Best Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit

What are the Top Helmet Light Kits for Night Dirt Biking & Motocross?

If you try riding a dirt bike at night, and particularly without a reliable source of light, you will get lost, stranded, or worse, injured.

Nowadays, many dirt bike owners prefer going out for long rides in the dead of the night.

The majority of off-roaders who ride at night keep their bikes in good shape because they rely on their powerful engines and hydraulics for performance and mobility on different terrain types.

Besides, if you know you’ll run late or plan on riding in the tranquility of the night, make sure your instruments of light work perfectly and shine brightly.

No matter the level of experience, we wouldn’t recommend any off-roader to ride without a working light source, even during the daytime. Riding a dirt bike without sufficient lighting poses not only a safety risk to you but also other motorists and road users.

A rider whose light kits work perfectly can better explain the joys and new perspectives of riding at night. Besides, during summer, most areas experience tremendous surges in temperature during the day; thus, riding at night would only make perfect sense.

Today we’ll discuss the benefits of a helmet light kit, the five best options to consider for your dirt bike, and why you should pick specific models over others. Join us as we explore multiple options to keep safe and try out new skills when riding in the cool and serene of the night.


The Streamlight Tactical Headlight revolves 360 degrees on a clamp that attaches the torch to either the lower or upper side of a helmet. An ON and OFF switch located on a convenient and easily accessible rear side of the device operates correctly, even when wearing heavy gloves.

Riders can remove or attach the light to a helmet in a matter of seconds – they don’t require any special tools for adjustment.

Streamlight features a C4 LED automation that produces a blinding and powerful light that stays bright for long. The cheval glass covering the light bulb generates a powerful beam that cuts through the darkness to increase the distance of visibility.

Users can switch directions to illuminate any side, thanks to the dual inclination. Streamlight kits get their power from two lithium batteries that can run up to 6 hours without failure.


  • The convenient location of the ON/OFF switches guarantees suitable lighting.
  • Manufacturers included batteries in the light kit.
  • Off-roaders can ride at their own pace because Streamlight torches illuminate as far as 167 meters in total darkness.
  • A new pair of batteries keeps the torch glowing for six hours, one of the most prolonged durations you’ll ever find in a helmet light kit.
  • Adjusters will help riders to optimize their beam locations.
  • Streamlight torches fit both modern and conventional types of helmets.
  • The rigid outer construction of the torches makes them durable and water-resistant.


  • The clip’s poor design makes it hard to close, especially with the torchlight on the headpiece.
  • Purchasing new batteries to replace the old ones regularly will cost you an extra buck.
  • The batteries hardly last for a long time because they only run for 6 hours


The Tusk Ultra Bright single kit will come as a great addition to your gear, especially when planning on a tight budget. Besides its affordable price, Tusk torchlights feature all other essential characteristics you’ll find in any other high-quality kit.

Reviewers expressed their love for Tusk after it worked outstandingly bright and added confidence to their riding experience. The kit includes one LED torchlight, batteries, a charger for the batteries, and detailed installation instructions.

You can adjust between the bright and low light mode, depending on your choice of brightness or time of the night to see clearly.


  • The cheap cost of the Tusk helmet light kit makes it the best choice for any rider working on a fixed budget.
  • All reviewers who purchased the light gave positive feedback. Besides, the customer care desk responds promptly to queries and concerns from clients.
  • Two modes of brightness allow users to change according to their preferences.
  • Despite their low cost, Tusk torchlights produce a lot of brightness. Owners can also recharge their batteries because manufacturers include battery chargers in the kits.


  • One customer complained of a broken base sometime after mounting the new kit, raising concern on the quality of materials used to make the torchlight.


Brightside Bike Lights come highly recommended by riders all around the globe. Topside Bright Lights make the ideal helmet accessories for any road cyclist with duplex frontal and rear lights.

Besides their dual lighting, Brightside lights save customers a lot of money because they only cost $39 apiece and an affordable $100 if you purchase three. You’ll never come across such an offer when looking for a reliable, high-quality helmet light.

The lightweight designs of Topside lights (a model weighs 68 grams) make riding effortless and comfortable. Also, dirt bike riders and cyclists can adjust the 100-lumen beam’s brightness settings, depending on their preferences for night or daytime use.

When set to gleam mode, the Brightside torchlight can last for as long as 43 hours. Road users will enjoy long, bright hours of riding in snow, rain, and darkness with these powerful, waterproof, frost-proof, and dust-proof Topside torchlights.


  • Owners can recharge the torchlights and, when fully charged, use them for 43 straight hours.
  • Brightside lights work perfectly in snowy, dusty, and rainy weather.
  • Topside torchlights cost less money but display powerful brightness and reliability in functionality.
  • You can quickly mount the dual, rear, or front light on your helmet with easy to use straps and clips.


  • Some purchasers believe manufacturers designed the light for users to mount them on handlebars and not helmets.
  • Brightside lights will only illuminate a short-range and not a broader distance on a darker road.

Life Mounts

Life Mounts designs reliable items that will keep you safe in uncomfortable scenarios. Notably, the firm globally ranks amongst the fastest rising companies in the safety gear sector.

