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There are many races in the world and the bike race is also one of such races. Even, a bike race is a sport that is becoming more and more popular. Different type of bikes is used in the racing and dirt bikes are on the top list for bike racing sport. The real thrill in bike racing is because of high speeds and octane jump. People see bike races as only such type of thrillers and enjoy the bike race. As dirt bikes are becoming popular because of sports races and people also love to have dirt bikes, manufacturing companies of bikes have started to manufacture dirt bikes. Still, bike riders are confused that which dirt bike will be best for them. Best Dirt Bike Brands are explained in this article so that a rider will have a dirt bike that he likes and feel comfortable during a bike race. Here, a bike rider will get information about the bike brand model and its manufacturing company. You will also get to know which type of bike brand is good for the race. 

A list of Best Dirt Bike Brands is listed here:


Yamaha is the best-repudiated bike manufacturing brand. As it is more famous for manufacturing all kinds of bikes, it is also famous for manufacturing dirt bike.  Being a Japanese company, It has earned more popularity as compared to other brands and stands as a leader and innovator in manufacturing dirt bikes. With manufacturing bikes, Yamaha also manufactures fishing boats, boats, personal watercraft, scooters, car engines, multipurpose engines, and water pumps. Yamaha is a trusted manufacturing company and people love this brand for its all products. This company has established in the year 1955 and manufacturing dirt bikes. When Yamaha launches any new product or dirt bike, bike riders or racers get excited about such scenes. Famous dirt bikes from Yamaha are the YZ – 125, the YZ – 250, and the WR – 250 – F. There are some dirt bikes such as small, pop, and peppy and these are loved by the bikers because these bikes win several races. Yamaha’s brand of dirt itself puts exceptional handling and suspension in its dirt bike brand. And there is no doubt that in the world they are the very best dirt bike producers or makers.

Honda dirt bikes loved by youngsters

Honda is an old brand in the world as well as used in many sectors. Mainly Honda is known for car manufacturing on a big level. This is a Japanese company that is the peak in the manufacture. Apart from cars, Honda also now famous for manufacturing other things like motorcycles, types of equipment for heavy construction work and all. You can see that Honda provides lots of things in the market on its behalf. Bike lovers like the Honda bike mostly dirt bikes. Honda has different dirt bikes that they provide for the experienced bike riders to new and kid bikers.

For the experienced biker riders, there is a dirt bike which is CRF-450R, this bike has a different fan base and you can see that most of the youngsters ride this bike. The other model of Honda dirt bike is CRF-50R, this one is also used by new bikers and also a kid can ride this bike. If we talk that why Honda is so famous then the reason behind their success is that Honda provides dirt bikes that are strong and powerful and also have a durable engine that makes it bikes apart from the crowd. And that’s why people like to buy Honda bikes. Honda’s vehicles car and motorcycles and their dirt bikes have exceptional engineering and have long time stability. That is like by the riders and they easily love the models of Honda dirt bikes. 

Hyosung: the old and famous bike brand

Hyosung has its name for many decades in the biking world. Since 1978, they provide dirt bikes to the riders. Even when they launch their first dirt bike they get success and they are famous for their first dirt bike that is aficionados. This bike has a separate fan base in its time, even Hyosung makes its name famous for its dirt bikes. Hyosung is now the topmost motorcycle brand in ASIA and also spread broadly in North America and Europe. Hyosung recently launches a new model of the dirt bike and also it makes its place in the market even people like it more.

Now, Hyosung reaches to people more than his historical period. The key point of the Hyosung brand is that they take their step towards the scheme that provides bikers a big size bike at less prices, and that’s a wonderful surprise for bike lovers. And these new dirt bikes and motor-cross are really big and also durable. For the bike riders, Hyosung dirt bikes have Hyosung GD, Hyosung RT, Hyosung GT, and Hyosung GV650. These are good for the bikers for the flexible riding and that gives them an experience of smoothness on road and also the bike weight is light that makes it easier to handle the bike. 

KTM: the stylish and hot bike models

KTM is famous for the dirt bike models. KTM starts its carrier in 1992, and in less than 25 years it adds its name to the top and wanted dirt bike brands. This is a very important thing for any bike brand to add up their name and get success in the dirt bike world. Even it gives competition to many other brands and also lots of competitors are stand with it. But it still has its name on the top. It is very difficult for any brand to argue with it. The model and style of the dirt bikes are awesome from every angle. In 2004, it launches its first dirt bike and from that, it is very famous for its bike. Even KTM is also known for making sports car that is also famous in the crowd.

The KTM dirt bikes are good to ride on the road as well as in the forested areas. The engine of the bike is durable and also gives good mileage. The innovative technologies and wicked designs give collision to other bike brands. But no one brand stands in front of this dirt bike brand. Also, the Duke series of the bike makes it a different fan base in the market. Shortly, the KTM brand is too much famous for the dirt bikes. 

