Best Dirt Bike Grips

Do you find dirt bike riding an exciting activity? If you do, I am sure that you appreciate the availability of bike grips. Any rider out there knows just how vital the dirt bike grips are in their performance.

The dirt bike grips play a significant role in the general performance of a rider; they minimize the vibrations transferred to the hands when you are off-road and gives the biker the maximum control of the handlebars.

Best Dirt Bike Grips

The bike grasp is numerous in the market, and for the riders who have not have the chance of trying them out, they may find it challenging to pick the best product for their dirt bike because the features are almost similar.

In this write-up, five of the best dirt bike grips available on the market have been reviewed in detail; also, their advantages and disadvantages have been discussed to help you settle on the best product to increase your riding experience and performance.

The 5 Best Dirt Bike Grips List

Renthal G 165 Diamond/Waffle Kevlar Resin Motocross Grips -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Renthal G091 Black Full Diamond4.8 out of 5 stars
Pro-Taper Pillow Top Lite W/Anti-Rip Tip4.7 out of 5 stars
Scott Sport Black Full Radial Waffle Grips4.6 out of 5 stars

Renthal G 165 Diamond/Waffle Kevlar Resin Motocross Grips

Renthal G 165 Diamond/Waffle Kevlar Resin Motocross Grips


The Renthal G 165 is the best dirt bike grip you will find on the market if you go looking for one. The product has been carefully crafted using quality materials that assure the durability and overall quality of the item.

One of the materials used in making this item is the Kevlar resin, which makes these grips have a longer product life. The product has a smooth texture, and it is comfortable to use, this allows you to have perfect control of the handlebars. 

One thing you will love about this product is the tapered and standard dual compound pattern that increases the aesthetic value of the item. If you are a rider who is looking to improve on the performance, I would recommend that you give this product a try.


  • This product is highly durable
  • This item is soft and tacky convenient to use in any given situation
  • The Renthal G 165 is greatly compatible  with Kawasaki dirt bikes 


  • It is highly-priced
  • There have been some concerns that the grip becomes gummy after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Renthal G091 Black Full Diamond

Renthal G091 Black Full Diamond

Another product that is worth mentioning is the Renthal G091 Black Full Diamond; its specific design allows it to have the greatest shocking absorbing capabilities. This will enable you to ride off roads without worrying about blisters comfortably. 

One thing you will love about this product is that it is manufactured using a high-end synthetic rubber compound that makes it resist tear and abrasion—resistance to wear and tear causes the grip to serve you for long.

The rubber used in the fabrication of this device has a soft texture, thus providing a tacky feel that you will love. The product also comes in three different grip densities that are firm, medium, and soft.


  • They are firm and grip
  • The product comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • The item significantly absorbs vibrations


  • There have been some concerns that his product is thin and not suitable for the use of gloves
  • Some concerns have been raised that this grip is hard to get off the handlebars when the need arises

Pro-Taper Pillow Top Lite W/Anti-Rip Tip

Pro-Taper Pillow Top Lite W/Anti-Rip Tip

If you have ever been in a situation where you are riding your dirt bike at top speed, and suddenly the grip slips from the handlebars, You should know that the damages that you are likely to incur could be detrimental.

To avoid such unforeseen events, I would advise any rider out there who owns a dirt bike to go and get the Pro Tapper Pillow grip. Its interior and exterior have been made and designed to ensure that the item will never slip under any circumstance, thus assuring your safety.  

The grips have small square cushions that give a comfy feeling to your palm; also, the product is made using custom Kraton rubber material that provides tacky feel. Something many riders will prefer. Cushions also offer extra support.


  • The product is easy to install onto the handlebars
  • It comes in different sizes
  • The product is light in weight


  • There are some concerns that this grip can slip under wet conditions
  • It is hard to find slim sizes on the market

 Scott Sport Black Full Radial Waffle Grips

Scott Sport Black Full Radial Waffle Grips

Another excellent grip on the market is the Scott Black Full Radial Grips; this brand dramatically reduces the vibration that you will feel when you are riding on bumpy terrains. You will love that the grips are soft.

This brand has gone a mile further and incorporated a safety measure of integrated safety wires within the product; this increases the durability of the grips. On the outer side of these grips, there is a cylindrical protruding to ensure that your hand does not slip.

