Best Dirt Bike Knee Brace

Dirt bike riding is quite interesting, racing to be precise. Whether you are the racer or just a third party watching, you will agree with me that the adrenaline rush is quite something. That level of fun and adrenaline rush comes with its fair share of risks too.

For one, dirt bike racing can be really dangerous especially when accidents happen and the racer falls off their bike. The situation is worsened if the racer does not have adequate protection on them such as a helmet, protective vest or a knee brace. It becomes very easy for them to sustain deadly injuries.

Today we shall address protecting our knees as racers. Every racer ought to own a knee brace for full protection of the knee cap and the whole knee area. A knee brace is not only for medical purposes after sustaining injuries but also for protective purposes.

In this article, I have reviewed five of the best dirt bike knee braces currently in the market. Carefully go through each one of them and choose one that suits you best. This review should be insightful enough to help you make an informed decision.

Top 5 Dirt Bike Knee Braces List

Leatt X-Frame Motocross Knee Brace -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
POD K4-2.0 Motocross Knee Brace4.8 out of 5 stars
EVS Sport Axis-Sport/Pro Motocross Knee Braces4.7 out of 5 stars
POD K8 Motocross Knee Brace4.6 out of 5 stars
Alpinestars Bionic 10 Motocross Knee Brace4.5 out of 5 stars

Leatt X-Frame Motocross Knee Brace

With this Leatt model, you will definitely get what you pay for.  It is ranked the best knee brace in the market by satisfied customers. At a price of 450$, you manage to secure yourself one of the best knee braces in the market.

 Its flexibility allows adjustment in leg width using pads, adjustability of the brace lock out angle is also very possible. Additionally, in case you are injured, you can adjust it to a comfortable position that will not worsen the injury. 

Safety is 100% guaranteed as it protects your whole knee area making it almost impossible to sustain any injuries. The metal hinges used to design it guarantee further protection. You should also note that it is FCA certified meaning it is easier for you to get insurance compensation whenever you have an injury and it is certified by your physician.

It does not weigh much since it is built with carbon composite material. Although some would consider this model expensive, I choose to term it as getting value for your money. 


  • It is extremely flexible
  • Safety is guaranteed due to whole knee-cap area protection
  • It is FCA certified


  • It is rather expensive

POD K4-2.0 Motocross Knee Brace

This model’s outstanding features has marked it one of the best knee braces in the market. Like the previous model, this too is constructed using carbon composite material making it light as ever. It is designed with a cuff system at the top and bottom making it more flexible and easier to absorb shock.

If you have used POD products before, you do know how top notch their hinge system is. For this particular brace, the manufacturers have designed a bio-mechanical ligament structure that looks exactly like the human knee.

You do not need to worry much about unnecessary accumulation of moisture as the model has a microfiber lining which is odorless to specifically keep away moisture. Apart from serving this major purpose, the lining also ensures bacteria does not build up.

It is very slim and has a two- piece knee cover. You will appreciate that it is very easy to put on, after finding the most suitable setting and adjusting accordingly, you will not need to re-adjust again.


  • Very light as it is constructed with carbon composite material
  • The cuff system is suitable for shock absorption
  • Has a microfiber lining that keeps away bacteria and moisture


  • It is quite expensive

 EVS Sport Axis-Sport/Pro Motocross Knee Braces

This model comes in two designs as the name suggests; the axis sport and the axis pro. The difference in the two is in the price and material used to design. The axis sport is around 500$ and is designed with a plastic compound while the axis pro is around 700$ and is designed with carbon fiber composite.

Apart from those two differences, these models are practically the same in every other aspect. For starters, both have dual alloy hinges which are really strong. They are relatively light in weight and have extra padding.

They are very flexible so you are free to adjust to any width that is comfortable for you. Though this will apply mostly for the axis sport than the pro.  But for injuries that require adequate solid support, the pro model has you covered.


  • The two models have dual alloy hinges
  • Are relatively light in weight and have extra padding
  • The Axis sport is very flexible and easy to adjust


  • The axis pro is more expensive than the sport model
  • The axis sport model does not offer adequate knee support compared to the pro model

POD K8 Motocross Knee Brace

If you are an aggressive rider or if you do competitive riding or generally like riding really fast, this should be your go to model. Its full carbon fiber frame makes it super light and extremely comfortable when riding. It also guarantees strength and rigidity that will sustain any kind of vigorous action you engage in when racing or riding your bike.

The fact that it is designed from carbon fiber also makes it very flexible. It is also designed to fit the upper leg very well. This K8 model has a progressive dampener system that adjusts pressure any time you extend your leg.

