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Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector

Best Dirt Bike Chest Protector

Best Body Armor For Dirt Bikes

When riding any sort of automobile, the first thing that you take caution on is your safety. Dirt bikes are no exception to this rule. Chest protection is a key thing to look into.

Your chest cavity carries most of your vital organs. Some of these organs include your heart as well as your lungs. They need to stay protected at all times.

Chest protectors need to be certified by CE in order for you to be assured of maximum protection at all times. That being said, CE certified chest protectors offer protection from roost. Roost is debris from the road.

In addition to that, they offer protection from impact that may occur in the event of any sort of collision. The foam that is in the chest protector absorb some of the impact and this helps to prevent internal bleeding as well as internal bleeding. 

These lovely creations of man, for man, come in a variety of colors and sizes. They also have adjustable straps that ensure you have a nice and comfortable fit. Below are some of the best chest protectors as well as the criteria when choosing one, enjoy!

Top Dirt Bike Chest Protector

Leatt 4.5 ATV Chest protector -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Fox R3 Roost deflector ATV Chest protector4.8 out of 5 stars
WebTop ATV Chest Protector4.7 out of 5 stars
Herobiker Full body ATV Chest Protector4.6 out of 5 stars
EVS Sports REVO ATV Chest Protector4.5 out of 5 stars

Leatt 4.5 ATV Chest protector

This chest protector is among the many adult protectors. It comes in two colors, black and white. To cream this up, it has been approved by CE so your safety is assured at all times.

This brand prides itself with the high density poly ethylene shell that absorbs high impact and has stone deflection. This offers a protective shield for one’s chest as well as shoulders not to forget the back and the flanks.

This protector has a flexible impact absorbing foam layer. It offers the best as far as comfort is concerned not to forget impact absorption. Finally, it is fitted with a mesh base layer.

It also seamlessly integrates with neck braces. This makes it very comfortable as it fits well and enables the neck brace to feel as part of the chest protector. To conclude on this masterpiece, the Leatt 4.5 ATV Chest Protector is fitted with a number of ventilation slots that help with the aeration of the jacket. This prevents fouls smells as well as growth of bacteria.


  • Ventilation slots for good airflow
  • Certified by CE for safety
  • High density ploy ethylene shell
  • Multilayer and multiplate design for comfort


  • Few sizes

Fox R3 Roost deflector ATV Chest protector

This chest protector comes in three sizes as well as in three very mellow and vibrant colors. It gives you the assurance of a good fit since it is snuggly or hugging, high quality protection as well as maximum comfort. It has a deflector that gives you sufficient roost coverage.

This chest protector has a variety of styles as well as designs that make the aesthetics off the hook. It also comes with low profile chrome shoulder pads. They offer maximum protection as well as absorbing as much impact as possible in the worst-case scenario.

For the best fit, the chest protector has fully adjustable straps for this. To add this, the shoulder connections on the protector are also fully adjustable. The chest protector has padded arm guards which are removable for cleaning adjustment as well as replacement.

This lightweight protector weighs only two pounds (2lbs) This ensures that you only have to worry about being worn out by dirt bike racing not supporting the weight of your chest protector.


  • Comes in three sizes
  • Has low profile chrome shoulder pads
  • Has removable arm guards


  • Not very stylish


WebTop ATV Chest Protector

This waterproof and shockproof chest protector is made of poly ethylene. This offers very effective shock resistance and in turn superb body protection. This protector has been amazingly crafted both inside and out.

Its internal is made of breathable fabrics as well as a mid layer of foam for impact absorption purposes and its prevention from spreading in the body. Webtop ATV Chest Protector comes in three sizes which separate into two very independent parts.

This protector has a wide Velcro strap around the waist as well as a button strap for a good fit as well as maximum comfort. It is safe to call it a functional set of body protection due to its comfortable fit.

This brand prides itself for producing among the lightest chest protectors. It weighs a meagre 1.42 pounds. That is pretty light if you ask me. 

You can also stay assured of safety as it has been approved by CE. This is a major thing to factor in when buying any chest protector.


  • ATV youth chest protector
  • Wide Velcro strap for adjusting for proper fitting
  • Has breathable fabrics and a foam middle layer
  • It is literally a functional set of body protection.


  • None


Herobiker Full body ATV Chest Protector

This protector comes in five different sizes but only two different colors. It offers high density protection as it a full body jacket. 

Its protective pads are removable making it easy to clean.

A chest protector that is easy to clean is an amazing feature since it cleaned often chances of it stinking or it having bacteria is very minimum if any at all. It is basically a mesh layer that runs all over the torso arms included. 

This is fastened with pads in all areas where the vitals are located.  This helps prevent injuries in case of an accident. 

