How Fast Is A 125cc Dirt Bike

What is the 125cc Dirt Bike Top Speed?

Are you a lover of dirt bikes? Or you love to joyride with family and friends or even alone as a hobby. Or maybe you are a professional rider who competes with other riders in a race. 

This article will come in handy for you. As you read along, you will learn more and gain insights on your dirt bike, especially regarding their speed. 

People who are already used to riding dirt bikes will admit that riding it can be therapeutic. They are often thrilled with riding and exploring new places, tearing up the trails while immersing themselves in their hobby. 

As for newbies, it is essential to practice riding dirt bikes before riding on motocross tracks and mountain terrains to reduce the likelihood of an accident. 

After constant practice and actual riding, then one becomes a pro. Professional dirt bike riders who love to feel real power as they drive should acquire a 125cc dirt bike.   This 125cc dirt bike is famous for its delivery of strong acceleration and high performance. 

A 125cc dirt bike has around 90 – 113 km/h (55 – 70 mph) as their maximum speed, although it depends on the engine type. 


How Fast is a 250cc Dirt Bike

Factors Affecting Speed of Dirt Bikes

Various factors may determine the speed of s dirt bike. Below is an outline of those factors and additional information on how a rider can increase their dirt bike’s speed.

Tires, Weight and Brand of the Dirt Bike

There are various kinds of 250cc dirt bikes on the market. Each form of bike has its specification and alternation different from the others which makes it unique. 

The speed of your 250cc dirt bike is determined by this type you ride. The brand determines how fast the bike will go. For example, a Roketa 250cc dirt bike comes with a maximum speed of 55 – 60 mph, while an Apollo 250cc dirt bike goes for 60 mph maximum speed. 

Riders who want to increase their 250cc dirt bike speed can carry out a few adjustments on the bike. However, you mustn’t alter the bike’s initial structure because it can make your bike unstable. 

Some of the alterations you can perform are:

The Seat Weight

Just as expected, weight delays speed. Overweight is even worse. The seat of your 250cc dirt bike is okay, but you might want to reduce it to improve the bike’s speed. 

Replacing the seat and cover with a lighter one will give your dirt bike and customized look and give you comfortable speed. 

Weight of The Tires

Your dirt bike’s tire weight determines your bike’s speed. Tires with lighter weight give you a faster speed than heavier tires. 

Riders can alter the weight of their bike’s tires by not adding mousse or slime to them. However, there is an increased risk attached to this, but riding a bike is a risk anyway. 

Exhaust System

Another alteration you can carry out on your bike is to change your bike’s exhaust system from steel or aluminum into titanium system exhaust to make it lighter. Steel and aluminum are heavier compared to titanium, but titanium is more expensive. 

Skill and Experience Of The Rider

As we mentioned earlier, the way a newbie will drive a dirt bike differs from how a professional will drive it. This is because driving a dirt bike requires a lot of practice. 

For a rider to be a pro, he/she must have practiced overtime and ride a dirt bike for long. Even if a rider has the most recent or best or costly dirt bike, if he does not know how to ride, the rider will not enjoy the dirt bike’s full potential. 

There is more to riding a dirt bike than the general knowledge of starting the bike and balancing it. What makes one pro is the experience and skills gathered after much practice. 

There are more riding skills to practice every day, and only riders with experience will be able to maintain an excellent high speed while riding. 

Without much stress, such professional riders will make fast decisions, engage breaks when needed, lean in turns, and shift, among other functions that may be required as they ride.

Do not be discouraged if you are new to riding dirt bikes. All you need to do is to invest more time in practicing and gathering more skills and experience. In no time, you will be able to ride fast on mountain trails. 

Weight of The Rider

While the weight of the dirt bike determines the speed, the weight of the rider also does. Unfortunately, a rider may not be able to do much to decrease their weight. But weighty riders will have lower speed compared to riders with lighter weight. 

No matter the skill and experience a rider has, their weight still determines their 250cc dirt bike’s speed. You will notice that riders who ride 250cc dirt bikes in racing events often have lightweight. This lightweight gives them a headstart combined with their skill and experience to compete healthily. 

In summary, a rider’s weight will impact the speed of his dirt bike and, in turn, determine his final position in a race. He might end up the second runner up, runner up, winner, or with no placing, depending on his weight. 


You can also alter your dirt bike’s gearing to increase the speed. You can do this by maximizing the grip of your bike’s tire rotation, i.e., the gear ratio. However, you must do your research well or seek professional help before you alter the gear. 

A wrong alteration can cause your bike’s parts to strip, break a chain, or cause your engine to burn out. 


If you want faster acceleration, you must replace your rear sprocket with a larger one and the front sprocket with a smaller one. This makes it easy to make a lot of turns, ride on tight trails and speed better.

Track Layout of The Motocross 

There are various types of Motocross tracks. Each track has its distinct type of dirt, which influences the result of a race. Some Motocross tracks feature more obstacles than the others. These obstacles and barriers determine how fast you can ride your dirt bike along the track. 

Be it an artificial track (put up in your back yard or on a field), or a natural track, your dirt bike’s speed will be determined by the type and smoothness of the dirt on the ground. 

When you want to construct a motocross track, take note of the following:


The best dirt for the motocross track is clay. A track built with clay does not require much maintenance as there is a little likelihood of potholes. So no matter where you construct your motocross track, be it on a flat field or anywhere else based on natural contours, you must add dirt – preferably clay. 

Obstacles and Jumps

Whoops, and jumps make a motocross track more challenging and intriguing. Ensure that the jumps are broad and extended so that the riders do not get thrown off around. Also, one can fill the jumps with logs instead of dirt. 

Parking and Access

If the motocross you are constructing is intended for public use for racing, then you have to make provision for parking space and easy access even before laying out the track. 

Ensure that the parking space is on flat land, which you can also use as access for excavators, bulldozers, and other types of machinery needed when constructing the track. 


If you want your motocross to be durable and stand the test of time, you must design it with proper drainage. The essence of an appropriate drainage system cannot be overemphasized. 

Without a proper drainage system, your motocross track can be easily washed away by a flood. Similarly, when it rains, clay easily compact and soak little water. So good drainage will absorb all the water and avoid flooding your track. 

Which is Faster – 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes vs. 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes?

Four-stroke dirt bikes have engines with four primary functions: compression, intake, exhaust, and combustion. On the other hand, the two-stroke bikes’ engine is less complicated, and it performs two principal functions: combustion and compression.

Two-stroke engines complete their engine cycle in 2 piston movements while four-stroke completes theirs in 4. 4 stroke dirt bikes have more weight than two-stroke bikes. In terms of functionality, there is no direct comparison between the two types of bike. Each bike has the edge over the other. 


Riding a dirt bike is usually fun and entertaining. A lot of riders derive pleasure from riding for fun. At the same time, others ride as professionals to compete in racing competitions. 

All riders love it more when their dirt bike is fast. Although safety is a paramount concern, riders love to speed when riding. 

Riders who want to ride at a decent speed while keeping safe should get a 250cc dirt bike. 

250cc dirt bike is generally fast and versatile. However, the speed depends on factors like the rider’s skill and experience, the weight of the rider, the tire, bike seat, and many others.