Best Dirt Bike Trails Near Me

Finding Off Road Dirt Bike Trails and Tracks Near Me

Dirt bike owners often encounter numerous challenges when finding the perfect tracks to ride. If you own a bike, let go of any worry because you sure will find that some of the best trails lie anywhere around your residence.

Each state provides lots of open ground and off-course tracks worth surveying; you only need to know the right places to look.

You will enjoy riding your bike along the wild dunes in California. If you live around Tennessee, the adventurous mountains and gorgeous landscapes will keep you electrified throughout the ride.

A backcountry trail makes the perfect recreational spot for riders with dirt bikes, ATV, or OHV bikes. We thus shortlisted the 17 prime off-course trails for any rider residing in the United States.

Toward the periphery, we added a list of guidelines on the best ways of preserving the terrains you use for riding. Also, we provided a detailed listing of the instructions to follow when packing for and going on upcountry dirt-bike trips.

Adhering to these rules and tips will guarantee utmost success on your next visit to the rails because preparation begets triumph.

Feel free to add a comment if you discover another resourceful site for dirt-bike riders – the list can only get bigger! In the meantime, familiarize yourself with these 17 fantastic dirt bike tracks around the United States:

The Paiute ATV Track – Utah

The Paiute Trail for ATVs, located in Central Utah, stretches for as long as 2,000 miles. The long stretch gives dirt bike enthusiasts an unlimited track to explore and enjoy.

The faint-hearted will hardly make it on the Utah trail – only serious-minded riders who prefer new challenges will find the journey worthwhile.

The main track consists of close to 300 miles of ground and stretches over four divisions in one state. Completing the entire trail would cost you more than 24 hours, so brace yourself!

The trail ranks amongst the longest dirt bike trails in the United States and vitrines breathtaking scenery. During your ride, you’ll find come across magical sights, lakes, wildlife, amazing landscapes, and excellent rock patterns.

I would recommend riders to visit the tracks anywhere between August and October. You should also stick around the trails for three to four days, although spending a week or two should yield an enthralling adventure.

Moab – Utah

Many riders visiting the vast landscapes of Utah return with wondrous tales of Moab; the only joint in the state where you can find more than a hundred OHV tracks. Every rider believes Moab deserves the top spot in the list of best dirt bike trails in the US.

The fantastic scenery of the place grabs all your attention at first sight. The place also makes the most suitable terrain for riders to show off their skills and ride in their most comfortable styles.

Riders who love the enduro riding style will genuinely appreciate Moab’s landscape and particularly how it favors their riding.

Besides serving as a universal center for dynamic riders, Moab comes with a large share of wildlife parks, rock tracks, and canyons for riders to enjoy and try out. Most riders, including top racers, find the rocky trails challenging. All in all, never underestimate the beauty of Moab.

An off-road vehicle can comfortably traverse most of the OHV tracks on public and BLM lands. However, sometimes vehicles will only cross the trails if their builds display 4×4 abilities.

Every year, the region hosts different competitions to determine the top outstanding 4×4 rides, such as the Rally on the Rocks tournament.

Moab’s most exciting mini-parks include The Rim, Hidden Valley, Hurrah Pass, Chicken Corner, Pritchett Canyon, Golden Spike, Hell’s Revenge, and Poison Spider Mesa.

I would recommend any rider visiting Moab to install night lights on their bikes because you’ll love it more to watch the scenery during and after the Sunsets.

Remember, riders can camp for free on BLM grounds. If you want to enjoy your stay in Moab, make sure you pitch your tents in the Canyonlands – the best national park in Moab.

Even the best places come with their downsides – Moab can get all loud and tiring in no time. Every off-road rider will want to take their entire families to the park. You’ll hear kids screaming close to your bike, and trails will often flood with riders, making it hard for you to enjoy the trails in tranquility. Off-peak seasons don’t exist in Moab.

All in all, it all comes down to you as a rider and what you would prefer for a wholesome off-road experience.

Imperial Sand Dunes – Glamis, California

You should visit the Imperial Sand Dunes in California if you prefer to explore endless trails of sand. No other off-course site in California surpasses the hummock collection of Glamis.

Besides, if you own an OHV, Glamis provides the best recreational facilities for you and your riding experience.

The sand ridges of Glamis measure 40 miles in length and 5 miles in width. Some monstrous dunes reach as high as 300 feet above level ground. If you would like to push yourself to the limits, gear up and take your bike, ATV, or OHV to Glamis for an unforgettable experience.

Glamis constitutes three major riding areas for OHV owners. We, however, considered the most popular spot on the list:

Oldsmobile Hill

Probably the largest dune in Glamis, Oldsmobile hosts more than two thousand enthusiasts every weekend.

Make sure you visit the place during the onset of spring, winter, or fall because, during summer, temperatures flare to as high as 120 degrees.

Riders should also bring along their RVs or pack their tents because you won’t find any lodging facility in the entire surrounding.

While several campsites offer bathroom facilities, your plans should cater to all other provisions you may need during the trip.

Taylor Park – Colorado

The Taylor Park features high and low stacks of land that make it the number one pick for a thrilling and adventurous riding experience.

