Best Dirt Bike Neck Brace

Do you enjoy riding your dirt bike in off- road circuits with an adventurous spirit cruising and pulsating through your veins? Then I not only commend you but applaud your ability to take such risks and live in the moment.

The truth is dirt bike riding is exceptionally fun and exciting, but whether you are a kid, youth or an adult protection is a must! Anything can happen out there, so it is always prudent that you make sure you are equipped with the necessary protective gear.

Apart from your ordinary body armor, elbow and knee pads you must also have a neck brace protector. Once again, this really does apply to both adventurous and professional dirt bike riders, protective gears go a long way to making sure every single moment on that bike is safe. 

Neck braces ensure that you don’t sustain any neck injuries by minimalizing your neck movement, which let’s be honest can prevent your untimely death. Upon impact the neck brace is able to spread the force and take the stress off the neck.

Though the issue of neck braces has sparked a lot of controversies in the motocross arena, on whether it really is effective. It is best to take precaution and save your neck from any injury even if it means risking your collarbones!

To guide you through the enormous terrain full of various motocross neck brace models is five carefully compiled models that are guaranteed to blow your mind and probably have you take out that cash for the sake of your safety!

Best Dirt Bike Neck Braces

Atlas Carbon -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Leatt GPX 6.54.8 out of 5 stars
Leatt GPX 5.54.7 out of 5 stars
Alpinestars Tech4.6 out of 5 stars
Troy Lee Designs4.5 out of 5 stars


Atlas Carbon


Despite the importance of protective gear, it is very crucial that you are comfortable on the road. This implies that all your protective gear should never weigh you down at any point. So I present the Atlas Carbon, one with a weight of 580 grams to offer you the best condition.

Apart from it being lightweight, it has a completely transformed sturdy carbon material that has been designed to offer great flexibility, which is a feature you definitely need so that the movement of your head is slowly eased up rather than an abrupt stop.

For proper force dispersal, the Atlas neck brace has body contacts at either side of your sternum and your spine to ensure that the impact is effectively dispersed. It is extremely adjustable to different body types, this ensures that you have a fitting neck brace which increases efficacy.


  • It is very lightweight
  • It is adjustable 
  • The carbon material is flexible 


  • It is an irregular fit with a number of chest protectors
  • Requires the use of straps to be tightly fit


Leatt GPX 6.5


The leatt models have had their portion in dominating the market for a while now. But the Leatt GPX 6.5 presents a whole new improved perspective meant to modernize the very structure of neck braces for the better!

It is extremely lightweight at 600g to provide minimal disturbance and discomfort to your body. It has a new MaxiWeave carbon matrix that not only leads to its lightweight nature but also provides its rigidity at the same time.

It has larger pads than your ordinary neck protector on the sternum and spine side to disperse force much better. To prevent any unnecessary collarbone injuries, it is designed with a collarbone cut-out and also a few pieces from the back and front are cut out to provide air flow.


  • Has minimal material 
  • It uses very rigid due its carbon material
  • It comes with an emergency release mechanism


  • It is relatively expensive
  • You may feel a bit of discomfort with it

 Leatt GPX 5.5


Though a lesser model than the Leatt GPX 6.5 when it comes to superiority it still has its perks that are worth considering if I must add. For it is well suited for you if you are looking for a more friendly budget, because it’s basically a steal!

It is constructed out of fiberglass reinforced polyamide which is a different choice from the wider carbon picks in this list. It has a weight of 790 g so it is up to you to evaluate this weight and merit it based on your preferences when it comes to the right type of weight you like.

You might also love the fact that this product comes in various colors to give you that stylish matching edge that you need to boost your confidence while dirt bike riding. It is also equipped with large pads on the sternum and spine to effectively disperse the energy.


  • It comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Has large pads to sufficiently disperse force off your neck
  • Comes with an emergency release system


  • It is a bit hotter than the other neck braces
  • It is a heavy neck brace due to the plastic material

Alpinestars Tech


When it comes to providing valid, quality neck braces in the market, there is no better candidate than Alpinestars Tech. It is made out of a carbon polymer compound which provides great rigidity and comfortability.

It has two large pads on sitting on the side of the sternum and one pad that sits on the spine, both pads lined with EVA foam. These pads work in tandem to effectively relieve the pressure of your neck and body in case on an accident.

The foam is very helpful in bringing flexibility and comfort to the equation. This protector does not contact your shoulders which is an added plus that ensures the collarbones are protected and free from harm which is one of the major discussions around wearing neck braces.


  • It includes straps to prevent the neck protector from bouncing about
  • It has a well-designed back piece
  • EVA foam to provide flexibility and comfort.


  • Not well designed to prevent heating
  • It is a bit heavy

Troy Lee Designs


The Troy Lee Designs bears quite a number of similarities to the Alpinestars Tech brace. For instance it is made out of a carbon polymer compound which is rather heavier than the other carbon neck braces, this tiny detail is very crucial if weight is a major concern for you.

It comes with an EVA foam pad that is able to provide comfort to your neck and head and also flexibility. The goal is to provide maximum safety to your neck while guaranteeing a clear sight of the track, a factor most neck brace models don’t consider.

It has a magnetized front closure system to allow easy removal from the rider in case of an emergency. It comes with great stylings which will definitely capture your attention and leave you awe struck, besides it has white body pieces which do not absorb eat like black ones.


  • Has great stylings
  • Is very comfortable and flexible 
  • Has white body pieces which are much cooler than black body pieces


  • It is relatively heavy
  • It is a bit pricey

Things to Consider Before Buying a Neck Brace Protector

I wish to reiterate, it really doesn’t matter whether you just strutted into the off-road circuits by chance and decided ‘this is something I could do in my free time to blow off some steam’ or if you are in for the glory that comes with being a professional rider, protection is important!