Life Mounts carries out designing, engineering, and assembling in the US, thus ensuring that their products will keep you safe and give you a healthier life.

Cyclists and riders can easily clamp the Life Mounts LED light onto the side of their helmets to provide bright and powerful light.

The helmet light features three operating modes, an adjustable focus, and a single AA battery. The torchlight can illuminate over a range of 1,000 feet.

Manufacturers combined silicone and aluminum to form a lightweight torchlight that can rest easy on the rider’s helmet.

Two twisted thumb bolts will secure the helmet rim to the torchlight’s bracket.  Riders can also easily manipulate the thumb bolts to position the light either below or above the rim of the headpiece.


  • Secure straps allow riders to easily detach their torchlights and hold them in their hands when necessary.
  • Their weatherproof and robust build makes Life Mounts’ torches durable and indestructible.
  • The powerful 300-lumen bulb works on three different modes: Low, Strobe, and High.


  • The battery of the torchlight dies quickly.
  • Poorly designed clamps regularly get loose making it hard to adjust the mount to the helmet properly.


Nightstick Helmet Lights go for $32 each. Buyers who prefer a cheaper budget should go for Nightstick lights. The torch can run for 3 hours while illuminating 180 lumens in brightness.

Users can easily adjust the torchlight through 140 degrees to provide light in whichever direction they prefer. Besides giving you good value for money, Nightstick torches retain their durability and water resistance for a very long time.


  • The helmet light fits on any hard hat as well as a fire rescue helmet.
  • Aluminum alloys give the torch its lightweight property.
  • Nightlight torches make budget-friendly acquisitions; they save you money.


  • Not all battery sizes fit into the Nightlight. Despite accommodating CR123A batteries, the Nightlight torch won’t hold 18650 battery types.

Why Should You Purchase a Helmet Light?

Like with any other safety gear, make sure that you include helmet lights in your cram when heading out for a ride. Emergencies sometimes happen, and headpiece lights will come in handy during such situations.

Many riders argue that flashlights will fulfill the same tasks as a helmet light. Most flashlights hardly illuminate as brightly as headpiece lights.

Besides, you can’t mount a flashlight onto your helmet. Off-roaders need to concentrate on their riding, and a flashlight amounts to a distraction, especially when riding at night.

Headpiece lights and their importance

  • Headlights sometimes provide insufficient and unreliable light.
  • Helmet lights come in handy during emergencies; they keep you safe.
  • If you want to experience real fun, try riding your dirt bike at night.

Where Should You Mount Your Helmet Lights?

Countless riders mount their helmet lights on GoPro installation systems. Most riders love the designs because they provide reliable mounting for the timeless recording of their riding experiences.

If your helmet lacks the GoPro system, you can still use the mounting set issued by manufacturers and follow the installation instructions provided to fix the light on your helmet correctly.

You should mount your light at the right angle to ensure you get the best vision. I recommend riders to mount helmet lights on top of the front rim. They can also install the lights on either side of the helmet.

The right location makes it easier for the beams of light to shoot directly in front and not upwards. You can also install helmet lights on both sides of the headpiece if you plan to mount two lights.

Helmet Lights and Standard Headlights

Most dirt bikes come with standard OEM lights. Despite their significance and relative brightness, the illumination from standard headlights will not produce enough light to guarantee you absolute safety when riding in total darkness.

Besides their bright light, helmet torches quickly change directions and could help you greatly when in an emergency. Riders can quickly detach helmet lights when changing tires — a headlight can neither rotate nor change positions.

Why should you pick a headpiece light on top of a standard headlight?

  • Helmet lights illuminate brighter and more powerfully than OEM lights.
  • A headpiece torch will not shine ahead, but where your eyes look — this improves visibility.
  • Helmet torches provide reliable backups for OEM lights, especially during emergencies.
  • You can easily access a helmet light because of its portability and lightweight build.

What are Dirt Bike Helmet Lights? 

A dirt bike helmet light is a type of headlight that attaches to the rider’s helmet for extra visibility in low-light conditions. They are usually positioned on either side of the lens and can produce up to 500 lumens output, making them slightly less intense than headlights found on cars or motorcycles.

Additionally, dirt bike helmets typically come with holes drilled out in front, so it doesn’t blind other drivers when driving at night.


Why Would You Need Dirt Bike Helmet Lights?

There are many reasons why a person would want to use a set of lights mounted onto their dirt bike helmet: – Extra safety while riding at dusk or dawn – Helping find your way during trail rides if you’re not sure about how safe the trail is.

What Features Should You Consider?

Lumens of Light Output

500 lumens is the standard and should be more than enough for most people, but if you’re looking to do some night racing, then investing in a brighter set of lights might be worth it.

Beam Pattern

Many different shapes can produce different levels of visibility, so find what works best for your needs (shaped like an oval will cover more ground while driving fast).

Battery Life

The capacity of the battery is significant for long-distance travelers. So you must have a good look at it.

Mounting system- helmet mounts better suited to safety gear use can withstand higher speeds with increased stability when turning corners; using adhesive or magnetic mounting systems means adapting to any helmet-typeto any helmet type helmet.