Throughout the year, thousands of Jeep, UTV, dirt-bike, and ATV owners throng the park to rub tires against the mountainous playgrounds. Any off-roader in Colorado would die to spend an extra day in Taylor Park because the fun never ends.

In Taylor Park, you’ll find everything you can imagine: fishing troops, camping groups, and breathtaking sights. We, therefore, recommend riders to spend two to four weeks around the trails.

If you can’t spend a lot of time, make a few rides around the Rocky Mountains. Riding around the ridges will take you a couple of days, but the trip will come with numerous health benefits.

Wayne National Forest – Ohio

Riders often compare Ohio to Moab because many of Ohio’s physical attributes constitute Moab’s direct opposite.

Many people visit Moab, and the place can get noisy and flooding with riders from all walks of life. The serenity of Wayne Forest makes it a favorable spot for people who love the quiet and prefer not to share trails with lots of riders.

Visitors enjoy the diversity of the four-track systems running through the Wayne Forest. The four trails form one of the vastest track structures in the whole of Ohio.

You’ll notice that the entire track runs for 145 miles. Different deciduous trees highlight the sidelines, and the coarse Midwestern smut will only add to your thrilling trip. A dirt-bike will easily maneuver the terrain but a UTV won’t make it more than a mile across the narrow trails.

Windrock Park – Tennessee

If you would like to ride across 300 miles and 72,000 acres of land, add Windrock Park to your list of trails to visit this year. My crew recommends that every rider visit the Windrock Park in Tennessee, at the very least, once in their entire lives.

Some of my friends who visited the park narrated their exciting experiences, and I somehow envied them.

Private owners run the park. No other park in the States comes any close to the park’s size.

The center features different tracks suited to every kind of rider. The owners also provide adequate accommodation for all vehicle types and sizes, including mountain bikes, Jeeps, dirt bikes, ATVs, and SxS.

You should, however, conduct enough research before visiting the place. Specific tracks will work best for beginners, while some trails will only suit the experienced off-roaders.

Once you arrive at the park, quickly get in touch with a frequent visitor who can help you with directions and access to different locations.

Windrock guarantees off-course riders a unique experience. You’ll not only find challenging mountainside tracks but will also enjoy different steps, pebble washes, and vast uplands in the remote parts of Tennessee.

Red River Motorcycle Tracks – Texas

We recommend the Red River Motorcycle Park in Texas for off-roaders who would like to try out their new skills. The vast land totaling 2,500 acres provides enough space for dirt bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles to skid freely.

Overall, Texas tracks demand a certain kind of experience from riders, although you’ll get the chance to try out different tracks and their difficulty levels, ranging from intermediate courses to avant-garde. Besides, riders can drive on dirt, clay, sandy, or rocky tracks.

Red River Motorcycle Tracks provide riders with the best training experience and a variety of stunts. However, the center opens its gates on weekends, so if you plan to ride on a weekday, make sure you call to book a spot.

The management requires clients to make notices 24 hours before slotting; therefore, riders should make early plans.

Ogemaw Trails – Michigan

The Ogemaw Trail Center acts partly as a campsite for Motocross and ATV. The park offers tracks for youth riders and advanced and intermediate trails for older and more experienced riders.

Only children under 12 years can go up on the youth trails. Nonetheless, the freestyle rides, jumps, and hill climbing will keep the grown-ups occupied.

Several track stunts in the center include triples, lofty bowl ledges, wide table-tops, step-ups, ski-jump, and doubles. If you plan to take your whole family out on an exciting adventure, make haste and gear up for Michigan; the Ogemaw Trail Center awaits!

Croom Motorcycle Area – Florida

Many off-roaders in Florida visit the Croom Area because the place provides the best experience for adventure lovers.

The Croom, located in the Withlacoochee Forest, Central Florida, features close to 2,600 acres of land with different tracks best suited for groups and families. The center opens every day and offers coaching services for younger riders. 

Hatfield-McCoy Trails – West Virginia

Otherwise nicknamed Trails Heaven, these racing tracks in West Virginia offer up to 600 miles of terrain for unrestricted riding. The park also attracts numerous guests each year, who visit to enjoy the fantastic scenery of mountains and the very rare twisting trails.

However, riders should acquire permits before riding on McCoy Trails. The tracks run across several divisions in West Virginia. Tourists can also ride ATVs and UTVs on the trails.

Sawtooth National Forest – Idaho

The Sawtooth Forest features some of the most fantastic scenic views in America. Dirt bike riders should begin from the Baumgartner arena because the entire riding experience works to their advantage.

It would be best if you exercise extreme caution when riding through the Sawtooth Forest because the tracks feature steep and too rocky terrains.

Any visiting rider should set up camp in Idaho. The Baumgartner campsite makes the most convenient ground due to its numerous possibilities and additional recreational facilities, including a hot spring and swimming aperture.

Moro Plantation – Northern Maine

The breathtaking beauty of the Moro Plantation and incredible dirt bike tracks will keep you returning to the park each year for more.

Off-roaders will ride through thousands of miles and an additional 1,200 if they start at the Aroostook ATV Tracks. Besides, you can try out new skills on the vast terrain.