Suzuki: A famous brand for dirt bikes

Like Yamaha and Honda, Suzuki is also another manufacture of dirt bikes. Suzuki is a Japan-based auto manufacturing company. Honda is selling the car as its major product while Suzuki’s dirt bikes are its major products. The bread and butter of Suzuki are motorcycles. Suzuki comes in the list of top 10 manufacturing companies in the whole world and its headquarter is situated in Hamamatsu, Japan. All types of models are manufactured by Suzuki and it is only the main focus of Suzuki for manufacturing such models. Such manufacturing products include all dirt bikes – both two and four wheelers and many standalone engines also.

This product company has a global presence in the manufacturing motorcycle industry. If we talk about dirt bikes from the Suzuki brand, then it is the top brand for providing dirt bike to bike racers. The DR – Z 400 and the DR – 650 are the best dirt bikes and bike riders do not like another brand motorcycle. For a fresh bike rider, a dirt bike also plays a very important role. In a review of Suzuki, many bike riders said that they learned to handle a motorcycle on Suzuki motorcycle. Another advantage of the Suzuki brand is that bikes are economical in cost and do not require too much maintenance. Suzuki is the only brand for solid dirt bikes.

Kawasaki: Durable and strong engine bike

Kawasaki brand has many motorcycles that are used by bike riders. If we talk about the respect and popularity of this brand, Kawasaki is also one of the legendary companies in the world. The Ninja, the 500 SS Mach III, and the KZ 900 are the motorcycles, launched by Kawasaki. At the starting of this company, Kawasaki is only famous for making racing, touring, and street motorcycles but it is also started to produce different dirt bikes. The dirt bikes from the Kawasaki brand are the long durable, rugged, and complete pack of punch. Such bikes also have torque, suspension, and better handling as compared to other brands. Kawasaki dirt bikes are best for racing and can be a ride on any type of dirt track. Some Kawasaki dirt bike riders said that it is good for both beginners and experienced. This is the legendary dirt bike that never becomes too old when used for the race.

Maico: best dirt bike brands

Among all the dirt bikes in the world, Maico is the oldest brand. This bike manufacturing company’s first dirt bike was launched in the assembly line of Germany in the year 1926. That was the time when the company started to become strong in all aspects. In the early 1950s, Maico started to produce scooters which are two strokes. The Maico Endura and the Maico Motocross are the motorcycle products from famous dirt bikes. These dirt bikes are popular in the United States and Europe. If we talk about the Maico dirt bikes, it is becoming more and more popular with passing days and has gained multiple reputations for its unique quality manufacturing, great fuel, and effective cost. Smooth and quality design of all dirt bikes which give excellent speed and acceleration and give riding style to its riders. Even, past generation riders also liked it very much because of its fast speed with safety.

Cool and stylish model: Husqvarna Bikes

This motorcycle company came into existence very early and started to make lawnmowers and their parts. In recent years, Husqvarna Company also started to produce dirt bikes and their all major parts. The best thing about the product of Husqvarna Company is that they started to gain success with maximum benefits. Currently, Husqvarna started to manufacture many types of motorcycles which are named Heritage, Endura, FE 300, and TE 300. Bike riders like bikes from Husqvarna Company because of weight design, lightweight, powerful engine, and great traction. These bikes are stylish and cool in look. Husqvarna started its journey in the auto market with two wheels for bicycles and now it is added to the top 10 famous dirt bikes. Younger riders are like to ride dirt bikes from Husqvarna and its demand is increasing in the market. Husqvarna bikes have reliable engines and are too much costly. This is the major reason that youngsters like such bikes. 

Beta: a top and best dirt bike brand

Beta is a bike Manufacturer Company which is established in Italy. In the starting of Beta production, it became because of several contracts with Honda. Now, it started to produce dirt bikes itself. With Honda tag and dirt bikes, it is getting a global presence with each passing day. Beta started its journey in the automobile industry in the year 1948 and become the top producer of all kinds of bikes. Beta created its place in the market by producing dirt bikes first which are having a unique style, unusual design, and special features. If we see its progress chart, beta gained a lot of popularity in the year 1960 in Italy because the demand for dirt bikes was on the top. Such dirt bikes from Beta are Endura dirt bike and Beta Alp 200. For the racing purpose, Beta proved its motor race very effectively. Dirt bikes are the bikes from the beta which can be run on any dirt track. 

For you, we have explained top rated dirt bikes. You can choose the dirt bike which you can easily afford. These brands of dirt bikes do not require special maintenance. Such dirt bikes are durable at an affordable cost. So, choose the one dirt bike for your racing purpose.

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