It has a five year warranty and is FCA certified, this means that your interests as a buyer are protected.  In as much as it has all these amazing features, this model is rather expensive. It is valued at around 800$ which is enough to get you two different sets of knee caps from other models.

Quality really matters though, at that price, you are assured to get value for your money.


  • Designed from carbon fiber making it light and comfortable when riding
  • Has a progressive dampener system to adjust pressure
  • Is FCA certified


  • Quite expensive

Alpinestars Bionic 10 Motocross Knee Brace

Like other models we have mentioned above, this model too is extremely light in weight.  Its previous model only came in two width sizes but with the new Bionic 10 model, this has been addressed and it now comes in four sizes.

The width size has definitely increased with the new model but extra padding will only be availed when you request for it. You will be amazed at the knee cap’s great impact resistance making it highly unlikely for you to injure yourself when racing.

It is designed with a dual pin hinge for easier movement and has an open cup to ensure air freely circulates around the knee area. Its carbon polly material makes it rigid thus offers great support when out riding. You will also have an easy time putting it on and movement will be extremely comfortable.


  • It is extremely light in weight
  • The new model is better and has improved features
  • Thee knee cap has amazing impact resistance


  • Extra padding is only availed upon request

Obtaining the best dirt bike knee brace; what to look out for

While riding off-road motorcycles (also called dirt bikes), there is a small possibility that you might sustain some knee injuries as a result of various issues. For instance, injuries might be caused as a result of falling off the dirt bike.

Often, dirt bikes are uniquely designed for driving surfaces that are rough and naturally created, for instance in sandy and muddy places. This essentially means that a knee brace is an essential prerequisite to me met before embarking on riding a dirt bike.

However, choosing the right knee brace may be a tedious task. This is because there are so many options currently in the market that you have to choose from. Some knee braces are worn in response to knee injuries to treat them.

Which is better? Prevention or treatment? My guess may be as good as yours. I have attempted to give you a list of factors that you should look out for before purchasing a dirt bike knee brace.

I do hope that these tips will be of great help to you, and that it will help you purchase the best knee brace that is worth your money.


It is vital to have this important fact in your mind: that quality products will always cost you more than other sub-standard products will. This is an undisputed law of nature that you have to accept.

Therefore, it naturally follows that if you really do want to purchase the best quality dirt bike knee braces, you will have to spend more money than if you were purchasing some other regular knee brace.

The price however is dependent upon other important variables such as warranty and durability of the knee brace. The price is more often directly proportional to the durability of a product.

In essence, all you have to do is plan perfectly before settling on purchasing a knee brace. The first step is that you should set a range of the amount of money you are willing to let go. 

Thereafter, identify the qualities of the available knee braces and settle for that which marches your budget. However, you are advised to purchase those knee braces that have a price tag of about $ and more.


Events whereby someone purchases a product thinking it will serve an intended purpose, only to realize it is defective thereafter are commonplace. What can you do with such a product?

It sounds illogical for you to spend so much money on products that are useless. The question, therefore, is how to go around such problems. You are advised to ensure you purchase a knee brace that has a warranty.

A warranty will see to it that you actually do get a refund of the money you will spend on the knee brace. Alternatively, it will enable you to replace the knee brace with another one in the event that what you buy is not what you actually anticipated.

Additionally, a warranty serves as a confidence booster to you as a buyer, as it shows the goodwill from the manufacturer. 


The fit is one of the most essential prerequisites that must be met before purchasing a knee brace. There are numerous manufacturers across the globe, and each manufacturer designs their products differently and uniquely. 

Therefore, you must make it your obligation to ensure that you give accurate dimensions that are requested for when you are ordering knee braces.

 For avoidance of doubt, you can actually measure everything you are asked for twice, just to be sure. The fit is vital since if the knee brace turns out to be poorly fitting, you may end up injuring yourself, and your riding may be inadvertently affected.

Alternatively, you may want to find yourself a knee brace that has an adjustable width fitting, as it becomes flexible.


As we have already seen, a dirt bike knee brace is something that is worn by the knee cap while riding to offer protection. Therefore, this means that if the knee brace is too heavy, it might adversely affect your riding and may even be quite uncomfortable.

It is therefore essential to consider the material from which your preferred knee brace is made. A case in point would be a knee brace whose frame is made from stiff carbon fiber epoxy. This material is quite lightweight.

Further, you may want to consider knee braces whose frames are made from carbon composite materials, as it helps to keep the weight of the knee brace down to a minimum.

