. Owning a Dirt Bike is a dream for most people. However, there are always certain accompaniments that are vital.

First, as a rider, you have to know the style of riding you frequently use. In addition, the style of riding you adopt oftentimes influences or affects the nature of your ride. Are you a fast rider? Do you ride more at night than during the day?

As a Dirt Bike owner, you definitely would need Dirt Bike goggles. The best Dirt Bike goggles, as a matter of fact. The goggles you will choose will be absolutely relevant to the journey or ride you take part in.

Best Dirt Bike Goggles

When choosing the best Dirt Bike Goggles, there are a number of factors you would have to consider. As mentioned earlier, your style of riding is important. You also have to check on the durability, clarity, and cost-effectiveness of acquiring the Goggles.

In this article today, we shall be thoroughly reviewing some of the best Dirt Bike Goggles.

Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Goggles

100% Strata MX Goggles -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Oakley Crowbar MX Dirt Bike Goggles4.8 out of 5 stars
100% RACECRAFT Dirt Bike Goggles4.7 out of 5 stars
Smith Optics Fuel V. 2 Dirt Bike Goggles4.6 out of 5 stars
100% Armega Dirt Bike Goggles4.5 out of 5 stars

100% Strata MX Goggles

The 100% Strata MX Goggles have been recognized as one of the best Dirt Bike Goggles in modern times. This recognition has not only shown that the product is suitable but also proven that quality is much higher in comparability.

They come in a great elegant design. This ensures that they fit perfectly and provide the best comfort for your ride. The quality of this make is quite high, therefore, you are assured of a good product.

The sleek design is similar to the elegant design. It is something that the manufacturers should be proud of. Furthermore, it is quite affordable, so you won’t have to spend your entire savings purchasing this accessory.

Their insensitive nature to light ensures that the lenses stay in their exact nature and quality. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the destruction of your eyesight as they offer sufficient protection.


  • The lens is tinted to provide sufficient protection from sunlight.
  • They offer high clarity, so you won’t be worried about opaqueness or obstruction.
  • The Goggles are equipped with a good ventilation system.
  • It offers great comfort when riding.


  • They do not come with a nose guard feature.

Oakley Crowbar MX Dirt Bike Goggles

If there is one thing I love about the Oakley Crowbar MX Dirt Bike Goggles, it should be the resolution and the realistic view it gives you. Unlike other Goggles, the lens of this Dirt Bike Goggles prevents the distortion of images.

Distorted images occur in circumstances where you see something that isn’t at the precise location. It appears to be far ahead while it’s actually nearer. For these Goggles, distortion is no longer a problem.

This means that you will see images as they appear. There is also no need for performing further adjustments on the lenses as the adjustment has already been perfected to suit all riding conditions.

They are able to prevent damage to your eyes. This is because they have special adjustments to prevent the UVA, UVB, and UVC rays from coming into contact with your bare eyes.


  • The Dirt Bike Goggles come with a nose guard, which prevents excess cold air from affecting your nasal system.
  • They are ready to be worn. In addition, they are tear-ready.
  • The lenses offer protection of eyes from harmful UV rays.


  • The Goggles are quite expensive assets to acquire.

100% RACECRAFT Dirt Bike Goggles

The Goggles can be termed as affordable, with the ongoing market trends. You won’t have to spend a lot of funds acquiring this accessory, as you would have already spent quite a fortune acquiring or maintaining the Dirt Bike itself.

Additionally, the Goggles give you great value for your money. This specific factor can be referred to as cost-effectiveness. The quality and performance you get from the Goggles can be matched to the price you paid for them. You do not lose anything.

The Goggles have a great design. They fit perfectly in the space that the helmet leaves for eyesight. Moreover, the Goggles come hand in hand with a nose guard to provide additional protection during inhalation.

The great design ensures that the Goggles fit perfectly within your eyes. They hold onto your face tightly enough and ensure that dust and other contaminants stay far away and are not in any way of harm to you.


  • The Dirt Bike Goggles are affordable.
  • They have long straps for perfect holding and grip on your face.
  • The lenses come in a variety for you to choose from.


  • Some people find them pricey.

Smith Optics Fuel V. 2 Dirt Bike Goggles

The Smith Optics Fuel V. 2 Dirt Bike Goggles have gained proficiency and popularity in usage and are generally purchased due to the established nature of their brand. The brand that manufactures them is quite established.

Because of this, they offer high-quality Goggles. The specifications are a confirmation. I can say that they are one of the most durable Dirt Bike Goggles, so they are able to last and work for a long time.

