Best Youth Dirt Bike Goggles

Goggles are some of the most essentials that any rider ought to have in his/her collection of gears. Keeping in mind that motocross riding can be off-road where there is a lot of mud and debris flying all over, you have no choice but have a pair of goggles.

Also, youths could be quite daring, and you will find that most of the time, they want to partake adrenaline-pumping adventures by a ride out far off the grid, or they just enjoy riding on the muddy terrain and dusty areas.

This could be entertaining, but at the same time, there are many bad things that could happen when they are not equipped with the proper gear. A piece of good equipment for starters could be a pair of nice goggles.

The glasses will prevent the flying debris from entering into your eyes and causing eye injury. Also, the products can help minimize the effects of harmful ultra-violet rays from the sun.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best goggles on the market. Detailed information has been provided for you so that you can have an easy time selecting the best item for your youth at home. 

Top Youth Dirt Bike Goggles List

Youth Motocross MX ATV- NENKI -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Fox Racing Youth Main Li Goggles4.8 out of 5 stars
June Sports Motorbike Goggle Glass4.7 out of 5 stars
GLX GX08 Dirt Bike Safety Goggles4.6 out of 5 stars
GRM Goggles For Youths4.5 out of 5 stars

Youth Motocross MX ATV- NENKI


The ATV goggles by the NENKI are the best product you will get on the market that your kid will love and thank you for it. It comes with a variety of colors, and you can get the one that your kid prefers. 

One thing that makes this product stand out is its malleable nature, which allows it to conform to the shape of the face; also, it is made using sturdy materials, making it have a long product life.

This product is excellent at offering protection from harmful UV rays. The anti-fog lens is another feature that makes this item recommendable. The weight of the commodity is light making it convenient for even three-year-old kids.

The outside of the lens is treated with anti-scratch substance; this makes the product the best choice for kids considering that they will be handling it roughly.


  • It comes with one and a half year warranty
  • It is light in weight
  • It is made using quality materials


  • Shipment is restricted to some part of the world
  • Once damaged the product is difficult to repair

Fox Racing Youth Main Li Goggles


Another product with great customer reviews is goggles from the Fox brand. They are available in different colors; in addition, the lens offers maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

The design of the strap is remarkable; it is made from a stretchy material that will secure the item on the face of your kids perfectly. You will also love the design of the nose guard. It is well curved and does not press against the nose.

This is a product that you want to give a try, with the Lexan lens clear visibility if allowed, and the last thing you will worry about is your kid having an accident as a result of poor visibility.


  • It is comfortable to wear for a long duration because of the soft fleece covering the foam liner
  • The safety strap firmly secures the product on your head
  • The commodity offers excellent protection against UV rays


  • It is quite expensive
  • The strap mechanism has been said to be too tight

June Sports Motorbike Goggle Glass


This product is super light in weight and perfectly fit your face without leaving any space for air or dust particle to irate your eyes. Getting your teenage one of this product would be a good idea. With the adjustable securing straps, it can fit almost any head size.

You will love that this item is made from a material that is water-resistance in addition to resisting dust particles. Just like many other goggles, June sports also offer remarkable protection against harmful rays from the sun.

High-grade materials are used in the making of this commodity enabling it to have a long service life, besides the lenses are clear and almost indestructible. Dropping it twice may not break it.


  • The product will fit any teenager perfectly
  • It comes with an adjustable securing strap
  • It is made from water-resistant fabric


  • There have been some concerns that the shipment of this commodity is quite slow
  • It is highly-priced

GLX GX08 Dirt Bike Safety Goggles


Another great product to check out is the GX08. It is a multipurpose safety glass that can be used for dirt bike riding, off-road activities, and paintball games. The product is treated with anti-fogging agents to ensure that you will always have a clear vision.

One thing that makes this item stand out is that it is made from a special polymer that makes it highly flexible. As a result, the breaking of the product is quite tricky.  The length of the strap with is adjustable will properly fit numerous heads.

Your teenager will also receive the necessary protection of the harmful rays from the sun. The three-year warranty is something that many parents love about this particular item, given that kids are likely to damage the product, and it’s good to know that your brand has got your back.


  • The product is multipurpose, can be used for dirt biking or snowmobiling, etc.
  • This model has a sleek design
  • The lenses are thicker and durable


  • Some customer have raised issues that the commodity seems to be too tight
  • The product does not have grip material inside the strap; as a result, they do not stay put when stretched

GRM Goggles For Youths


Kids are not the best caretaker of their tools; it is, therefore, vital that you buy for the durable items and of high quality. The GRM goggle is one of the products you can get them.

On the inside, it is treated with an anti-fogging agent, and on the outside,  with anti-scratching agents. The product will perfectly fit the head of your teenager without exerting too much pressure.

