Best 125cc Dirt Bike

Best 125cc Dirt Bike For Beginners

Are you a fan of motorcycles? Do you enjoy riding them, or are you a rider from behind the keyboard and watcher from the other side of the fence? If you love bikes or biking, then you will sure love the 125cc dirt bike.

A 125cc dirt bike has a smaller engine as compared to most common models that you may have come across on your day today or while following a race, playing a game or even looking to purchase.

150cc dirt bikes have been praised for their ease in manoeuvrability, making them an excellent choice for beginners who want to try out the off roads. 

Best 125cc Dirt Bike

I wouldn’t look down on a bike’s power judging by its engine size. Remember that small can be big, depending on what you’re looking for or are interested in.

We all bike for various reasons and a 125cc dirt bike will serve you optimally when you want to have an amazing time. It has been said to be big in fun, complementing for its engine size.

Good bikers know how to pick the best bikes for every occasion. Going off-road will definitely call for a 125cc bike and you’ll be guaranteed to have an amazing time.

Having this information may, however, not be of much benefit to you before you know what options you have of this amazing bike. Are you, therefore, looking for the best 125cc dirt bike? You’re in the right place.

I managed to come up with a list of some of what I believe to be the best 125cc dirt bikes out there. While it can be confusing going through them, especially for beginners, you will not spend too much time as we present to you the best in the market.

Why then don’t you join me as we have a look at these bikes? Each has something unique that you will be sure to admire.

Best 125cc Dirt Bike List

Apollo DB-X18 -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
X-PRO4.8 out of 5 stars
TAO TAO4.7 out of 5 stars
Coolster4.6 out of 5 stars
Apollo DB-0074.5 out of 5 stars

Apollo DB-X18

Apollo DB-X18


The Apollo DB-X18 is definitely one of its kind in the line of APOLLO 125cc dirt bikes. It is built with a 4-stroke engine and a single cylinder which despite coming in a small size, will complement its inadequacy in power.

If you are looking for a bike with which you can have ultimate fun on an off-road race or freestyle ride, then this is definitely the dirt bike to consider getting as it comes with a maximum speed of 55mph.

You can therefore manoeuvre through the terrains without much stress of having to be first rather than have more fun. After all, it has a 6.5 kw/7500 rpm.

It is important, however, to note that this speed may vary depending on weather conditions. 

To aid this is a 4 speed manual clutch transmission with front and rear hydraulic brakes. Its front and back suspensions are both non-adjustable, at 750mm and 320mm each. 

Swerve through off roads with 17″ front tires and 14″ rear tires.

Doesn’t this basically bag everything you would need from a dirt bike? Get this 125cc bike today!


  • Good seat height
  • Good frame design
  • Good manoeuvrability


  • You may not like the carburettor quality
  • Be sure to check the smaller fork bolts


Apollo DB-X18

Apollo DB-X18


What are you looking for in a 125cc dirt bike? There are a few things about this bike that you may like. Why don’t we check them out?

It’s engine is definitely a 4-stroke 125cc. It has a semi-automatic transmission, supported by a semi-auto clutch which makes this bike an excellent choice for riders who are starting off with this kind of bikes.

Its front and rear wheels are perfectly sized at 14″ and 12″ respectively and these will enable you to manoeuvre your way through tracks and terrains of a varied nature.

Are you a beginner? Then perhaps you may want to seek professional help before going offroad with this bike. Not to worry though as the reason is a mere assembly which may simply require expertise in handling the bikes.

However, it is not as complicated. assembling that you should expect includes the handle bar brackets, wheels and brakes, notti forget the number plate and fender.

It comes at a maximum speed of 60 MPH, but this may change depending on your weight.


  • Easy to set up
  • Perfectly sized
  • Comfortable


  • You may want to check the carburettor condition





For an off-road race or freestyle ride, you will need a bike that cannot disappoint. Talk about the perfect transmission and an excellently-sized engine. A 125cc dirt bike is what you need, and a good one for that matter.

The TAO TAO has is overally well-sized at 70 x 30 x 43 inches. Its seat stands out to a height of 34 inches and its ground clearance is at 13 inches.

It is built with a 1-cylinder and 4-stroke engine which is air cooled. Its engine gear has 4 speed controls, which run through gears 1-N-2-3-4. 

This dirt bike is also controlled by a hydraulic brake system with its front hydraulic disc hand braker. The rear is controlled by a foot braker.