The Goggles are also quite cheap, so in case you might be working under tight or fixed budgets, this would be the best recommendation. You won’t be spending a fortune on them, but you will still be getting quality Goggles.

The attachment of roll-offs can easily be done on the Smith Optics Fuel V. 2 Dirt Bike Goggles. Furthermore, the Goggles have an additional face foam layer that ensures excess sweat is absorbed with ease.


  • Goggles are one of the most affordable in the market.
  • Sweat-absorption techniques have been enhanced to ensure that excess sweat is wicked off.
  • They provide protection from dust and related particles.


  • Barely stylish for a Dirt-bike rider.

 100% Armega Dirt Bike Goggles

The 100% Armega Dirt Bike Goggles have established quite a reputation with regard to the quality of their lenses. The lens is of high quality, so you will definitely encounter less obstruction while riding.

These are by far the most durable Dirt Bike Goggles I’ve been able to come across. The testing that has been done to prove this specification has been quite intense, so you won’t be disappointed.

The Goggles are able to withstand heavy impact because of their durability aspects. Moreover, the lenses provide a correctness feature. This implies that they have HD correcting lenses for clear see-through.

The clarity of these Goggles makes them an important asset in the prevention of clouding of fog in the course of riding. The humidity will barely clamp on the lens. This will give you an easy time while riding, so you won’t have to worry about accidents.


  • The Goggles come with a removable nose guard, to give you a chance of protecting your breathing system from the intense cold.
  • The tear-off pins on the lens give a longer riding time without clouding your vision.
  • The Goggles have excellent durability aspects.


  • They are expensive.

Why Is It Important to Use Goggles on the Dirt Bike? 

Picking the right dirt bike goggles is important because it can make all the difference between a great day of riding and an injury. Dirt bikes are not safe, and they are powerful and fast machines that have been known to cause permanent injuries or even death in some cases.

Goggles on a dirt bike protect riders from dust, debris like rocks and sticks, and even branches encountered in the trail.

There are a few different styles of goggles to choose from when looking for the best dirt bike goggle on the market today: full eye protection where you cannot see anything but your own eyes; half-eye coverage which allows riders to still see through their peripheral vision with some light filtering through; or just an open face shield without any lens over it at all.

The style will depend on what is most comfortable and effective for each rider since there isn’t one style that works better. It’s important to consider how well you want to see while riding and if you need glasses (note these may not work depending on tinting).

The riding you plan on doing should also be taken into consideration. For example, if your idea is solely to go fast and not worry about the environment around you, a full face shield may be best for you.

For those who might need protection from bugs or small debris while still wanting good visibility without fogging up in wet weather, half-eye coverage goggles are a perfect choice.

Riders will have their peripheral vision with less obstruction from light, but they’ll also get some type of lens over their eyes to keep out dust particles and other small objects that can affect vision when racing through rough terrain at high speeds.

The last option would be open-faced shields where riders won’t need glasses because it’s just an open space without any lenses blocking anything inside this space. Again, it’s not the best for visibility, but it does get rid of foggy lenses that can be a problem in wet weather and makes sunglasses unnecessary as well.

Features of Dirt BIke Googles:

These dirt bike goggles are great for some who like to ride at night, as they have a dark tint that will keep you safe from the glare.

  • These dirt bike goggles come with tear-off pieces that can be easily removed if something sets them off in an accident and starts to irritate your eyes.
  • The sweatband on these is fairly comfortable but may not work well for those with bigger heads or more hair.
  • This particular set of dirt bike goggles should fit most people’s head sizes, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a good fit right out of the box. If need be, though, it has two adjustable straps that can make any necessary adjustments needed before they’re worn.
  • The adjustment straps that this set of goggles has made it easy to get a good fit and stay comfortable for hours on end.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Goggles

Choosing Dirt Bike Goggles can sometimes prove to be a difficult task to undertake.

This is because of the nature of modern markets with respect to quality, performance, and durability. Poor-quality sellers masquerading as high-profile merchants are able to trick innocent buyers into believing that they deal with high-quality products.

This makes it close to impossible to believe most of the products rendered safe for purchase today. This happens especially where buyers haven’t been able to acquire the necessary knowledge required for thorough market evaluations.

When choosing the best Dirt Bike Goggles, you have to take into consideration the quality of the goggles you seek to acquire. Quality is important as it ensures that you get value for the money you surrendered.

It is also imperative to determine the correct specifications or features of the products you intend to purchase. You will be able to do this effectively by conducting sufficient market research on the Goggles available in the market.

In this segment, we shall be taking a sneak peek into the factors you should examine and consider before choosing the best Dirt Bike Goggles. All in all, as a consumer, the final decision rests on you. Your preferences should also come into play.