If you install one of these products on your dirt bike, you will be set to ride on any terrain without the fatigue of the hands because the waffle radial design has a soft texture.


  • The installation is quite easy
  • The product has a quality feel that you don’t get on ordinary grips
  • This item is a match of its price tag


  • There are some concerns that these grips are pretty hard and are highly suitable if you are wearing gloves
  • The product is not the best for casual riders unless wearing gloves

What Kind of Dirt Bike Grips Do the Professionals Use? 

The experts are the ones who know what they’re talking about, so we have to ask them. They’ll tell us that most of their clients ride with a handlebar grip or bar-end style grips on off-road bikes. These come in two different types:


These grips provide more feel for your hands and fingers but require you to use more pressure when turning the throttle. This can be hard on long rides because you may experience fatigue faster than if you had thicker grips that absorb some of this force by distributing it around your hand.

The downside is that some riders will find slimline grips too thin and uncomfortable after an hour or so, especially during hot weather where perspiration makes holding onto them difficult.


These grips are the opposite of slimline grips. They provide a more cushioned feel with less feedback to your fingers. The downside is that they require more force when turning the throttle, and you may experience fatigue faster if you have to use them for long distances without stopping.

How Dense You Want Your Grips to Be?

The thickness of your grips is entirely up to you and should be based on the density that feels most comfortable in your hands. This is a personal preference, so if it doesn’t matter what they feel like when you close your hand around them, go with whichever grip weighs less.

If weight does matter, then consider how rough or smooth the surface of each one would feel against your palm, as this will affect whether or not one type rubs more than another. You can also test which rider prefers by asking for feedback from friends who have previously used these types of grips.

A much thicker grip could help riders keep their hands positioned exactly where they want it without having to use too much strength, but thinner ones may offer a better feel and control.

The best way to find the grip that is right for you, however, is to go into a store with your bike or order one online before you commit to any of them because every rider has their own personal preference in terms of what they like feeling against their palms.

For example, some riders may prefer soft grips while others might want firmer ones; some people will be okay with heavy-duty patterns while others have sensitive skin and require softer rubber on each side edge, potentially preventing blistering more severe hand injuries.

Which Most Popular Dirt Bike Grip Texture Pattern Do I Choose – Waffle, Diamond, Waffle/diamond (Mixed), Pillow?

Many people consider the “pillow” grip style to be one of the best dirt bike grips. They are characterized by a soft, spongy surface easy on your hands and wrists without being too mushy or squishy. Many riders prefer this type for its comfort when riding all day long and its ability to absorb vibrations and protect against blisters.


Soft feel; Good vibration absorption; Mostly used on motocross bikes with short forks


Best for off-road use because they help keep fingers from sliding up into the palm which causes numbness in hand (can also lead to torn skin); Less comfortable than pillow grip but still good at absorbing shock


Soft and cushioned with a rough texture for maximum grip

Half Waffle, Full Waffle:

Best on hard dirt that has less traction; Allows rider to feel the surface through the grips

Diamond Patterned (Mixed):

The diamond shape creates an even distribution of pressure in your palm, which is optimal if you have sensitive hands or prefer a softer ride feel. Many riders like this because it doesn’t cause hand numbness but can still absorb vibration well.

Things to Consider While Purchasing The Best

Dirt bike grips offer you comfort while using your bike, thus allowing you to enjoy the activity and ride for much more extended periods because of reduced fatigue. It is therefore wise that when you are buying bike grips to be sure to choose the best product. 


Dirt Bike Grips

With the market filled with all kinds of bike grips, many riders may find it challenging to settle on the best item. As a result, we have prepared for you some of the factors you need to consider while selecting the products.

The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind while buying grips if you want to get the best item.


The money will greatly determine the type of dirt bike grips you will purchase. It is important to note that in the market, there are a variety of grips, and they vary in prices. You need to have a guide for you to buy the best product you can afford without straining financially.

I would advise that since bike grips are for added comfort, let the budget you have guided you on what type of item you will buy. Have a limit on how much you are willing to spend on the grip. And make a point of staying within your financial limits. 

This will help you to save on time because you will shift your focus to the few products you can easily afford. The good thing is that the bike grips tend to be cheaper.

Personal Preference

There are many great designs of grips out there. Knowing the best kind of hold to go for could be the only thing standing between you and your excellent performance in the dirt bike races.

