Best Dirt Bike Action Camera

In this article, I will discuss the best dirt bike action camera. So let’s start now.

In the recent past, the racing industry has experienced a wave of technological progression. Dirt bike racing, to be more specific, has been in the spotlight, thanks to the efforts of manufacturers in coming up with unique accessories that enhance the experience of the sport.

Action cameras, otherwise known as action cams, have been in existence since 2004. 

The first brand came up with the model way back. Since then, companies have attempted to outdo each other, by coming up with models that have been redesigned and improved than the former.

Dirt Bike Action Camera

This has indeed made it quite difficult for buyers to purchase the models. There are so many models. We therefore wonder, which ones should we go for? Should we go for the one with the best looks or the one that is smaller? A lot of questions linger in our minds.

It is indeed an undisputed fact that equipping yourself with the best dirt bike action camera can prove to be a life-changing experience. In case you are a rider, you are able to give your viewers a taste of the thrill you experience when engaging in the sport.

Today, we have decided to put an end to the troubles we undergo when purchasing such models, as we have conducted adequate market research and come up with a list of the best models.

Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Action Cameras List

GoPro HERO7 Black Action Cam -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Sony FDR-X3000/W Action Cam4.8 out of 5 stars
Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Cam4.7 out of 5 stars
Olympus TG-Tracker Action Cam4.6 out of 5 stars
GoPro HERO6 Black Action Cam4.5 out of 5 stars

GoPro HERO7 Black Action Cam

GoPro HERO7 Black Action Cam


The GoPro action cam is one of the easiest models to install. It can easily be mounted on the dirt bike, wherever you prefer. Additionally, you can go live with your recording, as it has the live stream feature.

The device can be linked to a smartphone, as there is an app that makes this possible. You can monitor the recording process, and even adjust it according to your liking.


  • It can easily be mounted on the dirt bike or helmet.
  • It has the live stream feature.
  • The battery lasts for an hour.
  • Images are recorded in high resolution.
  • You get to enjoy smooth recording, as stability has been enhanced.
  • It is waterproof and touch sensitive.


  • Commands initiated through voice control may not work at times.
  • There is no jack for a microphone.
  • The battery may be too low for those who record entire sessions.

Sony FDR-X3000/W Action Cam

Sony FDR-X3000/W Action Cam


Sony is a renowned brand. When it comes to the manufacture of high-quality electronics, you can definitely trust that they will give you good value for money. Their products do not disappoint, neither does this.

This model is waterproof. Its battery is suitable for long recording, as it lasts for approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes. It is a miniature model, but quite durable. Image recording has been stabilized to give you the best experience.

It is dust proof. The model had a tough construction and gives you different angles for recording.


  • You can adjust shooting modes to get the best views.
  • There are different angles that can be used for recording.
  • It is waterproof, dust proof and has a tough construction.
  • You get to enjoy video quality in 4K.
  • Images have been stabilized to give you the best recording experience.


  • The waterproof casing is bulky. This affects the quality of audio.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Cam

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Cam


This model is waterproof and also has a lasting battery that runs up to 2 hours. It has sensors which react to motion. The screen is touch sensitive. You will indeed enjoy the interactive feel is the model.

Microphones will allow you to initiate voice commands without straining, as they are of good quality. The camera can easily monitor the user’s data, the heartbeat, altitude and also speed of the dirt bike.


  • It is easy to use.
  • You can stream live as it has the live-stream option.
  • The camera is able to monitor user’s data including the heartbeat, altitude, and speed.
  • The smartphone app can be installed on Apple devices.
  • It is waterproof.


  • Images cannot be stabilized when the recording is in 4K quality.

Olympus TG-Tracker Action Cam

Olympus TG-Tracker Action Cam


The camera is lightweight and waterproof. It is made to last, as it had a rugged construction. The battery lasts for a very long time. You are assured that it won’t run out in the course of racing, as it lasts for 3 good hours.

This camera has unique features that you will definitely fall in love with. Images can be stabilized. It has a GPS feature and sensors that are able to detect any temperature changes.

The Wi-Fi feature makes the transfer of images and videos easy and fast.


  • It is lightweight and waterproof.
  • Images can be stabilized to give you the best viewing experience.
  • It has a Wi-Fi feature for easier transfer of content.
  • The model has a high video resolution capacity.
  • It comes with a GPS monitor and sensors for detection of temperature.


  • The app is quite difficult to understand.

GoPro HERO6 Black Action Cam

GoPro HERO6 Black Action Cam


By now, you may have noted that GoPro is quite a renowned brand. This particular model is waterproof and comes with a battery that lasts between 1 to 3 hours. It is affordable, and video quality has been optimized to give you high resolution.

