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Does your current speedometer need a replacement? Well, it is also not a bad idea to upgrade your current one. We all know that an efficient speedometer will always come handy. There are various speedometers for specific motorcycles. 

However, some are almost universal as they can be fitted onto a variety of bikes. Different speedometers also come with different advantages based on features, or factors such as their price. 

It is factual that there are many speedometers currently on sale. It is therefore in your best interest to go through several speedometers while making a comparison before you find the perfect one for your bike.

To narrow your search and make this exercise a little less hectic for you, below are five types of speedometers that I have compiled. They are likely to fit your needs and would highly recommend that you take your time to have a look.

Top Dirt Bike Speedometer

Trail Tech 752-113 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Waterproof Digital GPS Speedometer4.8 out of 5 stars
Trail Tech 202-111 Endurance II Digital Gauge Speedometer4.7 out of 5 stars
SAMDO 6 Gear Universal Motorcycle Speedometer 4.6 out of 5 stars
SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer 4.5 out of 5 stars

 Trail Tech 752-113 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer

Are you an on or off-road enthusiast? The good thing is that you do not have to worry about that since this speedometer is totally good to go with either.  With its small size of 4.2 * 2.3 inches, the Trail Tech 752-113 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer is perfect for any riding whether at a cross country, trail riding, or even at the track and that is not all it has to offer. 

It also comes with a customized and fine tube vapor for your tire size. This digital speedometer also works on literally every bike with its vapor operating on regulated AC or 12V DC electrical systems and in case you are a racer, it still comes with a built-in stopwatch which is perfect for training.


  • Free shipping to your preferred destination
  • Is fitted with a programmable LED lights that blink
  • Its distance, clock, and ride time are resettable
  • It displays speed, tach, engine and ambient temperatures, and the odometer


  • It works for most, but not all bikes
  • Some parts have been reported missing

 Waterproof Digital GPS Speedometer

Are you looking for a speedometer for your boat or bike that is easy to install? This speedometer could just be perfect for you. Its installation is easy, and it is both waterproof and dustproof.

So, what else does it offer? It also comes with settable high or low-speed alarms, a powerful driving speed system with satellite positioning, real-time monitoring the current driving speed, maximum speed viewable and resettable, and an overspeed alert can also be settled.

It also has a voltage detection range between DC10-24V, and its GPS automatically positions UTC and furthermore, it is CE and ROHS certified and it takes a meticulous PCB design.


  • It is waterproof and dustproof
  • Easy to install
  • It saves data automatically


  • Concerns have been raised on the antenna reception being poor after prolonged use

 Trail Tech 202-111 Endurance II Digital Gauge Speedometer

Scooping the third position on my list is this Trail Tech speedometer. If you would rather settle for something simple yet worthwhile, then this could just be the one. For starters, it can replace a vehicle’s entire instrument cluster.

It also displays speed, both maximum and average and comes with two trip distance trackers, odometer, ride time, and a clock. If you are concerned about its installation, you can keep calm as that will just be a walk in the park provided that you follow the detailed instructions set out for you.

Moreover, you will be able to use a maintenance reminder with either time or mileage interval durations and to top it all, it is still fitted with a magnet kit, wheel sensor, mounting and power lead.


  • It comes with installation instructions which are easy to follow
  • It is only 4.2 * 1.6 inches and will therefore fit anywhere
  • The wheel sensor enables speed readouts and the power wire enables the backlight


  • It is advisable to confirm with a professional if it will fit into your machine

SAMDO 6 Gear Universal Motorcycle Speedometer 

Is your motorcycle a DC 12V? If yes, then this universal motorcycle speedometer should definitely be in your list. To begin with, it is adjustable for 8-22 inches wheel and is perfect for your motorcycle with either one cylinder, two, or even four cylinders.

If your speedometer’s installation is among your top concerns, that shouldn’t be a problem with this one since it is very easy to install considering that it comes with a user manual. It also displays a 1-6 gear and water temperature on its LCD screen.

It also displays digital speed and its range, trip and distance, LED fuel level and its warning once its level is low.