Do you have any expertise or experience in handling dirt bikes, especially the 125cc dirt bike? Well, if you do not, then it would be advisable to seek help from a professional for this part where you will have to assemble parts of the bike.

This may be simple or a little complex, depending on your exposure with the bikes.

Does this bike have of or everything that you were looking for in a 125cc dirt bike? I sure hope so!


  • Perfectly sized
  • Good quality


  • Assembly may take time





Get yourself a bike that will give you a good time while you’re off-road riding. 

In looking at this bike in particular, you should consider, among other things, the terrain of the tracks you have in mind and your set of biking skills.

Every bike has something good to offer, and definitely something worth checking out. This particular dirt bike has something that you may like. Why don’t we check it out?

It is built with a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine which as a displacement of 125cc. You will love its power which is recorded at 4.72/7500(Kw/r/min). It has a maximum speed of 67km/h and a CDI starting system.

Already like something? Well, that’s not the whole of it. You will also love its manual clutch and chain drive. The bike is driven by the rear wheel force and is controlled by front and rear disk brakes.

While anyone would like to go off-road with this dirt bike, it has one little limitation of weight, where its maximum load holds at 220 Lbs.


  • Easy to set up
  • Good handling
  • Good seat height


  • You may find the rear brake pads to be too tight
  • Thin plastic plate cracks easily


Apollo DB-007

Apollo DB-007


If you are on this fifth and final product for our review, you must have realized by now that most features that these bikes posses are the common ones that you will expect to find with any regular 125cc dirt bike.

However, you may also come to realize that a few things that set the differences between these bikes are what will determine your ease of use, manoeuvrability and even how much time out you could have with the bike.

This Apollo bike is built with, like most of its predecessors, a 4-stroke single cylinder engine with a displacement of 125 cc.

You will love that it is air-cooled and will ride at a maximum speed of 55 mph. However, as we have seen, this may change depending on the condition of the road you are using. The rider’s weight may also be an important determinant.

This Apollo dirt bike comes with a maximum power of 10 KW and its transmissions supported by a 4-speed manual clutch.

It also comes with non-adjustable suspensions for the front and rear, at 760mm and 320mm respectively. Its seat is raised to a height of 36.5 inches and its front and rear wheels are 17 and 14 inches respectively.

This is an ideal bike for the off roads and you should definitely try it out.


  • Powerful 
  • Great manoeuvrability 
  • Good seat height


  • A customer reported that the bike fell off during a race
  • Pricey

Why People Choose a 125cc Dirt Bike?

125cc dirt bike is the best for people who want to have fun. 125cc motorcycles are smaller and lighter than a 250cc motorcycle, making it easier for beginners to handle during their ride.

The power of this engine can give you an incredible feeling on open roads or trails because they can go faster, which creates more excitement when riding them.

They also come with several different features that make them very attractive such as fuel injection and liquid cooling systems. These engines provide considerably better acceleration, so you’ll be quickly going from zero all the way up to sixty miles per hour in no time at all without having any slipping issues.

2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Which is Better?

The debate between which dirt bike is the best has been going on for years. We believe that there are benefits to both as long as you know what you’re looking for in a good ride.

A 125cc two-stroke engine has more power than any other kind of engine, but they can be difficult to maintain and require aftermarket parts like exhausts or mufflers (depending on the model).

The four-stroke engines have much less power but are easier to work with, so they might not need these extra items added to them. If gas mileage matters, then a four-stroke would likely be your best bet since this type of engine burns fuel at lower rates and also produce fewer emissions over time when compared with its counterpart.

For the other factors, such as horsepower, weight, and price, a 125cc two-stroke engine would be the most economical option.

What Features of a 125cc Dirt Bike Should Be Considered When Buying? 

There Is a Type of Bike for Every Specific Use or Rider’s Needs!


You’re in luck if you want to buy cheap! Dirt bikes start at around $500. They can go up to about $3500, depending on what type of motorcycle you are looking for. If price is important and budget is not an issue, then the sky’s the limit regarding the amount you spend on this purchase!


There are many different features available on these motorcycles which will affect your decision and fuel capacity, wheel size, seat height, etc. Ensure that any parts installed by the manufacturer are made from quality materials, so they last longer and don’t need replacement sooner than necessary. The most common types of dirt bikes are enduros, motocross, and trials.


There is a type of bike for every specific use or rider’s needs! Enduros are the most common types used in off-road racing, while Motocrosses have evolved into an entire sport unto themselves with its own governing body (AMA) as well as teams to support it.