The dirt bike chest protector has a good ventilation system for utmost comfort for the users. It is also secured at the front with a strong zipper that can be replaced in the unfortunate event of snapping.

 Another amazing feature of this jacket is that it has removable spine and tail pads for cleaning and replacement. This pads hook on an elastic band with loop adjustment for a comfortable fit.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Proper ventilation
  • Covers entire body
  • Removable spine and tail pads


  • Comes in just two colors

EVS Sports REVO ATV Chest Protector

This protector is all you could ever ask for. Its amazing features will absolutely blow your mind.

It comes in two sizes as well as two colors. This does not limit its users since it has adjustable straps that enable all users to achieve a comfortable yet snug fit.

This chest protector is compatible with all types of neck braces that you might have shaming the chest protectors that only make it possible for their own neck braces to fit.

The protector is made of biofoam that is cross linked to make it a good shock absorber. The front is made of a polycarbonate plate that absorbs impact and prevents injuries.  The back is made in three parts that have flex points to allow easy movement. 


  • Adjustable straps
  • Polycarbonate front plate
  • Fits all neck braces
  • Variety


  • Comes in just two colors

Criteria to consider before buying a dirt bike chest protector

 There are several things you need to think long and hard about when it comes to buying things like a dirt bike chest protector. Some of 

them include;

 The available sizes

When buying one of these you want to make sure you get the most appropriate size for you. A good fit means that it is most definitely comfortable. Comfort ensures that you don’t have to worry about keeping it on when racing.

Get a brand that offers a variety of sizes as well as different colors. I mean variety is the spice of life. The more the merrier. 

Enjoy going through options till you feel spoilt for choice.  You deserve it, every moment of it.

The size is written on a small tag attached to either the neck line or the inner sides of the chest protectors. Ensure to fit before purchasing as different brands have different fits.

 Adjustable straps

Good straps should be strong, firm and resilient. Hardcore straps are required for this hardcore outdoor sport. In addition to this, you need straps that you can fit to size. 

Adjustable straps are easier to work with  since you don’t always want your chest protector too tight or in the same way for too long. They come in handy as they make the protector fit to size. This means that a number of body types as well as sizes can share or use the same chest protector.

How is that for economical!

To add to this adjustable straps ensure that the chest protector stays in place and actually protects your chest.

Arm guards

Arm guards are a feature that not all chest protectors have but all die to have.  They are part of the detachables in a chest protector. They offer cushioning for your arms in case of an accident. 

Arm guards should be cushiony to allow as much absorption of impact as possible. This also helps with giving the chest protector structure. Structure ensures that the protector stays in place without drooping or sagging. Sagging attire might cause an accident as one struggles to put it back I  place instead of steering the dirt bike. This ends up in tragic ways in any event.

 Ventilation vents

Ventilation of the chest protector is key. It covers the region of the body where most sweating occurs. The manufacturers of this product have looked into it and after much deliberation they came to the conclusion that vents are essential. 

Since the protectors are not made using antimicrobial material, ventilation is the only way out from a smelly protector.  The vents allow free flow of air ensuring that it is well aerated and fresh at all times.

The free flow of air prevents growth of bacteria or any sort of fungus that may alter the natural fresh smell of your protector.

In conclusion, the vents allow air to evaporate traces of sweat on the protector.  It is however important to note that this does not clean out the sweat, you need to clean your chest protector every so often for hygienic purposes.

 Padding design

When buying a chest protector you want to get the thickest padding. The thicker the padding the more resistance to any fall or hit. A thick padding gives you some sort of mental security that it will be a good shock absorber in the event of an accident.

Try getting yourself a chest protector whose padding can be removed. This helps with cleaning  and if it can be removed it means it can be replaced. If you feel like the pads you have currently don’t suit your vibe, you can walk into a chest protector shop and get replacements.

Some protectors have been indicated how much impact they can take.

 CE certification

 Do not buy any chest protector that does not have a CE certification.  This is because they have to be run through by independent experts to ensure that it is of optimum performance as well as offer maximum protection and comfort.


A heavy chest protector is a nuisance. No two ways about that. A light chest protector is exactly what every rider needs. 

A light chest protector ensures maximum comfort enabling you too have the full user experience which is nothing less than blissful. 

Heavy materials should hence be avoided at all costs. They are not only heavy but tend to trap heat which can escalate from uncomfortable to scalding really quick. To avoid all this, bag a lightweight chest protector for a good time on your bike.

High impact polycarbonate material

 Contrary to their long name, this material is much lighter than it sounds. The polycarbonate material offers a greater front for protection from impact. Due to its light nature it adds a very small amount of weight to the protector making it the best material.

More protection less weight, this material is a dream!