  • It displays your speed in kilometers or miles and can even switch on setting
  • Its wheel perimeter and pulse are adjustable


  • It is not compatible with an Electric Fuel Injection engine

 SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer 

Just like the one above, this speedometer fits for all motorcycles with a DC 12V and is also adjustable within 8-22 inches wheel. So, what else does it bring to the table? For starters, it is universal and is fitted with an odometer, tachometer, fuel level display, a left and right indicator, gear, battery, and a water temperature indicator.

If your motor is either one cylinder, two, or four cylinders, this speedometer could just be perfect for you. It also shifts its speed display in kilometers or miles and the RPM cable connects trigger signal line at the positive pole.

Are you wondering about its working temperature and voltage? Its temperature varies between 30-85 C, while its voltage is between 9-16V. Its trip distance also clears and digitally displays speed and its range, trip and odo distance and its range, and the fuel level and its warning once its low.


  • Its wheel perimeter and pulse are adjustable
  • Can be applied to different vehicles with different diameters


  • Not compatible with Electric fuel injection engines

Best Dirt Bike Speedometer

When choosing the best Dirt Bike Speedometer, there are a number of factors and specifications that you need to consider. The first one is the choice of shifting of the readable speeds.

You may choose the best shift between mph and km/h. Either way, you have to choose the one that suits your style of speed and mobility.

With regard to the choice of the best Dirt Bike Speedometer, we intend to look into the various features that are found on the best Dirt Bike speedometers in modern times. Furthermore, there are a number of factors that we may consider.

The most basic ones include the digital display speed feature, the LED display to indicate the fuel level, and the low fuel warning. All these specifications are able to indicate the performance aspects of the Best Dirt Bike speedometers.


Durability is an aspect that depicts the ability of the Speedometer to work for a long time without causing any problems to the user or the Dirt Bike. They will also be strong and sturdy, therefore, they will be able to withstand all kinds of impact.

The first aspect of this category is the adjustable wheel perimeter. This ensures that the rider can easily adjust the wheel perimeter to the level that he or she prefers. This makes it comfortable and easy to use.

The LCD display speed ensures that you get to see the speed as it is. It is an improvisation from the traditional displays, which lacked the LCD display. The LCD display is currently the standard display feature for most of the Dirt Bikes.

The ability of the Dirt Bike speedometer to resist high temperature is an aspect that should be considered in all aspects. The best Dirt Bike speedometers are resistant to high temperatures. This will keep the Bike safe in extreme weather conditions.

The best Dirt Bike speedometers have also been constructed with a fireproof abs material. This will ensure that even in the event of a fire outbreak, the speedometer is still kept safe and in good condition for reuse.


Safety had been enhanced when it comes to the Best Dirt Bike speedometers. The user is kept safe and protected, such that the performance of the speedometer does not affect the biker in any way.

The speedometer is also safe for the environment as it does not work in any manner that harms the environment. The atmosphere is protected and other living organisms are kept safe and healthy.

Purpose or performance

This aspect may also be termed as functionality. The functionality of the Dirt Bike speedometer. It is a broad aspect that covers durability, safety, usage and maintenance of the speedometer.

The most relevant aspect of performance is fitness. The best Dirt Bike Speedometer can be placed or installed on all Dirt Bikes with ease. This means that you won’t have to worry about compatibility as it is obvious that the speedometer will work at its best.

The warranty is also another aspect that works hand in hand with performance. The best Dirt Bike speedometer will have a long-term warranty.

A long-term warranty is a confirmation of the authenticity of the speedometer. It depicts that the speedometer is high-quality and the materials used in making it are durable and long-lasting.

The warranty specifications are also an assurance that you will be able to claim for defectiveness in the quality or performance of the speedometer. When any problems arise with the speedometer, you can contact the sellers who may act accordingly.

The instructions manual is an important document to be read before the installation of the speedometer. Failure to comply with the instructions manual guide may result in an improper placement which may disregard the warranty terms and conditions.

The best Dirt Bike Speedometers come with a wide range of accessories. These accessories are vital in improving the performance of the speedometer. They are reliable in every aspect.

These accessories include the LCD digital odometer speedometer. There is also the sensor cable, and the magnetic steel that makes the speedometer durable as steel is heavy-duty.