The camera’s menu is easy to use. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity make the transfer of content easier. The screen is touch sensitive. There is a smartphone app that makes monitoring and connectivity possible.


  • The screen is touch sensitive.
  • It has an easy to use menu.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connections are easier to work with.
  • You can stream live.
  • It comes with a voice control feature.
  • It is lightweight and waterproof.


  • Despite having the voice control feature, it has been proven by several users that it is hard to use as the model may not respond in some cases.

What Are Dirt Bike Action Cameras Used for?

Dirt bike action cameras are often used to record the adventures of their riders. This includes racing, cross-country riding, and mountain biking. Unfortunately, these types of activities can be hazardous for both the rider and anyone who may happen across them during filming.

For this reason, there is a high demand for these devices so that video footage can be captured in case something goes wrong while on camera – it’s better than not knowing what happened.

Some people also use dirt bikes as an adventure vehicle or hobbyist activity but still want documentation of their progress without carrying around heavy point-and-shoot cameras everywhere they go. The lightweight nature, ease of installation, and relatively low cost make these cameras very desirable pieces of equipment compared to other devices like a GoPro or DSLR.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Dirt Bike Action Camera? 

A dirt bike action camera is a high-definition video camera specifically designed for use while riding on dirt bikes. These cameras allow riders to capture amazing footage of their rides, share them with others, and keep an eye out for upcoming dangers or obstacles that might come up during the ride. There are many benefits to having a dirt bike action camera installed and used by someone who loves biking outdoors:

What Are the Benefits of Having a Dirt Bike Action Camera 

Captures Memories

Dirt bike action cameras can be mounted in various positions, so users will know exactly where it’s pointing when they’re recording something specific. This helps ensure that their videos don’t just show clips from down low but also captures what the rider is seeing at any given moment without interrupting the flow of their ride.

Provides Protection

As riders are focused on the road ahead and not so much on what’s happening behind them, it can be difficult to keep an eye out for obstacles or dangers that might pop up. A dirt bike action camera will help you record your ride from any angle, which means users will always have a good idea of their surroundings.

Keeps Kids Entertained

Dirt biking is a sport that many children find exciting and fun; in fact, most parents who enjoy this activity with their child feel like they’re creating memories together while also teaching responsibility through attention to safety measures as wearing protective gear. The best part about having a dirt bike adventure camera mounted? It leaves more time for playtime.

What Feature to Look for When Choosing a Best Dirt Bike Action Camera?

Screen Size:

You will want to choose a camera with an easy-to-view screen. This way, you can easily see what the cameras are recording so that it is not needed when editing footage on your computer later. It’s also helpful if there is a lighted backlit screen for outdoor shooting purposes in low or no light conditions (some dirt bike action cameras come with).

Camera Quality and Lens Type:

The lens type of any given dirt bike action camera varies by manufacturer. In general, cheaper lenses do well at capturing detail but don’t handle high contrast scenes. In contrast, expensive lenses may accurately capture detail and scene lighting without distortion but are typically more expensive than their counterparts.

The quality of a lens is typically measured in millimeters (mm), and the higher the number, the better your dirt bike action camera will capture detail while also reducing distortion.

Recording Video Quality:

The video quality that you shoot with any given dirt bike action camera varies by manufacturer. Still, it’s important to know if your footage can be saved at 1080p or not–especially if you plan on editing them later.

If so, this purchase may be worth considering since other features within your new device would make post-production easier for professionals who want to save time when working on their videos. Remember: Not every high definition means they’re good enough! A review should provide some clarity about what is possible with a specific model.


One of the most important features to consider is whether or not your dirt bike action camera has a microphone. It’s crucial for capturing audio when you’re on an adventure, as well as getting rid of that pesky wind sound in between shots.

However, if it doesn’t have one, then there are other ways to ensure good quality recording without having to go out and buy additional equipment–perhaps by using a setup like this with your phone instead (or another device).

A weatherproof coat will also be handy if you plan on being outside during any time while filming footage because unexpected conditions can often pop up and ruin recordings, which would be extremely frustrating! The higher-end models come with waterproofing, and the lower-end models are usually water-resistant.

What to Look for When Setting Up an Action Camera on a Helmet or Dirt Bike?

First, the size of your camera should be a consideration. For example, a small action cam that can clip onto a helmet or bike will not shake around and won’t obstruct your view of what’s in front of you.

