How Fast is a 50cc Dirt Bike

50cc Dirt Bike Top Speed

50cc bikes are in great trend these days. There are a lot of places where the customers can find such 50cc bikes. These are usually popular among the young people in the town. They also do not cost much and are no less than a good bike. You can buy the bike in a local bike shop also. They will show a plethora of brands and styles and you are free to select one among them. While you can select the bike from a wide range of choices, you must see what all qualities do you desire and then buy one, the superior quality being 

These dirt bikes are basically used for recreational purpose, which is why these are more famous among the young group of the population. They range widely in size and power. It can be quite fun and enjoyable to ride a 50cc dirt bike. These bikes are quite powerful and can be driven without getting a driving license. One thing that must be considered before purchasing the dirt bikes is that they can be quite expensive. They also use much of the gas. The speed can however be upgraded by reconfiguration of some of the components. And, in some areas, the street biking is even legal.

How fast can a dirt bike be driven and upto what it can be re-configured?

The 50cc dirt bikes can be easily configured to reach the speeds between 25-40 miles per hour, this is how fast is a 50cc dirt bike. They can be used between the period of 5-7 years. Kids might not even like it because they won’t be able to reach the maximum limits in this bike. However, the liberty to the parents is that they can limit the speed for their children by setting a throttle limiter to the bike. This doesn’t let the bike in run in higher than second gear. 

What speed proves to be the safest speed for the children?

It is important to provide your children with enough safety measures like proper gear. Dirt bikes can run wild and they can also go calm depending on how they are being driven. Therefore, it is essential that the children remain well-protected. The kids might not go for the highest speed however, it is necessary to oversee the mishaps as parents. It is a must that the kids not be exposed to the biking sport when they are very young. They must atleast 5-6 years of age, and then they should be taught how to ride.

The children must be guided not to go beyond second gear. This action will lead to a limit in their bike. For full peace of mind, the children must refrain from going into the third gear.  Driving in the second gear is comparatively safe for the kids. They might fall when learning to ride but, that is how they are going to learn the sport. However, the parents must ensure a throttle limit to the bike to ensure that there are no mishaps. 

Owning a dirt bike with higher speeds has its own kind of risks. The young riders might get caught up in a whiskey throttle and it often happens when the bike-rider pulls the throttle back and gets frightened because of the speed of the vehicle and freezes up. In dire circumstances, the child might not remain aware that he has to let go of the throttle for the bike to slow down which might lead him to incurring an obstacle and falling down. This can cause serious accidents. 

Can dirt biking be considered a safe sport for the children or not?

It can be considered a safe sport for the children only when the following pre-requisites are considered:

  • The children must be fitted with a protective gear and a helmet should be worn during the driving time. If parents follow the norm and protocol, then only a good example will be set before the children.
  • The kids must be guided to use off-roads and trails to practice biking. Moreover stunts such as jumping etc. must be avoided to avoid fatal accidents.
  • The children must start with two-wheelers. Although, it is known that four-wheelers are better than two wheelers but, in reality it is vice-versa someone who has learnt to drive a two-wheeler can never falter with four-wheeler. 
  • Guardians must set a limit to the throttle so that the chances of fall are decreased.
  • Kids should be adequately supervised while they are biking.

A major thing that the parents must know is that no activity is 100% safe. There is a risk in everything we do. Since dirt biking is a sport that the kids enjoy very much, they cannot be entirely stopped from doing it. They are also entitled to learn many useful tricks during biking that can help them in their future maneuvers. A healthy and fun childhood is desired by everyone but, it is the duty of the parents to provide the same to their children safely.  

Children might suffer small fractures or a sprained ankle but they shouldn’t discourage to do biking. Dirt biking is safe and the kids elder than 6 years can practice it. It might be exhilarating but that is the fun of it. Also, the dirt bikes should be kept clean and well-maintained so that the kids ride on safe and clean vehicles at all times. Parents should also supervise the kids at all times so that there are negligible chances of an accident happening. Dirt biking can also be made a family sport. If everyone goes together, it will be fun for the children and they will be able to enjoy it a lot. 

What is the maintenance required by a dirt bike?

The 50cc dirt bike is a solid bike and can last upto years. It hardly requires any significant repairs. However there are certain maintenance steps that must be undertaken:

  • It must be filled with gas from time to time
  • The oil in the bike must be changed timely
  • 50cc bikes can get a flat tyre easily because their tyres are much thinner than other bikes, so it is essential to repair it from time to time.

What other important points need to be remembered in case of 50cc dirt bikes?

  • 100% guarantee regarding the safety after modification of the bike cannot be given. The changes must be undertaken with extreme precision and after doing a thorough research of the model that you have.
  • Cross check the parts in order to make sure that they are in a good order before you begin to ride. 
  • Modification of the bike might lead to alteration of its categorization so, the DMV must be consulted to know about any specifications. 

New dirt bike vs old dirt bike, which one to purchase?

If your kid is yet young, like 5 or 6 years and wants to begin bike riding then, you will definitely go through a variety of bikes before letting them buy one. For this purpose, second hand bikes can do wonders.  It is important that a bike of the kid’s own size must be selected to ride. Kids will definitely need to change their bikes as they grow older, according to size. So, accordingly the bikes must be changed and consequently new bikes can be bought.

Dirt biking is indeed an expensive sport but in the initial phases it can prove to be cheap by rendering the old bikes. When the kid grows up, then a new one can be bought. Moreover, if you are a bit money conscious, you get second hand bikes for your kids at the start. After the hobby turns into a passion, money can be spent on the new bike. By that time, the kid will also have learned to ride excellently.

Dirt bike is usually a good beginner option and the bike can move upto 25-40 miles per hour. Most of the parents however are apprehensive about putting the young children on the dirt bikes and that is for a good reason. It has some risks but they can be overcome by making the sport secure for children.

The parents can take care of it by helping the children to guide to wear protective gears at all times. They should wear helmet at all times. Two-wheelers are definitely safer than four-wheelers if learnt to use carefully. Dirt biking is an adventurous sport and can be quite enjoyable for the children; however, there are certain things that must be kept in mind while doing biking. Children must be taught to keep their safety in mind and, they ought to be guided properly. It doesn’t matter how fast is a 50cc dirt bike, all that matters is that adequate protection must be given to the children.

Dirt biking indeed can be an expensive sport but if the selection of the bike is appropriate then, it can prove to be economical. These are some of the things that a user must keep in mind while driving or while getting a 50cc dirt bike.