The battery is also another accessory that should be considered before making a purchase. 


The cost of acquiring the Dirt Bike speedometer should be a consideration. Affordability is an aspect that covers the cost or the price you paid for the item you acquired. In modern times, this works hand in hand with cost-effectiveness.

Cost-effectiveness refers to the convenience that is gained when you receive the item you paid for. In other words, you are able to get value for your money.

It has been seen in many situations that the best speedometers are the ones that have the best features and improved performance aspects. The only catch with these premium speedometers is the fact that they are quite pricey.

This means that you should be willing to invest wisely by choosing the best Dirt Bike speedometer. The best speedometers will fair at a higher price as compared to standard ones.

When working under a fixed budget, it is still possible for you to get a high-quality Dirt Bike speedometer. However, you may need to carefully follow a few steps that may improve your chances of success.

First is the reviewing of the features or specifications of the speedometers in the market. You may then weigh the pros and cons, and later on, evaluate the ones that have the best features but still fall within your financial capabilities.

Another aspect of precise evaluation when working under fixed budgets Is the conduction of market research. Market Research is able to give you additional insight into the market situation.

Market Research can be easily conducted on online platforms. You may choose to review the features of the speedometers by visiting verified websites or online stores that sell Dirt Bike speedometers.

While conducting your research, you will be able to see the products whose performance aspects are top-notch. In addition, you will know the ones whose advantages override the disadvantages.

Apart from conducting online market research, you may choose to visit convenient stores and local shops. In these shops, you will be able to meet verified buyers and sellers.

The sellers will be able to answer the questions you may have in mind. Furthermore, you will be able to test the workability aspects of the best Dirt Bike speedometers and compare their performance attributes with the ones you reviewed online.

Additional features

The best Dirt Bike speedometers have been equipped with a number of features that are able to improve the durability and performance of the Dirt Bike as a whole. In addition, the materials used in making the Speedometer are high-quality.

The best Dirt Bike Speedometers will be able to withstand all kinds of impact. In the event of a crash or an accident, the Dirt Bike speedometer will be able to stay in good condition.

The engine trouble light reminding feature ensures that the engine is well monitored and it’s in good condition all throughout. There is also the displaying time feature that makes it easier for you to read the time.

The Backlight display is very clear. You won’t have to squint your eyes so as to see. You will stay comfortable while Monitoring all kinds of development. The best speedometer gives you easy viewing from all angles, especially in the dark.

The Best Dirt Bike speedometer will be able to gauge the total travel distance. It also has a special anti-UV LCD screen that protects the speedometer from the harmful UV rays.

The LCD screen is waterproof. This means that moisture won’t penetrate and cause damage to the internal components of the speedometer. The anti-glare screen also prevents the destruction of eyesight by making it easier for you to view.

The anti-vibration feature keeps the Dirt Bike speedometer up and running at all times. The fuel table indicator is able to show you the amount of file remaining in the tank and the consumption rates.

Moreover, there is a low fuel warning feature that alerts you in good time so that you may take an immediate course of action. The left and right blinkers improve the performance of the speedometer.

There have been upgrades that have been made to improve the performance of the speedometer and the Dirt Bike as a whole. The 0 to 199 mph or km/h speedometer has been made adjustable. This will allow you to customize it according to your preferences.


I sincerely hope that my article was helpful to you, and for sticking with me from the beginning till the end, I truly appreciate and hope that I didn’t confuse you even more. I have gone through five speedometers that I found fit and would highly recommend that you consider as you settle for your ideal one.

However, you must have had considerations that you would like your speedometer to look into. I therefore urge that you keenly go through the features, advantages and disadvantages before making any decision. However, my top pick is the Trail Tech 752-119 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer.

So why would you settle for it? For starters, it can be easily installed and comes with a large RPM graph and speed readout and programmable LED lights that blink on gear shift or due to high temperature. It displays speed, tach, engine and ambient temperatures, resettable distance, clock, ride time, and the odometer.

It has a built-in stopwatch for training and can operate on regulated AC or 12V DC. Its tune vapor for the tire size and tach sensitivity can also be customized. If all this fits your needs, then you should make the order already!