The Lens Quality: How Good They Provide Protection From Uv Rays

As mentioned earlier, the quality of any product you intend to purchase is important as it shows the proficiency or capability of the Goggles in working according to the conditions you ride in.

Ultraviolet Rays are quite dangerous, especially in the eyes. They are found to be capable of causing diseases and particular infections such as cancer. This is not good for your health.

Protection From Uv Rays

When choosing the best Dirt Bike Goggles, you have to bear in mind the ability of the Goggle lens to protect your eyes from UV rays. This consideration will be of imperative significance to your health.

In addition, the quality of the lens makes them durable in nature. The better the quality, the better the chances of the Goggles in offering all sorts of convenience when it comes to riding across the dirt or terrain.

When purchasing the best Dirt Bike Goggles, you have to choose the ones that are sensitive to light changes. The sensitivity will be of significance in two ways, first, with respect to darkness and second, with respect to light.

Light-sensitive lenses will be able to shade differently in different light conditions. In the event that there is encroaching darkness, the lens may shade to offer high clarity and ensure that you see everything clearly.

Whenever there is excessive sunlight, the lens will shade appropriately in a tone of brownness to prevent the excess sunlight from interfering with your eyesight. This is the basic performance of the best Dirt Bike Goggles when it comes to protection.

Apart from protecting the eyes, the Goggles will be able to work for a long time. This means that the protection characteristic will work as good as the first day in all the days of your riding experiences.


In recent times, the money aspect has not been working quite well with the majority of us. The hard economic times have spanned to a turmoil, making it hard to handle numerous responsibilities and still affording to maintain appropriate accessories.

When shopping for the best Dirt Bike Goggles, you may find yourself working with tight budgets that may not be friendly with the pricing of the Dirt Bike Goggles of your choice or the ones that suit your immediate needs.

A fixed budget does not necessarily mean the end of the road for you, especially when it comes to picking your favorite accessories. There is always an appropriate alternative to everything.

Despite the fact that several premium Dirt Bike Goggles may cost you more, there is still a variety of Dirt Bike Goggles that go for far much less and still give you the impeccable benefits you would have wished to have or experience on them.

The best thing to do in such circumstances is to compare the basic and elementary features of the products you have in mind. This means that you will check if the Goggles of your choice have all the features you desire.

After checking for the best features, you can then check on the size of your wallet. This means that you consider the money you are willing to spend on Dirt Bike Goggles and see if you can acquire the premium product you so wish to.

It is then that you would have to consider cheaper or more affordable Goggles, that is if your financial capabilities aren’t able to meet the standard pricing of the premium Dirt Bike Goggles.

You can then weigh options: in basic context, this is just consideration or evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the Dirt Bike Goggles you intend to choose. This will give you an upper hand either way.

As much as you may be working under tight budgets, it is important to know that a premium product has much more reliability when it comes to quality and general performance.

Most of the cheap products have fewer specifications and at times no warranty with regard to compensation or reinstatement. So, in order to guarantee your purchase, it is always advisable that you consider the quality and durability before affordability.

Also, remember to choose the Goggles that work well with your riding experiences. A Dirt Bike is an asset that may traverse a terrain that is quite difficult or tough. This requires the best Dirt Bike Goggles so as to assure you of protection and safety.

The Style of Riding: Your Preferred Style

The style that you adopt in the course of Dirt Bike racing or riding is quite impactful with regard to the choice of Dirt Bike Goggles. When it comes to styles, there is quite a number.

The very first cognizable aspect is time. You have to know the times you do your racing or riding the most. Are you more of a daytime racer? Or a nightrider? These questions shed light on the same.

impactful with regard to the choice of Dirt Bike Goggles

In case you are accustomed to using your Dirt Bike more in the day, you might consider purchasing Dirt Bike Goggles that are able to withstand UV rays and resistant to excess light.

This will keep your riding safe and efficient. The chances of experiencing accidents will be reduced significantly as your vision will be clear and barely obstructed. To sum it all, the protection of your eyes will be assured, as the lenses will reflect UV rays.

When doing evening or night rides, you might consider purchasing Dirt Bike Goggles that are clear and equipped with a correctness lens. This type of lens may be of ultra-high quality.

The relevance of this kind of lens is that they make sure that you see images as clearly as possible and in the real presentation. This will ensure that you barely suffer accidents and give you an easy time during the ride.

Another advanced feature in this aspect is the distortion of images. You might consider choosing Dirt Bike Goggles whose lens is able to prevent distortion of images and promote correctness of images. This helps you see more clearly and realistically.