This in lay mans language means that it is easy to move in. There are chest protectors  that have flex points. Flex points enable swift and flexible movement when in the chest protector. 

Articulation is based on a lycra mesh or different sections with flex points.

This makes the user feel free and less caged as compared to stiff chest protectors.  A flexible protector makes work easy as one can move his or her body in any direction as well as in any manner to alter the center of gravity when in motion in the tracks.

Compatibility with neck braces

When shopping for a chest protector to use on you dirt bike, you want to consider how well the neck brave you have, or intend to have in the future will fit.

It is more advisable to get a brand that makes protectors that are compatible with all neck braces. Do not limit yourself when you could get so much more. 

A protector that only fits a certain brand of neck brace is very inconvenient to use. This is because you might get a new brace or go somewhere where a different one is offered and you will not be in a position to keep yourself secure due to incompatibility.


When buying any product, you want to get something that will last, something for the long haul. A chest protector is a one time purchase due to its price and the general nature of the product.

When you talk durability there are a number of things that make us term a product as durable. The type of material used to make it is one of them. Get a protector which is of the strongest yet lightest material.

Thank goodness for polycarbonate material right?

The ease of use also determines how durable a product is. How? Well, if something is easy to use no force is applied hence no denting or ruining of the product. It is safe to say that a product that is easy to use is durable.


The price of any product is a key thing to look into. In as much as you should not spend a lobe of your liver on buying a chest protector you should make it an investment of yours as you if you get a really good one, you will not have to ever buy another or need replacement. 

 There are a variety of brands in the market making it easier for you to choose one that fits your budget.

Benefits of using the best dirt bike chest protection

Protection from roost

Roost is debris from the road. Protection of roost will ensure that you remain safe from being injured. The little pieces of dirt and small stones travelling under high speed can be very painful when they hit the skin. 

They will bruise the skin which may hold you up with dirt bike racing. 

Protection from trees

Trees can be a very big distraction when it comes to dirt bike riding. Trees can hurl you out of your bike or the branches can poke you or worse still penetrate into your body and hurt your vitals.

Protection from collisions

Collisions can be quite tragic. The impact can be fatal due to instances of internal bleeding.

The impact is absorbed by padding that takes it away or distributes it throughout the chest protector. 

They fit well

The modern chest protectors come with adjustable straps that enable you to get into a snuggly fit. This gives you confidence in your chest protector and we all know nothing feels better than confidence in yourself.

They look good

Manufacturers of chest protectors have availed quite a number of colors, sizes, graphics as well as accessories that give them a major face lift. The chest protectors can be made to fit your taste and preference, you can design it in way you please using things like spray paint or any other form of accessories to make it better looking.

It is said that we are all better when we like what we are wearing, so why not let your chest protector do it for you. 

Let your chest protector speak out for you, let it be your fashion statement

In conclusion, there are several things to look into and to keep in mind anytime you talk dirt bike chest protectors. The top five beat brands include, Leatt 4.5 ATV chest protector,Fox R3 Roost Deflector ATV chest protector, Webetop ATV Chest Protector for dirt bikes, Herobiker full body ATV Chest Protector,EVS Sports Revo chest protector.

It is important to note that these are not limited to the brands of dirt bike chest protectors out there. They are just the creme de la creme of the industry, the top coat!

When it comes to its purchase, there are several things to consider as talked about above. Some pf this things include; sizes, adjustable straps, arm guards, ventilation, the padding design, CE certification, its weight (should be light) high impact polycarbonate material, articulation, compatibility with neck braces to mention just a few.

We also got to have a sneak peek into the advantages of using protectors.  Some of the benefits that accrue to using the best dirt bike chest protectors include, protection from roost, protection from trees, protection from collisions, thy have a good or proper fit and to crown it all they most definitely look good.

The best dirt bike chest protector goes to the Leatt 4.5 ATV chest protector.  The product has outdone itself in its features. Some of these features include its high density poly ethylene shell that offers great protection against shock. 

The product is also certified by CE meaning it is safe for use and can take the impact indicated it can take.  The ventilation on it is remarkable. The slots enable proper aeration of the chest protector to prevent having a smelly protector. 

The product is fitted with a multilayered as well as multi plated design to ensure maximum comfort when I  use. It is also quite the flexible chest protector to be in when on the trail. To top this up, the protector has a seamless connection with neck braces ensuring a blissful chest protector experience. 

It is also a light protector that looks good. Get this product today.



Geralt Revi was born into motocross. His father raced anything with an engine so naturally, Geralt followed in his footsteps. He loves all things racing like his father, but took a special interest in Dirt Biking at a young age and from there it has blossomed into a love over the years. Getting out on the dirt track is therapeutic for Geralt and loves sharing what he has learned over the years with others.

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