We recommend riders to clothe warmly because of the heavy snow and watch out for bears and moose that often hang out close to the woods. Regardless of their speeds, dirt bikes cannot outpace black bears; ensure you keep a keen eye on the road for these villains.

Black Hills National Forest – South Dakota

Riders and tourists flock to the Black Hills each year to witness the forest scenery and ride across breathtaking plateaus, wooden trails, rocky cliff-sides, and challenging climbing scenes.

With over 600 miles to spare, the Black Hills creates the perfect surroundings for energetic OHV riders. The jungle houses 13,000 acres of total wilderness, 11 repositories, and 1,300 additional miles of torrents.

The park features over 30 campsites for lodging. The convenience that comes with the campgrounds makes riding easy because off-roaders can quickly get up at dawn and set out for whichever side of the jungle they wish to tour.

Mud Creek Off-Road Park – Jacksonville, Texas

Jacksonville homes one of the world’s best muddy off-road trails. Every year, the park hosts the High Lifter Annual ATV tournament. The park features more than 3,700 acres of marshy terrain and lots of timberlands, endless mud-holes, rolling ridges, and small coves.

Don’t forget to pass by the River Run Park, another exciting mud park on your way to Mud Creek.

Moser Creek Trail Head – Hyalite, Montana

The majestic mountains of Moser Creek attract many off-roaders to the chill but civilized Hyalite of Montana. Riders prefer the Creek because they can easily access mountain trails from the nearby hotels that provide all kinds of modern amenities.

However, Moser Creek opens at specific times of the day or year. The Emerald Lake allows in riders from Wednesday till Saturday, while Moser Creek permits dirt bikes from Sunday to Thursday.

Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

Even though riders can hardly access the full Grand Canyon stretch that reaches up to 277 miles, anyone can get close to some parts of the margins to enjoy the magnificent and unforgettable views of Arizona.

Visitors should spend some time in the remote North Rim before going on a long ride toward the South. Most riders prefer the busy and more modernistic South than the North because of easier access to amenities.

Denali Highway – Alaska

None of the 16 parks we just reviewed can satisfy your deepest desires any more than the Denali Highway.

The perfectly engineered dirt trails and tall mountains in Alaska will live with you forever – the picturesque, stunning, and majestic scenery makes the park another eighth wonder of the world.

Any vehicle can fit in the wonderfully designed trails, and the 135 miles of track will make it to your top two most memorable moments. Don’t miss out on an exciting voyage to Alaska because nothing defeats good memories.

How to preserve and conserve the terrain

Please ensure that you keep the trail in perfect condition because other people also use the same terrain for training and enjoyment. Always keep the nature around you clean, as you owe yourself and other riders the responsibility to care for the environment.

Observe these practices to conserve your surrounding better:

  • Avoid littering

Nobody likes to ride on trash. Please make sure you collect all your garbage and dispose of it in the right places. If you find yourself in the middle of a park and with no garbage disposals, keep the trash until you find a disposal bin. Otherwise, never dispose of litter in a park.

  • Stick to specified trails

The center will provide you with a map indicating all designated tracks. Staff members will also mark all the safe trails, so make sure you ride safely and avoid unmarked routes because you could easily get in harm’s way.

  • Show respect

Always demonstrate responsibility when riding OHVs. Taking good care of your surrounding helps to protect other riders, wildlife, and nature.

Off-roaders can enjoy dirt trails while permitting other tourists to take in natural splendor. Enjoy the experience, stick to your ride, and keep disturbance to the minimum.

Safety tips

A rider should always stay safe regardless of the nature or type of terrain. Rocky, muddy, sandy, and snowy grounds pose a higher risk of injury to riders.

Besides, if you got hurt, it would probably take longer for an emergency response team to find you because of most parks’ remoteness. When riding off-course, adhere to these safety guidelines:

  • Wear protective gear at all times – Put on your goggles, helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, and other safety equipment; safety equipment protects you from injury if you crash into a tree or on rocky ground.
  • Packing – Include essential items in your traveling bag before packing other stuff. GPS transponders come in handy if you plan on riding solo. Also, carry a bear spray just in case the grizzle decides to leave the mountains.
  • Awareness and sobriety – You should neither smoke nor drink because off-roads require sober minds. Besides, know your terrain well, and always stay on the lookout for any threats – flee without fail when necessary.

Always ensure that you carry a transponder or remote device to communicate with emergency teams if you get injured. Stay on the right paths and only access the park on foot when in safe places.


Before visiting that one iconic park Far East or many memories away from home, consider starting small by trying out the trails around your residence.

You will gain a better experience if you understand the terrains closest to you. You’ll also know what to pack and how to camp in the absence of lodges. Riding around your residence also teaches you all the safety measures to follow when riding alone in the wild.

Different riders can develop similar styles of riding but adapt diversely to all kinds of tracks. Always train adequately before trying out a new route because, in the field, no one will come to catch you if you fall.

Lastly, I would advise every off-roader to research keenly on the off-road tracks they would wish to visit before physically visiting the place. However, you could pre-visit your place of choice, observe a thing or two, and then return with enough knowledge to warrant an exciting adventure.