I am quite sure that you will not be comfortable adding extra weight to your knees. 

Adjustable stops for hyperextension

The knee brace should be having hyperextension stops. Adjustable ones are recommended so as to ensure that you can set locking points by yourself. A hyperextension system offers great protection to your leg.

The brace you settle for should have a good dampener system, which increases the amount of pressure when your leg extends consequently slowing the extension down. The system thus ensures a safe leg extension and a smooth action. 

A smooth extension may be enhanced by elastic ligaments. A brace with this feature basically does the work of extending on your behalf, following this natural movement. 


It is important that you buy a knee brace that would allow you to adjust the angle at which the brace locks out.

Take for instance, someone who had sustained a previous knee injury and wouldn’t want anything touching the injured part. This calls for a knee brace is flexible and that can be depended upon to protect the knee, yet still not adding pain to your injury.  

The design 

You should consider buying a knee brace that is effectively designed to cover the entire knee-cap. This will ensure that you have optimum protection to the knee cap.

In the event that you fall off or you hit your knee head-on, there will be plenty of material to absorb that force and you will not suffer as much injuries.

Further, the design should be of a low-profile. For instance, between a knee brace with a three-piece knee cover and a two-piece knee cover, the latter would be more effective and slim as compared to the former.

The hinge system

You should ensure that the hinge system is anatomically designed. Put differently, you should look for a knee brace that is designed with a bio-mechanical ligament structure that is essentially an imitation of the human knee. 

Further, the quality of a knee brace can be gauged from the components used in the construction of the hinge system.

A quality knee brace must be made from metal hinge components. If you happen to meet one made from plastic, you should not even consider buying it, as it may not equal the task it is expected to perform. 

Additionally, the hinges must also be elastic, light weight and durable.

The cuff system

The cuff system must be highly effective at the points where the knee brace comes into contact with your leg. A quality material cuff will increase flexibility and more importantly, will have a higher ability to absorb shock whenever you are hit.

On the contrary, basic sub-standard knee braces will also have a basic and sub-standard cuff system. Therefore, they lack the ability to reduce shock absorption. Instead, what they do is to allow transmission of vibrations and impact into your leg at contact points. 


For improved convenience, the knee brace that you settle for should have straps that are easy to set up and quick to release. 

Once you release the buckles, you should be able to resume using the braces without dialing in your setup, provided that you had done so previously and found your setting. This will make your riding comfortable and stress-free.


A knee brace that has been that has been medically certified and recognized may be a plus. This is because such knee braces comes with some advantages. 

For instance, if a healthcare professional issues you with a certificate indicating you have suffered from a knee injury, you can liaise with your insurance company to have the cost of the knee brace covered for you.

This depends on factors such as the severity of your injury, the policy that you are holding and the underwriters. 

Disadvantages of buying knee braces


Under normal circumstances, good things often come at a cost. Likewise, good quality dirt bike knee braces are expensive. Therefore, you might end up spending more money on them than you would have on basic sub-standard products.

However, the knee braces will be worth your money and you should be willing to bear the costs of that.

Available in pairs 

It may be difficult to purchase only one knee brace, as they come in pairs. Therefore, you might end up spending more than you intended to spend, and that may be uneconomical for you. 

A case scenario would be where one knee brace, say the left one, has been damaged due falling off a dirt bike. It will not be possible to only buy the left knee brace to act as a replacement.

Instead, you have to purchase both the left and the right braces. This is a challenge that you may not be in a possible to go round. 


The dirt bike knee braces may feel a bit bulky to some people, regardless of the material that has been used in their construction.

Therefore, it is advisable that you first consult with the vendor before actually buying a given knee brace. 


Whether you are a racer or casual rider, you should never go out riding with your knees not protected. You have seen the importance of wearing a knee brace at all times and why you really need it. Accidents happen at any time so you would rather be safe than forever sorry.

Settling for one particular brace can be quite confusing especially because most of them seem to have similar features. You may think that the brand you go for does not really matter so long as the purpose is served but it actually makes a huge difference.

You should not be pressured however, to go for a brand that is more expensive than what you had budgeted for. In making a decision consider some major factors such as price before purchasing.

I would highly recommend the Leatt X-Frame Motocross Knee Brace for the obvious reason that most customers have ranked it the best product of its kind in the market. It is rather affordable compared to other brands and is constructed with high quality materials. Remember that it is very flexible and quite light as it is constructed with carbon composite material.

Look no further, get yourself a Leatt X-Frame Motocross Knee Brace, for maximum protection during racing!