Trials bikes, on the other hand, maybe you are the best option if you’re looking for a low-cost entry-level motorcycle that will allow you to practice stunts without putting yourself at risk due to falling from too high up ground.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Age Is a 125cc Dirt Bike for?

125cc dirt bikes are best for adults and teenagers who are at least 16 years of age. The weight limit on these motorcycles is 250 pounds, excluding most kids under the age of 12 from riding them legally without training wheels or motorcycle lessons first.

However, if you’re looking to buy one as an investment, then they can be purchased by anyone over 18 because there aren’t any regulations in place that state if someone has reached adulthood before turning eighteen, then they automatically lose their right to use a bike until reaching the age to ride.

In the United States, there are no specific regulations on who is eligible to buy a bike, but most dealers will require you to sign some liability release before riding it off their lot. In Canada and Europe, there are age restrictions that restrict riders under 14 years old from operating or riding any motorcycle without supervision by an adult.

At the same time, those over 16 must wear helmets at all times when they’re driving one. However, there aren’t many differences even in places like Australia, where helmets for dirt bikes sold for adults come with ear protection, which can be beneficial when commuting through gravel roads or dusty trails.

Is a 125cc Dirt Bike Good for Adults?

People are wondering if a 125cc Dirt Bike is good for adults. Well, the answer can be tricky, but we will try to give you some insight into this issue, so you don’t have any doubts about whether or not it suits your needs. What do we know from experience, and what makes a 125cc dirt bike perfect for most adults.

First of all, there is no need to start with an expensive bike that has hundreds of horsepower because, on small tracks, these bikes are plenty. The best part about this type of engine size is how light they are since their weight plays such an important role in handling during racing and maneuvering at tight corners without falling off balance.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best 125cc Dirt Bike

Have you thought of getting yourself a bike before? Bikes are fun to ride, they can be pretty fast and their manoeuvrability-cum-handling can be as smooth as possible, giving you nothing less of an amazing time out there.

Bikes can also be convenient to ride because they can go through terrains that other vehicles can’t. Their races are also mind-blowing and the gear is just top-level.

But like other vehicles, there are types of bikes, and they all differ in purpose. Each will serve you differently in different roads and for different purposes and while others may be fun to ride, others will need more care.

Among the bike types that have crossed your mind, have you thought of getting a dirt bike? You probably have, or are thinking, why would you?

We all have our reasons for doing the things we do. So answering “why” you would do something may be figuring out the reason for you. That may not be easy. 

There is, however, a common reason why most people would even think of getting a dirt bike. As the name suggests, it is a bike meant for the “dirt roads.” The off roads.

Unlike other road bikes, these bikes are tougher because of the conditions of the roads that they’re expected to be ridden on. Dirt bikes have been specially designed to suit these conditions.

You can therefore expect to ride your favourite bike for some time across terrains. Talking of terrains, are you an experienced biker?

Dirt Bike Jump

You wouldn’t want to get yourself hurt while on top of one of these babies. Well, you should feel relieved that among the perks of riding dirt bikes is that they can be pretty light. Why is this a good thing?

A light bike is easier to handle. You can actually stand your ground at times for stability and making swerves is a lot easier than it would have been on heavier bikes.

Its thus also safer to ride because of the lesser weight which reduces impact injuries. However, you should be watchful of these bikes as if not well-assembled, you could walk away with a few scratches at high speed.

With that said, what do you think about the available models and types of dirt 125cc dirt bikes. Wait, do you know the available types and models?

We have discussed some of the best five of these bikes in the market, but even these among others fall under two major types. These are the 4-stroke and the 2-stroke.

What is the difference between the two? Well, you could look at it this way. 2-stroke dirt bikes are older models which were mostly available years back and may even be losing their place in the markets.

They are cheaper but more difficult to handle. They require more skill and come with more sophistication as compared to the 4-stroke.

4-stroke dirt bikes, on the other hand, are pretty easy to handle. They are light and have easier manoeuvrability. However, they may need more skill maintenance. They are also more expensive.

Because they are easier to handle, many beginners usually go for the 4-stroke dirt bike. If you just started off dirt biking, then you should probably consider this.

But is that the only thing to consider when choosing between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bike? Well, there are a couple more things that you could look at or keep in mind.

Are you skilled or not? Would you like to go really tough on the off-road or are you interested in just a simple ride, perhaps for fun? Your preference will guide you here, but keep this in mind:

You will want to go for a 2-stroke dirt bike if you want something tough and powerful, irrespective of the difficulty in handling it. This means that you should have the requisite skill before spending your money on one.