The non-slip securing strap is also a vital feature in this commodity as it sticks perfectly on to the helmet. You will also love that it is available in different colors, and you can get your teenager the color he/she prefers.


  • It comes with a case for carrying it around and a soft cleaning cloth
  • It is fitted with gripped contours on the inside to stick properly on the helmet
  • It comes with a variety of colors for you to pick the kind you desire


  • Shipment of  this product is restricted to some regions of the globe
  • Some customers have raised issues that the strap of this commodity breaks easily

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Dirt Bike Goggles

The significance of having a goggle ought never to be belittled. You should get your child one of the security gear. With numerous comparative items available, it is essential as a purchaser to know about what to search for when getting one. 

This will empower you to go through your cash intentionally and assist you with getting the estimation of your money. This article inspects the best security goggles available; it goes further and talks about the advantages and disadvantages of each kind.

I recommend that you take as much time as necessary and experience all the items talked about right now. The following are the absolute best products accessible that you ought to think about buying for your adolescent. 


While you are buying your kid safety glasses, you want to make sure that the lenses are perfect and durable. I would suggest that you go the items with thick lenses to absorb impact whenever your playful kids

 drop them. 

Also, it is recommended that you should look for items with lenses that have been treated with anti-fogging agents to prevent mist from forming inside the glasses. You should also go for the items treated with scratch-resistant elements. 

This is very useful since your teenagers are very active, and they are likely to drop and scratch it more than once.

You need a commodity that can withstand all that intrusions. The most advisable product is one that comes with removable lenses which will allow you to change the lenses when they have broken

It would also be wise to buy a product with lenses that can protect your kids from the harmful UV rays from the sun. 


Prior to purchasing any item, you should be certain that it will be advantageous for your child to wear it. I recommend that you buy the goggles that fit them appropriately. Ensure that the securing strap system fits them appropriately on their head. 

You can let them take a stab at numerous glasses to see whether they fit their face serenely. Keep away from things that move around their face as they will lead to an accident by obstructing the view. 

If you are after comfort, at that point, try to pick the thing that will fit with ties. This will permit you to modify it appropriately. Going for the ensembles that have smooth foam cushioning will be keen as it expands the degree of ease the veil offers. 

The strap is frequently ignored while picking security glasses. All lashes are flexible for a cozy fit when on your head. The better ties available have a few dabs of silicone along within so the measuring sliders will grasp and wait. 


Considering that your kid is not as energetic as you are, you would want to get him/her an item that is light in weight. A substantial product may weigh down your child, and this is not advisable at all as it can him/her lose concentration while riding the bike. 

I would suggest that you go for items that are made from plastic materials. It is well known that products manufactured using plastic and polymers weigh less. This makes them convenient for a teenager. 

Your kid will love it if you get him/her a product that just weighs right for them. Levels of comfortability will be high when using light goggles. 

Strapping mechanism

This is another vital factor to keep in mind while selecting your product on the market. The securing straps are essential in keeping the glasses in place without moving around. I would suggest that you choose an item with a stretchy strapping mechanism.

Continuously examine the nature of the foam used to make the inside of the strapping. Some are produced utilizing low-quality foam that outcomes in uneasiness regarding tingling and unpleasantness.

You should avoid buying products with tight securing straps; this could be uncomfortable to kids

Aesthetic value

Kids love things that are good looking and eye-catching. I would advise that you go for items with bright colors, many teenagers prefer such items. You should also look for products with sleek and modern designs

You need to be aware that items with a more visually appealing feature will cost you more than standard items. You do better for your kid by buying the items with animal prints and certain repetitive repeating colors.

That is not enough; you can go further and enough that your kid has goggles that match his/her dirt bike; rhythm adds up to the aesthetic value of the product.

Be sure not to buy commodities that are not practical and functional just because they are good looking. You need to buy an item that delivers as expected and is also good looking at the same time.


Safety being the need number one in many sports exercises, there is no motivation behind why your adolescent shouldn’t have a wellbeing goggle.

Biking could be risky once in a while; with all the debris and mud out and about odds of flotsam and jetsam entering, your eyes are high. 

Along these lines, you should be well outfitted with the best possible defensive apparatus to guarantee that at whatever point there is such an episode, the harm is negligible, torment, and wounds are likewise limited.

I suggest that you go for the Youth Motocross MX ATV.  Products from this brand are robust and safe, other than the goggle is agreeable to wear consistently.  

Likewise, it is light in weight and is produced using top of the line materials. It additionally offers the most extreme assurance from the UV beams. You will likewise adore that the commodity is treated with anti-scratching components making it simply ideal for an adolescent.