The fog aspect may also come into play. The environment you ride in affects the style of riding or racing. This means that you will need Dirt Bike Goggles that can withstand foggy situations and offer clarity visuals.

The reaction to light is a general property in the style aspect. How the lens reacts to light will be able to answer the question of whether the Goggles give you clarity in excess light and even in normal days, foggy situations and evening times.

Another aspect of style is theed. This answers the question of how fast you go while Dirt-bike racing. There are essentially two categories here, the ones who go fast and the normal or slow drivers.

A fast rider will definitely need the Dirt Bike Goggles with every protection feature at its best. The durability of the Goggles should be perfect, the ventilation systems enhanced to perfection and other protection requirements made to last.

The slow riders definitely require the same both with a tinge of variation to the downside. As much as protection is required, slow drivers or riders can acquire products or Goggles with standard protection requirements and specifications.

The Durability of the Goggles: Frame and Lens

Durability has been divided into two categories, the frame of the Dirt Bike Goggles and the lens. The frame is an additional array that gives you an added advantage or subsidiary benefits when engaging in the riding experience.

The lens, however, is your secondary eyes. The major difference is their enhancement I’m terms of suitability to prevent interference or damage to your eyes. Their functionality should not be overlooked.

The Durability of the Goggles

The protection ability of the Dirt Bike Goggles will keep you safe and in good shape. By good shape I mean the healthy side of your experience is kept optimum. Various features enhance protection.

There is the correctness feature that makes sure you see images as they appear without Goggles. This may also be stated hand in hand with the distortion factor. The best Dirt Bike Goggles will prevent the distortion of images from your view.

Another protection feature is the ability of the Goggles to prevent dust from reaching your eyes. Apart from dust, other solid particles are also kept away, making sure your eyes stay strong and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dirt Bike Goggles the Same as Snow Goggles?

Choosing the best dirt bike goggles is a personal choice, but it’s important to understand some key differences between snow goggles and dirt bike goggles.

Snow goggles typically feature a frame with two lenses of different densities (one for bright light conditions and one for dark). In contrast, most dirt bike goggle frames have just one lens, which must be replaced every time you change riding conditions or environments.

Dirt bike riders can either use prescription glasses as their eyewear while on the track or wear safety glasses if they don’t want to invest in an expensive pair of motorcycle-specific sunglasses. We also recommend wearing earplugs during your ride because wind noise drowns other sound sources such as sirens, horns, and other traffic warnings.

What Is the Difference Between Dirt Bike Goggles and Ski Goggles?

Ski goggles are usually bigger and have a strap that goes around the back of your head. They also tend to be more expensive than dirt bike goggles, as ski goggles have features built into them for skiing in cold weather, like anti-fog coating on the lens or nose pads, so they don’t freeze onto your face.

Difference Between Dirt Bike Goggles and Ski Goggles

Ski goggle lenses are also often curved, which helps protect your eyes from snow blindness because you can see better what is happening ahead of you when looking down at the ground.

Dirt bike helmets generally will not work with oversized ski goggles. This means if you want nearly 100% protection against dust, sun glare, bugs, etc., you need to buy some additional eyewear designed specifically for dirt biking or just wear sunglasses.

Can I Use Powered Dirt Bike Goggles?

Yes, and they have their benefits. Powered goggles are the best option for riders with glasses because you don’t need to wear a pair of prescription sunglasses over your regular eyeglasses, which can be uncomfortable or inconvenient in some situations.

The downside is that powered goggles may not feel as comfortable against the skin on hot days as traditional non-powered goggles if you tend to sweat more than most people. It would help if you also considered how long it takes them to charge before deciding whether this feature will come in handy for you during rides lasting an hour or longer.


There are a number of factors that require keen evaluation with regard to choosing the best Dirt Bike Goggles. It is always important that you are familiar with these requirements so as to stand a better chance of getting the best Goggles.

Supplementary factors that are also imperative include the flexibility of the frame and the ability of the Goggles to wick off moisture and sweat. A flexible frame basically means that the Goggles are well-fitting and not entirely rigid on the face.

In addition, the Goggles are supposed to fit tightly and be able to wick off sweat. The ability of the Goggles to withstand impact may be enhanced by the integration of the Goggles materials with Lexan, which is durable and flexible in all aspects.

In my recommendation, the 100% Armega Dirt Bike Goggles should be your definite pick. The benefits they offer are numerous, which means that your experience will be quite phenomenal.

The correctness feature ensures that you see clearly and realistically. The additional removable nose guard will give you supplementary protection with respect to the breathing system.

The 100% Armega Dirt Bike Goggles are excellent in durability, wicking off sweat, HD clarity, lens quality and their overall performance.