Look for When Setting Up an Action Camera on a Helmet or Dirt Bike


Though they’re usually less powerful than their full-frame counterparts, these smaller cameras are designed to do one thing–capture HD video footage from positions you wouldn’t otherwise have access to without mounting them with specialized equipment.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Action Camera

Choosing the best action camera for your dirt bike can be rather difficult, especially when you are not equipped with the right knowledge and information. It is therefore advisable that before going to purchase a product, you engage in a bit of market research.

This way, you will be able to explore all the cameras, test them out, check their specifications and in the end, determine the one that is perfect for your riding experience. You will get the best product in the process.

However, before all that, it is important that we look at the market scenes currently. As contrasted with the past, current market scenes have really grown. Manufacturers are scaling production.

Complex but beneficial aspects of technology are being incorporated into action cameras. Brands have significantly increased. For a product to be a fan favorite, it has to meet certain demands, and also outdo their rivals in the best way possible.

When purchasing any product, it is important that you take note of the features the products have. Failure to do so may result in the purchase of a defective item, as there are so many models today.

This makes it hard for you to distinguish between the real ones and the ones that have been falsely advertised. That’s why you are required to conduct your own research in thoroughness.

When it comes to products such as action cameras, you find that a lot of versatility is involved. You cannot just make a purchase by checking the product once, then deciding on acquiring it there and then.

Even the poorest of these models has a lot of features. The only problem that exists with such models is the inability of manufacturers to find features that complement some of the aspects that they have integrated in the products they intend to sell to you.

You, therefore, have to tread carefully. All aspects have to be considered. You don’t have to leave anything to chance, as this may cost you more than you anticipated to spend, as you may be forced to acquire another model.

When choosing an action cam, you have to consider if the model is actually easy to use. This means that you have to acquire a camera that gives you an easy time and is generally easy to set up.

It should also be easy to understand. The interface provided should be easy to navigate. Some models have touch-sensitive screens. Here, you can access the menu, and also customize the commands according to your preferences.

Here are some additional factors you can always consider whenever you are going to purchase action cameras for your dirt bike.

The Quality of the Recording

The pictures that have been captured by the action cam are supposed to be of high quality. This means that they should be clear for everyone to see. Blurriness makes the pictures boring and unpleasant to look at.

The quality of resolution depends on the lens of the camera. A model that has a poor-quality lens will definitely give you pictures that are barely clear.

In as much as some blame is placed on the lens and its quality, it is also important that you consider the camera’s microprocessor. The microprocessor may be too slow in the course of recording, such that the resulting pictures end up being of relatively poor quality.

It is therefore advisable that you consider both factors, for you to be assured of quality. The resolution also depends on the type of recording, the specific quality in which images and videos are recorded.

For you to get clear images and videos, it would be wise that you acquire a model that records at 4K quality. This, however, should not be the only factor in consideration.

4K quality goes hand in hand with particular frame rates. The minimum frame rate for a4K quality resolution is 30 fps. 

Ease of Use

In as much as a particular camera may be premium, high-quality, unique and even the best in terms of recording, it should be able to meet the needs of all users. This means that it has to be user-friendly. 

All aspects have to be moderated in such a way that any user will find the model easy to use. A camera that is easy to use can be mounted easily, and also anywhere on the dirt bike. This gives you different angles of viewing, such that your experience becomes better with time.

Some models come with tripods for easier mounting. Additionally, setting up or readying the model for use has to be an easy process, one that takes you a few minutes perhaps.

Navigating the model’s interface has to be interactive and in a user-friendly manner. Touchscreens have been designed in some models for easier navigation. Some models operate with voice control.

The ease of changing the battery also matters. You can choose to go for cameras with removable batteries, as this allows you to change them easily when riding, and also when the initially placed batteries have run out of juice.


You should choose a particular camera based on the riding experience you are used to. The battery should also be chosen depending on this factor. Some people only record short videos.

Others record the whole experience and go-ahead to edit the entire video later on. For longer recordings, it is advisable that you pick a battery that lasts up to three hours.

In case you are recording short videos, you can go for batteries that last even for an hour or so.


Always ensure that at the end of the purchase, you have gotten a good value for the money you have remitted. This means that you have to get a quality product. Every aspect of the camera should be on perf and condition, and the model should suit your riding needs.

Choosing a model that comes with a warranty would be a wise decision, as this will help you in laying a claim for compensation or reimbursement, in case of defectiveness in the packaging or quality of the product.

I would advise you to go for the Sony FDR-X300/W Action Cam. Sony is a renowned brand, and the product it offers is high-quality. It is waterproof, has a lasting battery and stabilizes image quality. You get to enjoy 4K resolution, and also different angles for recording.