Dirt bike grips come in a variety of colors and sizes. I would suggest that you go for products that easily and comfortably fit your hand for convenient use. Also, it would be wise to buy bike grips that match the color of your dirt bike for aesthetic purposes.

The design of the pattern are also numerous, and I would suggest that you should buy the product that has elevated patterns that you like. Remember, you will be using and seeing them every time you are out with your dirt bike.

Grip Design

The design of the grip determines how comfortable your arms and hands will be while handling your dirt bike, and the convenience of riding it. There are two types of grip designs; waffle design and non-waffle design.

Under waffle design, you can find three types of designs, which include full, half, and third waffles. The full waffle design has the elevator pattern all around the grip that reduces vibration significantly; the half-waffle design has a smooth, comfortable contact for the palm hand side and an elevated pattern where the finger comes in touch with the grip.

No waffle design has a rough finish on the outside and is much recommended for a rider with small hands. It is up to you to know your hand size then go and buy the appropriate product that you can comfortably use.

Remember that the elevated patterns increase the diameter of the grip; therefore, the higher the patterns are, the larger the diameter. Meaning such products will not be suitable for riders with small hands.

Ease of Installation

Before you buy any dirt bike grip, I would suggest that you consider the ease of setting it up. Fitting the grip on your dirt bike could be quite challenging to many riders, this is the reason as to why you need to factor in the ease of installation.

Some dirt bike grips require grip glue and safety wire to secure them in position correctly. If you hate the idea of fixing things with adhesives and wire, I highly recommend that you go for the lock-on grips. 

The lock-on grips do not require any kind of glue or wire to fix then in position, the throttle diameter is larger than that of the handlebars, and it easily slides inside the handlebars. There is a provision for you to tighten the grip in a position you see fit.

One advantage of the lock-on grip is that you can easily adjust the grip whenever you see fit, depending on your preference. You are not restricted as in the case in the case of the regular bike grips.

Grip Density

It is essential to consider the density of the patterns in the grips you want to buy. The thickness of the hold will determine the diameter of the product; also, it dramatically influences the comfortability of the item.

You should be aware of different types of grip densities ranging from soft, medium, and hard. If you are after maximum grip, I would suggest that you go for the soft density. The medium density is excellent at absorbing vibrations though not as good as soft density grip.

The hard density grip does not have much grip, the only advantage of this type is the durability, and it lasts longer than the soft and medium grip density.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Keep Clean Dirt Bike Grips?

  • Dirt bike grips can get dirty during rides and need special attention to keep them clean.
  • You should use a natural cleaner like soap or dish detergent, not chemicals that could damage the grip. Wash your dirt bike grips with warm water in lukewarm weather and cool temperate water in cold weather. Avoid getting any liquid inside the inner tube as you don’t want it leaking out later on.
  • Dry off your dirt clamshells once they are clean so they do not stay wet for too long, especially when it is hot outside, since this will cause mold growth which is hard to remove from within those crevices where moisture collects over time. If you have gloves, put them back on.

How Long Do Bike Grips Last?

Often, people are not aware of how long bike grips last. It is important to note that the amount of time a grip will stay safe varies depending on which type it is made out of and what kind of riding you do with your dirt bike.

For example, if you ride in sandy areas a lot or even through muddy water, metal grips may be a better choice as they can withstand more abuse than rubber ones before starting to wear away or crack. Basically, the dirt bike grips can last about six to eight months.

Bike Grips


The grip choice that you will decide to go for will significantly determine your hand and arm positioning; in addition, the braking and gear shifting will be affected by the grips you have fitted in your dirt bike.

It is necessary to be sure that you purchase the most appropriate dirt bike grips if you want to be safe and improve your performance in general. Of the five dirt bike grips reviewed in this article, I would suggest that you go for the Renthal G 165 Diamond.

It is one of the best grips available for sale; this product is highly durable; it is made using Kevlar resin, which makes these grips have a longer product life. The product has a smooth texture, and it is convenient to use, this allows you to have perfect control of the handlebars.

One thing you will love about this product is the tapered and standard dual compound pattern that increases the aesthetic value of the item if you are a dirt bike rider who is looking for new grips I highly suggest that you try the Renthal G 165 Diamond.