I don’t meant to scare you but there has been some fatal accidents in motocross over the years that have led to paralysis and even death. So make sure to have your knee and elbow pads, helmet, chest protector and neck brace on.

When it comes to buying a neck brace protector, you will run into all manners of barriers and murkiness, which might blindsight into choosing the wrong neck brace. So here are some guidelines that can help you make a successive purchase.

The Building Materials

The building material of your neck brace is the very core of its qualities and never let anyone tell you different. You can go for neck braces made out of either carbon or plastic materials, depending on what you are looking for and honestly your budget.

Carbon braces are exceptional when it comes to weight since they are very lightweight a factor that grants you comfort and flexibility. They are also able to endure a large impact which equates to better quality out in the field.

However, carbon braces cost a chunk of money. If you turn your attention to plastic braces on the other hand they are very affordable and quite popular in the market for their rigidity to make sure you are safe and sound at all times while riding.


If we are being completely honest with each other, motocross protective gears are exactly designed to offer you the exclusive couch comfort! They are mostly concerned with your safety even if it comes at the cost of your comfort.

However, if you do your research carefully you can easily get neck braces that have a few tweaks here and there to provide comfort. Upon finding it you should grab it and never let go, since a comfortable neck brace allows you to easily see the surrounding and track.

Comfort also incorporates your ability to put on the neck brace for the better part of the day while maintaining a smile of your face. Some models are also difficult to take off and you have to put quite a fight, but with a comfortable brace it becomes a smooth sail!

The weight 

The weight of the neck brace you are buying is another angle to consider. Do you want a heavy or light neck brace? Because you are bound to find either of the two with the current modern market working day and night to provide a variety of equipment.

If you ride regularly or rather you are a professional rider then less weight is probably best for you. Go for a lightweight model that weighs less than a pound in order to avoid the consistent damning pressure on your neck and shoulders.

You should also consider the other protective gears you have, are you capable of accommodating a heavy neck brace?  On the bright side heavy models are not too shabby themselves since they are considerably stronger.

Ease of Maintenance 

Maintenance brings the issue of cleanliness. We all know that motocross isn’t exactly the type of sport that leaves you sparkling clean like Cinderella’s godmother! So you have to make sure it is easy to clean.

This means that the interior linings must be removable, some are even machine washable so it depends on just how carefully you inquire from your peers and read reviews to pinpoint a model you can easily maintain.


All these factors come down to one thing, the level of protection the neck brace can provide. Don’t be too hasty in buying a specific model just because you adore the styling, many times it ends up being a piece of junk!

Analyze all the impeccable qualities of the neck brace while keeping in mind that what you require is protection. So it must be rigid and capable of dispersing large amounts of forces or impacts.

The Straps 

When we talk about straps we are mainly insisting of the fitting. Sure, a lot of models offer different sizes to accommodate kids, youth and adults. But straps are able to ease you mind by preventing the brace from bouncing up and down.

The Price

What is your budget? We can go on and on about all the glamourous and important qualities of neck braces and how much they will offer protection but at the end of the day it all boils down to one question, what is your budget? 

So before embarking on this promising quest have you mind made up on the amount of cash you want to spend. Then the search will be a breeze since you will have narrowed it down to specific products within your price range.


Are Motocross Neck Braces worth it?

This is the very question that has haunted the life and sweat of motocross. But it depends on you and how much you want to stay alive! Neck injuries are extremely fatal if you consider the rants that neck braces are dangerous to your collarbone.

So it’s you call! Companies and brands are working to improve this and some of the newer models gracing the market are designed to avoid injury to your collarbones and also protect you from any neck injury.

What is the most ideal motocross brace size to get?

You can’t know this to you actually measure the circumference of your neck and get a fitting brace. Some models are able to offer the feature of adjustability through different ways but it is safe to get a fitting brace from the go!

Do motocross braces work?

Yes they do! You can succumb to different types of injuries, could be serious or critically fatal depending on the speed you were going and amount of impact. Neck braces are able to exponentially reduce the level of neck injury you acquire.

I can’t say that once you put on that motocross neck brace then it’s adios to any injuries but I can state with certainty that it will reduce that chances of major injuries and even death. Which should be enough to propel you into buying one.

How much does a motocross neck brace cost?

I can say for sure since it depends on the model you want to buy along with factors like the quality and material it possesses. The high-end braces are mostly carbon ones since they are lightweight and able to handle large impacts.

But don’t let the price worry you, the market is flooded with tons of cheaper and quality options that will avail a considerable amount of protection to you, while you enjoy your adventurous rides.

I sure hope that you found this article helpful and if I was not able to settle any of your worries concerning the best dirt bike neck brace protector, then I hope I can help with at least a recommendation. 


The advancement of motocross neck braces has been both riveting and exciting. Modern neck braces confer flexibility, comfort and safety upon the user while maintaining an exceptional quality and affordable budget.

The Atlas Carbon is one specific model turning heads and an excellent choice for you. It is extremely lightweight, hence comfortable and easy to take off with a weight of 580 grams.

It is made out of a carbon material thus it is rigid and flexible at the same time. It won’t restrict your head movement but won’t let you get injured either! If that doesn’t sound alluring to you then I bet you will love this.

It has body contacts at either side of your sternum and your spine to ensure that the impact is effectively dispersed. So all you have to do is take that leap of faith and you will never have to worry about any severe neck injuries with the Atlas Carbon .