You would want to go for a 4-stroke if you wouldn’t mind spending a little more for a smoother and much easier ride. You should, however, be ready with some maintenance skills as these bikes may give you a hard time.

Generally, most people go for a 4-stroke dirt bike. Are you wondering why? Well, the 2-stroke bikes mix fuel with oil, and may not be as preferable to the former, which burns clear.

There is also a looming worry that you may face greater challenges finding and even owning a 2-stroke dirt bike as they are being replaced by newer and better models.

Get yourself a 4-stroke dirt bike and you won’t regret it.

Is engine power at all important? Well, if you are a biker, then everything about your bike should be important, especially the things that drive it or operate it.

Would you be able to walk, talk or do the things you do on a regular basis if you were ailing in any of your organs? I would not say so. 

This is because every part plays a particular role in delivering you in your normal state for your daily activities.

In the same way, a bike will not work well without an engine and it will not operate optimally without a well-operating one. 

Your bike’s engine power will determine among many things, its displacement. It will also tell you if your bike is tough enough for certain conditions.

A stronger bike may require expertise in handling it because of its obvious nature of sophistication. However, once you can handle it, you shouldn’t ever have a problem handling a less powerful bike.

Dirt bikes are generally simple and light bikes, but powerful enough for the dirt roads. Their design suits them perfectly for off-road conditions and enables them to go for long distances under the same.

You will love them because of their ease in manoeuvrability, and who wouldn’t want to ride a smooth dirt bike across adventurous terrains?

You will come across 75cc dirt bikes. These have the least engine power and displacement. They will also register the least maximum speed as compared to stronger bikes.

Dirt Bike Motorbike Biker

75cc dirt bikes, therefore, are ideal for kids. Is it obvious already? I would personally put my kid’s safety first when I’m thinking of getting them a bike.

But kids are naturally playful, forgetful and oh, so rebellious at times. You can therefore expect them to go against your instructions and guidance sometimes.

At times, they simply forget. They are kids. They probably never heard you in the first place! To keep them safe, therefore, it would be best to go for a dirt bike with the least maximum speed.

These bikes should be well-sized too and just perfect for their age.

An adult may want to consider and even go for a 125cc dirt bike. You may wonder why. Well, these bikes have medium power, obviously greater than 75cc but less than 250cc.

Their displacement, therefore, is a little greater. They are pretty easy and smooth to ride, unlike more powerful models which can be sophisticated.

They have an average maximum speed. This means that you’ll be able to have some fun while you’re out on your freestyle rides or off-road races.

While the 250cc dirt bike may seem pretty enticing because of its power and displacement, most people prefer the former over it because of its sophistication.

It may require more expertise. Beginners will therefore have a pretty hard time with it. But even if you’re skilled, you would still prefer something with which you can be 100% comfortable.

When you’re out getting a 125cc dirt bike, a few things may cross your mind and if they do not, then they should. Remind yourself what your preferences are and always put them first.

If you do not know much about bikes, then you can always refer to this article as it will help shed some light every other time.

It’s always great to help!

Bottom Line

In your search for a good 125cc dirt bike, how do you feel after reading this article? My intention was to give you insight into the things you should expect when it comes to these bikes.

I would like you to make a more informed decision so that the next time you’re out there buying a bike, you do not waste your money on something that will not last.

There are considerations to make and among them, are important features that you should look at. Do any of these products interest you? Take your time to examine them more.

There is completely no hurry in determining what to spend your money on. You should pick a bike that will serve you optimally and for the while, you hope.

We have looked at some of the top 5 best 125cc dirt bikes out there. I would, however, recommend that you go for the Apollo DB-X18.

Let me remind you why.

The Apollo DB-X18 is built with a 4-stroke engine and a single cylinder which despite coming in a small size, will complement its inadequacy in power.

If you are looking for a bike with which you can have ultimate fun on an off-road race or freestyle ride, then this is definitely the dirt bike to consider getting as it comes with a maximum speed of 55mph.

You can therefore manoeuvre through the terrains without much stress of having to be first rather than have more fun. After all, it has a 6.5 kW/7500 rpm.

It is important, however, to note that this speed may vary depending on weather conditions. 

To aid this is a 4-speed manual clutch transmission with front and rear hydraulic brakes. Its front and back suspensions are both non-adjustable, at 750mm and 320mm each. 

What more are you looking for? Get this 125cc bike today!