How Do I Install Dirt Bike Helmet Lights? 

Dirt Bike Helmet Lights are several auxiliary lighting systems designed to attach to the brim or visor of a helmet and provide illumination for night riding. These lights also offer additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, integrated turn signals, video cameras, laser pointers for use in pointing at objects during presentations, and more.

The following is an overview of how you can install Dirt Bike Helmet Lights:

  • Find out what type (i.e., LED) light kit best suits your needs and then purchase one according to your budget.
  • Once you’ve received the product from the online retailer that shipped it to you, carefully remove all packaging materials so that nothing will get damaged when installing later on. Next, inspect the light kit to make sure all components are present and in good condition.
  • Consult the instructions that come with your helmet for any specific installation procedures: some lights need adhesive, while others require screws or Velcro straps to attach them securely onto a brim or visor.
  • Read through the entire set of instructions before you begin installing the Dirt Bike Helmet Light Kit, so you know what’s involved from start to finish. It is always best not to rush when installing lighting because it can cause damage if done carelessly.
  • Remove dirt buildup on both inside and outside surface areas where the lights will be installed by wiping down each location thoroughly with alcohol wipes (do this just before starting). Then go ahead and install either adhesive or Velcro straps, which apply to your specific light kit.

How can I take care of the bike helmet in the light? (Do & Don’t)


  • Do clean the bike helmet with a dry cloth, do not use water or soap.
  • Please don’t touch the inside of the helmet because it may damage its surface somehow (i.e., itching).
  • Do not place anything on top of the lid cover or under it when you are not wearing it. It will cause trouble to open and close again next time you wear your lid.
  • Never ride at night without lights! Have extra batteries and bulbs handy for emergencies that can occur during long rides. You don’t want to be left stranded out in nowhere if your light goes bad while riding in darkness – even worse, an accident is waiting around the corner for any rider who doesn’t have working heading amps.
  • Ride with your headlamps and taillight on all the time or at least as much as possible. They are required by law in many states, so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Types Of Dirt Bike Helmet Lights

Internal Helmet Lights

There are various internal helmet lights available on the market that usually attach to the inside of an open or closed shell. This is one option for those who prefer not to have any external component mounted on their helmets.

These types of lights may come with either a rechargeable battery pack or they use AA batteries and can be charged by using other components, such as USB chargers and cigarette lighter adapters.

They also produce less heat than external LED headlights do, and it’s easier to maintain them because you don’t have wires exposed at all times. However, having your hands free while riding becomes more difficult when you have to reach up and carry a torch.

External Helmet Lights

The most popular type of helmet light is the external LED headlight, which is usually mounted on top or above the visor area on any open-face helmets you may wear.

These lights can be used with both rechargeable battery packs and AA batteries for versatility that might come in handy if your first option runs out mid-way through a ride.

External headlamps also produce less heat than internal ones. Still, they’re more difficult to maintain because wires are exposed at all times, along with an increased risk of being damaged by weather conditions such as rain or snow while riding outside.

However, having your hands free while riding becomes much easier when you don’t need to hold onto a light, which could be worth the trade-off for some riders.

Are Lights on Dirt Bike Helmets Legal?

Many riders opt to ride with a helmet light, but you may not be aware that lights on dirt bike helmets are illegal in many states. If you do decide that this is something you would like to try, bear these things in mind:

-Make sure your helmet has the necessary certification for its use as both a protective and supportive device before adding headlights

-The added weight of the headlight will make it more difficult to wear the helmet if accidentally bumped or knocked off balance by another person during conversation or an accidental bumping into someone while walking around

-Most jurisdictions mandate that all riding activity occurs within daylight hours only, so there is no need for nighttime visibility.


Helmet light kits not only come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges but also qualify as perfect acquisitions for off-roaders who prefer riding at night. Besides, headpiece torches will help you immensely during an emergency or when running late.

Manufacturers provide different types of helmet lights for cyclists, riders, and fire rescue teams. Dual designs will enable you to see both your rear and front directions.

A powerful light will illuminate longer distances. Some designs operate on up to three different modes, allowing riders to adjust the illumination of the lumens depending on their visibility preferences.

Before purchasing a helmet light kit for your dirt bike, make sure you conduct a lot of research on the quality of the merchandise, the brightness intensity of the lumens, battery duration, durability, and functionality of the entire design.

We picked the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight as the best helmet light kit for dirt bike riders.

Users can rotate the torchlight through 360 degrees to illuminate any direction. The torch also uses a unique C4 LED mechanism to shine more light and over long distances.

The Streamlight helmet light can shine bright for over 150 meters. Reflectors that cover the light bulb pierce intensely into the darkness to provide depth in lighting and effortless visibility.

Manufacturers also design Streamlight torches using rigid materials that warrant durability. The lights will demonstrate not only water resistance but also defiance to dust. The inclusion of adjusters in the delivery package allows riders to improve their beam angles.

If you need a rugged and durable torchlight that will guarantee long-term service, look no further than the Streamlight Helmet Light kit.

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